Yaaa.. coffee just doesn't work these days, even for people like me who is not immune to the caffeine at all. And when it comes to weekend, sleeping for more than 8 hours a day is never enough. Amitabha~

Ah. This semester is so going to end soon. But so? No semester break.. and there comes another semester. yer..

People, i am trying to get my eyes fully opened. O.O !!!

Ok that works for a few seconds..

I am done with my forum. Big PHEW!

Advertisement analyzing presentation, Festival whatever, Persuasive Speech, Biology presentation.. and that marks the end of the presentationsss of the semester!! :) Wao, did anyone counted how many presentation we had have in this four months?

I just wanted to type something to keep me up. =.='' tata~

During that hour, my dad surprisingly switched off many lamps in our home.
During that hour, I was bathing after ironing many clothes for an hour. =.=
During that hour, my father was watching Deal or No Deal. Haha..
During that hour, my mother was sleeping already. *jealous*
During that hour, my younger sister and brother were watching 8TV Earth Hour screen at first, then they watched DVDs. =_=
During that hour, I was happy to see that my neighborhood area was kind of dark. :D
During that hour, I thought of two people, one once existed and one existing.
During that hour, I ate two square bars of Switzerland Lindt dark chocolate. =p
During that hour, I felt hungry again; not again, I forgot to have dinner. =_=
During that hour, I hope that the next day comes slowly.
During that hour, I felt my life = a you-have-no-choice-but-keep-going task.
During that hour, I wondered what will happen if I don’t strive educationally.
During that hour, I miss eating ice cream.
During that hour, my curiosity about my future rose.
During that hour, I was thinking about my future partner. (lol, well from the way my mom sees me the other day, I was forced to think about this. haha.)
During that hour, I ate a green apple which I always neglect (lol); at least 14 red apples a week, but around 10 green apples a year.
During that hour, I hope I can always survive. =)

People, my handphone also became cacat after my left thumb. Anyone who calls me would not be able to hear what I speak. =.= Then seeing our next holiday is very, very far away, I can’t send it to the ‘hospital’. =|

By the way, thing has been funny since I hurt my left hand thumb. I can’t type sms that fast already. And, I can only wash my hair and face with nine fingers. =.= Before I do many things, I have to make sure that that thumb is not participating. =________=

Chocolate is great for living. :D

I think Klang needs this now. I took one hour to reach my home yesterday, sudah boleh sampai Li Sia's house at Cheras.

Despite being VERY sleepy until i can't even show any expression other than forcing my eyes to open, I watched "Another Cinderella Story", ya i know this is a childish and meaningless one. I just want to chill~
The dancing in the movie is nice what. =p

If you are too sleepy, do not do anything like throwing rubbish, you will get something like this.. OUCH!

I was in the car with my mom just now. Enjoyed the feeling of having short talk with her. Then i was glad too that i have the time to do so. She brought me to duplicate the new Akasia house key.. >.<

This week is great, but damn so sleepy. I am done with my informative speech, advanced composition oral progress presentation and ACS music appreciation presentation~ Hahh~ But next week there are 3 more for me. geeeeeeeeez.

Honolulu is a class that memupuk nilai kerjasama~ :D

For those who will be flying to Ivy Leagues/ IL Standards. Tahniah and tahniah~

I am currently addicted to chocolate. =)

I am afraid with Monday forum and advertisement thing. I need better grade for CT! =(

i don't have time to type more. tata!

Remember to switch off the light today, at 830 pm~ :D

I don't want to sleep for an hour only again. Yawned more than 50 times a day. lol.


This morning i am glad that i am still alive~ =.=
And.. that is a sleeveless top that was too loose once upon a time. Yeah i am no longer a bony one. ~.~''



Two weeks ago I was left at home when my mom and siblings went off to Penang and Taiping. For assignments and many things.

Today, because of my sister’s sms to my dad asking if he/we want/s to make a trip to find her, a oh-so-good decision was made: They are all going to Kampar tomorrow and I will be sent to AKasia.

They were even asking me with enthusiasm, and passion~ “Do you want to go there later at NIGHT or tomorrow MORNING before we leave?” “Ok, faster pack your things up.” O.O They don’t even care how I feel.. YERR!!
For assignments and many things.

Their rate of changing is really..

If I can go, I will call my new Teluk Intan tour guide. Lol. Sigh. IF..
“IF” is such a happy word. IF I have few millions in my bank account; IF I can travel to different countries every year; IF I can wake up one morning without sneezing. IF~

Ok well, I am trying to finish the Dutch Lady strawberry yogurt drink. Picturing another 8 days without these drinks. Why la we don’t have a refrigerator in AKASIA? By the way, wow, If this is going to be true, this would be the first time I am staying there for 8 continuous days. E-I-G-H-T, would that be, very long? O.o (Friends from East Malaysia, and some from West, jangan marah. You have better away-from-home experience, cheers~) If you are unhappy, find Lisia. She will only come to Akasia on Monday morning EVERY WEEK. I am better. =p

Who wants to be the volunteer to buy a water pillow for me? I can celebrate my birthday on October without cake. Just buy me a water pillow~ HAHA.. That pillow:
- protect and adjust neck bones’ angle (can reduce headache then!! :D :D )
- relieve heat for emotional refreshment (maintain my good mood :D)
- better health for active lifestyle (our cells are too active for calculus)
- relieve tiredness and stiffness (VERY important, then I can stay energized for long for.. better cgpa. =.=)
- improve breathing ability & reduce nostril allergy (less sneezing for me - save tissues - save Earth!)

See? You should buy it for me, and then you are actually saving the Earth. :)

I was just trying to distract myself from thinking about their trip. My dad even slept before 930pm because of the trip. My brother and sister were so excited again, packing their nice-looking clothes and junks. Macam going to picnic.. v.v

Wait and see. Tomorrow morning I am going to finish another pack of vegetable juice. Hmph.

I have just thoroughly clean up 5203. Was sneezing so much when i reach. AH. First Saturday at here. lol.

They are on their way to Kampar AGAIN. hahhh..

"540g of adulterated breakfast pleasure. "

I admit that I don’t have good temper, and it mostly turns bad when I have to tolerate with a long lasting problem. I have patience, but not long-term tolerance. Yet I can stand any unfavorable thing for a very long time. Yes, VERY long time.

I found it hard to treat my dad with a same tone and face expression: regular and emotionless. He asked questions that you can’t answer even by google-ing sometimes. He asked me why did the eldest sister not reply his sms. Thrice. I told him maybe she is sleeping, maybe she is bathing, maybe her handphone is being charged, maybe she is just doing something. I am frustrated with his fact that his sms, for him, MUST be replied. And I am full enough with ADFP in my head that I feel like scolding. I asked myself, “If he wants me to take this scholarship, why can’t he let me have a normal college life so that I can secure it and so that he won’t have to worry how much he should pay?”

But always, the confusion followed by my thinking will all end with one sentence. “He got intoxicated by the many medicines he takes.” That’s how I can stand it for over 5 years. Cheers. I just want to shout out.

Done with my father and now my younger sister asks me to cook something for her dinner/supper. For so long I hope that my elder sister will stay at home every day and do what she is supposed to. How would you be free to fly with these? One and a half year more, get things solved before you fly.


Tell you a secret; this is a secret because none of my parents/younger siblings will set eyes on my blog. =.= Early of this month, I even thought of writing reminders on the sticking papers and stick them all over in the house.

“Good morning, tidy up your bed and blanket please”
“Don’t turn on the washing machine without putting in detergent”

“Do not collect all your dirty shirts until end of the week”

“Don’t eat nasi lemak every day”

“Switch off the TV lahh”

and many many more..

Afterwards, I thought that they look more like my will as if I am dying soon. =_=

Earth Hour!~ Oh, that time KoPLN 7-15, luckily we are not 7-11.. Group 7 and 15 will be going to Malacca on the 28th, the day Malaysia joins Earth Hour. From 830pm-930pm, switch off the lights and go for a walk (lol.. walking is good!), tell people that you care about the Earth~ I think I will switch off the lights and.. turn on my laptop. HAHHAAA.. alright. just kidding. I will probably sleep if that’s the time we come back from Malacca.

I like things you don’t.
I like black out. Then we will have a very good excuse for an assignment delay. Then there will be no TV noise and my younger siblings will rest themselves. Then my parents will walk out and talk to the neighbors, or go out to somewhere. Then I will sleep soundly with the mosquitoes.

I like thunder and storm. I seek silence from that. I see flash light that symbolizes nature’s camera. I hear the heavy storm as my scream. I see people cover their ears and shut their eyes following a lightning, funny scene. Even if I really scream, no one will know. =D

Horrible holiday, you are going to end! (O_x)

This morning I walked with my dad to a kedai runcit to buy newspaper. Well, suddenly he suggested that we walk, so we walked. lol. Not bad, if I can walk like that every morning, I would have my insufficient exercise problem solved. Impossible. =.=

I took my baju kebaya for some cutting. The tailor is an uncle who is er.. really having feminine qualities. Okay, he is sissy. Then I asked my mom “Are all the male tailors like that?” My mom said “Yes. If not how are they going to be a tailor?” I don’t get the equation.. =.= Tailor = feminine, Female tailor = normal, Male tailor = will/must be sissy? Duh. I told her “I believe there must be ONE male tailor who is very MAN” HAHAHA.. Okay okay. Done with that.

I feel my head is starting to rebel again, few shots of headache hit me today. What a dilemma. If I rest I would have regret for having done nothing. If I continue thinking and organizing my works I would need to lie on the bed later. DARHHH.. Things keep popping out! Endless, betul-betul endless.

Mr Kamal said don’t do foolish thing during this holiday. Ok, the dopiest thing I have done this week is.. slept 7 hours a day for some days and.. watched few hours of TV.. and Facebook-ed quite a lot. =.= Better than last holiday, at least.

If the universe is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big, I must be this small. So why bother for the even smaller problems in life? Life goes on. =)

I like to be wordy. :P

Being a chairperson for a last-minute and no-time-for-discussion forum, i feel terrible. Like getting cardiac arrest. ~....~

Happy Birthday to my dad! He is er.. if i am not mistaken, 47 already. Woohh.

Teman-ed my mom to pasar. Sleepy.
My mom played a Dharma songs CD this morning. Let me tell you, when you have too many things to think, listening to that can be good. You'll feel better. But if you have just gone through 5 days of ADFP life, don't listen. My dad will play it in the car almost on every Friday's afternoon, and i won't feel better. I will feel worse than miserable and switch it to Mix FM. lol.

Never underestimate the power of ADFP.

Junk food princess, my younger sister, who is also a lazy worm when she meets book.

If you have a video cam and if you're willing to lend, can you tell me? PLEASE. Thank you.

Tuesday's Kathy..Dark.
Feeling dark also.. (-_v)

Bumped into Pooh quite often these days. haha..

I should be getting less tired during a holiday, but i am not! I am getting more tired from day to day. Gosh.. How to finish everything before Monday comes? Where is Adlil and Nizam?? Forum people, get on9!! T_T *a bit bit stressed*

Went to my uncle's house today. His house has good wireless connection. Very good one. And i am now waiting for my mom to send me back to my bed before i fall asleep here. =.=

Rich uncle he is..

Oh please. Stay tough~
Optimistic~~ *self-motivating* Ms Lim, take a deeeeep breath. Hahhh~ I need a walk. I need a talk. =| Always need someone who feels he/she is more confident to talk to me. Then i will get the motion to overcome the inertia.

Look towards the BRIGHT side!
=) =) =)

Mama is here. Tata~

Sorry for my full-of-error post before this, was rushing to finish it. =P

This morning at 6.11am, I saw two dead mosquitoes in my room; one on my pillow and another one on the floor. I thereby presumed that the one beside me (on my pillow =.=) was killed by my blanket slam. Haha. Because it was very cold yesterday and I was still feeling cold with jacket (jacket IN my room… O.o'', no choice, I don’t have ceiling fan in the room..=_=). So I was flapping my blanket to get the most strategic location of putting it to keep myself warm. LOL. While for the mosquito on the floor, ahh, it must felt so cold that it died~

Why did I wake up that early? To prepare my brother’s breakfast. Monday: baked banana cake with chocolate topping, such a kind sister I am. Haha. Primary schools are giving extra classes for UPSR students like him and these took away their holiday. (is that necessary? =.=)

Botak.With hair~ =.=

Oh! Forgot to tell you that I had watched The IP Man on Friday; it is basically a movie telling the life of Bruce Lee’s master/sifu. I think it was nice. At least it let me thought more again into myself and my personalities. I like his steadiness of mind. I like watching Chinese KungFu lol. =)

Yesterday, I actually screamed ‘into’ my blanket (poor blanket, slammed it, shouted at it, what else?) because I wanted to control and suppress my anger towards.. nothing. I am not angry. =) =)

To get some inspiration for my persuasive speech, I tucked my feet into my sandals and walked around the housing area for 25 minutes this morning. =) That demands courage! Because someone may just pull me aside and kill me while I am walking, who knows? That was great though, I am not angry AT ALL already. I saw 5 Astro antennas on top of two or three very old-looking houses. I saw men ready to drive out to work. I saw a Indian woman cycling with a 1.5 Liter of mineral water in 100 Plus bottle, perhaps going to work also. I saw an Indian uncle riding on his motorbike selling Putu Mayam, he was sounding the horn all the time. Then I remember before I got my IC, which means when I was considered as a child, (=___=) we will always shout to the uncle who was selling ice cream on a motorcycle, and also the very old man who hung many breads and junk foods on his motorcycle. We would get a 3 scoops ice cream each, sometimes paid by my uncle. =) Back to the road, I saw Malaysia national flower in red and yellow. Red ones grow better. Also, there were many weird looking plants. I recalled myself cycling with my sister and we plucked/stole people’s flowers (they were beautiful, blue in color and cute in shape) and rode away quickly, laughing mysteriously when we reached our home. Walking past another row of houses, I saw someone talking to his neighbor over the fencing, covered fully by plants. Then I saw a mother helping her son, who is going out to work with a waiting black aero-back Proton Saga. Another lady living nearby is unlocking her house’s gate, ready to work as well. Before walking out of those rows, the house at the most side I saw, did not switch off their light for the entire night. I saw uncountable crows flying here and there and wondered how good it will be if they are not in black. I saw the sun slowly became brighter and brighter. I heard the birds and insects’ chirp and twirp. I smelled the exhaust gas when a car zoomed by me. And, I saw dog’s feces. LOL. And lastly, I saw my dad pretended to come out for a walk because from far I saw he was actually looking for me. =P

I turned moody after 4pm. I just hate seeing time flies like this. I’m on my way to forcing myself to add more effort on everything. I must get at least B+ for my critical thinking, and I’m still struggling wanting to know if my critical thinking is in fact that bad. =(

Mood jahat. =.=''
Well now i can't sleep without jacket + blanket + maybe something else in the room these days. Like repelling to coldness, even the cold juice i drank was.. you better don't know. lol

I hate the time when my mom is angering at something/someone/nothing. Because she will not talk at all, and I can not ask anything. Even I do, I won’t get any answer. Can I scream again? I’ve been screaming for few times from yesterday.. =______=

Good night.

Going to meet Mel and Siasia later. Sleepy...!! Again for my brother's breakfast, i woke up early. Today he had er.. cheese & berries jam toast, marshmallow toast, chocolate banana toast.. Zzz..

Organic jam leh.. lol
Pisang kampung.. haha..
this is the only way i can force my brother to finish the banana. =D
Oh.. the marshmallow toast is in my brother's esophagus i think, ahh ahh, moving down to small intestine. =_=

You know, i thought it is a KungFu Pooh.. SERIOUSly.
Who knows it is just like me..
a sleeping pooh.

Do you, want to be a millionaire?? Oh sure you do. Answer this then:
You got nothing.


Friday's Night
On the Tuesday we went for a National Library trip with Landoverians. We were happy we got to get out from Shah Alam, but we (maybe is "I") were not THAT happy seeing the library. Now I love Intec library more than the national library. The books in the national library.. are smelly.. telling us how old they already are and how long they have been abandoned. =.= But there is a Harvard reference section, with many Biology books.. :D

Mr Kamal and Fauzan
Er... we saw a blind gorgor. LOL.

Lisia, Amy, Melanie, Kerlee and Pari, and Kathy went to Chili's in KLCC for dinner (should be, and supper and the next day's breakfast). Due to the little variety (no variety AT ALL for even this very tolerant vegetarian), i ordered a side dish - mashed potato. But~ I got overloaded by the potato that costs RM4.8X including taxes). So, you can actually imagine the other 5 girls, ordering a plate of food each, forcing their way to finish. So, in the end 5 of them spent RM157. Lol. Oh and of course, we took a lot of..

Li Sia and I
KerLee - I - Melanie
Siasia and I again
Kerlee and I~
Me and Mel~
Amy - Kerlee - Kathy - Melanie - Li sia - Pari
Amy - Kerlee - Me~

I forgot the time when I turned from mindless and maybe cute (=.=) to someone Chinese people see as old and not cute. To rationalize, or maybe the truth is that, I never stop wanting to grow up mentally. It has been like wanting my mind to grasp all the human’s psychological answers, yet wanting myself to celebrate sweet ages birthday every year. (er, no one is using “sweet 30..” right?) I am just thinking for nothing. =P

It was good to say that we have done with another Calculus test, although I am quite sure that I will fail again, I just hope I will not be asked to repeat this subject. =.= This Friday I watched Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, and Whisper of the Heart (1995). I like both, especially the latter one. The producer of these movies is the one who did Spirited Away. I was talking about the whole series with Amy in the bus today. She likes these animations also!! =) I do not know anything about Twilight, but I bet these movies are better than that. HAHA~ =.=

Oh ya, back to Calculus. Well, in conclusion, I abhor, loathe, dislike, abominate, (what else?) calculus. Thank you. Because no matter how much I try to love it, it won’t love me.

Something went wrong with my skin when I was watching Whisper of the Heart, I just err.. scratched my hand because I felt to, and when I actually turned my head to see the hand, alamak! The area that I scratched turn out to look like a specimen stained with Aceto-orcein, heated on the laboratory hot plate. Dots of rashes, blame myself. =)

Listening to The Curious Case of BB’s soundtracks. Thank you Amy! They are all really seriously very nice!! Nicer than the movie. =P

Saturday's morning
I forgot we were having holiday. Well, with many many things to do, i guess we just have to wait until November for a real break. ALM students are going to BTN on Monday, ohh April, our turn then.

Bought few slices of cake - tiramisu, chocolate, oreo cheese, blueberry cheese, cappuccino. Like tiramisu the most =D (no photo for them, only boxes and wrappers left.. haha)

I stepped into my room and saw my dad was ironing his T-shirts, scared me. Because i simply understand the feeling of being ironed. =___= Well, i did ask him to learn to iron, my younger sister and brother and, should be everyone is busy at home most of the time, and i could not iron for him every week. But now i think i better do that, the way he handles the iron is scary. =.=

Teman-ed my mom to pasar pagi and Bkt raja Jusco. Then i think i really have to keep fit already, if not i might end up becoming a ball-shaped human after weeks. lol.

Marigold Golden Mango Jelly~
Like jelly!

I took Louisa's way of putting the marshmallow as the cookies filling. I use Jacob's, normal marshmallow and Milo chocolate bar, seeing them melt in the oven is fun. lol. :)

This, is not made by me. =P

Somehow feeling tired even it is holiday now. Really have to strive for my final grades. I didn't know my critical thinking is that bad, because i think i got the worst grade for that subject in the class. =( Calculus, well, i will definitely be optimistic for this subject. =)

I am strong. My mom said "see, you look small but you have such big strength. Siao.."

I told you i am strong! :D
FYI, i broke my Akasia's house key and.. er.. I somehow (I didnt know how!? =.=) bent my Klang's house key. The 'survived' key above is one that my mother changed for me actually.... hehe.. people, I AM STRONG!! muahahhaa~

*SLEEEEEPY* blogging can be tired too. =.=