..from home.
So far, quite okay.
So far..

Happy Chicago trip ^^
Love my naturally brown hair ^^ blueks


So far, I knew I abandoned my blog. Hee..

So far, the ang mos gave me lots of not so good impression >.<

I am taking WOST 381, History in Love, Marriage...I can't remember;
and so, we have a progressive research paper to do, the system randomly put us into groups of three, and yay group work means less work, right? Oh no, first stage, proposal due: the senior in my group, "oh don't worry we will be doing great... I am a senior here so if you have any question..." and she promised to do the starting work. So so good! And then she dropped the course 3 days before the due date.

So left the two of us. Happy, she seems friendly ^^ and we said "shit" to that senior, not in front of her of course. Second stage, bibliographies due. One week before due date, she's lost. She has job. Very busy punya. I got depressed. The problem is solved, but she handed me her part which is thiiiiiiiiiiiis far worse than what I have been getting from group members since 2 years ago. Ah.

Physics lab. This one is interesting Lol. From the first week I got an ohlang, twice of my size. Very not study type. So okay, to speed up and finish lab earlier every time, I do almost everything fast. He should have read the manual why keep asking me? "Can you tell me what to do I just wanna learn" *Can you read the manual I don't have time to tell you one by one for each lab >.<* For like 3 lab sessions.. I am depressed too. Then after holiday, I happily get different lab partners every week -.- One thing I notice thou. I will definitely ask if they have been doing individual/group reports. I have never do group report. They do. But they let me sense that they don't trust me <.<'' Why? "Oh, I usually did group report with my previous partners.. it's okay, I can do individual report.*smile*" I said, it is okay if you want a group report (a very happy solution because normally, out of 10 pairs, at least 8 groups will do that; lesser workload!) But, she insisted to do individual punya. Sua.

Spanish Language. We have this group of 3 works too. The lecturer has repeated many times that she apparently do not like Google translator generated sentences. I got these two guys partners. So.... they don't use Google translator, they use Iforgotwhatname translator instead. And for many times, all grammars got so wrong I wanted to shout, your score, is my score. Do you know that? :)

Organic chemistry. No complaint. I love it. Why? No group tasks. No ang mos. Haa.

Now I love Asians. Why am I here?

I didn't realize it is October first today. So I have been in the States for one and a half month. From insisting on using the odorless paper dollar instead of the coins that we couldn't recognized to counting every single cents correctly and reluctant to pay tips or to put the change in whatever embellished cute basket or "EVERY CENTS COUNT" etc. container while gulping at some 5 dollar notes in them which were probably 'thrown in' by some so generous people, we knew we were used to this place already.

It feels like our first sem back in Intec, getting used is not a bigger matter than studying and meeting deadlines @.@ At least, we have undergone the phase when we can't even catch what the lecturer or classmates are talking about. But.. the homework loads are.. are just.. so unimpressively heavy!

Thanks to the busy life, I seldom think of home. Kinda. But when I do, omg, it will be so much I really want to go back and go talking to my mom in her room and drive to the vegetarian restaurant I had been visiting at least thrice a week and have a meal and visit kiku zakura for those sushi sets o(╥﹏╥)o

You know what I had just learned? Products and service in Malaysia are so cheap =.= Maybe that explains why certain service is not as good but! they are still cheap (︶︿︶) . So cheap that I think when I go back I will never hesitate to get those imported foods anymore. Why? After converting the prices are almost similar. Exception: chips, starbucks, pizzas (eww), nothing more I can think of. =.=''

So far, I am fine with the classes. Except that I am having more.. and more.. and even more tendency to skip class. But sadly I basically couldn't do that as frequent as I wish to. All 5 subjects and 1 lab I am taking has something to do with attendance. I-clicking attendance, call-every-name attendance, write-your-name-on-the-paper attendance. ALL!~ eeee.

I am so waiting for next Tuesday 930pm, which marks the end of my first examssss phase this semester and the approaching to that 4 days of holidays with shopping and fun ^^ And yay finally we bought salmon <º))))>< >heeeeee thanks to my teddybear XD

October liao~ means.. 2 and 1/2 months more. means.. we are going to wear more shirts.

If I were given another choice, this wouldn't be my choice. What study abroad. I want to do study home. >_<

Tiam I think I am getting chubbier. Lol.

like seriously.. =(
week 3 sudah dying dying~
An apple from the nearest and probably smallest farmer's market.
And a fresh baked scone, photo unavailable, scone already digested and discharged -.-

Continue with the Lake Michigan photos :)
The sand was sooo hot but the water was sooooooooo cold

At the nearby town, we saw many doggies!

This one looks like alien jiu ada..

Fat doggie, he must be feeling warm all the time..

I was like a blind lady with a guiding dog -.-

Then there was a carousel :)
but we didn't have a token to ride XD


Weird face -_-''

Looking at my jumping bean which is probably dead now, I don't have time to take care of it -.-

Boom! ;)

Today was so cold at 7 in the morning that my limbs harden on the way walking to class =.=''
Indoors are...aksdnxnasljepw awesome~ Lol.

All photos credit to Jasonstyle :P



If you are angry, I am mad.

And I am tired. Because it feels like mid-sem exam already. =.= Things go worse as my English is like.. regressed liao -.-''

Menstruation On. Makes me look somber, walk slower, talk lesser.. but a bit smarter lol. *somehow it feels so* But the stomach feels so bad I kept thinking to skip the classes and lectures >.<''

September already O.O

Next semester, I will not arrange 730am classes anymore, I want to skype with family :) Now I have 4 days of 730am classes I feels my mind withered every morning =.= but I am happy with my timetable, I don't have any classes after 2.30pm :) Happiest on Thursday no class after 1015 am!! :D

I miss sushi =[

Provolone cheese is nice :)
I want to try Spinach wrap.
I want to eat Pappy's and Silver Dipper's ice cream.
Hee. Fat die me.
And you know what? I start to love those bunny graham, goldfish graham.. maybe soon I will try more shape ones :D

Went to Lake Michigan last Sunday. Tiring but fun with a chance to see all the unfamiliarities.
That lake is more like an ocean, true.
Ang mos really love the sun, true.
I don't love sun that much, true.

these photos are from psl.
A park somewhere near the lake.

Looks more like Beach Michigan..
Super hot sun and sand,
with SUPER cold water.

Peace ^^