If you are a FM(s) listener, you should have found this being played in a moderately high frequency lately.. hee~ Here In My Home by Malaysian Artistes For Unity.

If you ask me what I have done today. I would say.. I peeled a lot a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes and yams~ =.=''' Even ter-peeled my own finger nails..=.=

If you want to know deep into the sorrow and agonies of SiChuan's victims, read Sin Chew de Fu Kan. The words are potent and influential. A stiff sentence I read.. '' 自然的力量无法抗拒,人心的力量,同样无法抗拒!''

在她身体下面躺着她的孩子,大约有三,四个月大。因为母亲身体的庇护,他毫发未伤。被救出来的时候,他还安静的睡着。包囊小孩的被子里,塞着一部手机, 屏幕上是一条已经写好了的短信:''亲爱的宝贝,如果你能活着,一定要记住我爱你。''
Life, is priceless..
Value it as you're having and living it.

If you are to ask me where I'm going to study, please don't ask. lol.. The tension-inducing and patience-needing letter is being anticipated by over thousand people.. whom I think are very free to stay by the postbox lately. swt..

If you like songs, go and get some Olympic theme songs downloaded. One World, One Dream - LeeHom ~~ And Thousand Hills Million Water - Jay Chou ~~ And many other.. I don't feel to post much. :P

If you are having exams and assignments like furious waves, wishing you best and do try to breathe at a place that is at least 10 meters away from your books. :D

If you were/are band member.. kekeke~ 6 11 Selangor formation competition!! (right ho? er..) Feel like going.. Oh please, grant me free time that day~

If you.. grr.. Warning to someone sometwo somethree.. Don't call me for nothing or just to tell me ''sien ahh'' ''boring ehh''.. You will spread me your Sien virus and bacteria.. And i shall.. steam you!! =.=

If you have nothing to do. Sleep. Ahhh!! I woke up at 7 a.m. and living like a person who is waiting for 7 p.m. =.=''' What kind of person is that.. My kind? (not proud of this =_=)