To all my young or old friends or amigo & pals,
Happy NEW Year

To my *Mom - another total and very very busy year for you, be well everyday!! To my alterable Dad - Whatever it is..don't anger mama, she cares us all. To my durian Sista - Ya you may attract more guys, lol, just speak nicely to us, that's all. To my lazy sis & bro - Can i actually slam the TV? although soon i will be shorter than any of you.. (-.-)''' To the one - We changed, changing to be better ;D In any wise, life is going ON. To SOiTHa n PEiwEn & others who is in NS camp, take care and have fun~ To Me~ : A healthier year, a brighter year, a plenteous year, an affecting year, a be-myself year.

08' New Year RESOLUTions :-
  • Be more temper-controlled & temperate (so that less victim ter-hurt..hehe)
  • Not to be that lazy on study (God~ if i can do this..haha)
  • Be self-conscious on self's crazy level ( i don't mind this actually..xp)
  • Ingest all minerals and vitamins adequately and be healthy~ (to avoid unwanted situation.. and remarks!)
  • Remember family's celebrations and do something on it.
  • Be happy ( this is definitely important!!)
  • Be a braver girl~ and too , maturer - since the matured adult c***s prince seemed not really suang that i sometimes just like..kid (although to reach 18 is a year-end
  • Pray well for SPM result
  • Do not ever get lost at anywhere. (danger you know..)
  • Do not lose/misplace anything (especially things that'll cause me to be scolded..)
  • Learn more hokkien vocabs. (terms & conditions applied..xp)
  • Help whoever in need~ helping is great!!**
  • Be clear in decisions and Be true to self + others
  • Never look back at bitter past - live in present~
  • Be concern for people around. Prihatin~
  • Shed lesser, no way..LEAST as possible ( well, P&C issue! un-ask-able :P)
In fact, there should be lots more..hehehe, not greedy, but to live a better meaningful lively Year, Yep, i need a more..human life-like Year..!! 2007, passed.. with both sweet and bitter. I would not say any of the two is more, neither of them is. But with more and more happenings, i experienced higher degree of all feelings, sort of upgraded. Means, sweetness of life is sweeter, yet, the bitterness gains its extent too.


Count down at Inti..?
aleluyaa... family's decision - 1231 - will be the day i am going to be sent there. kia kia..
Enrolment today, great that i reached earlier, BIT bit. Doesn't need to Q up~ :P But err, hmm, i can foresee that, lol, i might be able to speak Tamil soon. Haha = =''' As there're quite many abunenes there, besides black people and those from China. And so so so so ^^ that i walked here and there inside campus without getting lost at all~ owing to the effort i made by spending long time on the map. -.-'''

Hahh~ the path that i will walk EVERY single day when i stay there (the distance is quite far one lo), since my room is err, farthEST female block.. good for daily exercise, self-console..XD

Block R -> My block~ I wanted Block P, Pasteur, sounds nicer. But more with local room mate T.T Anyway..R for Ready. Ready for everything. haha~ swt.. And i am proud that my room number = R1-01..hehehe

Half of the room, coz i am going to 'own' half. Going to spend the very 08's new year's eve there, cleaning wiping tidying..wondering if i can see fireworks there? Can I??
Spent RM330.00 on a compulsory-to-buy Graphing calculator, ''only for SAM students''. ''Not same, can draw graph one'', the officer told...O.0'''
Taken photo for Inti SmartCard. Will one be smart by having that card? hahaha.. = =''''' ok, of course not, is the card that's smart (maybe).
Here comes +wei taking Psychology : ''What is that?'' ''I don't know'' hee~ [maybe i can learn how to read mind ho? (....) ]

**S2-ians : Do make sure that your Handphone is ON. PlanA's details will be sent to all of you, and IF you changed your number, update Any of us. Thank U~

Yap, indeed, a very Merry X*mas to all! ^^
This is actually one of the Christmas song collections, though i don't know how it got listed. ( you know, they should be sort of jingle bell jingle bell de.. )
A substantive and meaty song. Enjoy~ ;)

My Christmas? Well, a leg sore one. lol~ went out with mom and brother to get their primary school stuffs. Done~ What i was happy for -- made lots nonsense gags and mom laughed lots. Yay a good face and mental exercise~*

Now i realised what air-pollution is. after a morning market walk with mama. gosh..suffocated! you won't be able to breathe. Just like the poem ''The Dead Crow'' we learnt.
I should have. First packing : the unDone stuff to college.

Yap i was right~ after putting 90% of things, teddy only can be the promoter. - -''' And..this is only bag A... the butterfly bag. The real scene ....

Ta daa~! Bag A, B, C and D and E.

And in fact, Pillow F and Dell G.

Hours used to get those done. 90%, like i am fleeing.. = =''' a-b-c-d-e-f-g will all be transferred to Inti on coming Thursday. ( cloistered away from all living souls and spent half an hour to 'investigate' the campus map ) haha..swt.. The most interesting part of the offer letter :-
  • Scope of coverage for personal accident insurance
  1. Death - RM25,000
  2. Permanent disablement - RM50,000 (anyway not recommended to be like this although 'death' case pays lesser)
  3. Medical expenses - RM1500
  • For permanent disablement :-
  1. Loss of toes other than great toe, if more than one etc - 1% paid
  2. Loss of metacarpals - 2-3% paid
  3. Loss of little/middle finger/two phalanges - 4% paid
  4. Loss of ring finger - 5% paid
  5. Loss of thumb/ index finger - 10% paid
  6. Loss of all toes (god..) / hearing - 15% paid
  7. Loss of speech - 50% paid
  8. Lost of sight except perception of light - 50%
  9. Loss of whole eye, leg (at hip/knee) , arm, permanent bedridden illness, total paralysis, total INSANITY, loss of both bands or ALL fingers and both thumbs Or loss of two limbs - 100% paid
cute insurance~ but pain..

Then, second packing : mood packing.
To live a life is both simple and not. Smiling, laughing, sobbing, screaming, frustrating, scolding, blaming, wishing, hoping, wearying, blessing, planning, suffering, thinking, guessing, giving, accepting, declining, flying, falling..or nothing? I'm not sure, perhaps, EVERYTHING.
Today, you could be anyone you want. And days after, too. Those great, good, will stay memorably. Those not, will shed invisibly. Better lives lead ahead. Keep walking ;)
Cut away blaming , hating I've, and filled in thanking i did.

you you you or you~ anyone, Wednesday available? do register yourself for ice cream. Since KyLie (the ''Kai Lui'' 花钱 po) is going out that day with her admirer, lol~ so, tha.. sin.. wen..lian..where are all of you? One week left, aazzz.

My lala :*New beginnings can be scary, but do not let this fact dissuade you from moving on. The thing about new beginnings is that they can be kind of scary sometimes! If you are entering into any new ventures or new journeys today, you can expect a bumpy (but very interesting) ride. Do not let this dissuade your from moving forward, however. You are entering a phase where challenges will enrich you like never before. Remember that forewarned is forearmed and take comfort in the fact that you can handle any curveball that is thrown your way*
's 2008 exam timetable is out, 3rd of November 2008~ challenge you! ( kia kia-ly.. )

Happy winter-come! (冬至) Today we have Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls~), Ah Ann said ho, ''i don't wanna eat! then won't become older d'' (= =)'''
And i say "the ginger soup used to boil the balls is nicer! haha~'' Really ma..drink more, so that i can stay for a longer time at cold cool places~

2008 is rushing towards me! Inti ah Inti, what i would be to be Inside you har? Please, make sure i won't lost, make sure i won't get into wrong classes, make sure i won't do stupiak things.
Hmm..siasui again. An aunty called room phone today. inner-scream!* i stuck while replying her with hokkien. Until she finish my sentence for me..= =''' Speak chinese can or not..
Er hem hem, Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, The phone numbered 33X3XX33 will not link to me/my sista from 2008 onwards. Unless stated ( lol lol ). Best ways to contact are:
  • Handphone / Mobile Phone - sms / call
  • Internet (very advisable) - msn / e-mail / etc
## the haunt-er, stop making call......please, they're ghosting; a sorry to you.

Genie the Genie, bless me and me, i just want the bravery, and the necessary.

After a omg-ly funny conference - Finally finalized final results :
  • Dad - KK
  • Mommy - K, don't wanna tell you..haha
  • Kah Yee - Kylie
  • Kah Wei - Kathy
  • Kah Sin - Kassie
  • Zi Hoe - Keanu ah? Keegan? anything~ lol
Sekian dimaklumkan.
lala of today: conflicted mortal - Me

P/S: who wanna see/read/learn 'extreme'/contrastive/walaoeh languages/pictures/words, You may visit ~*ding!

Guess what i heard today? ''一角两角三角半。。四角五角。。'' haha~ cute leh!~
Listening to HSM soundtracks when working, chui san opened it.. nice.. regulated some kind of potion-like sensation.. a little weak side effect at the mind, but it will soon pass.. gambate, myself~

lala of the day:
work overtime for work, but not for overtime itself.
yea, yesterday OT at house at night, guess today will need to OOT in room at night too~ Complete them before leave, responsibility eh, Grace Tay yang ajar. keke.. but pity the drawer Mr.Hawyou, the more we type and print out, the more more he needs to draw. Yesterday so sia sui.. Teacher Amanda took one of his masterpiece and said that the girl in it looks like me... O.O'''

I 乖乖-ly tried to finish all the papers yang berstack-stack high, imagining em...boiling water! The water keeps on evaporate and vaporize, but then water is too, keep being added in. whooh~ today with chuisan, we typed till head really really ache already.. Oh and then hor, we listened to Christmas songs! First time i VERY agree that they're nice, classical one especially, their aroma are different! yep.. like it!

Mei Ruan jie - the one who brings stress to all, the works granter = =''', the one whose voice reaches before the person does, the one who can talk until you can't hear others - came back from Shanghai today~ gave us Shanghai sweets and hanging ornaments. So i took this green green de~Thank U!

Erhem~~ first and very foremost, jie chi ji hui, to thank the IT pro - Mr Jon. haha~ thanks to you today the kid's rehearsal go with loud loud won't forget the iceeeee one~ (in case i am attacked by localized amnesia, don't mind please, remind will do.. :P)

Sitting on the yellow chair is Cikgu Naria(h), checking my ''masterpieces'' XD... Finally one month paperworks of BM is completed~ (hope she is not going to send me any...haha)
BEcause, lately every teachers like had gone mad de.. You will be better invisible or you'll be their prey. Prey-predator relationship. They will ask ''what you're doing?'' ''typing bla bla..'' ''oh, later help me to type this, in rush d'' well of course, You can't say ''canot wo..busy'' haha..
too rude too rude, so there's only ''OK...'' Jadi, we all were typing like...siao langs~
And i think..about over 10 times i ran here and there during working, from the 2nd floor, to ground, to 2nd and to 1st and so on. You'll have to, pregnant teacher '' kamu nak saya tunggu atau saya pergi atas ngan mu?'' ''err, cikgu tunggu lo''. I am well-mannered and courteous. LOL!!

Please agree that, Kids never shhh, only
SCREAM!!!! god~
Besides overmuch works...i found that my new hobby is -- deng deng~~ Walk.
Whenever wherever as long as it is safe, i can walk for hours..shuang~ (maybe because i can ring the anklet.. (-.-)''' siao d..)

Going to finish my job at Eduwis for Mywis~ = =''' another different holiday! Thursday mommy said go shopping wo...hope not coming back without thingss larr. Should be the last shopping in 2007 with Mum. So, we should spend more >.<''' kidding kidding..i am still owing ppl $...tsk tsk tsk +hey hey, my typing speed is getting faster because of the job..haha, proud of myself xp+

A complicated day~

Trip trip season i guess, they're going trip, he's going trip, she's going trip, they, they and they too. Haaaaa.. Have fun everyone~ longing mine after years. these few year's were..not real :( =1st wish=

Cikgu Nariaa..(do not actually know how it's spelled, hehe) she..sigh~ pregnant woman, doing so much things still, bm papers she wrote will be typed by us, unfortunately mistakesss present, so have to redo lots. aleluyah. gambate teacher~ look how much woman has to sacrifice? jek jek jek.. wish these go smoothly =2nd wish=
Heard lots of kid's songs ytd. eleven Cds~~ Ya they're good at singing, right pitch, make u happy. haha~ = =''' but will too make you crazy..

Thanks mommy for the anklet, it'll ring when i am at home! keke..
even though it's a little bit..too big...appreciated~! muax!

Christmas is drawing near~ is that really my business? gua.. friends outside~~ take me out that day wei.. Don't know when i can join you all at klang next year..T.T =3rd wish=
Went Edufair at midvalley today. Whoa~ i thought x'mas is today, ya k bu hao xiao, ''santa'' was there taking photos with people, already ''ho ho ho and...happy new year'' sumore. Hope i will have a happy new year this time, 'special' one eh? at Inti maybe, ya..MAYBE means maybe. hope not. =4th wish=

starts packing d~ can avoid last-minute scramble they said. GUA..
Officially an INTI-an.
If u kena NS 1st batch, i'll tell you that you are luckier. 28th i have to go for enrollment d..sobz + ecstatic! The inti's dunu who made a call for me to the Accommodation Office AO for booking..then..then then, ''oh ya, level one has one, roommate a malay. okay? '' ''no'' ''ok let's ask again....bla bla.. level two, with an international student from china'' ''(i know she'll be a chinese, but dad's eye tells me..) No too'' ''let's see...bla bla.. ok another block level 1 (which is the farthest female block, new though) with local chinese.. okay?'' ''yap ok~'' like being so picky and fussy :P, ten months marr..hehe, i have the hak also eh~

Government claimed that we MUST put on our safety belt, if not...Saman lo~

I say FREEZE!.. ^^yea i was boring HAha..

Inti's bag is in GReeN too, la la la la~ suits my recent mood.
P/S: that bear is only for view, later it won't fit in my luggage bags for sure, haha.. I am not as childish as that too. (= =)''' thanks to the giver, this prove i appreciate presents one, coz i make use of them. lol lol.

Gaining momentum to do something..Secretz =5th wish=
15.5 days. tik..tok..tik..tok..

full full~~ just have had don't know how much of grEEn pistachio flavoured ice-cream.

sEvEntEEn.5 days to go'~'

Start to understand why office workers are always asking for Holiday.. haha. because their works will never meet a full stop, dot! and even in a kindergarten only, it can be hectic and stressful de. tsk tsk tsk~ i promise myself anyway, do as much as i can, do as long as i can, and get my salary to pay my loan from sis. hahaha!!

Big sistar's last exam day of 2007 today, i never prefer her to be ''energetic''.. because her way is just, different. Ya she is happy, in good mood, with electric and shine~ lol.. but words come out from her mouth are energetic as well, and will probably hit people like gun shot. pain lahh. ''eh you...'' EI, be lovely can or not? haha..k i am asking too much.. anything.. soon we won't hear each other d, say la say la, durian po :P

They're all now probably having dinner at somewhere at bukit tinggi. moodless to join them. so eat ice-cream at home..keke.. have a little of ''my world'' feeling. Dragged out 2 big luggage cases yesterday, how to fill them in later har? don't know too~ :D Have to prevent myself to fall into the core of the earth once more, agghh~ add oil~ though today i was again being asked a question i detest the most.. :(
# will appear in many places on coming weeks ^^ oh yea~ gambate, myself and don't stop your track!


What for today~~?
A sand of SHock, a touch of amusement, and a mountain of wackiness...
I am into Green lately. Biodegradable and environment friendly~
How long this greenish world of mine will last..i don't know, i hope i do.

Hui SHien joined us today~ she's in charge in gina's songs. XD you know what, she used approximately 8 hours to burn a gina's songs CD. Due to certain reasons, not her fault, haha..

Today received a sms from Ms. Tee... What will you do, if you receive a sms right Now, telling you that you may go to Singapore to sit for an exam to an American university? One word -- blur

18.5 days lagi. Time flies when you want them to be slow, and crawl when you are down, always. Mama asked me to get 10 set of clothes. Exclude shoe la. In case i will be staying over a week, i do not need to err...err!? borrow shirt?.. = =''' coz normally we'll use the washing machine and dryer once a week, save cost and save electric and water and time and energy there. Papa worried if i will be able to accustom myself there, wondering too. who knows..maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe not...Must~

Fussy days came back finally!
My horoscope reading -->Just like at any busy intersection, many various paths in your life are joining together today. Initially, it might feel like way too many things are coming to a head at once. But don't worry -- and whatever you do, do not panic! This is nothing major, so do not let it ruffle your feathers. Imagine you are approaching that intersection in a car, and treat this day with caution. Take things slowly, and look for the signs that will tell you what to do and where to go. (Yup~! I agree)
Today i was so so so so well-mannered. lol. Woke up so early to work (despite someone still sleeping soundly on bed..tsk tsk tsk). Different stories today of course. Start to talk more (lots..haha) with err, my workfellows~ an accountant a drawer and a what-also-do-as-long-as-need-to-computerize de works. Everyone rushed like hell until ''wa~ 1230pm d o~no wonder hungry lahh''. Ok we went eating, sorry to someone anyone. haha. We complained about the foods. Too salty, and we wondered if the maid think that the salt is inexhaustible, so uses them like.... will cause high blood pressure ah~ And xxx told me ''that's why we da pao lo, once the curry they cooked was tasteless, now too salty'' = =? haha~ eat lah weii, salt is good for muscle contraction and nerve cells. lol lol. First time i have my lunch sitting on kid kid's chair~ hehe~ Oh!! Not forget to mention, omg, the printer, omg omg, just omg~ the printer sick today, so we are sick too! 3 computers using it and..omg. Head cleaning it for over N times and still, we can't print, the masterpiece a sicking printer will make you sick too. So right now i have 20 pages unprinted paperworks. And again until ''wa~ 530pm d! oh no haven't done!'' ~
Please printer~ recover soon~~i'll pray for you~~~ gambate printer! = ='''

shh.. i drank coffee during the omg times~ hope i can finish those mountain works in time ^^

Done with working. Went Jusco. Should be with sisters, but after all walked alone. wao.. 3rd time of the week i walked alone in shopping mall. Good though. Lots to see and much to walk. ( but not much at all to spend..-.-''' )

For example:

While they're eating foods of RM23.50 ; i am having a RM4.00 brownies. lol~
and guess what, the brownies, after 2 hours, becomes...deng deng!! :

Supperz~* swt'''

Sista decided to go UTAR again. Yorr... my ''yes!'' partly spoilt. First, no more remaja yang mature at home to take care of..younger bro younger sis~ Second, no more remaja yang b'upaya to stay at home to do housechores spt sapu lantai and so on. Third, how if..IF la.. two elders quarrel...? :( Better don't, ya, won't, won't..optimistic-ing )

Today i was told that i need to reach Inti on 1st January. T.T can postpone or not? new year lehh..New...@.@ means, means...19.5 days.. alamak..

Tired dayz~