I am clearing my clothes for the Nth time. This is a happy thing to do because they'll all be neat then. But this is also a sad thing because I will say tata to shirts that I once can wear but not now, fat d~ =.=''

My mom says I am not allowed to buy more shirts already, because after one year I can buy in the States. =____= (macam within a year I don't need shirts like that..=.=) I don't care, I want new year shirts~ :P

I also want to slowly become a Charcoal products' fan. Charcoal bread, charcoal sponge, charcoal toothbrush (even have Au [Gold] and Silver one le..), charcoal noodles (I'd never forget someone ate the one I bought!! You ahh.. miss Kylie. =.=), charcoal cookies, charcoal (to enhance air quality), charcoal cotton bud (I saw this yesterday!!).. Maybe one day there'll be charcoal icecream and charcoal cake in the market? :D

Sorry that I did not turn up for the gathering.. =(

I enjoy the time I use to sleep these days. 10 hours le!! :D
Aiming for 12 hours tomorrow~~ =.=''
Well, I have to sleep more to cover those sleep debts, and foreseen sleep debts during Fall semester. :P

Mr Sky Wong, the head of IT Bureau, I need you to help me with my laptop, after reformat macam dah tak boleh type Chinese words. =(

I don't wanna take my sister's report card tomorrow le.. sounds funny. Daddy ada, mommy ada, but want the sister to take. =.=''

Popee popee my stuffs in Akasia are untouched. =/

Tank's new song 'Amen' is nice~ :)

Holiday = Happy! :)



Yor.. worrying a bit bit on my rooming thing.. (don't curse, don't curse..=.=)

Watched Transformer II. Not bad, I was watching my brother when the robots were fighting.. XD

Oh popee popee, popee my uncle found a car my mom wants SOON!

Mama is hinting me that she wants to buy shirts. =.=''

She said she once pour water from a pail into the toilet bowl but... a shirt inside the pail also *magic* vanished into the toilet bowl. Haha.. =.=

Is the baby cicak I vacuumed still alive in the vacuum cleaner? =.=

The weather is hot wey... Huuuuu~

I am bersemangat today to clean up the house!! :D

I have such a cute mom, why?

I woke up at 9 something and walked out from the room, she saw me and..

"EH?! I thought you went to college already?"
"*blur* Har? Today is what day?"


"Saturday got class?"

"No ma, I thought you went back."

"Do you know I am having holiday for a week since yesterday?"



Can I go back and sleep again? *yawn~~*

*oh! tomorrow's her Birthday!*

Friday - Saturday

Went to Cameron Highland with Sonia, Jason, Vinnie, Eejane, KaiJun, YingBin, Melanie, YoungHan, SiongYee, JunJun, YuChen and XueYuan. :D

Had a depressing night to enter my REM sleep on Saturday morning, thanks to the cikek game Angel & Demons. You all shouted too loud lo!! XD

It is really not that cold anymore, up there I meant. @.@

We kononnya visited the Robinson Falls (walked till half way and left). =____=

We also went to the kononnya Malaysia's largest indoor maze.. and successfully came out in erm, about 4 minutes? LOL.

Let's go~
Robinson Falls. Kononnya we had visited the fall already.
We just SAW the fall, didn't touch. =_=
Posing with Robinson.. Falls. =P
Group 2. lol.
Steamboat after walking around night market.
Photo session, ki hiao in restaurant. =.=
After finish eating :)
On a scandalous sofa. lol.
Day 2 in Rose garden. I like this place, full with healthy flowers. XD
Eejane and I.
Pose. While the wind is blowing. lol.
KFC apek in Rose garden. With full uniform. lol.
Reaching the top~
On the way to Sg Palas tea factory.
And I invented a standing sleeping position. =_=''

small enough!
Ne ne ne ne bu bu~


Mama : *looking at me from the door, with a you-owe-me look* Now, what are you busying with again?
Me : Tests! TWO tests le.. *innocent*
Mama : *expression changed in a second, now with an ohhh look* Still got test?
Me : Yeeeee.. your face changes so fast yerrr, suspect me leh?
Mama : *smile, shyly; and walked away*


I am now a serious (lol..) lover of Fruity Cakes!! Even though it is not that famous and there's only ONE Fruity shop in Chiliung (at Klang i meant), I like it!! It is so better than Secret Recipe's, maybe exclude the cheese cakes, which I shall try and judge soon. :P


I snoozed on Klang's bed for AN HOUR. =_=

I slept in the bus on the way back to Akasia.. @_@

My eyes are so sore while typing this. V.V
But, I can't let myself sleep! T.T



Snoozed for another hour.

Fetched my mom to Pasar malam, but ended up feeling scared staying in the car alone while waiting for her. =.=''

Did some UPSR maths, thanks to my younger brother.
How great if Calculus 2 is that easy. *slap*

Was craving for sushi..
and waiting for my mom's Birthday.. ahem, birthday cake. :P


My alarm did NOT ring!! So again I was rushing..

Said MERDEKA! to Microeconomics. =)
Now there shall be no more demand for us to supply time and strength (opportunity costs - implicit) for Econs. In the LR, we should be able to understand and apply economics more. :P

Again, feels like eating sushi ahh..
Thought of buying all those materials and ingredients and play sushi-making at home, but em.. okay I am waiting for $. :P

Tata to Eejane, make sure you come back for the concerto! I will smuggle you in no matter what. :P You are one of my best gossip-able friend, hehe!
Tata to Jamie, next year if we meet in the States, we go shopping at organic shop. :P Then we will sama-sama bully eejane again. :)


I want to watch Transformer II wey.. Jio me!! Sonia jio-ed me, but.. I missed it~ Jio me again eh people~

Yeah~ going to meet up with Sovitha soon!~ :D

Saying tata to Psychology in Intec~
Should be taking sociology next summer.. :)

Was so so very amat sangat sungguh feichang frustrated with the last assignment. =(

Stayed in the library with __ Jun and Jun Jun (deliberately did this for the 'Jun' effect. Haha!) until 9p.m. = my new record. =.=''

I want sushi.....................

emo. =_=


Happee Holiday!

*curse* got a prank call from don't know who, a girl was crying and said something like "I got kidnapped... save me". I was terribly stupidly scared and afraid! =(

Well, it did teach me that we should really, really, and really appreciate everyone around. *end of curse*

I ter-vacuumed a baby lizard......... I saw it for half of a second, and then *magic* it vanished! I hope it is feeding himself on anything I vacuumed in. Don't die~ =.=

Bought an Oreo cheese tart, happy die.
Ate Tiramisu cake again. =)
Like whipping cream. @.@

Can't watch Transformer 2 tomorrow, sad but won't die.

Lots to do in this coming week, omg. One week is not enough. Ah.



My brain is dried out today. @.@

I was supposed to study right??

Became my dad FOC helper by sending him to pick up a client's car.. no, TWO clients' cars.. =/
Cleaned the house.. ironed the clothes.. fixed the home PC (which was in semi-coma due to a blackout =.=).. dead..

Had pathetic meals whole day: oat - white rice + egg - oat - oat.. >.=

Time didn't wait for me and just fly away, leaving me staring at the showing-already-evening clock face. And I am anxious, inwardly, very scared. If dateline is a living thing, I would scheme to kill it. =.=''

I need everything to run on the right lane. I favor perfectionism, but not on judging humans.

Sorry to those who kept receiving my bothersome sms about the trip.
Sorry to Mel, I think we will be submitting the assignment right on time before the sem ends.

It was funny to see that name there.. :P
Yea you're famous enough d. =.=

I miss tiramisu.. Because I can taste nice coffee without needing to drink it. hehe~

ADFP Night
*A Night To Remember*
Banyak photo courtesy of Mel's camera. hehe.

Well, I did remember how sleepy I was, how I looked like a piece of white paper (blame the period =.=), how bland the vegetable was, how crazy we were, how much laughter we got, how rushy we were in 516, how funny it was to shoot the video...
I remember it was great. :D

YingJi - Me - Mel - SiongYee


Chloe - SC - Mel - me

Us and JunJun.

My ''daughter'' and I.

EEjane and I.
Eejane, I will definitely miss you a lot!!! =/

Big family~ hehe

Model posing lady - Sonia. =)


Now I realized the hairstylist cut too much of my fringe again.
Short!! =.=
Sabar, my hair will grow.. >_<''

Today I learned to drive alone without passenger, scary, but I learned~ Yay!! =.=
I am really abnormal lately, 7 hours of sleep couldn't satisfy my sleeping need. Why har?
I like to drink soya lately. A lot.
I like chocolate, still..
If i can drink yogurt with oat every morning I will be so happy. (should get a mini refrigerator to akasia.. muahahahaa!)
I need to rest wey..
But I don't have enough time now.. @.@

Till then, will blog more during sem break, I think. :P


One morning in Akasia..

Ta daaaah~~~

No surprise. I was just ta dah-ing for fun. =.=

Summer semester is getting not that summer lately. And I started hating days which only have ONE lecture and.. that's it~

Nevermind.. sabar sabar. Soon Ms kylie will get a brand new Viva and Mrs mom will get a second hand car and.. Kelisa yang pity itu will be abused by me. :)

Forgot to eat the chocolate that I took out from the refrigerator at home (Klang).. swt. Now I have to wait until tomorrow evening.

Now I can't choose what to be done first before another. @.@ Study for Psychology or Psychology assignment or Study for econs or econs assignment or do the dream analysis thing or brainstorm for the coming chinese public speaking? >.<

I asked my brother to receive and thus sign the Dell printer ink from the deliveryman. He blamed me afterwards because
a) He was nervous and scared
b) He wrote his IC number wrongly.
c) He said his first writing his own IC number has been given to Dell. =.=
d) Haha..
Good. Now he had learned something. I am such a good sister. :P

One evening at Klang..

Before they can trust you, you have to trust yourself.
Thank you for doing what you are doing.

My brother passed me a bookmark yesterday, written some lines that Melanie sure likes. lol.

Have FAITH in what you do.
Have FAITH in what you think.
Have FAITH in what you say.
Have FAITH with what you love.
FAITH makes all things possible.

Really?? I have FAITH in Monday Paychology test, get full mark, possible? Haha.. Impossible. =.=

Somehow I am feeling damn thankful lately.
Glad that I managed to learn so many things in life (sounds like I am dying soon);
glad that my brain is functioning well and is upgrading (hopefully lol);
glad that friends around me are always able to make me laugh;
glad that I have $ to spend (i do spend wisely);
glad that people care of what's with me (i never think i deserve any);
glad that I told the truth (i am much braver leh~~);
glad that I knew the truth (which was funny);
even glad that I am glad.

Like weekends! Can get food without needing to think that much. lol.

Remind me to rush all current semester's assignments after Monday. @.@

Remind me to sleep more! I keep waking up early/earlier than the alarm I set, which is a bad news for me. =(

Remind me to fill myself with plenty of water. I sensed tad of sickness.

Remind me to.. what else?

Pagi people! (Do imagine this is the first line you read. tq.)


I know my blog has sort of filled with fungi already. :P

Because, I am.. lazy?
I am sleepy most of the time. :O

Wake up around at 6a.m. almost every day. Mesti ada something to do one. If not need to travel here and there so have to sacrifice the Zzzz.... Or i should say my biological clock is set already.

Relay For Life 2009 was fun. Being a volunteer was even great I think. Can lose 1kg. Can sweat till dry. Can get close to cancer patients. Can talk to Canadian (lol..). Can sell drinks. Can sell kuih (well you know I still think that aunty selling the kuihs was ahem, not that kind. Because she asked volunteers to help her while she was supposed to do those thing by herself. And of course, my impression fixed when she intentionally walk to me and tell me "Aiyo you should come and help me at my stall la~" She is more lazy than I am. =_='')

Luminaria session, part of it.
Love shape formed by candles.
Warm night. =)
Walk walk walk~

Some volunteers from Intec!

Parade thing..

Too many things happened.
In short, lol. :P

Being with friends really does cheer me up. :) :)

Love my parents. Love mom more. XD

Now I know why driving is boring.

Psychology test on Monday, what have I done? Almost nothing. =.=''