How moody was I with studious morning, afternoon, and night. Endless one.

Dedicated to my kor, the geli red red caterpillar. Eee..

Also dedicated to my kor, who always bully bear2/ pakat with it to bully me. lol.

Happy i-think-last-2-months-holiday-in-a-few-years-to-come Holiday to me!
*Super finally*
I am declaring it today because UKM Bangi reserve forest Biology trip ended this afternoon. =)
That officially marks the commencement of my Holyday! See I finally have mood and time to change the blog's layout =) And have fishy for the blog. You can feed it with your cursor but.. don't fatten them too much lol.

UKM Reserve Forest.
Er.. we were being told about the names of the plants throughout our trail. But then.. quote Sharma "everything looks the same" Lol.

Eee I like the colors of all of your shirts combined like that! -.-

Features of my holiday:-
Sleep, Spend, Sleep, Earn, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Recharge, Sleep... *blessed*

Omg. Finals err.. was disastrous. First, I don't know what I wrote for Civilization, maybe because I am not that civilized. Calculus II, no comment, I am aaaalways like that, lol. Chemistry, a piece of tut. Biology, read till I can't recognize myself but, sigh. C++, the only hope -_-

So after a week of sleeping tak betul, makan tak betul apa pun tak betul... I am done with this semester. Now I hate long sem. =.=

A season for my family to luan luan zao, tomorrow sister's going back to Kampar for don't know what probably to 'eat' curry; daddy flying to China don't know which part to don't know do what; I am going to T. Anson then Ipoh(maybe) then Penang then Langkawi wee; I don't know where my mom's going; my brother is graduating from primary school soon yay all in my family sudah tamat primary school lol; and I think my younger sister will stay in front of the PC and operate on her restaurant in FB... can sense how much I am not-so updated with news on my family =.= Don't blame me, the extent they are not updated with my stuff is even serious. -.- I told them A, they forgot, and said I told them B. =__=''

Oh ya. I should say something on this just passed semester. Em, summary: had fun with my new roommate, saling membuli-buli; saling cook for each other, saling complain and complain, saling scold each other, saling a lot. had fun crapping with my kokor, I will upgrade myself before Spring sem starts, get ready :P had fun in California although I am like.. not that noisy lol.. but, I had no fun on all tests and stuffs grr. Super busy one. Er.. super sleepless one. Er... I think that's all.

What else? I am eating a bowl of cooked-in-5-minutes-but-not-instant-noodle noodle. -.- Worse, I boiled a not-spaghetti kind noodle and.. mis it with pasta sauce lol. Wait to kena marah but I don't care. Too hungry and no one seems to care so I eat whatever! :P
Very full now. Can sleep until tomorrow afternoon soundly later. =)

*On the mission to eliminate dark circle @.@*

Now, I can 放下屠刀笔书, 立刻睡觉。=)))

Then akhirnya, I can goyang kaki for a few weeks now. =)

Some randomness of the week, scarily tiring week.
Chocolate mousse cake for Mr YB, which was the first cake entering the baby fridge lol.
It was so danger that the cake might have gone cacat the other day because after all, baby fridge has baby size.

Teman-ed my mama to 2L. Kinda fun..
the sales girl call me meimei like what kokor does lol.
then they call my mom 'mommy' all the while when we were looking choosing trying deciding..

Bought this black skinny-polo T. Likeee.

Challenged myself to read chemistry ONLY before test -.-
To be precise, two days before test.. I have covalent bond with chemistry, luckily, so can understand even though it was a super last minute learning. =)

BUT, today's calculus was another disaster -.-
As always, Question1 is the one that I will skip and fail to solve lol.
As always, question with double digit mark = my death factor lol.
tataa Calculus Tests.

Had many No's these days.
No mood.
No appetite.
No time.
No nap.
No food.
No fun.
No luck.
No way.
Even when I am looking at myself, I don't see myself.
I don't like this, striving for something I don't know.
I have reached a very high level in enduring tiredness.
My theory is simple:
get Brand's every weekday morning;
never take nap, nap makes me sleep forever;
tahan till 1130pm;
if can't, never close my eyes for more than 1 minute, which did bring me to another morning;
or try to lean/lie on anywhere (like on floor lol), because it will still bring me to another morning;
oh but nap is doable during Bio lecture~
only during Bio lecture... =.=
Outcome: super pale me.
Solution: countdown 16 days. =)

Went to Aquaria at KLCC, for Bio documentary assignment eee..

Say hi to crabbie~

With cameraman 1,

and cameraman 2, who didn't have memory card in his phone so.. eee..

Cameranman 2 too shy, hid behind cameraman 1. lol.

Very great to meet and talk to and got explanation from Mr. Iskandar. We should have met him earlier for MORE information about the fishy.
(omg my eyes couldn't even open big enough.. -.-)

Spent 3 hours there and @.@...

Been encountering bad happenings.
People are ever-changing.
When they realize some day,
it would be too late to say sorry.
if they know.. =.=

Alright, what else?
Common sense has to be working in people now~

I don't know what I am typing but, I need to scream.

Save my cal. @.@