After few hours of shopping with Melanie and Miss Oh, we had barbecue the next at Mel's house. Big thanks to Mel and her family, and Miss Oh too for helping, and semua lain yang attend :)

I have to admit that that night was the night with least sleep I had have since I was born lol. Even for pai ti gong or study for final exam, I would have slept at least 4-5 hours lol.
Blame the mind breaking Angel and Demon game >.<'' Somehow I wondered why the game is not that playable during the day when we all are having saner mind. lol.

Anyway.. the whole night was somehow tiring but fun. Most of whom I have only really known since ACTP year, and are going to fly to Indiana with me yay. lol. Manakala a few others are flying to different states, but we will still meet yay~

Somehow too.. I found out that when we gather, we couldn't really run out of topic. Seriously.. But that is magic. :]

Not even getting bored because they always have qi qi kuai kuai eh things to do. -.-

All of us, with ♡~
Photo credits to Michael Boon's camera and Mel's brother :)

And this one, xiexie Michael; I know you are already dying for a DSLR lol.

And then the next day, I napped for 6 hours until dinner time, and slept for another 9 hours at night, and is still sleepy..

Oh god oh god oh god. 9.5 days and I am done with my first year of American degree. sweet. =]

with my dad and younger sister to Pavillion. Lol.
Both of them argued all the way to the mall and all the way (almost..) back to home. -.-

Dad was so slow.. 80km/h, to avoid saman.. He would rather spend the money than donating it to JPJ lol..

We were super hungry and in first minute we decided to eat at Ying Ker Lou, restaurant serving Hakka cuisine.

I had lei cha cold noodle, a very raw one hehehe *like* but.. should have ordered hot one, because somehow.. I can digest cold/raw stuff faster and hence.. I was hungry soon after that XD
Um.. Hakka's meals are more healthier I think.. many raw raw stuffs lol

I like the dumplings because it was super warm XD and fresh~ :]
and I miss that black sesame dessert, so so warm and thick!~
No Ying Ker Lou or in Indiana kan..? =.=

Then I saw this kid having this balloon with him, cute heeee..
the dinosaur hops behind, its feet works! XD

ahh goshh.. so near to mid August. >.<

I was too lazy and somehow reluctant to open my blog.. heeee.. well that is not a crime heee..

Summer semester is great. One subject, Two hours per lecture, Three days per week, Four free days per week, high Five~.. Many outings, many sleeping, many busy, many driving, many Facebooking, many movies, many plans, but money is getting... little. lol.

Some photos from here and there.. hee

Spring '10 Literature class with Mr. Kamal and Californians. :)

Everyone in California class~ =)

Cell Biology last Lab. Repeated those experiments for the Nth time in my life.. XD
*I look like I am hiding downward lol..*

Group 7 during BTN. :I

*kaachak!* -.-
Went to Bukit Raja for Italian food one day and visited I-city.. should be called Light City instead lol.. nothing so 'I' to me..

Fun evening with 4 of them :)

4 xiao hai zhi.. lol

3 ambassadors.. XD

I know you hate raw stuffs. But I like. Can? heee.

For many days at home, I doooooo help my mum okay. So Chloe, don't hate me for keep leaving you at Akasia o, I got miss you de le.. :)

My mum fetches students. Me too~

A xiao mei mei my younger sister dislikes because the one above likes to stick to the sister.. -.-

Pada suatu evening too, went for a dinner at Lavender with dad.. yang quite boring..
I forgot why we went there, normally we don't.. forgot gok..

But I was kinda happy having the Chocolate banana toast hee.. sweeeeet.. good for toothache -.-

and did many things :) with many ones. :)

So.. One more day to some injections lol
One more week to BBQ with friends :)
One x 2 more weeks to meeting dentist, doctor, course registration, (hopefully) starting to settle VISA stuffs etc etc..
One more month to Kuching trip with friends :)
Two more months+ to.. :(

Sleeping soon~

Good night.