Yap. After last reformat, which shifted all my backup files to drive D, I forgot I have songs in the laptop haha. Dug out Enya's songs yesterday. Peace is filling me. =)

Ate at KimGary with sisters. There were the home-cooked feeling in the food lol.

Three of us watched a movie called.. "Very Perfect", directly translated from Chinese. The thing was.. we were quite late, or punctual. Then when we stepped in the Cinema 4, we were the earliest. After an hour in the cinema, there were only 3 of us, and when the movie ends, there were still only 3 of us, oh and two cleaners, looking at us, surprised. Haha! At least if felt like we paid for the whole cinema. =.= And the movie was not bad. =)

See, everyone is posting about how lazy they are in FB and blogs. My turn now. I have been so away from books these few days, but I didn't sleep much. Somehow I don't know why I have so many things on hand. -.- Something I want to tell you is.. Biology lab reports 2 & 3 are so far an impossible mission, if you are willing to share whatever protists you saw in Sample1, do email me lol. Because I was observing a few photos, guessing if one of them is chlamydomonas, euglena, arcella or rotifers; even geng, I saw cyanobacteria which will be useless for the report. =_=

My main point is: I am lazy but I don't know how. Haha. =.= Doing nothing is endless..

Almost am going to use Sony Erricson C150, due to some funny problem it doesn't happen. So, we are still a Nokiaish family~ lol.

Thank you for everything. =)

Yesterday was unproductive. Today.. was even worse.

I forgot what I did yesterday actually. Probably some early morning reading, went to KTS, brainsqueezed on LA night thing, wasted times on dealing with stress and that's it.

Today was funny. Good and guilty I would say. Woke up super early just to make sure I got all the things I need to go out. Well now I know how much things I left in akasia =.=''

Thanks to Mr. weykhay for fetching me today. Bet I will involve in an accident if I drive.. Slept twice in the car today lol. Thanks to Mr. jingkuan as well. They are just another batch of moderately-chill band friends. =) By the way, stepping into LayMeng primary school located super near Petronas twin tower was pleasureable. No tall blocks, small area like built specially for small sized kids, many paths that link to another place, (not Hogwarts okay -.-) etc.. I miss the look of my primary school, although I don't remember much of how it looked like. I can't even visit the same school anymore, it was rebuilt after we left.

And, teaching little kiddie clarinet was.. LOL.. they enjoy being punished (run around the court), but of course, I was not the one who asked them to run (kind~ XD) And answer they gave was of high standard. Q: Do you want me to speak in English or Chinese? A: *a mildly smiling face* and so we need to decipher the smile so what I did was to mix the both languages. =.= JK asked me if I have not spoken in Chinese for a long time already, siasui.. My chinese words reading speed is getting slower also, like engine rosak =.=''

Ate at sushi zanmai. Not bad, just that the sushi on the moving tray will be the same all the time -.-'' Something wrong with the stomach, with a cup of steamed egg, 2 pieces of sushi and a taufu, I got full. =_=

Reached home at 4pm and.. AH!!!! Time... hilang-ed~ Enjoyed the day but I lost the time for the like-never-can-be-done lab reports. =(

I am still lost with the protists and bryophytes and gymnosperms.. >.<

Sometimes, we just have to decide. :)

So, KLPAC or not? ~.~

Say hi to my decaying blog. :D
Well I had to abandon it, if not what you read will be the same: my screaming on calculus related papers, my depression, my watchful stories, my emonish tales, and many more unpleasant ones..
I am considerate~ lol..

Went through calculus and biology tests, it feels like surviving Great Depression. =.=
The feeling after we handed up the biology paper was funny; the paper enfeebled us. =.=

So until 21st Aug, we had our very not mid-sem-break holiday. Because it's like a study week anyway; and it is like a study or die break. -_- Hapless life we have, still we had already gone through a year hadn't we? Feel proud of yourself ACTP seniors, we are just, impressive! Haha..

On the Saturday my family went up to Kampar, Taiping, Ipoh and we stayed in Taiping. The next day we went to Penang, a place deserve to be loved!! :) But rain never stop falling from morning to night to the next day, so the weather was awesomely cold. :)

Sis - Me - Sis
I have a family full of specs. lol..

The dailou looked brother. omg he is getting super tall..

He with the ultrawomanish sister. -_-


The superman. o.O

The place we stayed, cozy~

Beautiful three-fingers shaped cloud captured by a very not beautiful handphone.
Since positive*negative=negative, so the photo is not beautiful. :D

A photo we took three times to get the outcome (sounds so C++)..=.=


Will go to this Burmese temple again. :)

Haa~ like her shirt, she bought it when she was out with me. I have influencing power, hahaha..

Take two. Likey the bricks behind~

Ah, she placed her pillow nicely.

Like the purple this way. :D

Cacated eyebrow.. lol

Came back from that very fully utilized two-day trip, I am happie!
Thou the guilt is mounting over me again..
A break should be a break right? =(

Somehow I learned and relearned lessons in these few days. I can't say I have been learning, I always forget things when others hit, forgetful-nya. >.<
When there's a hurdle in front, you just have to find a way to get through it and move on, no matter how weary you are you have to hang on, carry on, as long as you keep this on, hurdles far in front will be nothing to you.

Time to play with cells again. (well I bet I will use MANY days to get these reports done. Aye, unproductive I know..)

Who says you are not blessed?
If there is only ONE person caring about you, you are totally blessed. :)

During Last week sudden break,
I feel like I had slept enough for the whole year. =_= Thankful kan?
Ya.. thanks to the over 10 kinds of medicines.
I like white pepper, it covers the smell of antibiotic in my throat that time. =) I meant I had it with meals =.=
Oh great no proper holiday for me. I lost 5 days of this precious holiday, replacing them with sleeping with high fever; feeling good every time after a sleep and got fever after like an hour then I would take those colorful medicine and sleep again. =) I love to sleep, yay~
Thankful thankful...!!
Oh even great I am so so thankful that UiTMs are closed, thank you!! Only by that I can have time to be sick. =.=
And I learned the feeling of taking anti-fever pills. Light, float, numb, sleepy. lol.

Got a new table tennis racket! No more Double Happiness, now it is the century for Butterfly. lol. Very thankful~
Rushed Bio lab report and assignment during the weekend and, ta daaah~ one week is gone.

This Week
I had great and 'great' time studying and failing facing quizzes.
Celebrated the giraffe, YoungHan's birthday and Huiming's belated birthday, at a place I would like to avoid - secret recipe. Imagine eating the vegetarian soba for 3, I said THREE, yes threee! times per month. Eww..
Spoiled another Calculus quiz. Yay..
Having fun with C++. hehe~
Hating the packed timetable, leaving one hour each day to breathe in between the lectures. Gosh.
Not having fun with Biology and Chemistry!!!! You know those names of fungi protists and many more? OMG..
I hate you SAF. I lose another weekend because of you. I guess I won't be sad if i lost tomorrow's table tennis match, because I will have a free Sunday. :P
Had a super boring chemistry lab. "Measure the circumference of your wrist.." "Measure the length of you shoe.." -_-
Goodbye Shahril, we're already missing you. Jangan sesat kat US. :P

The fever trend is fading in Intec, congrats~ We are better immune now~ lol.

Looking at some homeworks.. C++ assignment, study for C++ quiz, Civilization assignment & presentation, study for Calculus test.. All Cs.. I will really C with so little time. Sigh.

I think I have problem with my sleeping system. I can sleep all the time, if I have the time. -_-

I really miss the sea, not C.

I am really, really, seriously, definitely, absolutely, truly, utterly, genuinely, unquestionably _____ . =) You would never know what I think. :P