for lunch today.
Not bad. Malaysian portion =)
But em.. don't ever go and try the mousse ee.. super not nice.

The carrot cake was nice! =)

Oh ya, with him, Form 1,
but form 5 size. o.O
And her..

Good day =)

One of my favorite. :)
Gonna learn the way to do this, em.. after few months? haha..

Robert H. Schuller
Every burden is a blessing


The only photo with me that my sister took which looks okay to me. =.=
Although the feet are cute.. -___-''

Happy Christmas people~ ♥

Done with the 4 days work and I have a kononnya sexy voice the next day. =)

My partner Wendy and I have sold a total of 424 bottles of fruit juices. heee!
Sunday was fun. Despite the tiredness, we actually sold all we have in the 3 fridges. =)
We had actually two bottles left, and I first suggested us to shout for another 15 minutes and end our work by purchasing one of them if we can't get them sold. Then, I got an epiphany lol. I said, why don't we share and buy one of the two, and make it buy 1 free 1? Yay we did that and we sold them! =)

What is fun with promoting:
  1. You can observe people, kind one bad one stingy one soft-hearted one...... Some purchased because we sort of begged them to. =.=
  2. You can scold or even *ahem* curse people. Well you see, the parents say to the kids (which is not one, not two, but 5 - 6 kidssssss) "go take and drink, go!" And then woolah~ they drank all our samples and we are left with an empty tray and zero sale. =_= etc.
  3. You can shout like nobody cares. All the workers at that floor can memorize what we had shouted already. Nice post-effect!
  4. You can get free stuffs. Food especially.. -.-
  5. You have chance to get more jobs in the future. If you do good, people see chance, you get chance. =)
  6. You get pay. duh? My pay for this 4days roadshow is kinda :)
  7. You are training yourself to be more persuasive. Yaa, and this is how you're going to influence more people, you know, like your parents lol.
  8. You can practice your languages. It has been funny to promote one thing with English, BM, HuaYu, Hokkien and Cantonese. AND, predicting Tamil.. =.=
  9. You get time and mood to be gossip girl and guy. -.-
  10. You get new friends! :D
Okay and so many more. After all this job is okay. So far I never get job which makes me suffer too much and hate it more than the job scope could be. (I can *ahem* customers what.. :P)

Went to a Melaleuca talk yesterday. I will talk about this next. And I sincerely hope you will pay attention to that, for yourself, your family, and our dear dear Earth! =)

Working for F&N for 4days, roadshow at Giant Port Klang~

Selling Sunkist lol.

12 hours work per day.

No chair at all in Giant. Kesian my legs.

Wanna get a bread for lunch I need to queue up for an hour; asked for someone who's paying to help me but she gave me a "go away lar" face.

So I gave up the bread and went to Guardian for a Loacker's Quadratini.

Shouted so hard for so many hours. Don't call me these days, I might silent-kan your call. -.-

Date me after 30th =) I got many things to be settled before that. You have 4 days lol.

An ahma bought the Sunkist and said.. "Your mouth so sweet, don't want buy also cannot lah".

God. "Sweet". Haha..

Then after we are done with the job today and were waiting outside, a shoe shop boss approached us two and asked if we wanna work.

I said I can't. (can also I don't want, because he was smoking lol)

My partner said her friend is finding a job. He asked if the friend is as sweet as us two.

I swt-ed. And left to the car.

Sweet? Sweet~

Visit newly opened Giant at Port Klang, nvm if you don't wanna buy anything. Get 2 Sunkists from me. TQ~

Good night.

˙ƃuoן os ʇsɐן oʇ ɯǝǝs sǝɯıʇ pɐs ˙ʇsɐן ɹǝʌǝu sǝɯıʇ ʇɐǝɹƃ
I am moving slow, very slow.
Many things seem low, very low.
Nothing makes me better than I can make them, not even pillow.
I need something sweet to cover, like marshmallow.
Luckily it was shallow, just shallow.
This is funny Lol.
If you could write me a symphony,
if I could hear your melody,
I will tell ya, tell ya my secrets.
Got many stuffs done. Don't really know what should I be worrying on now.
But when I start thinking, many are undone. No? Don't know.
Still waiting for the red patches in my eyes to disappear~
Finished reading "The Color Purple". Kinda lost. XD
Don't think I am growing taller lately lol.
Ah. craps.

˙uıɐƃɐ ˙ןןɐɔ ʇɐɥʇ pǝǝu ı









Went for iLasik on Friday at The Curve. =) Thanks to Dr.Alan, Darian, Michael and many more whom I do not know their names. hee. Not to burn my cornea (just to tell Ms. Kylie) the cornea flap is placed back larr! -.-
Went for follow-up checking the next day at Vista Klang Branch at Taman Botanic. Which was opened that Saturday. Which is very new. Which I recommend you to go for an eye checkup - free for first month~~
lol can see my own hand..

I am doing okay~ Besides those very red large dots people will have after the surgery on the eyes.. which I am waiting patiently for them to disappear~~

Went to AEON on Saturday and got some em.. envelopes.. swt..

Went to Sunway yesterday and got clothes and stuffs. Great thing about shopping: it makes me tired, and I slept from 930pm - 10am. hehe! Good, as it has been a little hard to fall asleep the day before. I can't keep my eye close at night lol. Hyperactive or what I don't know. Bad thing about shopping: it burns my wallet. lol.

Bring this fella to eat at Italiannies..

The sister..

**And spent RM70++

On the way back home~

Feel like going out again. heee. One more month to do this. Gotta appreciate. Oh ya, saw Sovitha yesterday!! I was like wanted to walk into Parkson and then.. she actually recognized me with the sunglasses! =) Yay! Promise we gonna go out with huisin after a week/two! :D
Loving holiday.
Someone, please force me to get my application things done.

is going on fine, with another bit of flu, slight cough, headache... -.-
My ability to sleep A LOT, is back. =)

Miss Starbucks' Hot Choclate.

So what have I done this week? Basically, em, nothing. haha..

My application thingy is almost done. yay. But the word 'almost' means, I still have to edit my essays one last time, post my UW-M dossier, pay my four universities $$$$, and post Jun2's thing to him, and pass Huiming's thing to her. lol. Ya, almost.

Went to VISTA eye specialist centre in The Curve on Tuesday. For 6-points eye checkup. Nice place. So, got to found out that my high myopic power is inherited (see? They shouldn't have scolded me so much when I was small for watching TV and reading on bed), and got to know that I am eligible for Lasik! =) and ICL (Implanted Contact Lens) actually.
Gonna have to sayang and take care of my eyes like never before for a few weeks from tomorrow. Reason? Lasik treatment tomorrow! =) RM 1$,$$$.$$ Nice place to spend huh...

FYI too, Nokia 5800 is really not bad. After knowing some facts and comparing it to iPhone, I think Nokia 5800 is qualified to be a competitor of iPhone! =) RM1$8$.$$

With so many m$n$y gone, don't you agree that I should get a work for myself? lol. But then.. eee still thinking hard on this. To work means to only have 4 holi-days left in December the whole holy month. Not to work means to see many of my $$$$$ terbang begitu sahaja -.-

Macam mana eee!!??! >.<'' Should toss a coin later. =)

Away for a few days. =)
Nice monologue. lol.

Found myself a happy habit: A piece of dark chocolate every night!! :D :D
Well, seriously liking the aroma staying in the mouth until I sleep lol.

Missing Guylian Solitaire. Needing 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate eeeee..

Tadah.. November is ending soon. Appreciate your time people :P
Eee? I don't know what to type already.
Nice weather for today. Like. lol.

Good Luck to those who are taking TOEFL tmr~
Mr Jason Chen, Shogun is near yay!!

Still praying for miracle on UW application =.=

Just deleted my expired draft post. Funny.. not. =.=
Nothing to do with Penguin, I dislike thinking on a title lol.

Am trying to type until I feel like sleeping.

So, my brother has enrolled in secondary school, the same one as his 3 sisters. And he has just graduated, which marked a finish line for primary school routine in our family. =) We are ooooldddddd godddd lol.

Have been enjoying letting dark chocolates to melt in my mouth. =)

Some people get you by looking into your eyes.
Some people get you by listening to what you say.
Some people get you by your repetitive words.
Some people never get you.
Not stubborn. Just that, they are not in your frequency.
Wait them to tune themselves then.

If something sad taught you something else, that would be great.
If nothing changed, I would be speechless.

Dehhhh bet you don't get what I typed :P
That's my aim anyway.
I bet after weeks I won't understand too. -.-

Universities application is going okay. Still with the flow. Besides the Toefl part which I am worrying all the time, yet nothing I can do on it. Popee popee.

I think I am super angry. But you won't see my anger. Thank god for that. =)

Literature is on the way. haaaha. Get me through another 2 semesters~~ =)

Found this somewhere: What's a black white black white black white...?
Answer: A penguin rolling down a staircase. =.=

Good night. =)

It comes, it goes.
I smiled, I learned.


I am back from a 7-days trip. To Teluk Intan, Ipoh, Butterworth (lol), Penang island, Sungai Petani, Alor Setar, and Langkawi, oh and Cheras =.= For me, this is the first, unplanned, longest, not with family, tiring, bus-sitting trip I had ever have lol.

The trip was great. Full with over-eatings and moderate-spending. But the over-eating parts are kinda.. nauseous. =.= We saw Kompleks Menara Condom Condong, we got onto a bus which forgot to bring passengers and had to move back to the bus station and re-depart, we had too much food but no time to eat them, they had dota almost every night, they talked about football almost every day, we got huge hardworking sun burning us, we watched 'I love you, Beth Cooper' and swt a lot, we got funny rented cars that has petrol sufficient for 1 minute on road, we also got a car that broke down while we travel, we saw Sir Francis Light's statue, Fort Cornwallis was boring btw lol, we drank and ate many ICE, we bought chocolates thiiiiiiiiiis much, we walked past the whole Cheras pasar malam from the very beginning to the very end, they gay-ed so much.....

Kinda lazy to tell all.. use your imagination thank you :D

Photos not in order.
Langkasuka Beach Resort.

This uncle very lihai.

He carved a net out from a carrot. (er..)

At Yb's house, 4 gays were gay-ing all the time.

And playing all the time.

Like lost kids =.= At Bukit Mertajam.

Fort Cornwallis.

very inappropriate pose -_- He was scratching the leg eee!

After a hardworking dotaish night..

Ipoh. With Yb's friend as tour guide.

And more which I don't have. XD

Hm, xiexie YB and your MyVi and your parents, YHan and your Saga/Iswara and your parents, KJ and your parents and your parents' car, Khui and your parents and jiujiu and many kinds of cars =.=, xiexie JiDan who brought us to eateat in Alor Setar, Xiexie YB's friend WuGang (i dunu how to spell) who overfilled our stomach :P Xiexie to that RM1.20 ferry ride and RM23.00 x 2 ferry ride to Langkawi. Xiexie Transnasional and S.E Express and dunu what. heee~

Time to do something else~~

Went to Intec and did A LITTLE BIT of my application thingy. Some more to go. Er, I forgot my holiday plans. -.-

Look very much like Mr.Jason who holds bear2 to threat me. XD
*wa kor you turn soooo white!!*

Successful enough. Woke up at 9am this morning! =) Not enough thou... :P To achieve something, we should aim higher! XP

Went kaikai with my younger sister for 5 hours, along with too much lame jokes and she laughed so much that her jaw was tired -.- Btw, she ponteng again. But I actually supported her, because I know how boring it could be staying in class for the sake of staying. No teaching, no fun.

I can sense how much my mood has elevated from the ground from the day we are done with the finals. =.= This semester has indeed absorbed too much from us lol. So, yay~ =)

Er.. dunu what to type now. Er.. ok my brother ate 10 sushi in only a few minutes? -.- Or.. my mom asked me not to buy anything next week but towels if I saw them? -.- omg.

How lame can you be?
Q: How do u explode an indian??
A: By pushing the red button on his forehead. LAME.

Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology?
A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom, then it is biology. When the baby looks like the neighbor, then it is sociology.

AH~ What to do tomorrow? Leave it, sleep first. =)

Let's go under the sun!!~~ siao.

I was very =) to delete many of the old notes. Thousands of Biology slides and many rubbish undone assignment (I used to save copies while doing them lol).

Woke up very early today. @.@ Someone switched off the aircon and.. ah, I can't continue sleeping. So I woke up and watched "The Illusionist". Nice! Hope I am one lol, can confuse you!! -.-

Deleted 200+ 'friends' from FB, er I hope I did not ter-deleted anyone that I shouldn't because I was doing speed deleting -.- Tell me if I did hee.

Many things that I super want to do in these 8 weeks. (Oh god 8 weeks seems to sound shorter than '2 months' -_-)
  1. Sleep thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. =)
  2. Earn some $ if possible because I know I will
  3. spend. hee.
  4. Tidy up my wardrobe for the last time until next Summer.
  5. Laugh more before I can't when we have to study again -.-
  6. Try not to gain weight lol because food will be abundant at home =.=
  7. Oh ya.. universities application thing thing.
  8. Prepare for Toefl? lazy lazy.
  9. Go to Vista for eye checkup.
  10. Go here go there.
  11. Meet him meet her.
  12. Learn something new!
  13. Sleep. hee~
You know? XD

I don't know. I can't start thinking. Or I simply am thinking too much. gosh.

How moody was I with studious morning, afternoon, and night. Endless one.

Dedicated to my kor, the geli red red caterpillar. Eee..

Also dedicated to my kor, who always bully bear2/ pakat with it to bully me. lol.

Happy i-think-last-2-months-holiday-in-a-few-years-to-come Holiday to me!
*Super finally*
I am declaring it today because UKM Bangi reserve forest Biology trip ended this afternoon. =)
That officially marks the commencement of my Holyday! See I finally have mood and time to change the blog's layout =) And have fishy for the blog. You can feed it with your cursor but.. don't fatten them too much lol.

UKM Reserve Forest.
Er.. we were being told about the names of the plants throughout our trail. But then.. quote Sharma "everything looks the same" Lol.

Eee I like the colors of all of your shirts combined like that! -.-

Features of my holiday:-
Sleep, Spend, Sleep, Earn, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Recharge, Sleep... *blessed*

Omg. Finals err.. was disastrous. First, I don't know what I wrote for Civilization, maybe because I am not that civilized. Calculus II, no comment, I am aaaalways like that, lol. Chemistry, a piece of tut. Biology, read till I can't recognize myself but, sigh. C++, the only hope -_-

So after a week of sleeping tak betul, makan tak betul apa pun tak betul... I am done with this semester. Now I hate long sem. =.=

A season for my family to luan luan zao, tomorrow sister's going back to Kampar for don't know what probably to 'eat' curry; daddy flying to China don't know which part to don't know do what; I am going to T. Anson then Ipoh(maybe) then Penang then Langkawi wee; I don't know where my mom's going; my brother is graduating from primary school soon yay all in my family sudah tamat primary school lol; and I think my younger sister will stay in front of the PC and operate on her restaurant in FB... can sense how much I am not-so updated with news on my family =.= Don't blame me, the extent they are not updated with my stuff is even serious. -.- I told them A, they forgot, and said I told them B. =__=''

Oh ya. I should say something on this just passed semester. Em, summary: had fun with my new roommate, saling membuli-buli; saling cook for each other, saling complain and complain, saling scold each other, saling a lot. had fun crapping with my kokor, I will upgrade myself before Spring sem starts, get ready :P had fun in California although I am like.. not that noisy lol.. but, I had no fun on all tests and stuffs grr. Super busy one. Er.. super sleepless one. Er... I think that's all.

What else? I am eating a bowl of cooked-in-5-minutes-but-not-instant-noodle noodle. -.- Worse, I boiled a not-spaghetti kind noodle and.. mis it with pasta sauce lol. Wait to kena marah but I don't care. Too hungry and no one seems to care so I eat whatever! :P
Very full now. Can sleep until tomorrow afternoon soundly later. =)

*On the mission to eliminate dark circle @.@*

Now, I can 放下屠刀笔书, 立刻睡觉。=)))

Then akhirnya, I can goyang kaki for a few weeks now. =)

Some randomness of the week, scarily tiring week.
Chocolate mousse cake for Mr YB, which was the first cake entering the baby fridge lol.
It was so danger that the cake might have gone cacat the other day because after all, baby fridge has baby size.

Teman-ed my mama to 2L. Kinda fun..
the sales girl call me meimei like what kokor does lol.
then they call my mom 'mommy' all the while when we were looking choosing trying deciding..

Bought this black skinny-polo T. Likeee.

Challenged myself to read chemistry ONLY before test -.-
To be precise, two days before test.. I have covalent bond with chemistry, luckily, so can understand even though it was a super last minute learning. =)

BUT, today's calculus was another disaster -.-
As always, Question1 is the one that I will skip and fail to solve lol.
As always, question with double digit mark = my death factor lol.
tataa Calculus Tests.

Had many No's these days.
No mood.
No appetite.
No time.
No nap.
No food.
No fun.
No luck.
No way.
Even when I am looking at myself, I don't see myself.
I don't like this, striving for something I don't know.
I have reached a very high level in enduring tiredness.
My theory is simple:
get Brand's every weekday morning;
never take nap, nap makes me sleep forever;
tahan till 1130pm;
if can't, never close my eyes for more than 1 minute, which did bring me to another morning;
or try to lean/lie on anywhere (like on floor lol), because it will still bring me to another morning;
oh but nap is doable during Bio lecture~
only during Bio lecture... =.=
Outcome: super pale me.
Solution: countdown 16 days. =)

Went to Aquaria at KLCC, for Bio documentary assignment eee..

Say hi to crabbie~

With cameraman 1,

and cameraman 2, who didn't have memory card in his phone so.. eee..

Cameranman 2 too shy, hid behind cameraman 1. lol.

Very great to meet and talk to and got explanation from Mr. Iskandar. We should have met him earlier for MORE information about the fishy.
(omg my eyes couldn't even open big enough.. -.-)

Spent 3 hours there and @.@...

Been encountering bad happenings.
People are ever-changing.
When they realize some day,
it would be too late to say sorry.
if they know.. =.=

Alright, what else?
Common sense has to be working in people now~

I don't know what I am typing but, I need to scream.

Save my cal. @.@


In the end, it is these small things that you remember,
a little imperfections that make them perfect,
for you.

People are told to get the perfect one.. they are the one who want to be perfect.. it's actually a global disease.. - Yasmin Ahmad

Bear bear was sunbathing.. although he is tan enough already. =.=

Omg. I hate my mood. And my head too. The mood swings whenever it wants when the head aches whenever it likes. =( I am alive thou. Five weeks dear, I want to be energetic!! >.<

Having holiday-is-ending syndrome. Symptoms are: sleep demanding, loss of appetite, no-talking, depressed while looking at books, even depressed while looking at calendar, super depressed to pack my things. =_= In short I never want to go back =.=
I hate I hate. sigh..
See told you.. taken before I know holiday is ending -.-
Or maybe I should mention about yesterday sudden blackout. Was surfing the net with a steady mood and then *OHh!* The laptop was working but by counting five, four, three, two.. Wireless gone dead. Outside the room, papa was lighting up the candles and I went to my bed, still cool with 5-minutes-ago aircon's cooling effect. Lol. After 10 minutes, tak cukup iciness. And mosquitoes start flying here and there feeding themselves. Well I think I fed quite many yesterday until 1.30 a.m. when we finally can sleep. -_-

WHY there must be something ELSE to do besides studying for tests during our break?! You know last break, we got that 3 reports. Then last last break, I forgot. Then this break, dossier.. So, then, hence, therefore, I didn't manage to study. *slap*
HMPH! @#$%^&*.. -.-
I am so not in mood for anything right now help. =(
中秋节快乐 in advance. =.=
哇靠,今天 shoulder 抽筋。T.T
想你, 骗你的。XD sampat.
最开心,最伤心,最生气,最无助,最 sampat。。。

How to have a more Asian yellowish skin? Eat more carrot. Get its carotenoid and ta dah~ =.=
sampat. But it actually works, try eating consistently for a few weeks. =)
I had this thought for a few days =.=
Hm.. I gotta feeling, that today's gonna be a good day. LOL. sampat.
I am almost stress free today yay!
Finished the book "Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps" in 24 hours! hehe.. read it and you will have fun. It is like learning evolution, biology, chemistry, a bit physics, science, and psychology at the same time, with Fun!
"Ray plays his wedding video backward. He say it's so he can see himself walk out of church, a free man."
I don't know how to describe it much, read it if you are willing to pay RM55.90 without MPH card. hehe~
Like this book thiiiiiiiiiiis much! =)
Almost done my assignment on Australopithecus afarensis. sampat me. Chose a species that has super limited information =.=
Actually I have done it. But dunu if it is considered as done. =.=
Got a hair cut today~ er.. many will say no difference. But for me.. like I got less hair already =.= sampat. No photo available. Smtg wrong with laptop's bluetooth. lol.
Wish I have thicker hair =.=
Omg happy THREEmonths holiday to my sister. I feel that, never in my life I would have a 3 months holiday anymore unless.. *blank* sampat.
Walao I want holiday I want~~
Omg I am getting dependent on Brand's drink. I drank > I feel good and normal the whole day, headache-less. I skipped > omg. Seriously need more time to get my condition tuned well.
加油~ =)
Seriously I am super not healthy already =( lolo almost every day =(
Dossier sudah hampir nak siap! Yay~
Hope the principal will not 签到 siao on Monday.. not much, just around um, hundred plus pieces of documents. Hehe~
Next target: invade JPA =.= Ok sorry, is to visit there if needed. To get my Biotechnology >>>>>>> Microbiology. 加油~ =)
Oh great I am so positive today I think it won't last till Monday you will see. =.=
Liking sentences with no commas. -.-

手脚停止工作的时候, 可以体验到自己的呼吸;
把眼睛闭上,我看见平静,看到当天 - 开心。

Found this from my handphone oh er, that wednesday to KL..
Taught this two future li hai clarintists =)

Went back to my alma mater, after years of struggle (really one lo), now the hall they have is much leng-er than Intec's. :P

In the effort to change my major, I was actually, ahem, googling "Format surat rasmi" lol.
nvm we have Technical Writing next semester hehe.

I am trying to recall what I have done omg.
Ya I asked/shouted for help from many people. =.=

Translating many documents and laughing at my high school performance.
I was absent for one Sejarah paper, failed (got 33marks) for another Sejarah paper. Kononnya president of Persatuan Sejarah once upon a time. Haha..
Got one C5 for add. maths. Told you I am not good in numbers. -.-
My attendance err.. 164/195 lol..

Terlupa to wear covered shoe during a chemistry lab session, spotted by Ms Zai while I was happily crossing my leg *whoops a pair of white sandals*.. Then I have to went around to hunt for shoe and finally I borrowed Crystal's hehe.. *siasui*

Went out with khaimun papa, phingphing mama and yujian koko to KL Bird Park on the first day of our Raya break omg sleepy but thank you it was fun really fun~ =) Tata yujian live great life in UK~

The entrance and exit in attempt to imitate the bird's beak..

On a small area with grass but it seems like we were on a big big grassy place lol =)

another take.

This peacock is super swt trying to attract flamingo's attention but got no response =.=

Translate yourself.

*Appreciating the greens*

Like their poses lol

Huaidan Jason kokor says I looked like sekia in those pictures. =.= You sekia also le! =.=

Went out with sisters to Sunway on the 2nd day of the break so sleepy I can sleep at anywhere. Ate Tony Roma's, okay nia expensive till.. Rubbed my eyes all day, reached home, went out again to 5s2 gathering. Thank you wanyee =). Tata AhKiat, congrats for the geng result and all the best in UK hee~

the 174cm 12 year-old brother. How good if I have his height gene. lol

Cheeling and I
like our super first photo hor..

kacakk! before i left. =)
photos credit to wanyee the s2 angel.

I am hungry again.. =.=
but given to choose to sleep/to eat, I choose to sleep! =_=
Desperate d, super scared with coming continuous 5 weeks which might pull down my cgpa to like.. *don't imagine!* I need a superpower: be able to stay :D even not having enough sleep for 5 weeks. Sigh. Going to sleep for 12 hours every day for a month after October, so wake me up in November =)

Maybe I should apply YYH's quote, "I aim for C, so I don't feel stressed" But then, JPA will send love letter to me. @.@

Poh pee JPA let me sun sun li li change to Microbiology I promise I will bring many bacteria back to tanah air tercinta. -.-

Poh pee omg coming tests all easy easy. (for self assurance this will be impossible, always impossible for Biotech students tak tahu kenapa.)

Bought Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps by Barbara and Allan Pease. Going to discover why ahem some guys ahem are so stubborn and why I am so bad in directions lol.

It's going to take me months to switch back to tidur awal bangun pagi ritual. Oh My God.

I miss Korean kimchi rice. eeee..
I love mooncakes. eee eeee..
I need more cash so that I can eat those. haha..

Charcoal icy-skin mooncake =)

Bought a baby fridge! Tell me how to smuggle it to Akasia!!! :P :P
Happy happy. Can keep many many apples. Can buy cakes and eat in the morning. Can keep the bread and doesn't need to eat them like competing with the expiry date. Can keep jelly. Can keep yogurt. Can keep orange juice. Yeeeeay!