In the end, it is these small things that you remember,
a little imperfections that make them perfect,
for you.

People are told to get the perfect one.. they are the one who want to be perfect.. it's actually a global disease.. - Yasmin Ahmad

Bear bear was sunbathing.. although he is tan enough already. =.=

Omg. I hate my mood. And my head too. The mood swings whenever it wants when the head aches whenever it likes. =( I am alive thou. Five weeks dear, I want to be energetic!! >.<

Having holiday-is-ending syndrome. Symptoms are: sleep demanding, loss of appetite, no-talking, depressed while looking at books, even depressed while looking at calendar, super depressed to pack my things. =_= In short I never want to go back =.=
I hate I hate. sigh..
See told you.. taken before I know holiday is ending -.-
Or maybe I should mention about yesterday sudden blackout. Was surfing the net with a steady mood and then *OHh!* The laptop was working but by counting five, four, three, two.. Wireless gone dead. Outside the room, papa was lighting up the candles and I went to my bed, still cool with 5-minutes-ago aircon's cooling effect. Lol. After 10 minutes, tak cukup iciness. And mosquitoes start flying here and there feeding themselves. Well I think I fed quite many yesterday until 1.30 a.m. when we finally can sleep. -_-

WHY there must be something ELSE to do besides studying for tests during our break?! You know last break, we got that 3 reports. Then last last break, I forgot. Then this break, dossier.. So, then, hence, therefore, I didn't manage to study. *slap*
HMPH! @#$%^&*.. -.-
I am so not in mood for anything right now help. =(
中秋节快乐 in advance. =.=
哇靠,今天 shoulder 抽筋。T.T
想你, 骗你的。XD sampat.
最开心,最伤心,最生气,最无助,最 sampat。。。

How to have a more Asian yellowish skin? Eat more carrot. Get its carotenoid and ta dah~ =.=
sampat. But it actually works, try eating consistently for a few weeks. =)
I had this thought for a few days =.=
Hm.. I gotta feeling, that today's gonna be a good day. LOL. sampat.
I am almost stress free today yay!
Finished the book "Why Men Don't Listen & Women Can't Read Maps" in 24 hours! hehe.. read it and you will have fun. It is like learning evolution, biology, chemistry, a bit physics, science, and psychology at the same time, with Fun!
"Ray plays his wedding video backward. He say it's so he can see himself walk out of church, a free man."
I don't know how to describe it much, read it if you are willing to pay RM55.90 without MPH card. hehe~
Like this book thiiiiiiiiiiis much! =)
Almost done my assignment on Australopithecus afarensis. sampat me. Chose a species that has super limited information =.=
Actually I have done it. But dunu if it is considered as done. =.=
Got a hair cut today~ er.. many will say no difference. But for me.. like I got less hair already =.= sampat. No photo available. Smtg wrong with laptop's bluetooth. lol.
Wish I have thicker hair =.=
Omg happy THREEmonths holiday to my sister. I feel that, never in my life I would have a 3 months holiday anymore unless.. *blank* sampat.
Walao I want holiday I want~~
Omg I am getting dependent on Brand's drink. I drank > I feel good and normal the whole day, headache-less. I skipped > omg. Seriously need more time to get my condition tuned well.
加油~ =)
Seriously I am super not healthy already =( lolo almost every day =(
Dossier sudah hampir nak siap! Yay~
Hope the principal will not 签到 siao on Monday.. not much, just around um, hundred plus pieces of documents. Hehe~
Next target: invade JPA =.= Ok sorry, is to visit there if needed. To get my Biotechnology >>>>>>> Microbiology. 加油~ =)
Oh great I am so positive today I think it won't last till Monday you will see. =.=
Liking sentences with no commas. -.-

手脚停止工作的时候, 可以体验到自己的呼吸;
把眼睛闭上,我看见平静,看到当天 - 开心。

Found this from my handphone oh er, that wednesday to KL..
Taught this two future li hai clarintists =)

Went back to my alma mater, after years of struggle (really one lo), now the hall they have is much leng-er than Intec's. :P

In the effort to change my major, I was actually, ahem, googling "Format surat rasmi" lol.
nvm we have Technical Writing next semester hehe.

I am trying to recall what I have done omg.
Ya I asked/shouted for help from many people. =.=

Translating many documents and laughing at my high school performance.
I was absent for one Sejarah paper, failed (got 33marks) for another Sejarah paper. Kononnya president of Persatuan Sejarah once upon a time. Haha..
Got one C5 for add. maths. Told you I am not good in numbers. -.-
My attendance err.. 164/195 lol..

Terlupa to wear covered shoe during a chemistry lab session, spotted by Ms Zai while I was happily crossing my leg *whoops a pair of white sandals*.. Then I have to went around to hunt for shoe and finally I borrowed Crystal's hehe.. *siasui*

Went out with khaimun papa, phingphing mama and yujian koko to KL Bird Park on the first day of our Raya break omg sleepy but thank you it was fun really fun~ =) Tata yujian live great life in UK~

The entrance and exit in attempt to imitate the bird's beak..

On a small area with grass but it seems like we were on a big big grassy place lol =)

another take.

This peacock is super swt trying to attract flamingo's attention but got no response =.=

Translate yourself.

*Appreciating the greens*

Like their poses lol

Huaidan Jason kokor says I looked like sekia in those pictures. =.= You sekia also le! =.=

Went out with sisters to Sunway on the 2nd day of the break so sleepy I can sleep at anywhere. Ate Tony Roma's, okay nia expensive till.. Rubbed my eyes all day, reached home, went out again to 5s2 gathering. Thank you wanyee =). Tata AhKiat, congrats for the geng result and all the best in UK hee~

the 174cm 12 year-old brother. How good if I have his height gene. lol

Cheeling and I
like our super first photo hor..

kacakk! before i left. =)
photos credit to wanyee the s2 angel.

I am hungry again.. =.=
but given to choose to sleep/to eat, I choose to sleep! =_=
Desperate d, super scared with coming continuous 5 weeks which might pull down my cgpa to like.. *don't imagine!* I need a superpower: be able to stay :D even not having enough sleep for 5 weeks. Sigh. Going to sleep for 12 hours every day for a month after October, so wake me up in November =)

Maybe I should apply YYH's quote, "I aim for C, so I don't feel stressed" But then, JPA will send love letter to me. @.@

Poh pee JPA let me sun sun li li change to Microbiology I promise I will bring many bacteria back to tanah air tercinta. -.-

Poh pee omg coming tests all easy easy. (for self assurance this will be impossible, always impossible for Biotech students tak tahu kenapa.)

Bought Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps by Barbara and Allan Pease. Going to discover why ahem some guys ahem are so stubborn and why I am so bad in directions lol.

It's going to take me months to switch back to tidur awal bangun pagi ritual. Oh My God.

I miss Korean kimchi rice. eeee..
I love mooncakes. eee eeee..
I need more cash so that I can eat those. haha..

Charcoal icy-skin mooncake =)

Bought a baby fridge! Tell me how to smuggle it to Akasia!!! :P :P
Happy happy. Can keep many many apples. Can buy cakes and eat in the morning. Can keep the bread and doesn't need to eat them like competing with the expiry date. Can keep jelly. Can keep yogurt. Can keep orange juice. Yeeeeay!


If I am hungry, it means I studied a lot. =.=
But these days, I am hungry because I have been researching on universities. Grr.

And now I have problem understanding what are the constituents of some majors, aka I do not understand what the majors are about. =.= swt..

My dad was telling me "today newspaper, page no.2, you see they talk about people kena defrauded in FB" -_______- I hate newspaper. Ya, let's all throw handphone, block twitter block FB pages block Hotmail Gmail Y!Mail... Because this world is too dangerous. @.@

Disliking ACTP/ADFP program schedule. When saya boleh have time to meet all the singers? =(

Liking my overslept weekend. =.= Can die tonight tomorrow's night.. have to sleep with cal already.

A killing look. Yeah, gonna kill myself soon. lol.

Emotionally unstable, quote my son. =.= He is right thou, I'm mentally unstable too. =)

Ate very very full for breakfast today, so that it will last until Thursday before I can go back home and eat my kind of food again lol.

A thought that calculus test is so so soooo near killed all my mood. Hate Mr. Maclaurin and Mr. Taylor for their polynomials. =( Can't they just live their life like there's no cal =.=
Yeah next time I can calculate bacteria using their polynomials -___-

People, Food Science or Microbiology?
Need LOTS of comments. =)

Finally I see my eyes opened big like the normal ones. =.=
Suddenly I miss those marathon days with that marathon shirt, althou saya bukan orang hebat marathon.. @.@ In conclusion, I miss the past. #.#

Super tired with Fall right now.
Thank god I can recover fast from being emo. =.=

Having fun with life, but at the same time, I need more sleep in my life. -.-
No kidding. Try depriving me from sleep and I will do some unexpected things, mostly crapping lol.

Pohpee my calculus..v.v

Wanted to visit fishy on weekend in KLCC, now, plan has to be postponed, eeeee..

Extra & replacement classes are killing. (o_o)

C++ Chem Cal quizzes next week. Told you I hate subjects started with C.. They are all friends and always attack us at a same time. >.<''

Funnily, we have 3 lecturers to teach us one chapter of Calculus2. =.=

Ya my 090909 was super meaningful, one test postponed, one super blurred cal class, 8-1pm lectures, 1-2pm meeting, 2-415pm lectures, 5 onwards dying with civilization notes. wow~ meaningful kan? We somehow puasa-ed too.

Energy saved from mid-sem break has depleted.
Every 430pm I am tired with everything. =(

I don't know if friends from other colleges/places/anywhere of mine can understand our tiredness. Like what siasia said, like what I encountered, sometimes, many times, people just thought that we have been really finding excuses to be that and to say 'busy'.
But the fact is we don't even have that much of time to drink water or eat during daytime.

And person like me who was a baby sleeper =.= has turned to be a great morning sleeper.
Weekend is not a weekend for us, it is still weekdays, if I try going happy happy sleeping resting on weekend I'd have killed any subject and die.

Who said I don't want to commit myself to something?
KLPAC, helping them to teach the primary students, language course, music classes, all available on weekend but I can't even join any. =(
Anyway if none of you understand we have no choice then.

ALM students say "11pm is my maximum, I have to sleep by then."
we say "11pm is our minimum/peak hour, we are still doing assignments and studying." >.< x.x

And my eyes turned reddish already. @.@

Sorry if I spoiled your mood I got no mood now.
The only happy thing is going back home tomorrow I hope there will not be kongbu traffic jam, I don't want to fall asleep and wake up with the car berkecai-kecai. =)

It comes to here and now, no matter why or how, my heart is dancing.

After 234681703 attempts my C++ assignment is done. =)
This is great. =)
My printed chemistry report is gone. =(
I had enough 9 hours sleep but I wake up with headache. =.=
In fact, I still wanted to sleep. ~.~

Still researching on university. =) have to make decision very soon. =|
Kia kia..
Scare coming tests till death faint. T.T
My mood is swinging on the swing. =.=

Going to have something to look forward to every week, taught by emoKia Jason.
This week, we'll be looking forward to~~ visiting Aquaria, and the fishy there. =D
Friday, shoo!!
Next week, of course, we will be looking forward to holiday!! =)
Going back to Shah Alam again, a place full with sleepless, restless days & nights. =(
I hate this place. >.<
I rather leave the place. =|
But I likey the people. =)
I am okay~ :)
She is completely ignorant of others.

My brother can eat my breakfast and lunch and.. in 20minutes. =.=

11th of September: a day to mourn. I meant, mourn for my Calculus test 2. =.=

My biological clock which was set to wake-up-at-6am worked this morning, after 4-5 continuous less than 5 hours sleep nights. But, since today is Saturday.. hehe.. i actually went back to sleep, and proudly, I managed to sleep AGAIN until 10am. This is an achievement! =D

Happy early-ated Birthday to my kokor Encik Jason Chen who couldn't pronounce/write his own Chinese name very correctly. =P I am the earliest to wish! Actually someone has actually wished him before me. LOL.

I am now better immune to HUGE stressors. =.= And now, I can cope better. =) (Even though I still like to crap around and release the tension to anything, anyone. Haha..)

Biology test2 drained my brain juice on Thursday, C++ test checked, Chemistry test checked.
C++ assignment killed my day sitting, thinking, trying, groaning, dying - checked!

I am going to try being civilized from today. Please please let my civilization test go smoothly. =)

Many things are happening around, as always. And as always, my brain has been thinking a lot. I like inspiration. I like enlightenment. I likeeeee!

I can feel that I'm zero point something centimeter taller. XD

Good news: I don't even have time or strength to spend money. I can fall asleep in the mall. =)

Liking Holly Brook's ''Just Like This'' after randomly watching the movie "Love N Dancing", simple, nice movie (good for entertaiment after exams' torture, because it doesn't require thinking Haha!) Swing dance is beautiful! But, there's only one youtube not-video video playing the song I could find.

I always hope that it'll be just like this,
just like this.

Accidentally sent up an animal species drawing in my Biology lab which was supposed to have only protists.. =.= Mempersiasuikan sahaja.

2 more months to go, I want Spring and Summer to come. =)