Done with Economics test. Not easy. =|

Done with the foundation of the song 'bulatan of life'. lol.

How good if I can be as direct as that, talk straight and without hesitation. Ok maybe I should not and do not want to be.

My voice changed after every practices. Lol. It is like having a new throat. haha.

I just ate cake! er.. my sister's birthday cake. haha. I was very happy eating the cream~ felt like botakkan the cake by just eating the cream. =.=

I don't know what else to type.


I need a car.

Will be sending my sister and brother to school tomorrow at 630am. =__=

I am still lazy. =)

I hope someone who doesn't know me, and who will only meet me but never know me, will sit beside me, and listen to me. I will tell him/her secrets, my secrets. lol.

Will be enjoying June before the maybe *@#$%^& Fall semester.

I don't know why I got this message in FB/ what it is telling me/ who is that person who sent it. But according to his profile, he is a psychology senior lecturer, from.. Australia?


My body level of serotonin and melatonin has got confused these days. I am super sleepy during the day and quite active after evening. =.=

My sister and I went to Midvalley megamall today. We took the funny KTM, which wasted so much of our time waiting and squeezing in the crowd. From Klang station, I heard the announcement “..anda dilarang merogol di train”, which was supposed to be merokok of course. I am sorry.. =.= There were many kinds of smell in the train: incense scent, various brands of perfume, burnt smell, smell of the big drain somewhere in Klang, smell of the cushion of the seats which had been seated by thousands of passengers etc…

We happily ate a durian pancake! Which is smaller than my handphone. lol. Then we had lunner/dunch at Paddington. =) I don’t know if I should be proud of myself, gained 1kg and still having mood to consume lots of food.

On the way back to KL Sentral, ha ha ha.. the train was so, so, so, so, too, so, very, sangat, amat, sungguh, so so so packed that the only space we had was the space to fill our body size. That is, how big/small your body size is = how big/small space you get. My sister pulled me into the train when the violent force started. One of my leg was at first hung outside the train while my body was already in the train, and funnily, I had a thought “how if my sandal just fall outside?!” lol.

And, in fact, I lost my first hug-from-the-back to a stranger on our way back to KL Sentral. Why? People were squeezed until I could barely breathe, and one guy ter-di-squeezed towards my back and my back literally adhered to his chest for the few minutes journey. And I only realized that when he moved his leg sideway, because every movement of him was felt by me. =.= What was my reaction? I asked my sister “我后面的是什么人?” = “Who is behind me?” And she answered “A Chinese (which she later said he is quite a handsome guy. hahhaaa!).” Lol. I am not a racist, but that was the only question I could think of. lol.

Lesson of the day: I cannot travel by KTM with no companion, I will definitely sleep until the next day. =)

Feeling of the day: KTM is funny, but I hate it; traffic jam is better, less bacteria. “p



We left the middle one.. to..


I am so lazy lately.. =|


I. Am. Finally. Living. A. Busy. Aka. Normal. Life! :D

Kind of happy~
Because I won't have time to think aimlessly,
because I won't have time to emo already.

But, I just realized that I can fail my Thursday test by still not doing anything on the textbook. O.o


Never mind. I have just learned that being frustrated and stressed is somehow better than feeling bored.

People, viva la vida! =)

I am sitting in the very not covered Starbucks at Bukit Raja Jusco. lol..

I almost killed myself for the prolixity of Cambodia economics thingy.. pages.. whatever they are called.

I suddenly find out that, despite the flow, the paces, the music, the talking, the little noises which added up to many dissonances, I have been concentrating on this screen for. 2 hours. =)

I hate spending here but I have no choice. swt..

I saw someone, and his girl on Thursday, while waiting for my sister to pick me up. OMG, I thought. I almost could not recognize him, after er.. just half year I think. That guy changed so much.. physically. lol.

My emotions are benumbed these days. I don't really care if things are going to remain unaltered. I am too used to this.

My mom said the sayurs I cooked today tasted like those for patients.
Well, that's what I prefer, good for health! :P

People passing by and glancing at me, their eyes tell me I am alone, and sometimes invisible.

I am so not perfect, but I don't care. swt.

Adios~ I want to get up and WALK. (Mel, see? I like walking le.. at nice places. haha.)

Can you make me smile every day?

photo ©2008 shelsey haines

Next, we will feel baked if the sun is still that semangat.

I was thinking if I should get a memory pillow or a Ginkgo filled pillow (which will make everything smells Ginkgo-ish).

Yesterday I finally went to a pasar malam in Klang after... months I did not go to any pasar malam.

I woke up early again on day I don't need to, 6 am. =.=

I wonder when is the time I can completely stop having running nose in the morning.

It rains today!! For 10 minutes.. =_______=''

Yeah~ we bought 4 Windsir pillows today. We reached there at 930am. thought it was quite early, but people were already queuing up for stuffs. Who cares.. got my pillows finally.

Saw my uncle and aunt. They were buying blanket.

When my sister and I went to the clothes department. AGh, we already have to queue up to use the fitting rooms. But it was better compared to my last shop on a Jcard Day, I had to wait for about 1 hour just to enter a fitting room. =.=

I got into the fitting room four times today. :P

Let me tell you, in Klang, on Jcard members' Day, people living in Klang seem do no need to work.

When will you see so many people hunting for bra? Jcard members' Day.

Even dayssss before that day, people will spend their time testing as many clothes as they can, find the one they want and ask the salesperson to keep.. so that they can buy with discount on Jcard members' Day, without needing to queue like hell..

Above are.. ''packages'' of bra ''booked'' by the buyers. Each big bag indicates an alphabet (which I supposed is the buyers' name), with numbers. lol. Nah, you won't be able to find my name there.

If you are asking why all the photos are around the inner department, let me tell you: I was using the fitting room of that department, because fewer people go there... hahaha~ =.=

Waiting patiently. =p

Thank you for trusting me. =)

Find me tomorrow in Aeon helping my mom and sister and probably myself getting new pillows~

I don't enjoy psychology lectures lately.. it starts right at the time I feel sleepy.

I can concentrate better in Economics lecture at Dewan Beringin, can we just shift there?

Within 3 hours, the TV shows more than 6 times of that Dutch Lady TTratio Advance milk powder advertisement.. I am persuaded, can I drink? =_=

I am trying to look happy. =)

The weather is cooking us. When is the rain going to fall?

I don't feel like talking to you. How i hope things can be understood without being told.

When i think of buying Cadbury chocolates at Centro mall this weekend, I hesitated. Later the sun will melt all of them. V.v

512 - let us not forget the Sichuan earthquake, the victims, their families and homes.

Chinese, no, I should say Buddhist, would buy fruits and stuffs to serve our own pantheon of gods (or whatever you want to call them in English) on the first and fifteenth day, according to (I think is) the lunar month calendar. When it comes to celebration like Wesak and CNY and so on, they normally fall on those days.

Then, my parents will of course buy fruits, mostly apples. Wesak is tomorrow (so my now is Friday), counting apples I already had in my rooms, some in Akasia, there are twelve. This morning my mom bought another twenty-four, which were supposed to be used tomorrow morning, for the worship. BUT, thanks to my father irruption of.. I don’t know, something like female’s PMS, all the apples were passed to me. I am eating one.

He called my mom this morning, after failing to find a letter, which was hidden, but not really. My mom came back, and I was just like a plant (alive, only scientifically), after underwent ‘audiolysis’ with what my dad had shouted to the call and went out, I also absorbed my mom’s questioning and some scolding-to-the-air monologues (the carbon dioxide) in the afternoon. So, to retaliate, she asked me to take all the apples, and “let him go and buy himself!” Just now I was thinking about all the thirty-six apples, hoping that they can stay fresh longer so that none will be wasted. Oh god. 3 apples per day will do. lol.

I started to forget how many times I had been on the driving seat. It would be a happy one if there wasn’t traffic jam. But, living in Klang, sadly to say traffic jam = everyday happening. I would thank my father in the future, not now, for kept giving me surprises: I walked to the left side (from inside the car) of the car and found him sitting there already, so I had to walk to the right side and start the recurring exercise of my right foot.

What to do. Now my family has transport deficiency syndrome (TDS). This syndrome was first caused diagnosed by me, who found it often frustrating when we want to decide who to fetch who, and at what time and where. The symptoms for TDS are: even frustrated drivers (in which we only have two in Klang, one unreachable in Kampar, one not fully developed (yet) in Klang/Shah Alam); sacrificed passengers, mainly us, because we get free ride and so priority is on those students & workers who pay (my parents fetch them); starved children, normally happen on my younger siblings and I because when we want to get food, there is nothing in the kitchen inside, and nothing even a bike outside; forgotten child, my dad forgets to pick my brother once fro tuition, he cried. Hence now I have to have enough practice.. =.= We are still waiting for the cure for TDS, which I think will heal us only after some months.

So, you can imagine this: when we want to share a vehicle, like A send B to place X so that A can go to place Y with C and later pick B back to Z(home) together, we will end up giving up the plan.

In some ways I see my father’s shadow in the character Lefty in the book “Middlesex”. (and hey~ the Middlesex part starts in the Middle of the book also! =.= Thank you Charis, the book made me laugh alone in my house, sometimes. haha.) Both are possible rich people (if they intended to be) but both ended up having a really not not really meaningful or dignifying life through a similar pathway: gambling. And then both of their wives got desperate but still somehow care in some ways towards their husbands. I would never (for now, maybe someday I will, maybe) look up to people who take a chance for money. I don’t believe in chances, I believe in causes. You do this, and so you get that. You flip a coin, you fool yourself.

Oh, yes. Spring result was out on Thursday. Um, it was better than what I had expected. But, again, I am aiming for a better one. =) Although I do not know for what and whom I do that for. You will say for me myself, my future. I don’t see that very true though. But today (Saturday) when my brother asked me what am I getting for mom on Mother’s Day tomorrow, my mom said “study well and that’ll be a present.” I felt discharged for a moment, and smiled. Hehe~

I dreamed. That was amazing, for me. Because I thought I was always too tired and therefore, I can’t/don’t dream. I knew I was wrong when the lecturer told us about the 5 sleeping cycles.. about we did not try to remember our dreams and therefore forget them.. I dreamed about person I do not want to remember, and also person I want to see. Always the person I want to forget will appear in the last cycle of my sleeping (and hence the last dream), just right before I officially wake up, which seemed so intentional that I can’t forget it and I can’t snooze anymore. I don’t hate the person; I just want to get rid of it.


a) Research the economics of Cambodia. I sort of have a rough image already.. but I am sort of lost in it also. =.=
b) Psychology tests evaluation: we are on our way, just started.. LOL
c) IE..

I wanted to make a call, or at least send a short message. But I pressed the red button and, that was it.
Sometimes, I feel unwanted.

Happy Wesak Day to you!

Happy Mother's Day to all mommy!! :)

The latest video from Somalia's al Qaeda-backed Al-Shabaab wing is as slickly produced as a reality TV show but with a startling message -- complete with a hip-hop jihad vibe.-
I hope my dad is the one who operates Nestle company. Then I can have free honeystar every day. =.=''

I am going to flip some pages of Living Psychology tomorrow, I think.
MUST fill myself with more knowledge eiii..!!

My brother did not even notice that I HAVE gotten a haircut until I told him. =__=
Holding and hugging that piggie ball pillow is so somnific/soporific/

I drove back home. This time, somehow, so much faster, almost in the speed my parents used to drive me. Extreme dullness enhances driving capability?? Fallacy occurred. Haha.

Followed my mom out to recognize the route to the place my brother goes for tuition classes.

I was asking him,
“You’ve tuition every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday??”
“Ya,” with some hope that I would be fetching him (my dad forgot to pick him once. swt),
“Haha! I only have classes on these days! :P

The weather: I don’t really understand.
I can sleep soundly in my room at Klang with only the same kind of fan used in Akasia, low speed. But in Akasia, I can’t sleep even with the fan switched on to the maximum speed.

Can’t imagine if the weather is still this hot in Fall semester.
Akasia, for me, is half a desert.

We are going to have many replacement lectures soon.
So far, 11 hours of lectures are known to be canceled and are going to be replaced. =.=

I am trying to be efficient, like what mentioned in Econs today. LOL.
But.. blame the weather! hmph.

First class of Psychology provokes some responses from the cognitive part of me. =.=
Good stimulation. I have to be more prepared for coming days, weeks, months, years..

Oh yahh, got myself a haircut today. For fun. Or to satisfy the weather. Or maybe, for nothing.
Greeted by some lecturing from the barber after 15 minutes of hair cutting: because your hair.. so this… here should be longer.. so that.. Well, I didn’t seem to perceive anything from him. Then he continued trimming..

The fact that I managed to post so many meaningless posts (when did I post up meaningful stuffs anyway? Haha!) lately is because..

I am sleepy again.


I remember something. One thing.

Why la we don't have a class name for this semester?!?! O.o

"What class you are in?"
"er.. Group B"


Maybe. GB, Gigabyte, Great Britain (=.=), like.. GayBoy. Then the other group, Group A, will become GA, Gallium.. or Georgia State.

Group Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatrice. Haha!

Fellow GroupBians. =_________________=

Nothing sounds right.

So, I am in Group B. Duh.

Weird summer sem.

2 subjects: Psychology and Economics.

Breathtakingly boring day.

Terrible mood swing. Okay > Blue > Depressed > Okay > Blue > Okay

Ever-changing dopiness: sleepy all the time except the time when I am on a bed. (=.=)
Am I sick? I don't think i am having fever, because the weather is having it.

One class canceled on the second day. =.=''

Frustrated by the coming empty Wednesdays.

Delighted with the fact that coming Fridays I'll be at home.

Planned to stay in the library for every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 12-2pm, only for this semester. :P

Can something interesting appear/happen to cheer me up?

Planning to go to Titi Eco Farm (organic farm!! :D) VERY soon.
Oh sis, kuai dian holiday!!

I need more things to occupy my day time, especially when global warming is on.

Study room is :)
only because of the air conditioner.
Can i get one for the room we are sleeping in? =.=

By comparing today to Spring semester. Omg. Today is #$%^&*.
I knew I can't stand having too much free time. I need to be engaged in some works. Anything.

How are you today?
I am dead.

I want to know my Spring sem result! Ishh.

2009 Labor Day,
went to Hutan Lipur Kanching with my uncle's family.
I asked for this, well.. i told you i need nature. :P

On the way to Kanching waterfall~

Let's start walking~
I love walking. hehe~

Then we have to walk a long way up.
There are a total of 7 waterfalls in it, and the journey gets steeper and steeper.
The fun part is to really get dirty, holding the roots, cut by leaves.. :)

I was in harmony with the green. LOL.

This is the first waterfall area, people who are lazy to keep climbing will stop here.

We walked 25+ minutes and reached the 3rd waterfall. :)
Then, we 'own' that place temporarily~
That water was so so so so cold.
But by kept thinking about Klang and Shah Alam's hot weather, you will feel great soaking yourself in that cold water. lol.
Then we had water-massage. Like free Osim.. haha.
Nice place. Fresh air.

One of the artwork guys can make.

sister - cousin - brother

My uncle, trying to get baby prawns. swt.

He is very, very fair because he likes staying indoor, which is why I always scold him. =.=
I am fed up already anyway. So i thought of using the whatever that called way, to let him feel a sense of guilt: ask him to STAY INDOOR! =.=''

Meet my handsome cousin: Ming Zhang. :D

Sexy cousin: Ming He
He can walk through the woods alone, never scared.
But his EQ is low, he was steamed that day because his father/my uncle pushed his head into the water (for fun) =.=
So i tried to comfort him and he smiled and took photo with me. HAHA.. =.=''

Smart cousin: Ming Feng
Twin of Ming He. His EQ and IQ are both better than Ming He. lol.

After 2 hours of fun, we walked down the hill.
Well you know, people go to places and got all sorts of souvenirs, I got mine also at Kanching!
It was so memorable that I don't think I can stay away of it,
it is also very valuable,
and you can't get the same one at anywhere on earth!
Guess what it is?

And I still remember about yesterday trip, because the left part of me hasn't stopped aching because I fell down.

I have a stupid wish before going there: get some rays from the sun so that I can get a little bit darker. Well, the conclusion is: Failed. lol.