Pitying myself, =.= whole left part of me turned sore and sour after yesterday driving - I prefer 10km half marathon. lol.. Mama ''No need to do it forcibly ah'' ''When I didn't the clutch/gear don't wanna go down completely then the AhMeng say me ah'' =.= Imagining the any-who will need to pick me from Intec to bring me for my driving test after a month... o.O Ah~ forget it! :P

Social networking site Facebook is accused of 22 counts of privacy breaches by a Canadian group.
Ho ho.. who's using? I ain't I ain't~ lalala...

Define : Life (someone know why am I doing this. Buahahaa~[new version of muahahaha, haha!!])
Scientifically, life is about when the bla bla bla.. foetus.. it will be a lengthy speech. So.. My simpler version, when life really begin, its all well worth keeping it going, for the rewards are more than what anyone truly deserves. Bear in mind, even every pain and sadness are part of it. When you can see EVERYthing as rewards, you know your life, and you know why you're alive.

See? I am just a girl & that's all I wanna be~

Friends at Nilai~ apa khabar? It has been around 20 days since I left. Missing the bridge =.=, the pool "D, the hostel, and the people!! All the best to my 1st roommate JiaChyi, hoping you will be shun shun li li going to UK this September! ^^Y

Omg.. someone who's living near me is getting seriously fierce and wild with her talking. You know what.. hehe!! I will be.. swallowing vocabs start from this evening~ You will soon know why am I doing this. aah~ Today, I feel that.. expressing pictures in words is like expressing words in pictures.. haha~ =.=

Okey, and so I was supposed to be going out to take my many many passport sized photos at EngAnn. Shop closed. Okey went dinner at Vistara, I ordered mee suah~ full dao~ hee.. then went to Chi Liung (somehow), no photo shop. Okey, went to Klang Giant, then.. omg starts. There is a photo shop, which they will take your photo using a Digital Camera, and print it out for you using the don't know what machine. Those which look like vending machine, poor quality photos, high quality price. =.= And the problem was, the more photos you want, the more expensive it will be. =.=''' So? Gotta go out again tmr~~ grr...

There's no beginning or end for things,
Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is mystery,

Today is gift,

that's why they call it Present.

Forgive is not something we do for others,
we do it for ourselves,

to get well and move on.

29 May - The National Alliance of Bloggers president said one of the (something) alliance’s aims was to get the Government to take part in blogging.
Yeeee.. everyone is entering the blogosphere~

Tun Mahathir has touched one million hits among bloggers, geng dao.. His blog is just few weeks old!! =.= Power of politics..

Today.. still a tiring day~ Lot of things to kemas kemas! Next week the house will be like.. i am not sure, half under construction and another half with stuff and us the survivors. =.=

Today.. just ended like this~ :D :D Oh ya.. walked to Pasar Malam. Wind is what that shapes my smiles~~ lalala~~ I think my life will be more COLORful after 2 weeks. Stay tuned. =.=

30 May - Went back to Kwang Hua~ I was reeeeaally happy to see all of you! I found my past's reflections on them, calling members, sighing, mang zang-ing, worrying, playing, exciting, and much more -ing. KH Band, add oil~~ Oh ShingLin.. 'thanks' for the meeting first-sentence you gave me. [ Highly P & C ] You ahh...=.= I love you anyway! :D

Then with the 3 Lee's brothers - Kelvin, Daniel, Danny, and Shirley we went AEON for lunch. And then I went back home, got change and.. Ah Meng gor picked me for my First-Fresh driving lesson. You know what.. today only I know where the double-signal is from. =.= Today only I know even a person's leg is long, the driver's seat has to be adjusted quite front too. =.= And today only I know, the Ah Meng gor is a smoker( !!! ) so my mom said Change. ^^V =.=''' For your information, I ''sei fo'' twice. And, I think by the time I finished all driving lessons, my hands must have turned stronger, because, it was (super) hard to turn the 'stereng'. Haha~ =.= Proudly, I drove back.. First day learner!! :P :P But then I utterly DON'T feel to have the 2nd lesson already =.= Tired. :P

Tuan2 and Puan2, if you know where I can get 4 sets of baju kurung(s) at/around Klang, tell me!! Hehe~ Xiexie in advance!~**

And to someone someone, I keep my promise. So if you don't, I won't kill you, I'd just ignore you. lalala~ My geng-est way to revenge. :P



Embrace those who love you
and whom you love,

You'll never know when is the dateline.

For anyone who wants / going to / thought of study in USA, do register and attend this fair.
Free admission~ :D I am going with~~ my dad... =.=
USA For Students (American Universities Education Fair)
14th June 2008 (Saturday)

10am to 4pm

Wisma MCA

Sign up at
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Omg. Don't ask for my time on Friday anymore.. Fully filled up.
  • ^^V Just received a letter that certifies LIM Kah Wei has passed 2 MPWs subjects! lala~ ( Hope i do not need to re-take it at Intec.. #.#)
  • Today I filled up 6 pages of forms using more than one and a half hour. ~.~ Tired. More to go..
  • I.. I have 3 tests to be taken before 2008 ends!! Not including subjects exams! AH!! SAT I SAT II TOEFL.. what are they? =.=
  • Tired.
  • My home's altar has been altered its position today. Means.. the house will be soon be cleared for renovation. Add in another task in my busy list. I appreciate these moments~
  • Tha tha might not be going to KH this Friday.. If not, try to meet up during their rehearsal okay? :D :D Muaahx!
  • That's all for today. Tired. :D
beautiful life
There are so many stars in the sky,
Only some get noticed..

Among them,

You can't ignore the one which is willing to shine for you,

Even if your glance remained elsewhere..

Because they'll still shine, just shine.


eeeeee.. someone went to buy perfume~ who ah who ah? Ya eh, forgot to ask you were you buying for a girl or guy? hm hm.. Oh ya Samz, tomorrow cannot go to the book fair. Not because ALL books there are in HuaYu.. =.= Because ho, I don't know, until next week, i booked my dad and aunt and Sri Kota Hospital and the photo shop and Focus Point and driving-uncle and post office and Bank Islam already. Planned to get all things done in 2 weeks time, then one week of shopping for baju kurungs and all ''wrapping'' clothes (I checked, it almost seems like another 12 months I will be hibernating my nowadays' clothes at Klang and wearing only clothes that only reveals my face. =.=) and self American english briefing and driving test and lastly one week for meditation preparation and I think that's all. lol..

Today is my first time to go to Focus Point, and only had my single lens done. Means.. nothing wrong with my left eye's power and the frame, so I just pay for the right lens~ =.=

Went to CIMB bank as well.. I bu xi huan!! =.= The abuneh took me an hour just to open an acc.. grr.. He killed all my day-mood-cells.. I won't feel tired walking running jumping here and there.. but then, the 1-hour waiting made me feel exhausted. [=.=]

So I end up eating my sis' birthday cake at home. XD
Happie Birthday to my younger sis Kassie~
Happpie Birthday to Huishien~
Happie Birthday to JingKuan~
who else?


Thanks to all who has me in mind.
I just love to thank all of you. :P

  • Tuan(s) and Puan(s), Post Laju finally sampai-ed. I will be studying Again at the end of June. Will be then, doing ADFP - American Degree Foundation Programe.
  • Okay.. Kind of needing someone to talk to. But I guess the first sentence I will say is ''What to say har?'' =.=
  • United States. Does that mean that all my learned British Australian english has now to be changed to a British Australian American english?! =.=''' omg..
  • Then, I will be doing first 12 months of ADFP at Intec, UiTM, Shah Alam. ( My first blabla to my mom was ''ma ah, have to buy baju kurung liao. Register no baju kurung also cannot leh'' =.= '' ma ah, wear baju kurung, can run meh?'' =.= ''but ma ah, baju kurung and sport shoe.. looks cute leh'' =.='''
  • Omg. All the forms took me hours to (only) Scan through. And still don't know how many hour to Read through and Fill in. I hate forms...
  • I used to (once..haha) skip college orientation one. But then, I will later have to attend a (really) compulsory one.. swt, (shh.. Inti's orientation was being stated compulsory too, but i skipped it too! ^^V)
  • My first few thinkings..
  1. I think I would be exposing myself to MORE sunlight on weekends after June, because the attires allowed are baju kurung - Monday and Friday, baju formal, blouse ( long sleeve gua, i reckon), jeans / slacks (long one gua, i reckon) XD
  2. Oh oh.. who will be my 3rd room mate?
  3. At Intec 11 p.m. must oi oi one~ good good. All hostels must *off*-kan the light by 11 p.m.! lala.. no one can kacao me oi oi~ ~
  4. We are what at Intec? We are * Siswi *~ Guys are * Siswa * ( not si wa of course.. =_0)
  5. I hate Borang(s).. Borang A, B, Pengakuan, Pemeriksaan, -- Aku Janji.. many many more.. x.x
  6. Help ( ~ )
  • Sei.. My driving lessons will start on This week. You know ho.. presently, Klang is a highly dangerous and highly jamming city!! So after (IF) I got my P, college life jumpstart~ ( *scream* ) So.. sounds like no point I go for the lessons... =.=
  • One more month.. ~ Work? Nope.. Maybe.. haha.. =.= House going to be renovated!! So.. have to be a hard worker at home.. @.@
  • Oh please oh please. I WANNA + MUST watch the formation rehearsal!! AH.. I.. just feel to go. :) :) :) Miss all of Yous!!
  • Chicco is right.. no more COLOUR for me.. T.T only COLOR... =.=
  • Eii... I hope... the uncle who's going to teach me to drive.. will be a gentle good uncle. =.= And Please.. an uncle that can speak Chinese, not Hokkien. =.= If not i scare i will blur with left and right.. XD
  • Don't know if i am normal.. at opening bank accounts. Since baby, i opened Maybank (no more), Hong Leong Bank (cancelled), OCBC Bank, RHB Bank (for inti), Bank Nasional (for kwang hua), and coming soon CIMB Bank (for intec).
  • Thanks to so many Inti friends.. Thanks KaiXin and Chicco, thanks Neo for telling me to +u +u, ahh!! xie xie!! And of course thanks Yiwen for being my loudspeaker.. haha
  • Oh god.. I just love love and love all of you!! Thanks for caring me so so so so so much! ;)
Oh yes I meant it. 3 months of knowing you all, LIFETIME friends we are.
To others, little times being with you all, LIFETIME friends we will be! :D

I was indeed veeeery happie chatting with my Inti-UC family members! Yeee!! Made me smiled for an hour in front of the screen. XD Thanks to my handsome Eldwin daddy and *ahem ahem* Yiwen sista! (just jokin' sis~ :P :P) I miss all of you, and absolutely will not forget all moments we had have! ^^V I was thinking of.. If all of you are joining YehLing to Klang.. then.. :D :D I know there's a chance!! AH~ excited! lol..

In yesterday Sin Chew ho (omg.. for the first time in my life I'm updated with many news from paper.. =.=) They wrote about Malaysia Prime Ministers' steward and the PMs' eating. Something cute again, haha.. Dr. M's mom told him not to eat fresh fish, because eating fresh fish makes one unintelligent. So they can never serve fresh fish.. =.= By the way, what's the taste of fish? Haha.. =.='''

HoneyStar is being partial.. I was biting the stars happily, then i took hold the box and.. ''Growing Kids like you need all the...'' Hahahaa~ =.= =.=

What is trust? -edited-

-Trust is a precious gift.
-Trust is given to those who we are close to, those we care about, those that we can believe in.
-Trust is the confidence you have in someone.
-Trust is something that should always be cherished and never betrayed.

But the funny thing is, for something so difficult to gain, it is incredible easy to lose. Trust is gained through time, through experiences, through the connection you have with another person. But sometimes, it can be lost in a day, a few days, a week or maybe two. The point is trust can be lost *just like that*.

Then the only thing you can do is to be strong and steadfast as you be yourself, and maybe
one day the trust will may be gained back.

We go through our lives doing what we think is right, trying to do things and handle situations the best way possible. But sometimes from the outside, our actions are misinterpreted. They are misread and when this happens, conclusions are drawn about a person. Whether or not a person is trustworthy, whether or not the person is worth the risk.

But in the end, as time passes, the truth shall always prevail. Although, momentarily overshadowed by a mist of complicated situations, miscommunications, misunderstandings, eventually the dust shall settle and the truth about one's character will be revealed. If there is nothing to be scared of, then we should not worry because in the end, when the truth is known, maybe and hopefully then will trust be granted again. This newfound trust.. when gained, will be much stronger than initially as trustworthiness has been shown, proven by passing time, and by situations that test a persons' integrity.

Just have to have a little faith that is all.
A little faith, and lots of patience....
Some things never change.

I got a new pair of shoe~~
WMNS steady IV (Good for unsteady me. lol)
UK size - 5 =.=
It also.. actually.. makes me taller A bit! ^^V =.=
Almost bought size 4.5 one... but to show that i've a normal (bigger) foot, and I have faith that my feet Might still grow... haha~ swt.
Not a very wahh shoe, but at least wah-er than the one I've been using :D :D
She (Yap I'm referring to the is versatile, breathable =.=, steady and supportive. The point is, suits people who like to Walk.
At the same time, I got no more money for this month.. =.='''
Suddenly heard this song while listening to streaming radio,
weird a lil bit bit, but simply nice~ Oxygen* Listen when you wanna breathe. :D
I like on9 Radio!! Just because I have more than 100+ channels to tune in. Muahahaa~
MCA ppl said.. Mid June we will have to report ourself.. means.. calculate calculate, I have about 2 weeks+ more on staycation~ I don't want to be a homebird!! For the rest of my life~~ laaa~
Don't know if you read the news... swt lol swt and swt.. Malaysians' cute news (Forgot which menteri said de, that school uniforms 'induce man's sex bla bla..v.O shh..) :
From today's TheStar.
I though S'pore has their very wahh one already : More than 500 Parents sue their children who play on9 games / don't do homeworks / etc. lol reasons. =.=
Maybe after some times ho, M'sia school uniforms will be.. Neh have you ever seen those from.. Arab or Iran what country is that, the lady wears all-black-covered, and Only shows their O.O eyes?Let's go to school~ =.=
Yesterday ho, walking and walking back to car, I heard something that reeaaally =.= me, malay A to malay B ''Marilah berehat dengan KitKat~'' ''Apa?'' ''KitKat la..'' =.=...

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
I feel like.. @#$%^&*(O)~
Happy Holiday to all (some)!!.. lol
Wait no more. I will get you soon~ Get what? lalala~
Yo.. the don't know who uncle called me ytd.. ''WHEN YOU WANNA LEARN DRIVING?'' I gave a good answer, ''Have to ask my mama first'' ^^Y
Missing all of you in Inti~
Missing near near yet far far de friends~
Trust me, once i start busying again, I will thank for the hum!..~
So.. today is Friday.. =.=
Another weekend, should be doing something.. maybe. :D
You may ignore me. ~.~


If you are a FM(s) listener, you should have found this being played in a moderately high frequency lately.. hee~ Here In My Home by Malaysian Artistes For Unity.

If you ask me what I have done today. I would say.. I peeled a lot a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes and yams~ =.=''' Even ter-peeled my own finger nails..=.=

If you want to know deep into the sorrow and agonies of SiChuan's victims, read Sin Chew de Fu Kan. The words are potent and influential. A stiff sentence I read.. '' 自然的力量无法抗拒,人心的力量,同样无法抗拒!''

在她身体下面躺着她的孩子,大约有三,四个月大。因为母亲身体的庇护,他毫发未伤。被救出来的时候,他还安静的睡着。包囊小孩的被子里,塞着一部手机, 屏幕上是一条已经写好了的短信:''亲爱的宝贝,如果你能活着,一定要记住我爱你。''
Life, is priceless..
Value it as you're having and living it.

If you are to ask me where I'm going to study, please don't ask. lol.. The tension-inducing and patience-needing letter is being anticipated by over thousand people.. whom I think are very free to stay by the postbox lately. swt..

If you like songs, go and get some Olympic theme songs downloaded. One World, One Dream - LeeHom ~~ And Thousand Hills Million Water - Jay Chou ~~ And many other.. I don't feel to post much. :P

If you are having exams and assignments like furious waves, wishing you best and do try to breathe at a place that is at least 10 meters away from your books. :D

If you were/are band member.. kekeke~ 6 11 Selangor formation competition!! (right ho? er..) Feel like going.. Oh please, grant me free time that day~

If you.. grr.. Warning to someone sometwo somethree.. Don't call me for nothing or just to tell me ''sien ahh'' ''boring ehh''.. You will spread me your Sien virus and bacteria.. And i shall.. steam you!! =.=

If you have nothing to do. Sleep. Ahhh!! I woke up at 7 a.m. and living like a person who is waiting for 7 p.m. =.=''' What kind of person is that.. My kind? (not proud of this =_=)


Once you're encountered with chances, just grab it like no other~
When you met conflicts, just give out another chance, like you were given.
I seized some in my life.. Heehe~
Will I give then? Will~ So I'm giving myself a chance to live lively. :D

When life is empty with no tomorrow
And loneliness starts to call
Don't worry, forget your sorrow
'Cause love's gonna conquer it all, all.

And it happened that it comes and goes like wind. How fast it is.
Just that, I enjoyed~ ~
The one standing between the 17 18 years old girl.. She's 4 years after me, but.. why not 4 cm shorter than me.. =.='''
And yep~ rain rain falls on earth today~ The sound of thunder and drops of rain, washed away my many disturbing rays~* Thought more lately, too idle. =.=

Zeven!! Qiiiaaaanng! Wake up~ swt.. make sure your 7-8 a.m. is still On. u.u

chinese earthquake
For those earthquake victims in China, we pray from heart.
baby want to pray
For those who feel not being capable to help, doing good and pray would be the greatest aid.
Be guilty, but don't lose your will. Be thankful, because you have today. Remember, some people helped by motivate the demotivated.
Harbour your sanity.

Back Back~
Back for a long long pics post!~
And hem er hem ahem. Let's start with.. I finaaally have my hair cut~ First time by a male hairdresser.. =.=''' Expensive!! While only .. little of the hair was cut. But then, better though, no need to like 'draw window curtains' away from my eyes every time i wanted to SEE something. Hahaa~ :P
So this is Before... keke..
And this is Not the after. =.=''' :D
Just to sapu sapu the floor, and with no realisation something cut me/ I cut something.
Ouch-ly cut~ (=.=)
Some of you in Inti know what this means, don't you?
Yi wen~ seconds, minutes, hours, days.. Now one week passed.
Your mei is wishing you good!! Be in joy sis~ *muahx!*
_so.. I am a cute turtle.._
_with a Heart-ed back shell..Hahahaa~_ swt..
I went to Jusco for one hour, waiting for mama.. on don't know friday / saturday. Hee..
Short-term memory loss (always) again.. *Remember these alien pet.. u.u
Oh and don't know how, this is the time on err.. Sunday morning~ Went out to Bukit Tinggi Petronas petrol station with parents. (their first child to wake up that early~~ *self pride*~ =_=''')
Waiting the person to pump fuel.. *cold green green*..
Then we went back home ~
To fetch these very-prihatin-to-world people..
then.. brrruumm!! We were off to K Me Rong Hai Len~ [=.=]
Since we were so free.. hee~
My after hair cut look. :D
_we said to do that Pao-face, but then he.._
_then we said to Smile, he..._
After all, he repeated doing this, and we are going to ''put'' something on his hand~
After i don't know how many hours, we reached the waterfall place (no name one gua..?)
People normally stop there to the loo and..
Wash their dirty dusty dingy legs~~ Hehee.. :P :P
Ah! Sorry.. we went with my dad's dad's friend's wife's family, which is my mom's friend's family. They have 3 sons with them.. neh, all washing their feet.
For some times after we stopped there ho, i hate my dad. =.=''' He went down into the water too, but then.. BsslasshH. He TER-splashed me.. and half of me turned wet. grr.. They all seemed enjoyed that i were wet ohh.. So so cruel hehe haha over there.. =.= hmphh!!
Conveniently (Shun bian-ly), i washed my sandals too~ :D :D :P :P
They say.. flowers up at Cameron Highlands are beautiful~
Exactly. Try to bring them down to Klang and you'll be seeing them wilt~ lalala~
Mama buying Corns from orang asli..
I tell you, I hate this man. *Let's hmph him!!*
Because ho.. he was smoking and 'Hhuuu'-ing the smoke all around,
bet we all ter-inhaled some.. =.='''
_ Photo caption N/A _
Normal reaction and action - we opened the car windows one ma.. the wind will just massage your face~ wee~
but then.. those exhaust gases from the cars and old old buses..
Our first stop up at Cameron.. Don't know where is that.
(Don't you feel that all the places just look the same? Green.. Green.. and still.. Green.. =.=)
We are going to stay here for one night~ Desa Anthurium (cheap) apartment~
The money is all saved to be Spend~ kekeke!!
After explorer all windows from the apartment.. hehe!! (-_-)'''
This view is the nicest ~**
There's Astro in the apartment one ma, but then, who will believe that i Never watched Astro?
I watched of course, during every CNY at other people's houses. Other than that? Never~~
So ho.. On the 2nd day morning, I was playing with 3 numbers to tune in Any show/movie.. Until i pekcek.. swt..
Even 3 sons of my dad's bla bla bla's family were so pro fighting for channels..
Cartoon network is the best at this moment. Hahaha~ XD
The orang asli Jagung.. but with some systematic error, The wild jagung tasted like.. rubber?
don't know as well..~~ lalala~~
I wonder why 'monkey' in chinese is 'zhu'... =.='''
If i can be lucky with this bamboo, waseh..
What a great photo skill by my brother..
P/S: ''Great''..hahahha!! paise paise..
Tell you tell you!! They were 4 friends, 2 guys 2 gals playing/acting ''Will you marry me?'' at a small pasar place. Then the problem was, only them who were Hi Hi Ha Ha-ing.. others? blind..
:P :P :P
Btw, any guy has girlfriend who likes flower, bring her up there then you can save a lot. Haha~ swt.. swt..
Where.. Oh ya! This again I forgot where, just a place that sell lots of souvenirs. Yap. The lot-est up there~ Like a maze.. I got a bang out of the place! 'So' mysterious.. lol lol
See? This alien thingy again, but pity-ly hung and let many many hands 'sayang'-ed.
Hehe.. what should i call this? Black Fille, Girl in Black, Black Black, Dark Dark..
Colourful.. but then.. useless.. Muahahaa!!
na ni na ni bu buu~
Sweet to Look at~
Hope those butterflies are not real one.. v.V
Somewhere beautiful.. ya somewhere. :D :D :D
All over the places up there.. as i said. are Green lo~
I finished almost a box of hahaha~ straawwberry! On sunday.. ** =.=Then, we went to the local market. Ren Shan Ren Hai.. Riuh-rendah..
but then, i found something lo. Up there, they sell only SHIRTS + Jackets. NO pants. ?! Yea got, for baby de. haha.. after all, almost every stalls were selling strawberry things, flowers, sayurs, and foods. ^^Alien pets again. flew to Pasar Malam.. lol
Monday early morning. Oh, Happy WESAK day!
Out to morning market with pa ma and brother. Still lil bit dark and.. early =.=
Traveled until the sun is wholly out~ deng deng~~
Then i bought Kopi Pao with err.. Dou Rong, don't ask me what it that, my mom said is green bean.. I like dou rong products~ Hee~~**
Replying someone's sms.. or killing the Pao.. Haha~
Up to a place where they plant and sell watercress (西洋菜)..
what a mutual-pose. :P :PThen then, went to sam poh ___ temple. Forgot.. =.= =.=
Many many people, Wesak pray~
Names and wishing written on the donated tiles~Chinese people.. like this fish.. Err.. A Buddha community from FGS holding their bazaar in the temple~
we ate their kuih-muih and drank their 'sweet water'~ =.='''
Oww.. Let me thought ot LayChiea.. sorry for Nth time AGAIN. Thought i can help this time at Nan Fang Shi.. suorrie.. :(Then bought a strawberry + honey Jam. (ops.. head-less..) hee~ Hee!!Wandering in the temple..3 of them were walking one step paipai once there..
But i like to look at these more than the fishes.. :P :P
Going to say byebye to Cameron d~
Finale~ happie FAMeLY*
These thing.. AGAIN. lol~