Went for iLasik on Friday at The Curve. =) Thanks to Dr.Alan, Darian, Michael and many more whom I do not know their names. hee. Not to burn my cornea (just to tell Ms. Kylie) the cornea flap is placed back larr! -.-
Went for follow-up checking the next day at Vista Klang Branch at Taman Botanic. Which was opened that Saturday. Which is very new. Which I recommend you to go for an eye checkup - free for first month~~
lol can see my own hand..

I am doing okay~ Besides those very red large dots people will have after the surgery on the eyes.. which I am waiting patiently for them to disappear~~

Went to AEON on Saturday and got some em.. envelopes.. swt..

Went to Sunway yesterday and got clothes and stuffs. Great thing about shopping: it makes me tired, and I slept from 930pm - 10am. hehe! Good, as it has been a little hard to fall asleep the day before. I can't keep my eye close at night lol. Hyperactive or what I don't know. Bad thing about shopping: it burns my wallet. lol.

Bring this fella to eat at Italiannies..

The sister..

**And spent RM70++

On the way back home~

Feel like going out again. heee. One more month to do this. Gotta appreciate. Oh ya, saw Sovitha yesterday!! I was like wanted to walk into Parkson and then.. she actually recognized me with the sunglasses! =) Yay! Promise we gonna go out with huisin after a week/two! :D
Loving holiday.
Someone, please force me to get my application things done.

is going on fine, with another bit of flu, slight cough, headache... -.-
My ability to sleep A LOT, is back. =)

Miss Starbucks' Hot Choclate.

So what have I done this week? Basically, em, nothing. haha..

My application thingy is almost done. yay. But the word 'almost' means, I still have to edit my essays one last time, post my UW-M dossier, pay my four universities $$$$, and post Jun2's thing to him, and pass Huiming's thing to her. lol. Ya, almost.

Went to VISTA eye specialist centre in The Curve on Tuesday. For 6-points eye checkup. Nice place. So, got to found out that my high myopic power is inherited (see? They shouldn't have scolded me so much when I was small for watching TV and reading on bed), and got to know that I am eligible for Lasik! =) and ICL (Implanted Contact Lens) actually.
Gonna have to sayang and take care of my eyes like never before for a few weeks from tomorrow. Reason? Lasik treatment tomorrow! =) RM 1$,$$$.$$ Nice place to spend huh...

FYI too, Nokia 5800 is really not bad. After knowing some facts and comparing it to iPhone, I think Nokia 5800 is qualified to be a competitor of iPhone! =) RM1$8$.$$

With so many m$n$y gone, don't you agree that I should get a work for myself? lol. But then.. eee still thinking hard on this. To work means to only have 4 holi-days left in December the whole holy month. Not to work means to see many of my $$$$$ terbang begitu sahaja -.-

Macam mana eee!!??! >.<'' Should toss a coin later. =)

Away for a few days. =)
Nice monologue. lol.

Found myself a happy habit: A piece of dark chocolate every night!! :D :D
Well, seriously liking the aroma staying in the mouth until I sleep lol.

Missing Guylian Solitaire. Needing 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate eeeee..

Tadah.. November is ending soon. Appreciate your time people :P
Eee? I don't know what to type already.
Nice weather for today. Like. lol.

Good Luck to those who are taking TOEFL tmr~
Mr Jason Chen, Shogun is near yay!!

Still praying for miracle on UW application =.=

Just deleted my expired draft post. Funny.. not. =.=
Nothing to do with Penguin, I dislike thinking on a title lol.

Am trying to type until I feel like sleeping.

So, my brother has enrolled in secondary school, the same one as his 3 sisters. And he has just graduated, which marked a finish line for primary school routine in our family. =) We are ooooldddddd godddd lol.

Have been enjoying letting dark chocolates to melt in my mouth. =)

Some people get you by looking into your eyes.
Some people get you by listening to what you say.
Some people get you by your repetitive words.
Some people never get you.
Not stubborn. Just that, they are not in your frequency.
Wait them to tune themselves then.

If something sad taught you something else, that would be great.
If nothing changed, I would be speechless.

Dehhhh bet you don't get what I typed :P
That's my aim anyway.
I bet after weeks I won't understand too. -.-

Universities application is going okay. Still with the flow. Besides the Toefl part which I am worrying all the time, yet nothing I can do on it. Popee popee.

I think I am super angry. But you won't see my anger. Thank god for that. =)

Literature is on the way. haaaha. Get me through another 2 semesters~~ =)

Found this somewhere: What's a black white black white black white...?
Answer: A penguin rolling down a staircase. =.=

Good night. =)

It comes, it goes.
I smiled, I learned.


I am back from a 7-days trip. To Teluk Intan, Ipoh, Butterworth (lol), Penang island, Sungai Petani, Alor Setar, and Langkawi, oh and Cheras =.= For me, this is the first, unplanned, longest, not with family, tiring, bus-sitting trip I had ever have lol.

The trip was great. Full with over-eatings and moderate-spending. But the over-eating parts are kinda.. nauseous. =.= We saw Kompleks Menara Condom Condong, we got onto a bus which forgot to bring passengers and had to move back to the bus station and re-depart, we had too much food but no time to eat them, they had dota almost every night, they talked about football almost every day, we got huge hardworking sun burning us, we watched 'I love you, Beth Cooper' and swt a lot, we got funny rented cars that has petrol sufficient for 1 minute on road, we also got a car that broke down while we travel, we saw Sir Francis Light's statue, Fort Cornwallis was boring btw lol, we drank and ate many ICE, we bought chocolates thiiiiiiiiiis much, we walked past the whole Cheras pasar malam from the very beginning to the very end, they gay-ed so much.....

Kinda lazy to tell all.. use your imagination thank you :D

Photos not in order.
Langkasuka Beach Resort.

This uncle very lihai.

He carved a net out from a carrot. (er..)

At Yb's house, 4 gays were gay-ing all the time.

And playing all the time.

Like lost kids =.= At Bukit Mertajam.

Fort Cornwallis.

very inappropriate pose -_- He was scratching the leg eee!

After a hardworking dotaish night..

Ipoh. With Yb's friend as tour guide.

And more which I don't have. XD

Hm, xiexie YB and your MyVi and your parents, YHan and your Saga/Iswara and your parents, KJ and your parents and your parents' car, Khui and your parents and jiujiu and many kinds of cars =.=, xiexie JiDan who brought us to eateat in Alor Setar, Xiexie YB's friend WuGang (i dunu how to spell) who overfilled our stomach :P Xiexie to that RM1.20 ferry ride and RM23.00 x 2 ferry ride to Langkawi. Xiexie Transnasional and S.E Express and dunu what. heee~

Time to do something else~~

Went to Intec and did A LITTLE BIT of my application thingy. Some more to go. Er, I forgot my holiday plans. -.-

Look very much like Mr.Jason who holds bear2 to threat me. XD
*wa kor you turn soooo white!!*

Successful enough. Woke up at 9am this morning! =) Not enough thou... :P To achieve something, we should aim higher! XP

Went kaikai with my younger sister for 5 hours, along with too much lame jokes and she laughed so much that her jaw was tired -.- Btw, she ponteng again. But I actually supported her, because I know how boring it could be staying in class for the sake of staying. No teaching, no fun.

I can sense how much my mood has elevated from the ground from the day we are done with the finals. =.= This semester has indeed absorbed too much from us lol. So, yay~ =)

Er.. dunu what to type now. Er.. ok my brother ate 10 sushi in only a few minutes? -.- Or.. my mom asked me not to buy anything next week but towels if I saw them? -.- omg.

How lame can you be?
Q: How do u explode an indian??
A: By pushing the red button on his forehead. LAME.

Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology?
A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom, then it is biology. When the baby looks like the neighbor, then it is sociology.

AH~ What to do tomorrow? Leave it, sleep first. =)

Let's go under the sun!!~~ siao.

I was very =) to delete many of the old notes. Thousands of Biology slides and many rubbish undone assignment (I used to save copies while doing them lol).

Woke up very early today. @.@ Someone switched off the aircon and.. ah, I can't continue sleeping. So I woke up and watched "The Illusionist". Nice! Hope I am one lol, can confuse you!! -.-

Deleted 200+ 'friends' from FB, er I hope I did not ter-deleted anyone that I shouldn't because I was doing speed deleting -.- Tell me if I did hee.

Many things that I super want to do in these 8 weeks. (Oh god 8 weeks seems to sound shorter than '2 months' -_-)
  1. Sleep thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. =)
  2. Earn some $ if possible because I know I will
  3. spend. hee.
  4. Tidy up my wardrobe for the last time until next Summer.
  5. Laugh more before I can't when we have to study again -.-
  6. Try not to gain weight lol because food will be abundant at home =.=
  7. Oh ya.. universities application thing thing.
  8. Prepare for Toefl? lazy lazy.
  9. Go to Vista for eye checkup.
  10. Go here go there.
  11. Meet him meet her.
  12. Learn something new!
  13. Sleep. hee~
You know? XD

I don't know. I can't start thinking. Or I simply am thinking too much. gosh.