So on June 22nd (should be correct..) I have graduated from Intec. :D
Everything was short and sweet except for someone's ''motivating'' speech =]
Thanks lecturers and Intec for everything :)
Things came so soon I didn't know I only have few chances left to really meet some people..
2 years? tata~ ♥♥
You had no idea how fast was I to pack and leave Akasia.. I could feel I was the first to get my stuffs cleared and the first to drive home from Akasia that afternoon. Lol.
I don't miss that place, frankly. But I miss the people. :] ♥

Anyway, Happy graduating~ ♥


One and a half week later, we went to Kuching~ :) which has been planned for more than half year lol.
We ate many many kolomee -.-, ate and bought many many sio bee, bought ♥♥kek lapis♥♥ (omg omg omg I can eat nothing but that nice nice nice although there are many coloring used lol, one more birthday wish: Have kek lapis in Purdue -___-''), they drank many many layeredTehC, I drank many many liang teh, ate laksa which is so not west-malaysian-laksa lol etc.
We traveled to Lundu, Bau, Bako National Park.. saw many healthy animals (they are if compared to west malaysia's lol) ♥
and I literally brought much sand from the two beaches back to my home, because they hide in my clothes and were too small to be cleaned totally -.-

A huge thank to Jason, Kelvin, Michael and Beverly, and their parents and home and cars :]
We were hardly hungry lol.
And not to forget Jessie Chen [which is lying on the floor in coming photo] for bringing us so much fun and fur. ♥♥

Aaaand, Bako's trails were fun fun fun ♥, but with the sun sun sun... we are not that fair already. Yeah I can be called fair a week+ ago.. lol. But not now =.=

I had fun watching them playing and laughing cho dai di, had fun soaking in the super salty sea water, had fun eating animals (omg XD), had fun mingling with a group of guys who only talk about 3 things: Dota, Fifa, Girl (in some rare case, Akua). Wow all from 4 alphabets. XD Had fun eating, had fun utilizing my legs, had no fun feeding mosquitoes and what flies, had fun communicating with Jessie Chen, had fun drinking pumpkin soup (-.-), had fun looking at someone's super narrow eyes lol.. ♥
and and and~!! had fun being an assistant photographer. XD Job scope: walking around with photographer while being a supernonprofessional part time model. wee.

And then after a blink, it's time to say tata. =[

I think I need more than a month to be this fair again lol.
I don't care if my dad likes that ''healthy tan'', I can't get used to that XD
Around one month+ to leaving. Eee.