Week 3!!

err.. this happened on ___day. Austinians were sitting on the corridor, playing their favourite Word-sentence game. Beatrice ended up ____ by Shahril. =)

Oh my.. lala.. first time i have to blog from Starbucks, with a cup of shared hazelnut hot chocolate and a plate of shared Shepherd's pie - Yes, they are shared, i am so full since Friday.

Week 3 has been a busy and tired one, class cancellation.. class replacement.. calculus quiz.. assignments as usual. Plus an essay peer review. Kawan-kawan sekalian, please do not use ''sucks'' inside your essay, well.. i encountered a weird feeling seeing that while reviewing. =.= I AM NOT SAYING THAT I CAN WRITE WELL. =)

And then on Friday, the evening, when i still feel thin =.=, my father brought 4 of us to CHE GO korean restaurant at Aeon BBT. After that we went for some shopping and omg-ly my brother bought his shirt and pants that cost RM300!! This is NOT frugal!! =.=

CHE GO restaurant. Not bad.

And then i think we went to Giant.. until i was so tired that i can't remember the time.. :)

Saturday : 除夕 - We have family reunion dinner breakfast and i THINK we went out shopping in the afternoon, did we? Yea i think so.. Then we spent the whole half day cleaning and tidying up the house. Water supply for that evening was not good, everyone was waching their houses, that was what my mom said. Then we prayed at night while I was semiconscious. Oh.. my younger sister and I made Tang Yuan again for the next day praying.

Red from dragon fruit, green and orange from packed fruit juice (= =), brown from coffee powder, black from black sesame powder. The corner monkey-faced was an accident, i wanted to add in baby raisins, so i asked my younger sister to stay away, she pressed on the dough and I threw in the raisins --- tadah!! Monkey appeared and we laughed like crazy girls.

Sunday : 初一 - Prayed again. Then the day continued with visiting from para uncles and aunties. Riuh-rendah. Got Red Paos. At night we went out visiting pula, it was dead tiring.

I like that Candy booth.. oh, we also went to Optical 88, my dad needs a new spec.

Week 4 : HOLIDAYs!!

Yap. Oh gosh. I am appreciating this week. I can see continuous weeks are ahead, waiting us to turn ourself to zombies and whatever. AH. Alright, sekian sahaja jabbering saya.

Monday was tiring, Tuesday was tiring. But miraculously when people I don't really know visit us, I typed some stuff in my laptop and poooF~ I done 2 assignments. lol. But then i guess i still have 3 undone.. =.= Okay, i WILL do after this post. =)

There was a 'ball' with lots of sweets inside. see, they were happy taking those sweeets for me. What a CNY, my stomach is full with sugar. jek jek jek..

At the same uncle house (open house), the God of Fortune came, fed my uncle with mandarin orange.. and.. camwhored with an apek. =.=
My sister and I caught those dancing lion (I forgot the proper name of 舞狮) wearing schooling shoes. =.=

There were too many switches for that house...

After all i self-declared the end for my 2009 CNY. I want a BLANK normal holiday NOW. =)

Beatrice was looking at our previous Austin classroom's door. We miss there. There was where we wanted to go every day, at least at that time.
What I am studying for this semester really is bringing me back to SAM's first semester last year. We have the argumentative english research paper again, and we have those moral ethics amoral imoral thing again.. This is what i hate. I paid 150 for that and Malaysian Studies, and passed both with A and B. Now.. I am taking it again after I was celebrating way back in Inti that I am NOT going to encounter with Moral studies anymore for the rest of my life. =.=
Fortunately, something did brighten up my week 2. Since 4th Jan, I've been moving my laptop all over inside the 'house' in Akasia, hoping to find a place where I can surf the net with a happy speed using the celcom broadband thumb sized modem. And finally, on Tuesday, i found that specific good Feng Shui location. lol. It is on my bed, although somehow I have to put the laptop at the edge of the bed as if I want it to commit suicide anytime, it provides me HSDPA connection which is just like fixed line streamyx. :D
Wednesday, we have our first Biology lab. It was beautifully fun.
This is spermatic cord, which looks more like an alien's brain.. =.=

This is Tilia old & young stems, i love my handphone, who took this nicely~ =p

This is Pine Young ovulate cone.. It looks like fire, it looks like lizard, it looks like...

This is also Pine Young, and i like this one the most!

There are still some, but they either looks like moon or pimples (black and white version). =.=

But, week 2 is a new starting of a crazily hectic year. With only the passing of 2 days, even though i know more than 1 equals many, we got more than 10 pending assignments and presentations and speeches to be done, haven't added lab report and readings and... this is going to be endless, but I just couldn't decide where should I start. =_=

Ahh God. This is too busy. Busy is fun, but tired is very not fun. =.=

AHH! I made a stupiak mistake on the very first Calculus Quiz, congrats. =_=

Ahhhh.. I bought a shoe with my dad (this is weird.. sort of like he is buying for me before he sends me to a very, very far place. But it should be 'with mom' right?!?!) Then he bought two working T-shirts. Er, maybe my mom is really busy. Yup, kind of. She is now selling Bio-love liquid - something like Dynamo but without all those harmful chemicals. See how hard she is working for the family? Yeahh.

After the shoe-shirt shopping, I drove my sister to tah pao (just a VERY, i emphasise 'VERY', short distance). So proud of myself, with the so very not-good driving skill.. =.=

Somehow, after Thursday, access of Celcom broadband around Seksyen 18 is VERY good. *happy* but not at my home in Klang..

On the way to plan an event, though the time we have is so so so so so short, after cutting away all the time for homeworks. We'll do our best. =) Thank you Nadira, for this chance to learn. :)

Above is my lovely Spring '09 timetable, and the free big lots for Wednesday has actually been filled by Bio lab. So, i will have a systematic 8-12,2-4/6 semester, not counting in Friday.
Sunday 04 Jan
I was quite free that day. Doing nothing (can't do anything.. =.=) after done with our house and room cleaning in Akasia. Em.. oh yah I watched Cape No. 7. nice song at the end. Anyway, no hope of getting that song right now because I don't know where to get Chinese songs. lol. And i remember the day before i watched Madagascar 2, and I didn't laugh. =_=
Monday 05 Jan
My younger brother and sister must be excited. I was not, because our registration started with reading your dear ID number, get an 'Okay' and, that's all. =.= So Austinians '08 have an Auting to Mid Valley. Eejane and I were shopping all the way, it was not that kind of shopping, it was walking to every floors and shops we like and that's it. We are frugal spenders. =p
Picture of the day. Describe it by yourself. Thank you.
Tuesday 06 Jan
We had our briefing............. *saving you from feeling my insipidity*
Wednesday 07 Jan
Classes begin. It was =O and ~.~. No laugh-until-stomach-ache, no this.. no that. But for sure Austinians are still missing each other, and are still together. =p There was an apparent double-faced us right now, one trying to maintain our Austianish us, which seems hard right now in our own different classes, and another one still talking and laughing when we see our people. =)
Thursday & Friday 06,09 Jan
Classes are getting better. Lecturers are good :D. And finally I heard Honoluluians started laughing. Although the jokes were not as ____ as Austinians'. lol.
Saturday & Sunday *at HOME*
Most of the time I was either in the car, or outside with my mom. I went to EngAnn morning market on both days =.=. Went to my mom's side uncle (lol), who bought from us more than 13 boxes of cookies; went to take cookies from both aunts, and be my mom's FOC secretary - helped sorting cookies into packs for different buyers; went to taste cookies etc. Aunt Susan gave me a small very cute box of walnut cookies, which was baked at 1pm+- and was bit by me on 1.20pm on a same day. =p The reason she gave me: I keep saying, and insist that her walnut cookies tasted just like chocolate cookies, and it wasn't that good... =p I was honest. But then the very very so so freshly baked ones are nice~ :)
Rich uncle.
There is something I found funny: I always overheard my dad picking calls from people who just crashed their cars/involved in accidents. He sells car.. but.. ?
"What? Ya? You'd accident? ... You have to make a report if you want to claim insurance ... Ya, ya.."
Don't call me if you crashed your car, find my dad.
What recession and economic crisis? People are buying like nothing happened. =.=

2nd of Jan - bank-alike TM Point, Meru

I followed my mom out these days, to wherever she wants to. TM Point, what's the point we went there? To cancel Streamyx. At there, service for 'Application' is fast with the rate of 5 minutes taken per customer while service for 'Termination' will take you more than half an hour to wait. Quite many people went there to cancel their home phone line, streamyx etc. I helped an ahma with weird smell to fill in her termination form, I am a good girl. lol. Then, my sort-of-know-everyone-in-Klang mom told me the ahma is selling pork and meat in the market. Alright, then of course, I knew what the weird smell was.. =.= After some waiting, and internet surfing using the free service, it was finally our turn!! Before that i saw a familiar looking uncle, bowed, reading newspaper, while i was looking at him at a hidden angle... Then I met Dan's mom, then only i confirmed that familiar looking uncle was his dad.

3rd of Jan - OCBC Bank, a place I like. 

I have been helping my mom with cash and cheque deposits for days. It is fun to play with those machines~ lol. And OCBC Bank always look welcoming. Never had I like any bank before. Ocbc's service is fast. Ocbc interest rate is =) for me. haha. Well let's take Ocbc and Cimb's internet banking service as comparison. If you want to transfer fund (money) to another account through Cimb internet banking, the cut-off time is 12p.m.. Which means, if you transfer at 12.01p.m., your transaction will be completed the next working day. While for Ocbc, their cut-off time is.. deng deng~ 9.30 p.m. More efficient! but their efficiency can kill you silently. I went to apply for an ATM card. It as FOC until i update my account book--RM8 has been taken. =.= Hey! Internet banking saves petrol and time, and it is good for people who can easily lost their cash like me, i am using it now. =) 

4th of Jan - Celcom broadband - Seksyen 18.

Yup we're all back to our beloved Akasia. Great.. study life is ON. I am not sure if i should be happy with this. =.= We've done cleaning our 'house'. :)  Oh, celcom broadband is ok, well since I subscribed the 'Basic' plan, i shouldn't expect thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. I just need to think that my spending is destined, then i will be fine. lol. We'll be spending our first 3 days doing things that do not require complaints and annoyance. Cheers.

I think laziness is still sticking on me. Yes, this is an excuse.

Hoping for a better tomorrow, everyday. =D

It was 1st of January of this new year, while my family members were bertaburan around the house, my mom suddenly suggests "Today is the best day to go lo~". The 'best' is not because of Feng Shui or whatever, is because it's a public holiday, there'll be no traffic jam, my dad is not working, my sister and I are not working... (now you know why my family doesn't have any annual vacation plan) But we were told that we are only going down to Kampar to throw my sisters' stuff at her newly rented room, buy some stuffs and we'll get back.

It took 3 hours for us to reach there, due to certain reasons, or excuses if you want to say so, I only helped to sit in the car all the time while the others punggah my sister's dusty stuff from car to room, from old room to car, then from car to new room. lol. Ok, I can't stand the dust alright? Plus do you remember that we were only told to throw her stuffs and we'll be done by then? hmph.

While waiting in the car, my brother came and said my mom allowed me to drive. MUAHahahaa~ And so my brother was my first Unser passenger, it's FUN to be HUGE!! =.= Although my skill is not that pro.. I AM JUST A FRESH DRIVER MAH~

Then we went for dinner. I think I fed myself more smoke than food. I hate smoke. Whatever smoke it is.

After the smoky dinner which I barely had appetite on, I joined my mom to walk around the small town. How i wish Seksyen 18 has that many bakeries. We walked in a shoe shop, jaga-ed by few aunties and ahmas and an apek. =.= My mom was helping my brother with his schooling shoe (size 10!! O.O) while i was as usual looking around, fitting those shoes on my own imaginative feet. (well you couldn't try ALL and end up buying 1 or none right)

Finally I took one purple sandal..
Ah ma: Siu jeh, ah li ko si man di lo, li jiok geh do hou? *as if i already said i want..=.=*
Me: Ping xiong ngo mai mm hou lok hou geh. *try lo, won't die*
Ah ma: HAR? Lei? *look at my feet and walked away*
Me: Ma, 那个阿么不相信我穿五六号, 你看她.. *that ahma brought me a size 7, and I WILLINGLY tried on..*

Ah ma: Hou chi hou song hor, ngo lo lok hou bei lei.
Me to my mom : 你看你看!=.= *thus I tried on size 6 pula, moving my legs again and again, that ahma seeing..*
Ah ma: Ngo tai mm hou li tou jiok tak, ying koi hai kuei dei geh Cutting dai lo. *walked away to take a size 5..*
Me: 你看你看!=_= *I tried the size 5 and..*
Ah ma: AH~ Li ko ngam ngam hou lo..
Me: ....

So, I DIDN'T buy it. lalala~ =p Because their very so normals sandal costs more than Vincci's.
This story taught us not to be too skeptical towards young people. lol. sorry, ah ma~ at least my brother brought a pair of white shoe, which is surprisingly cheaper than the sandal. =_=

Translated version. (My cantonese is getting a lil bit better.. kekeke..)

Finally I took one purple sandal..
Ah ma: Miss, ah this one looks ___, what size you wear? *as if i already said i want..=.=*
Me: Normally I buy size 5 or 6. *try lo, won't die*
Ah ma: HAR? You? *look at my legs and walked away*
Me: Ma, that ahma doesn't believe that i wear size 5/6, you see. *that ahma brought me a size 7, and I WILLINGLY tried on..*

Ah ma: It looks loose hor, I go and take size 6.
Meto my mom : You see you see!=.= *thus I tried on size 6 pula, moving my legs again and again, that ahma seeing..*
Ah ma: I think you can wear size 5, maybe the cutting for this shoe is bigger. *walked away to take a size 5..*
Me: You see you see!=_= *I tried the size 5 and..*
Ah ma: AH~ This one fits you lo..
Me: ....

That's our cute Kampar one day trip. I don't really prefer in-car trip, especially it's on Malaysian roads.. nothing to see.. oh remember, buckle up you back seat belt! =p

So often,
i hope i am somebody.
Too often,
i think i am nobody.