A song that i've been finding for days~ v.V
The melody is nice!~

Thursday ~ That day i felt something little tiny..great! What was that hm? Ending of CHM123 quiz. But then..= starting of coming TESTS. *pengsan*~ But still i felt really better that day, just like throwing away a big stone. Phew~ Hey!! The SUN is coming out from this day. The time i walked back to my hostel. Waoo~ everyone's shirts are highly hung outside. So to go along for the ride, i also hung mine~~ muahahaa!! Em..my clothes were dry when they're being hung..Xp Hey at least i feel good for i was actually killing all the bacteria on them!..haha~ Evening went swimming!! After 3-4 weeks..wooh~ On d' way going to the s.pool.. so =_=''' Whole bunch SAM students were walking back to their hostels, then all like ''ehh, is that Kathy?'' ( was i that..foreign?!) then.. ''Hey Kathy!! hey hey!'' (ya..Hey..lol..XD) Peifern arrived around 7p.m., then..juk juk juk.. for the 1st time, we were being asked to swim (compete leh actually..) for many many many many lapsss continuously. Some semi-muscle cramped, some then gasping for breath, all faces turned red. Haha.. probably our blood was circulating like they'd never before. And then forgotten what time.. kaixin and yiwen sis came~ and then yehling sumin vino also joined~ great time* ;)

My back~! Searching for vino~ mana mu mana hm~? swt..

Friday ~ Started feeling tired..Very very. *Yea, i'd count d' blessing i have '', * hardly could make myself understand something -> It's only about 10days left to final exams! aa...aaa...AAH!! = =''' I really really don't have the...time? NO WAY telling myself this. Yup i've time, i just need some management right? Yeea~ ^^V

When you don't feel to do anything at all..just Sleep then~ hehe - recommended by ME

Saturday ~ I should be sleeping until late late one..T.T 530 someone switched on d' light. *ting* i woke up d then.. Deng deng! Kwang Hua Sport Day~ alright, met many people. Finally i talked to Pn. Bavanie - Guru Pemimpin P.Sejarah. Haha~ I didn't disappointed her, luckily. Since i failed my sejarah for trial as the committee of d' society. lol.. SOVITHA, i want to say maafkan saya again. Still being not able to spend more time with you. Sorries. :( I was really really digging time out so that i can buy all the presents i owe many many people. hahHh~ Give me 2 more weeks! (god..v.v) Then ho, i used one hour to find ONE formal shirt. Then while sms-ing, i ter-walked into the Baby Kiko section = =''' Soon, i'll be undergoing the boring torture of listening the Undang thing. Jioo.. And maybe after another some times, beware if you see Kathy on the road okey? She is not that scare of being crashed, but scare she'll crash others..hahaha~ and i heard weird BM today.. ''ini macam ke?'' um..Gaya bahasa Inversi?! lol lol.. My conclusion of d' day = washed-out! @.@~ I... i.. i need holidays!!! Oh and..Rumah C~ i am so Proud of u all~ C for CHAMPION right? keke...
Insomnia-ing? lol..i can sleep in 7 minutes, it just that i was..don't know~ = ='''

oh um..i cried today. yea i did. YA..can feeel how tired i am?
But hey..yea..when life gives you a 1oo reasons to cry, show life that you've a 1000 reasons to smile!! (Tq Samz!)

Let's see these~ hehe :
Mr Eng Hong~ the..rabbit? haha..Mr daddy (Eldwin)! I've a handsome dad~ lol...Mr Paw - Ah PAW~
Mr KenLoon - newly named> KENNY (not K.Roger/K.G) = =
Mr Cheng - the one who can make his neck sound ''criiaak''- omg!

And so, these are some of d' limited ta po kia(s) of SAM programe at Inti-UC '08. Em..some others, paise~ i was in rush then..hehe!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again!!) Shirley~XP
Thanks Anna + Daniel..seriously!
SamZz, why ho, everytime i meet you up again right, you looked like..getting taller and taller one?! Teach me How how~~ >.<


SANday - Is the day after FRYday and d' day after. = =''' Where i've been on Saturday.. Traffic Jam Jam Jam
Since SATERday ah, i kept on oi oi because..headache! Grr..
So, i was 'proud' that i didn't bring books back to Klang, coz i was just..um, oi oi~

Back to Inti with Carrick's family. Almost silent-laughed die me..hahahhaa! Really one, his muimui ho, i just closed my eye to rest awhile, not even reached 2 minutes, she went to mutter to her mom ''mommy, that jie jie is sleeping.. she is sleeping..'' lol.. Then carrick's muimui and didi saw advert boards with children 'on' it. Then they ''you climb up lah'' ''har? you go lah'' they were just..muahaha!! cutex! Arrived, for few hours, quite many helicopters fly here fly there near here..Huyoh, supposed and imagined those F1 racers flying in the air~~ anyway, out of my business. XP My brother was looking at the GA Blue logo on my specs, then he asked me ''Eh wait!! that one is butterfly or eagle?'' (then the whole world turned so cold all of a sudden..a primary 5 student can't differentiate eh..omg) And umm.. er.. I really really addicted and hooked to Sleep already. I didn't ask for that eii, it's just, well you know, you feel dizzy, eyes hardly open, you found a bed (or you just close your eye at where you are..lol), lay down, Duup~ Zzz...I drew something new~ muahahaa~My hostel notice board..full = busy !!

MANday - *Early 6.a.m. in the morning, i saw an olang walking Back to his block, i think he was drunk, coz he wasn't walk in a straight line, er hem i meant, not that straight as normal ppl do. Hey i SMILED to my block new guard for few times leh = many times!! lol.. Morning smiled, afternoon, and evening again~ siao one.. Her fault okey? Coz once my eyes 'shot' to her direction, i will see curve on her lips..then, not suppose to disappoint her ma, then smile lo~ :) Risible Biology lecture...!!! Something wrong with Ms Cordelia, (we felt that), she was really cute in that way. Those boys were sleepy, she said ''hey don't fall asleep, try to convert the glycogen into glucose, use your insulin'' swt.. and then somemore ''I told you to eat glucose, your energy reserves. What you ate for lunch?'' Then.. smart guy's answer? = ''Starch''. (=.=)''''' This is what we call as 'exciting' in biology~ not those DNA la..haha..

TIUSday - Hehe.. I woke up around 6a.m. *And ho again, i saw the same olang walking back to his block. Tell you a secret, i guess they were drinking Tiger Beer Heineken or whatever they are for hours one lo. Coz friday night ho, we were having dinner at a kopitiam out here. Then la ho, we saw 2 olangs were sitting inside, with over 20 empty bottles in front of them you know? 7 heart..7 HEARTs!! = ='' Then i re-slept at 8a.m. XD Can't stop feeling wozzy dizzy and giddy.. English test, which we wouldn't have found any thing to study for.. Minutes before teacher steps in, seconds before the test starts, we were just hoping teacher will be delivering her baby. Then test will be postponed/canceled lo~ kekeke..^^White for What

ANYday > I spelt S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D lately. Scholarship application. Limiting time. 2nd semester thingy. Younger sis' attitude. Younger bro's academic performance. Mama's tiring burden. I was all the time, really honestly seriously wishing that i can help them every day these days. I want to do things that i could when i could. I don't want to feel remorse for anything. I don't want to lie to myself. I want to be true. So in short, i want D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S Support yourself~ If not you won't be able to control *a bit of <3*. Siao de, if you see this then reflect yourself hah~

Happy Birthday SOVITHAA!! Here, i wish you best for anything you will be up to in coming times. Friends always! Muax! Saturday we go makan~ V^^V

I just lov this song. Simply simple. Simply nice~

No matter how intense your emotions are, you can handle them! Do not be afraid of what your heart is feeling or fearing. Your own inner strength will enable you to step forward. Accept the challenge: It's time to be brutally honest with someone you love. Who? Why, yourself, silly bear. You can't hide from the truth about how you're feeling or what you want. You have to embrace your feelings and move forward. Share what you're feeling with the people you love. They will support you.*

I sort of having Short-Term MemoryLoss, coz either i don't wanna rmb, or i can't. Too much happenings. But i couldn't mention alll~~ v.V

> Thursday we were alllll so so so hardworking studying for the psychology Quiz, you know..we really were. This day during psychology, or the first few seconds psychology teacher talked to us ah, we all were temporarily paralysed. Seriously yes! Because..QUIZ canceled..omg, if i know i would have slept more.. If we know, then we can predict tomorrow already..ya lo= =''.. Anyway, grrrr..Friday morning of Inti-UC~ blue sky white cloud** lol..

I just like *peace*~ So? SHh...
And of course..On9 for Nothing. And making sure my inbox always >> 'no unread mail'.. = =
Hey!! I recommend PICASA - a google software~ Coz.. i didn't edit this picture but it was edited automatically~!! *thumbs up* - Bu suang-ing with the mini pillow..XD -

Oh yea~ i'm addicted to Sleep. Bless me with more Zzz times~ haha..

Saturday > Crazily hectic. Hey..my mama said ''aiyah, won't tall ady lah'' @.@ hurt me..ouch!.. But really one lo..it has been err..5 years plus i haven't reach a new height. Pity.. new weight a lot. Doh.. Then mama said today is papa's err, Chinese b'day. SO, asked me to cook mee suah for him. Well, then only i know, already months i didn't even try to 'switch' the fire on.. Weird feelings. lol.. Then, i was..er..er.. *shy* haha..step by step asking my younger sister..Younger leh..how to cook mee suah. It was..''when to put mee in?'' ''bubble means okay d? but the fire still on then bubbles will be always there wo..how??'' =.=''' At night, oh die..i was being ''invited'' to give advices to papamama's friend - Mdm Khoo's son.. spm leaver. Kek sei.. like an education consultant, talked for over an hour, not paid one leh. And finish up with.. ''Really thank you lo~'' (i feel proud actually~ haha) lol.. SORRY ah, to some people, my time is getting lesser and lesser, so.. try to und pls..? @.@ Hey next saturday KH sport day issit? Issit ah? (who am i asking..lol..)Genetic engineering?? If yea, i hope the chick chick won't grow up~ cutez!!
Never give up! (Even though i'm now almost give up for our final exam..aHH!! i need More TIMEs)
Another Picasa edited photo~ - Don't challenge me when i'm in black -
My valence electrons are unstable-ing!~

Try to learn something about everything, and everything about something.

Deng Deng!!~
I shall do this to my brother..soon~ Muahaha!! = ='''
Took this for fun..natural nature~
Monday? Bio Test. Rained. Slept at 11pm.
Tuesday? Rained. Slept at 10pm
Wednesday? Rained. 9pm?
= =''' It's all about raining recently. Except wetting my long pants, i like raining~~ cool cool weather~ We went to a talk on medical programe in Czech Republic, then was late to 5-7pm chemistry. duhh~ because the speaker was late.lalala~ wasn't paying attention..carboxylic acids, aldehydes, ketones..
Then oh yea, we've our Moral presentation!! On HIV/AIDS. oh bless our group~ Ms. Azrina, give us more marks weii~ lol..Anyway, Ruby said we did well wo..is it? is it?? Hehe~
Abt 2 hours b4 presentation - from left KaiXin > Jamie > ZhiLin > invisible me & Lily.
Neh~ Lily's there. Hey..please, don't ever call your shoe heeels. Coz it's 'too high'~ Xp
*sambil promoting 100PLUS active + my Felton bottle with honey & vinegar* = ='''

When boring-ness comes to us.. One lil cow cow~
Two lil Three lil Four lil cow cow......~~ (i don't know why every time i take this its colour will change v.V)
So what's all these cow cow about? keke..
It's d' bed after the Pooh~ muahahha!! swt..
I was thinking to eat Inti's bakery cheese tart again one. Then, no mood to buy..swt.. But i'm still proud of myself when i think back that i actually ate Three of it last time. Sekaligus man~ haha.. Yi wen jie~ do remember that your Mei Kathy likes desserts more than those solid foods yo! = ='' SAM Jan'08 students are slowly building relationships, so now i have a dad, 3 sisters, one uncle one aunt and a cousin. XD I lOVe you all~* -SAMCLAN, saya proud to be one of this!!-
D' very semi-formal attire for the very-sien Moral presentation~
And hey..i started to..grrr.. on guys alright. Why? Especially those olang olang men, hrmp. I was walking from/to class, er..ya i walk with my head down, but when i see there are ppl in front i will lift my head up one. And then twice, the olangs were coming towards d' direction i was walking to and they were sort of like, walao.. meng meng see ppl are in front of them, they don't want to 'change direction', and is so apparent that they did it purposely!! hrmp hrmp~!! Got one skinny chinese guy lagi cham..siasui chinese. Walk my behind and deliberately wanted to push me to side while walking, but then don't know why i changed direction suddenly, then i saw him smiling covertly!! Yerr...ini apa earth.. Anyway, these days are soooo~ good. Normal-er. Less hectic. SO = nonBEEzz days. (if not i won't have time for those cow cow one..haha)But then, u und i und we all und. Next week is gonna kill us once again, for 3 weeks berturut2. \-(

Happy Birthday to Papa!! er...How old are you d har..? Xp
Simply think further, simply do more, simply contented.

After 3/4 weeks of continuous grievous homeworks assignments quizzes and tests hor, i finally have One Day Real Break!! Um..quite tiring but still, realised that i was totally AWAY from how DNA works, how to differentiate, how to write essay and how to Think (for psychology). Hahhh~~

And so, Ms Kylie was back too~ and so so, we went to AEON together, to wash away d' one month 'terrors'. Lol.. 6 hours ++ we were inside there, doing what? Helping Malaysia economic growth of course, haha~ Mula-mulanya, we felt excited coz it's shopping time finally~ but then.. once in d' 1st shop, Hungry already.. Jadi, we went to window-survey all restaurants' menus and colours and staffs = =''', Vietnam one Korean one Local one but...
Final Verdict :* KINSAHI Japanese Restaurant*
I tried to read those..odd odd~
We'r their~~ first clients of d' day? Gua~
Gai Lan salad. (is it ah Kylie? forgot..lol)This one i know!! Coz i ordered this..= =''' Potato thingy, i like this~
Wei Zhen mee mee. She ordered.
Grape milk~
After all, we kongsi-ed. *v*~

After filling our stomach, we went for marathon.
If we'd visited more than 10 shops like this....?
We actually have er...more more than this...XP

After that she went for haircut, well..IMBALANCED hair cut right Kylie? hm hm~~? kekeke.. And i was thrown in KP to get my formal attire. Found from adults' section there, muahaha!! -__-''' And ho, SHh..my formal skirt, is not formal one...lalalaa~ I admit~ syok spending~~ yeee!! At night, anyhow, i started feeling guilty. Lol..fast reaction without catalyst/enzyme. But still i slept around 11pm~ Zzz.. Coming back to Klang is like going into a palace (ONLY during rainy season, coz the weather is good as Nilai's). Why har?
  1. No class.
  2. No alarm.
  3. No walking all over d' places.
  4. Got TV - cartoons.
  5. Got newspaper.
  6. Got more foodS.
Impact? One kg in one and a half day. Clap clap clap~ As what Jack mentioned, yap, No zero error!! And so shouldn't be any parallax error right? lol...

Happy birthday Shen Meei~ who has her wish of eating oyster fulfilled. Congrats. = ='''
Happy birthday to Wee Chuan~ okay..i know i owe you.. dohh~

Right NOW, i can Feeeel that 3 weeks after this second is .... .... .... Hallelujahs~
Let's move on to April semester breaK!They can bow one~~cutex!! (p/s: I am not childish.)

~DREAMY (almost typed Creamy..hahaha!! = ='') Melodies~With n.nV << fingers? 2~ lenglui flutists~
Classical Canon - I like this song!!~ lala lala lalalaa~Thank You~ Xie xie~ Terima Kasih~ Gracious~ etc.~

'Ma'dnesday = NERVOUSity overmastered me for hours. While waiting and waiting, i watched cartoons (can't even remember what cartoon i watched..swt), i kept eating and walking around. Seldom that scare.. Kind of silly right? = ='' And, 1 word - apathetic. I was so so so cold walking towards my results, really, too scare.. From house to school. papa taught me ''must grab any chance,要争取''.. I just remember that I only managed to answer ''depends..depends'' lol.. Then when we reached he suddenly ''I already came what, I follow you up to take'' Then..kekeke... i told him ''now i wanna 争取 and request to take myself :P'' lalala~ And so i went.. Why apathetic? I haven't really walked to Cik Noretna, Chen shui ying teacher already..
''Ahh~ Jia wei, teacher saw ady, got A got A for wenxue''
''har? o..''

''they who they who got A1...bla bla''

''o..'' v.V'''

After 5 seconds i finally reached my class 'counter'. But then..Cik Noretna hor..
''Ah hi Kah Wei..got As got As, don't worry, teacher saw ady''
''hi teacher~ har? er..really? (means how many?? - -''')''

''teacher saw ady, all okay..got As''
''(semi-speechless, because all teachers also ''see ady see ady''?!) um, how's our class results?''
''all Okay, all okay..''

= =''' what a conversation..they need to be so fast or not..!!
And then i got my slip, and then slowly i gained temperature..phew, seriously!! PHEW~!!

And right, had a tad feeling of 'I-am-not-Klang-ppl'. Don't know why, but i did feel that..I'm from Nilai~ siao.. Soatha and Peiwen, great that i finally met up with two of you! But PeiwUn..where you've gone hm?
Back to the reality, mama gave same response as 2 years ago. Papa send sms wish. Myself? again..Phew.. Eddy tee, you're dead when you're back from berkhidmat untuk negara tercinta. Because my Sejarah **~ :P :P :P And another different but not really good thing --> i think within 24 hours, by only sending and replying sms, i spent over RM15 from my hp. Ahh~~ I didn't make call!! Owp..yea one call to mama~ but..still..dohh.. Back to house, more cham..in terms of hyper-tired. But i've got no time to sleep!! Pity pity.. Went here went there~ In d' morning my mama hor..
''ah wei, park the car to outside~ (sarcastic leh..)'' '
'O.. You want crash front or back part? (of the car)'' [kekeke!!~naughty-nya~]


''mami ar, If ho. IF la..IF!! Your lui got 10A1s, then April she can go for driving lesson lo~''

''ana anah..''

Does that mean...? Otiose!! More rela being fetched. lalala~
Back to Inti, rush homework, typical (guai guai) student right?~ Haha.. And from the moment i laid myself on the cartoon bed (lol..), i actually felt weight fall upon my life. Responsible? A lot of should-do? Sleep first can? Zzz..

'Thirst'day = Yap. Responsible - Independent - Agitated. Too much to settle~!! I spent one hour ++ in Accommodation Office (AO)..then already semi-sort diao, almost slept while waiting those olangs to be out of d' office. They arr they, talk so lot with d' staff, thanked them i was late to psychology! Grr..luckily, 5 minutes only actually..lol.. The independence sense is so deep inside this time, it that because um..I've finally grown up to another more mature level? MuaHahaha~~ ^^'''' Oh Yes and No~ Tmr i'm going back againnn, but then, because of many things to rush and rush~

All the very best Kwek jie~
~Gambate sovitha!!

A cute song to calm my nerves..

Normal version. lol..

Well, i have been awake since 5a.m., and then..i think i slept around 12-1a.m. after a long twist and turn journey. But erm, i still right, seriously.. still.. wanna SCREAM!!! Oh gosh.. Times suddenly flies so fast that i can't imagine how am I going to follow the next beat. Must increase my velocity and acceleration~!!
This is what happens when we study psychology. Okay..when I study for that. Slept few times..haha

Lets type something to calm down. Er hem okay. Friday right, I forgot what i did eh..oh ya, movie in laptop, psychology hard hard test.. Saturday right, i was playing hide and seek. Yay i won the game~ = =''' Highly confidential again, always d' weekend~ :P Sunday right, ICB concert rehearsal, i Finally joined them for practice. hehe..paise.. I am like d' only SAM student inside, and for sure our timetable is..super tight. So right, i missed a lot practices, is DAMN LOTs. Monday right, i was sleepy all the time, coz i started worry on Wednesday already. Then right, still have to move on of course. And then ho, 6pm something i changed to black, with a black slipper, hand taking clarinet and the heels, to Sport Hall. Then this and that, ICB concert '08 - Dreamy Melodies - begun and ended. Thanks jioksin~ Thanks LeeChou~ Thanks reena for d' skirt~ Thanks~~ oh gosh, i don't know what else to type. Calm down........... That don't know who said ''Well done'' to us leh~ clap clap clap!! Tuesday right, pity myself, so so so so super tiredly sleepy! Yawning all the time, Bio quiz do until sleep. During English wanted to sleep but then, give face to Ms Salomy's baby~ haha.. Then Bio..grr, teachert You..you... Let's forget about that. Take a deeeeep breath~~

Conductor Penguin (hand-raised) Now only i know he also is Lim x x one~
Fei (white) he's from CHINA d' Zhong guo ren yo~

More photos soon~ if i can grab them..Xp

Sovitha, Peiwen, QiuHong, WanYee etc. Welcome back yo~
Hey Dad~ thanks for d' Icecream. And thanks for supporting your 4th 'daughter' during d' concert!^^
Few hours to wait..it got on my nerves!! aAHh~

You see love at first is summer time
That's when you think that everything's fine
No one ever thinks its gonna end
But when things go wrong and winter comes
You're gonna need to run to someone
Left alone you'll just freeze up again
But you should know
When it gets too cold
You're not alone
I'll melt the snow

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *