Sunday - Again back to Akasia at noon =| (never had a chance to stay longer for dinner) to test which milk is best to be used in one of the biology booth experiment, i bought Dutch Lady low-fat milk and Magnolia full-cream milk - still did not know which was the best, and due to the absence of refrigerator > I drank all, because only little of them were tested. =.= After all we decided that Goodday works best. Dell called after I order a dekstop, shocked - they work on Sunday eh~ and so paiseh, i gave wrong credit card 3-number codes.. =.=

Changed my bedclothes again. This always indicate that a fortnight has passed!!

4th from left: Elizabeth, Hafiz (coach), me, kJ, Sonia's leg.
at Akasia hall..

Monday - Language Awareness (L.A.) / grammar class > Library. We should be doing serious normal stuff in the liBRAry (=.=), but we ended up taking phones and captured everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! And normally, yea.. we just couldn't keep quiet at there. Hee~ Night time was another dancing practice. I.. almost fell asleep standing in Akasia hall. =.=

All are classmates.
EeJane from KB Kelantan; the one who must twirl her hair and insisted us not to take her photo on Monday because she has pimple.

Ronnie the very skinny peranakan = not Cina not Malay; kJ the siao one.

SuiYing who likes to sleeeep (high5!); Louisa - asist. class rep.


Ronnie; Cedric - debater


You'll never find/do this in the library
maybe. =.=

From 1st floor in library.

Tuesday - was even blurred. I do not really know how the time pass lately, because the left hours to catch my breath is so tutt short! Doing our last minute last preparation (we started 2 weeks ago), i feel numb. But.. shh.. it has been fun to have a 'word battler' now - KJ the one who started the war - YOU started it first!! lalala~... I was smashed into tiring pieces : Because the quiescience of ADFP students.. T.T.. now we have dipaksa to run for 4 acaras for InPro track & field.. =( 100 200 4*100 4*400m.. =( And on the same Saturday, dancing practice from morning to evening, also on the same day, Band AGM!! =( How good if i were back that time! =(

If i were to sit there for 7 minutes or more. I will sleep.

Wednesday - Math & Science Carnival 2008. One word - tired. Did get a new experience - repeating the same few sentences for more than 15 times per day. =.= There were lots of things - frog dissection, mentos + coca-cola, space tunnel with aliens planets constellation etc.. Somehow i was in charge in demonstrating the ice cube lifting with thread and salt, what a fate with ice. =_= So.. in conclusion, i melted and wasted many many ice today. One guy who heard and saw my demonstration, blunt me when i heard he was calling me ''hey, Ice Lady~!" O_O So, we decided that Farah who was in charge in the milk+vinegar=cheese/yogurt being called the Cheese Lady; and Charis & Krystal who were doing the water-drop microscope being called the Laser Women. =.= lol~ Special thanks to MsZakiah and Charis Krystal Farah. =)

Our small booth. =)

some others..

Pity froggies.

Lol~ i like the ''And PLS Don't forget > Chloroform"

'Inner Beauty' somemore..

Ok, let me tell you. Before they 'open' its skin, this frog actually woke up all of a sudden. lol.. That's why they just take the tissue with chloroform and cover it. =.=

I forgot if it was this frog. One of the Alevel Medicine student was trying to cut its head because ''I want to see the brain!!'' but after that.. ''hey i can't see the brain!'' =.=

4 of us. =)

Ice is beautiful..!

Yes it is!! =)


Glad that i'am back at home.
Though bad thing happened and my younger sis cried,
At least, at least, i am here to fulfill her wants,
She wanted to play 'kill people' game,
She then wanted to play game 'that can make me happy',
Then she watched few series of drama,
all using the luckily is here laptop.
Glad that i'am back at home.

I wept.
Not because bad thing happened on me,
but because i couldn't be staying at home all-time,
What she can do if i ain't here?
She is just a girl.
If this never ends,
how would I focus on mine?
On the so-called education.
On the so-called friendships.

Oh ya, we were dancing at this cemara futsal field on Thursday night. =)

High School Musical 3 : Senior Year will be out on 24th October!! haHh~ just right for a xviii year old girl. Buahahahaa~

People, i've been falling down for times with baju kurung. =.= The worst part was on yesterday, holding books, bag on shoulder - with bookss too - i actually ter-stepped on the baju's hem and knelt to avoid further fall. So, it was like an emergency brake, with my kneecap on the ground. Consequently, left hand slightly peeled, left knee bled, left thigh muscle stiffen. Such a history. =.=''' And i tried to run yesterday... painfully slow!! O_O How to run on track?? Ya Allah..~

Today morning, I salute my 7 a.m. wake-up. It has been long since the last one, also after many many days of 5 a.m. =) Still tired, but better, much better indeed. Mommy jio me to a warehouse sale at Seksyen 7. Without any bit of hesitation, i accepted her jio-ing! =) And after quite a long time, i finally can eat 清汤. =.= You know, if you sell that at Seksyen 17, your business is guaranteed! For that you will monopolize it.

At Seksyen 7. FAGOR factory.

While she was looking around at some discount goods, one lady who was having a booth there promoting heel lotion, slimming lotion and body lotion. She saw me and started her 'speech'. Patiently, i listened to all. Somemore asked her where the product is made. ''Product of US (ohhh), but made in Malaysia (oh...)'' Then she was already so very ready, "Do you want a try?" > pressed out one of the lotion > "it's only a little bit'' > take my right hand > spread like how we do with butter on bread > "this product.. only need a little.. BUT it's a LITTLE bit hot" > "see?... absorb faster..." > stopped the 'butter' spread > "After a while, about 5 minutes, it will turn A BIT red, and you will feel A BIT hot, then after another few minutes, it'll be ok again" > "so now we have promotion....'' > I said : err.. I will ask my mama if she wants. hehe.

Proceeded to find my mama, not to ask her about the lotion lotion, but to see if she needs help. We walk here see there. Once walked back to the lotion booth, i just smiled to her, because luckily mammy was busying talking. Few minutes passed, i felt a BIT hot, my hand also turned a BIT red. Effective-nya~ =) Another few minutes passed, whoa i saw my skin pore! Opened big - maybe my skin need some air, yea. After few minutes again... maybe the lotion was way tooooo effective.. suddenly very quite hot, very quite red..

The normal left hand VS _____ right hand.

Then the lady saw me again. ''How?"
"I feel my skin turned stiff"
"Ya it should be.. well it will normally turn a BIT red, then a BIT hot, then it will be okay"
"But.. seeee''
''oh.. bengkak?''
"are you taking any medcine or antibiotic?''
''maybe your skin is sensitive. Ya.. sensitive skin..''
''er.. okay''
''thank you''
''=)'' (how come i still can do this? =.=)

I know the shape and color of my luck. Lately, it is somehow distorted, and somewhat grey and blue. I am waiting, waiting for the rainbow color clover shape luck. =)

A brief of what's happened lately :
  • Followed KJ to the photocopy shop, consequently, i am known as 'the one who doesn't know how to cross the road'. =_=
KJ - he'll kill me if he saw this. =P
  • An apple every day. Hopefully can keep the sickness away. =)
  • Essay again, as usual actually. Paragraph on 'The Love of My Life'. I wrote, sea sea. =)
  • With my room mate, we attempted to go down to a big big drain to get water sample. It was Monday baju kurung day, so.. we really met problem. But then an uncle who thought we fell into the drain (=.=) helped us. We saw all the microorganisms in the water!! By using a laser pointer. Then.. i thought of if you wanna suicide, but have no $ to buy poison, just go for the drain water. (omg..what am i..) Next wednesday Math & Science carnival, we have a booth~ =)
This isn't clear. We saw many kinds of cell cell!! This is from a Drop of water! They are moving~~ excited while looking at this. Genuine BioFan!!
  • Library is a place to Talk. We talked for 2 hours which was planned to be the study-time.*Library*
    Penangite YuChen > SueYing(spelling not sure) > Sarawakian ITguy Kelvin > effeminate KJ.
  • Every night, 830 - 1030pm, tradisional dance practice. Very fun =) Hell tired =| 9th Aug, night, we shall be presenting one of the nice nice performances.
  • Only have 5 hours to sleep per day. Plus the accumulated minutes of snoozes, headache hit me. Hit me!! =.= Every day's afternoon + evening class i will be fishing. This week gonna get something to overcome this. Any recommended product?
Waiting for bus bus. Zzz..
  • I like and hate the music faculty in Intec, used to pass by there. Like if someone is playing nice song. Hate because why the students there seemed so free all day?
  • I have been stressed for a while relieved for a while. After all I am not relieved.
  • I did bad in Math!
  • You won't be able to find a bowl of 'cintan' food at here. Everything is like the sun - red, orange, yellow - I am somehow amazed by their spirit of must-have-red-color-food every day. The food you can find is the Indian Roti-series, whatever kind of curry, mee Goreng, nasi Goreng, ayam ikan kambing etc Goreng. Bread is nice(r). Glad that LianBee, Baker's Cottage are here. =)
Seee!! =(After all i bought (rare) white rice + actually-spicy dying veges. Look nice? Only because suddenly the camera works good. =.=
  • Our ADFP all-day-fun & play has obviously become all-day-____& pressure. Fill in anything, i forgot. =.=
  • Just got the news that many my batch KH-ians are at Inti, Nilai now!!!!!! =( I am always the one, the one that is different.
Speaking corner. Wakil from Austin class!! ~~ Cedric Chen the debater.
A talk by representative from Stevens Uni.
At intec, miao-miao are all over the places. Went to computer lab with Jamie - former CHS student - today, we saw baby miao-miao~ =.=
Art of litter-basket. Were waiting for Ms zakiah the biology lecturer.
Wao.. library's book eh~Another collection oh~ =.=
  • Chao. Off to dancing practice! =)

Last week at the great/gargantuan hall.. lol
There were 252/251 ADFP-ians.

pre-announcement : Change all 'today' to 'yesterday'. =.=

This morning, somehow my phone alarm didn't ring, somehow i managed to wake up at 6 a.m. At 8 we were at the bus stop, 4 ADFP girls. Went up to UiTM main campus at Seksyen 2, omg!! Very yeng and leng and totally BIG/gargantuan (lol) campus it is! To walk from one faculty to another, you will walk until you crawl if you don't use bus. Just like those universities at oversea~ They have their own stadium, swimming pool ( good if they have one here like Inti has) and etc etc. It is a hot version of Genting. =.= The problem with the '4' is, because we only have 4, other put aeroplanes, so we end up all of us take up at least 2 events. =.=

We practiced for almost an hour, and wasted most of the time =.=. Ran and ran - oh gosh after months my lung capacity shrank and.. i only have 12 more days to practice 100m, 200m and 4*100m! =.= Winning will be a miracle on 2nd August. Yes it will be. After that i went to Inpro dance practice. We learned basic steps from Iban Melanau and Bidayuh today. Fun~ =) My new friend : Nana and.. forgot his name. =) I will soon turn tanned. =) But then.. i hope my hair won't turn browner. u.u

Then came back to 'house' to kemas kemas. Our cleaning is normally done on Sunday. Then.. went to the first time shopping with my room mate. Why? To get materials and tools and stuffs we need for the coming Math & Science Carnival. =.= Pathetic. But then we also buy biscuits and apples and bungkus our lunch~ And finally had our delayed lunch at 2.45 p.m. in our 'lovely' room. Almost everyone is watching moviesss and i have missed more than 10. =|

My soft board with 9 colors~ I want a colorful life. =)
But then lately, i like Black. Purely black. =|
*was drenched*
*was eating five grains bread!* =.=
Lamb > Chicken > BIRD. v.V
See that ' Spring Chicken'? IS there winter chicken? Or summer? Or fall? =.=

This is a.. unique song. Might not be unique for you. Then don't blame me. =)

Last thing i saw was.. A father and a mother was bringing their daughter's things, walking into the college. (em.. no car is allowed to enter, a NO-NO) Few steps ahead of them, an apek was hollering from the ground to his maybe cucu on the 2nd floor in her room. I used to bring up my own thing by myself, I want my fama to live good. Sometimes i just hope i can stay at home everyday to help them.

Ano, have i told you that the 'meaningful object' i used for the introductory speech was... Chocolate? hehe~ i actually bought a Cadbury Black Forest choc bar when i couldn't find Ferrero Rocher. My life is like chocolate, dark chocolate - sometimes bitter, but never get too sweet. =)

Found an effective way to blog from Intec.. blog when everyone is still sleeping. =)



Friday lunch time: -
Listening to Realize by Colbie Caillat stored in my hand phone. 12.52 p.m. Everyone has gone to AUSMAT cafe. I am the only one who stayed. Just feel like scrawling.. These days took so much of my ownself, I doubt the path that lays in front of me. Steady and self-conscious enough, i know the time when thing goes wrong or right with me. Right now, this minutes, many things are haywire. I revised the very moment i used to stand up smiling; that'll come soon, just that it is not now. Confess~ I am currently drained, so drained that i hardly can hitch a smile on my face. Sis, i'm still alive~ =) Maybe the reality i am now standing in is not complete. So many flaws that my uncountable times of deep breath has come to the state of useless. I don't wanna go and hit the icicle like what 'Titanic' had, I just wanna sit in the wave's lap. 我也想要去海边。

After that we had our 2nd SAT practice test from 250pm ~ 630pm. Freezing boring tiring paper - a jacket is important to enter the hall. Your brain could not stop. 25 minutes to write an essay and 25minutes +/- for each section. About 9 or ten of that. @.@ Did badly, i need a better mark.

Saturday. Mood was lifted by the look of my home. The floor shines!! =.= After weeks it bears the dusty look. Can you believe that the WHOLE family actually was sleeping in A room yesterday? Heee~ Kind of fun! Warm warm hearty feeling. I hope to bring this 'feng shui' to Intec, the 'feng shui' of staying beside the bed but doesn't feel sleepy. =)

Remember the future predictions by Mr. Juseleeno? ''2008, July: There will be an earthquake in Japan, which will cause a tsunami of 30 plus metres high to occur as well.'' Latest from BBC (today) - A powerful quake off the eastern coast of Japan sparks a tsunami warning for two prefectures, but no immediate report of damage. O_O

I hope i am posting something happy. Wait for me while i am regaining the happier myself. Tomorrow track & field selection and tradisional dance practice~ =)


Yesterday turned out to be so felicitous~ Because the Theology & Philosophy class was canceled/postponed. =.= The queue to buy lunch at AUSMAT cafe was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis x more long that I ended up buying white rice and dead-looking sayur. =.= After class sitting beside my bed on the floor, I terslept few times. Still proceeding find with the 430++ pages novel. Warm story, heart-touching. But then.. the story line somehow.. got some 18__ part already. =.= And you know what.. maybe too tired, or too needing something to rely on (lately...), i finally slept while hugging the piggy. =.= And.. miraculously, yesterday is the first night i used my blanket in Akasia! Perhaps snow fell. =) Internet has been seriously bad for 2 days. Grr..

Today morning i let my cognition goes slow. =)-ing inside. From listening to the hustles in the 'house', the upper and lower floors block mates' bustles, like a busy melody. =) Then on the way to class, wind blew on us who were walking sleepily, yellow leaves fell on us and followed to class. I like morning. =) Actually made me missing the seaside. I'd say i need at least an hour of breeze waving on my face - one of the thing that could clean up the 'cookies' files in me. We laughed a lot today, in class, because of vocabs. =.= Hopefully we will stay sane. lol. KJ's latest quote : I am effeminate. Laughing factor: Grope. =)

People, i need more energy to hold on. Donate ginseng~ =.=

Cheong Foh Kopitiam.. v.V
Drinking his half-boiled eggs.. my cousin Ming Feng.His 'pose' =.=

Back to Sunday morning. It was early, 8 a.m. Shouldn't have waken up that time. Because the moment my fama saw me, they said 'get ready and let's go'. =.= We went to Cheong Foh Cafe at Bukit Tinggi. Ate steamed bread and baked bread as my younger sister and I decided to see which one is nicer. =_+ After getting full we traveled to Eng Ann, for don't-know-why reason.

This time - stars stars moon moon~ =)

The moment i was on the road with many old old trees again, i snapped an oversized jacket and put it on. *Only to pass thru the guard house. It was a lucky thing that i remembered to do that, and it wasn't that lucky as the young guard lady doesn't want to let any car to drive in. =( But then my fama - fa = ma managed to look around my 'house' and my room~ =) After all i was let alone in that lonely 'house' in Akasia, and it was only around 11 a.m. =.= *when my room mate came back, she forgot to wear jacket and.. kena saman. At the same time forgot her name tag, kena saman. O_O sense the aroma of strictness?

Consequently i sat down with the beige wooden desk which originally is not a desk but i use as one. =.= For hours i on9-ed (smooothly.. that was the greatest moment of getting online at Akasia!=.=) and read the novel by Khaled Hosseini - the storyline is going to summon me until the end~ =)

Unlike inti, we don't have shade. Sun: dry. Rain: wet! =.=

Monday was ok. Spent the lunch hours in the library. New library. Then i was supposed to continue with the novel and math.. mana taufu.. I ter-found a book on Sketching and.. Hee~ =.= such a clunker.
The very-hotel-look library. =)
This is the mana-taufu, i was excited while sketching the mushroom!! =.=''' Don't ask me what's the third thing above, i'd no idea. Just.. a wood, grass, trees. =.=

And then we spent 2 hours for the TOEFL diagnostic/pratice test. Lecturer was right, the only thing that never change with this test is it is boring, and still boring. I almost slept at the Listening part and missed out many many sentences that cannot be played again. So with no choice, i was like throwing a knife to an apple on another's head, blindfolded. =.= At the Reading section, worse. The passages are looong and still, boring. So with the technique we were just taught, i skimmed and scanned the whole thing and did the comprehension cincai-ly. Luckily we are not doing this every week!

Felt that i am turning nomadic.. somehow. 25 - 27th Buddhist camp at Dong Zen~ hopefully there's still space... only 50 will be selected eii.. Oh Oh ow~ And.. KT and KJ are volunteering to the InPro Games closing ceremony dance!! O_O Modern or Tradisional? Both of us are active good students. lol.. We volunteered to take part in the Pembarisan of Inpro Games and now the dance~ And helping him to advertize : He is not sissy. XD Oh just knew that Louisa is joining us~ wee~ Austin powers!

Geez. This is a miracle as the connection here is 'good' enough to play the Oxygen song in my friendster. =) By the way.. =| =| =|.. i am envious of sovitha peiwun and huisin!! They go to Sunway College together.. Together.. =|