HAPPY 2009!!

Yes. I want to be Happy. If you have excess happiness, do send it to 017_7_7_7_ or call the hotline at 017_7_7_7_ or simply email kahwei1023@hotmail.com =p

Oh yes I want to be Happy. Happy means wiping out all the sadness.

Yeah I want to be Happy!!! Kill you sadness! =D

I made this so small because I am a lousy member.


My mom is going to cancel the streamyx we're using right now. I am not sad, because the connection is #$%^&. But, Maxis Broadband? (is it really that BROAD?) P1 Wimax? (coverage...) Or what or what? I should decide by tomorrow. All the promotions end after tomorrow!! Which one is better? =|

Excited? O_o

Since my sister and I will go back to our colleges on Sunday, on far at Kampar and another near in Seksyen 18.. my dad will send my sister while my mom will send me. My mom suggests that I send us to Seksyen 17. I am okay with it, but I know for the whole journey my mom will not stop nagging/scolding.. =.=

Gosh.. +1

Last day of 2008 is approaching, almost like running towards me. It is like seeing the word "2009" rushing towards myself. Should i had done anything for that? I am so empty. I want to be filled!

Money is almost everything.

My mom doesn't decide to cancel the streamyx subscription for fun, or to torture us, but to reduce the overall living cost. Which also means if tomorrow i say I want Maxis Broadband, I made a decision that will cost $ in my bank account. O.O

My name!

oh ya, I was quite satisfied for the renewed Jusco card. This card was applied under my father's name and IC number, but I am the one who is using it all the time. So i went to renew it today and.. I requested to change the name to mine. =p Kathy is a short form/derivative (anything..) of Katherine. So, miss Kathy, feel free to use both~ lol. 

Seksyen 17, 18.

Err.. are we going to take the same room for the next semester? When is the real date our classes start? Have i paid the rm85 to Bank Islam? Should i pack earlier? Why am i having so many questions? =.=

is Maxis Broadband reliable then??
I actually like the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 package,
but tomorrow is the last day of promotion!!

So, so, so~
after 5 working days, I realized I've spent my last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 2008 wearing Celcom purple-T, sitting or walking or promoting/talking at TGV BBT. Well, enough saying the same thing for 4 days, now I can recite all those things in my dream. =.=

"UPAX!! (what we'll shout to grab attention. lol. With Greenbox, Mini Toons and TGV, the noise was intense, so shouting will work) ini upax, not Xpax! It won't expire until you're 25! Now promotion, you pay 10 ringgit and you'll get 20 ringgit credit! This is the prepaid package with cheapest rate! 15 sen/min call to ALL networks!! Ada birthday bonus 1 week free call & sms to 8 people!"

Ahhh.. no more no more. These shoutings made my throat suffered. Our sales were not bad, 46,56,25,26,30 simpacks sold in 5 days~ I told you that I had 4 days of Lavender bread lunch-dinner, while for the last day.. HAHAHAA!! My partner and I had free sneaked TGV POPCORN from 2pm - 7pm. =_= One of the worker was our customer and.. so.. =p First time in my life I ate so many popcorn, we couldn't finish the XXXLarge popcorn, so we gave it to my 3 cousins who were there to watch movie. =.= I seriously have only eaten popcorn until I sleep at night, so i was so full with popcorn yesterday. =.=

So, after 5 days of bread and popcorn, I made mashed potato today~

People, eating potato is good~ Poor people in the past had potato as their staple food. So I want to replenish my lost nutrients. =p I felt sorry that I botakkan my mom's broccoli's flower heads for the mashed potato.. =.= Easy food i call it, boil the potato, mash it and mix, done.

The committee responsible for good health. lol

I miss Sovitha.. =( Missed out their gathering last Saturday. And thatha is flying to India next September! Go back home more often okay? Then I can visit you more often at Shah Alam soon! :D

Don't even have time for my new year's resolutions.. Let's simplify it:
  • I want to be smarter, but at the same time, stupid is ok. =.=
  • I want to be richer, how?
  • I want to be taller, can I? hehe.
  • I want to be healthier, can save tissues, thus save trees.
  • I want to be busy, seriously.
  • I want to be more useful, being able to do many things for many people.
  • I want to be omnipotent and omniscient, but not omnivore =.=.
  • I want to be more helpful, so grant me more time. =p
  • I want to be okay.
  • I want to be able to sleep every night without having to think so much.
  • I want to be forgetful of dimmed, sad chapters of my life.
  • I want to be me!
Oh ya.. you know what, driving Unser (without parking) is fun! I felt so huge driving it, and I like the "beep beep beep" when I turned the gear to Reverse. HAHAHHAAA!! I only drive it from the porch to the road la.. =p

Heard this song this morning and I found its lyric makes sense on myself. lol.

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket lyrics

I'm broke but I'm happy - yeah, what to do
I'm poor but I'm kind  - definitely. lol
I'm short but I'm healthy - yeah yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded - sort of
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed - which means insane =.=
I'm lost but I'm hopeful - of course

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five =)

I feel drunk but I'm sober - somewhat..
I'm young and I'm underpaid - YEAH! =_=
I'm tired but I'm working - SO TRUE!
I care but I'm worthless - that's why no one wants me. swt
I'm here but I'm really gone - always
I'm wrong and I'm sorry - i wanna be right..

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be quite alright
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is flicking a cigarette - i don't smoke. 

What it all comes down to
Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving the peace sign ^^V

I'm free but I'm focused - not at all. i cost a lot. and i can't focus.
I'm green but I'm wise - YES. should tell my parents this.
I'm shy but I'm friendly - er..
I'm sad but I'm laughing - so often
I'm brave but I'm chicken shit - $%^&*.. how to be both?
I'm sick but I'm pretty - i'd never agree on this.


em.. I have been working at TGV Aeon since Christmas eve. So far so tired. =.= I wanted to find replacement for myself for today's, but.. I COULDN'T find anyone!! SO.. sob. The formula of my humdrum is : wake up - bath - work - sleep, with fruit juice and biscuits in the morning and breads (i don't understand why everytime i eat at the booth people will come to buy number. =.=) until I hit the sack. 

Yesterday was a little bit okay. I was so happy that we sold 56 simpacks and could even off an hour earlier. But i was so ____ that my sisters were happying spending. =.= 

rushing out!! tata!

Currently reading, at a very, very slow pace.. =.=

Hari ini, Chinese all over the world will savor Tang Yuan/汤圆/glutinous rice balls to celebrate Dong Zhi/冬至/Winter Solstice Festival which indicates the ending of Winter and the coming of Spring. After this day/eating Tang Yuan, we are said to be one year older, and Chinese New Year is near!

At some places, this day is celebrated as Dong Jie/冬节/Winter Festival. Dong Zhi is the last festival of the year (for Chinese) when families will revalue and thank for the year, somewhat like Chinese people's Thanksgiving. :)

When I was younger, I thought eating the Tang Yuan is quite 'necessary'. lol. There was even a funny equation conceived by my mind itself :
Dong Zhi + Tang Yuan = growth.
Dong Zhi without Tang Yuan = cacat-ed growth = might remain short. ~__~

This year, Dong Zhi falls on 21 Dec, I don't really know how it goes, maybe because this year is a common but not leap year, as what situated in my mind has been Dong Zhi = 22 Dec.

To us, the Chinese, Dong Zhi is also a symbol of reunion among family members, and all family members will gather to eat Tang Yuan. This year goes the first year my family eats Tang Yuan with absentee, my sister is at Utar Kampar, working as helper for their Open Days. Also, this year we kneaded every single Tang Yuan without my mom.

What I had in mind was an house-tasks handler inauguration, where my mom slowly transfer things she has been doing to us. =p Well, I should really learn more, before it's too late to say it's. =)

I asked my younger sister if we should bluetooth some Tang Yuan to my sister at Kampar. =.=

To make Tang Yuan is easy, as long as you bring with you a big jar of patience. Just mix the glutinous rice powder with water, knead the dough into round shaped balls and done. For a more colorful look or what Chinese care - auspiciousness (ONG), the dough is often reddened, that's also the most common one. (oh ya.. Tang Yuan is so much like a Mua Ji.. haha) Some people put red bean paste/whatever paste into the balls, while some others buy packed Tang Yuan from supermarket.

For my family this year, I thought for the whole distracted morning (my dad woke me up at 7 o'clock to buy flowers for pray pray tomorrow. Kesannya, I got headache and I was sleepy. =.=). So.. instead of what we did in the past years, red and white Tang Yuan, my younger sister and I made a colorful one.

For coloring, we use natural coloring agents. =p

White - added with organic soya milk powder which i stopped putting in when the soya looks more like yellow =.=
- pandan leaves that i killed in the morning to spend my time and organic green barley powder because those leaves I killed didn't produce enough color
- carrot juice (I thought of using orange - out of stock =.=)
Purplish Black
- organic wild rice/black purple rice powder & black sesame powder
- organic beetroot oatmilk powder
*Thanks for those powder thing, colors obtained are nice and natural and of course, EASY. =D

This was what I aimed for..
But since it is kinda hard, and time consuming..



cuter right?
Many people don't like sesame, so if they randomly eat 2 (the eyes) they will taste the aroma and like it. =p

Hair added. lol

Army of Tang Yuan.. haha!!
Angry face, sad face, smiling face..
Green hair, black hair, red hair..
also some cacat cases, where eyes blend with hair.. =.=

We actually made all of this yesterday and today, we added all these Tang Yuan into err.. sweet soup? =.= My mom says we will have clear sweet soup this year, so that the Tang Yuan's colors can be seen. =D BUT, she used cane sugar.. so.. it is not clear at all. =.=

Happy Dong Zhi to all Chinese readers.
Don't pig out yourself with Tang Yuan, constipation might haunts you. lol.

Boss Mr.Philip called yesterday, offering 5 days working at TGV as they are going to have promotion there. I was shocked, semi-happy, and hesitant. Shocked: I was asked to work on weekend & Friday at Popular the day before, I even felt tired to work, remember I said my last day has gone and it is over? Semi-happy: thanked him for the offer which can earn me more than RM600 for that 5 days. Hesitant: increased sales target, which is 36 simpacks p/day *faint*, and working continuously is truly tiring.

Anyway, I took the job. And I'll get my mom and brother each a new year T-shirt when I got my pay. =) Or, er.. i think i will just give my mom RM100/150 and RM50 to my younger sis and bro, each.

My november pay is coming~~ to town~~
sorry, have been waiting for weeks.
and i got the news that boss will pay us before Christmas,
so Christmas.. i welcome you!!

I had my kelisa ride just now (first time in the evening!! until my dad asked me to switch on the car light =.=), and I told myself this shall be the tranquiliser of mine during this holiday, how pathetic. =.= According to my dad, only 20% of car buyers who get their cars from my dad wanted a manual car. I can understand, because you can learn auto car in um, 1 minute, or less.

Another statistic my dad heard from a bank officer: 30% of people under 30 is facing bankruptcy in Malaysia. So due to the recession, it is VERY hard to get loan from bank right now. (sounds out of my business, well it just popped out of my mind and my fingers got the message =.=)

It is kinda hard to set myself to sopor lately. I am happy with nothing to laugh at, and i am sad with nothing to cry for. There seemed to be no worry whatsoever, but i am agitated for stuffs that i assumed, are invisible threats.

Anyone can fall into a deep ravine during a down, grey-cloaked, charcoal black moment. I think i almost did. I surprisingly thanked God for taking away all my happy (should-be) memory when i was still innocent, underdeveloped, and undirected, making me never able to retrieve any of my childhood, not even a shot of myself in the nursery, kindergarten or primary school, what is left only ONE piece, which I were standing on a baby bike, followed by a fall that let me tasted dizziness for the first time in my life, which is also fading away, leaving me with nothing, only nothing. But why can't i have my few years ago scenes erased too, i asked. Maybe i'd ask genie from the magic lamp to give me back my 0-11 year old memory and take away my 13-16's.

Maybe (I said Maybe.) because of this - owning a hole that should be filled with kids' laughter, senseless when my sister is telling about what we had done when we were still shorter than 4 feet- i never would agree i'd written a good essay. Because to me, there is a serious lack of something, something like trueness, creativity, and insight. My friend can imagine a situation out of nothing (ex nihilo? =.=), while whatever i thought of to be written for a narrative will definitely fail. (and i know why i got worst results for both BM and English essays in primary 4-5-6, same until now =.=)

I don't know if i am the one who is typing, but at least by figuring out something out of myself soothes me in some ways.

My at-home routine is worse than mundane. Cleaned almost everything I can and end my day with silly jokes in my mom's room, I set a belief that by making my mom to laugh her head off she will sleep more soundly. =.=

This is not good, i'm still digging moments of silence out of this silent night. =|
I promised myself to learn the way to keep promise, and i promise to keep this promise.

Nice calming song.. =)
Too bad I can't find its download-able one/ even the whole song.

I was hibernating yesterday, but I am still sleepy today. =.=

Today I helped my mom to clean her Toyota Unser. About an hour I spent crawling here and there inside the car. lol. But it was fun with little raining and wind. =)

I curi pinjam this book while working on Friday.. =p
Quite an interesting book, with many common we-want-to-know questions.
(I knew that chewing gum can be laxative through this book.. so, it is OK if you ter-swallow it then =.=)

Joselynn - Tammy - me~
Alright. REALLY =D to know them. We were crazy for 3 working days, eat in the bookstore, talk, laugh until passersby stare at us etc. =.= FUN~

POCOYO is a cute thing! er.. not a thing, cartoon. =D

I need a new direction,
I need a new hope,
I need a new day,
I need luck,
I need to know what my mom's thinking,
I need to know how much I can give,
I need to know what I can do,
I need to see,
I must.
What am I typing?

Around 16 days to a.. _____ semester. O.o

If I break the laws of Physics do I go to jail?
Who know if they have Newton prison somewhere.. =.=

Do you like bread? If it’s a no, bye bye~ =p

Grown in Mesopotamia and Egypt, wheat was likely first merely chewed. Later it was discovered that it could be pulverized and made into a paste. Set over a fire, the paste hardened into a flat bread that kept for several days. It did not take much of a leap to discover leavened (raised) bread when yeast was accidentally introduced to the paste.” Source

So bread actually comes from Egypt. Picture.. a wrapped mummy, eating bread. =.=

from wikipedia

Why polo buns are called polo buns? “Polo” is actually ‘pineapple’ in Cantonese. So some people also call them ‘pineapple bun’ or what I saw in Lavender - Rocky bun. lol.

It is said that Hong Kong people in the olden days do not like the blandness of the flavorless bread, so they add sugar on the top and I don’t know how things went and so poof~ Polo bun is borne.

But then until today, like the theory of evolution, same thing happens to the Polo buns. There are Polo buns which look totally like a ball but not polo, or look like a bread but still not polo. =.= For the fillings, there are also much to choose from. Trying new thing is good. =)

Have you ever heard of the ‘Doomsday Vault’?
I only knew about it 2 weeks ago. And I deemed myself as a highly outdated person. (always)

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, also called the Doomsday (seed) Vault, is a seedbank located within an Arctic mountain in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard (a remote island near the North Pole, and north of mainland Norway), built to store every type of seed available in the world. One of the missions is to prevent accidental loss of diversity that happened in traditional genebanks.

Courtesy The Global Crop Diversity Trust 2006 / Statsbygg
Artist concept of vault design

This seedbank is built by the Norwegian government in year 2007, opened in early 2008, with the organisation by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which has responsibility of ensuring the "conservation of crop diversity in perpetuity".

They looked far far into the future, modeled climate change, in which they predict the climate change in near 200 years and the melting of ice at the Poles to make sure that this site will be still above the water level. And if the mechanical refrigerator failed, the surrounding will continue to freeze those seeds.

The entrance.
Sources: 1,2.

I just thought this is an interesting thing, for me!! Seeds, crops, I’d rather knowing these, somehow. =)


I watched P.S. I Love You yesterday, half in the morning and the rest in the evening. Ya, I know many of you have watched it ages ago. Nice movie. For me the main thing in it is when we’ve lost something, irreversibly, we must learn to let go.

Have you lost something or somebody before? I accept the fact that I have. Letting go is not as easy as ABC and is not as simple as saying Yes I Can, yet for many, it is the only choice.

I really do not like the presence of the lost, still lingering here around me, not physically but mentally, as if it will never leave me alone. Sometimes I thought I am destined for the life it left behind, so much, so real that time couldn’t erase.

Ok. Today is another tiring and almost aimless day. Jusco members’ card day at Aeon, High Hill (Just learned this. High Hill = Bkt. Tinggi. Star Hill = Bkt. Bintang. King Hill = Bkt. Raja.. ~_~)

My mom drove very slowly, thinking that it was still early before 9am and everyone must be doing the same. There was no bit sense of rushing. 8.50 a.m. when we were about to reach, oh my cars. Traffic was already in a slow motion. My mom was like, “I thought we are still early so I drive this slow ah, siao, people so ganjiong (nervous) for what?!”

She dropped my younger sister and I there and then we knew why. By the time I stepped in, maybe 9am or what, there were only 2 trolleys left. =.= And by the time we went into the Supermarket, people were snatching Darlie toothpaste.. =.= The most amazing moment I saw was people buying the WHOLE BOX of Darlie. Inside that box, well let me count.. there are more than 50 toothpastes. VERY CHEAP MEH? SO IN NEED MEH?

Trolleys jammed.

Hot aisles in the Supermarket were crowded with trolleys and adults. In a twinkling, toilet tissues packed with promotion price were gone, while the staffs keep taking out Darlie from their store. Unbelievable. And oh, Dynamo is one of the 6 goods sold at lower price for Jcard members, limited to 2 units per person. And to get those 6 goods, they set up a separated counter outside the supermarket. So people have to queue to buy them. The line, started from few meters and zoomed to the car park within an hour, well, try walk twice from your house’s front door to the back door and to the front door and.. well the line is still longer than that.

So, if you were there you can see people pushing out trolleys with many many many Dynamo and.. Dryper diapers. lol. Oh, they can buy many many Dynamo because, they just need to pay their Dynamo separately (either in separate receipt or cashier counter). So.. look what my mom has done..

Me : Wah, good. We can drink them later. How long can we use them until they finish?
Ma : More than half year.
Me : O.o

Me : Today people in Klang are crazy. How long do you think people buying boxes of Darlie will use to finish all their Darlies?
Ma : Siao one ah them.
Me : Cheap mah. Later economic merosot more they untung.
Ma : Later Darlie's price drop they rugi.
Me : Will meh?
Ma : Who knows??

Glorious moments:
  • one lady, four trolleys full with paid items.
  • one lady, one mother, 2 maids (useful during sales =.=), continuously filling and de-filling their trolleys to and fro the car.

I am happy I bought a new bed sheet which originally cost RM8x.xx at RM23. =)
I am NOT happy I forgot to buy a new mouse.. not that mouse, is that one you’re holding now (I assume).
I was too tired to queue for all fitting rooms that will take at least one hour so I ended up leaving that many hell low priced apparels floor. Ya.. I know I can save 70% for so many many many things but, there were too many people!!!

Wooh. Going to work at there from Friday to Saturday, with sales target to hit. AH. Oh please.. *I hope during that 3 days, many people suddenly need new Upax simcard. lol* Should be the last 3 days. :) Adding these 3 days, I would have worked 8 days (ONLY.. haha!!) during this holiday, and earned an amount of.. around 1k. Thank goodness I worked, I can foresee another big spend on books and papers on January, plus I HAVE already spent quite much in this holiday =.=.

My breakfast for today: Popcorn. I was just starving and I terpaksa buy this because I have to LOOK at the trolley all the time from dirampas. =.=
My lunch: Polo buns!! (eh, I start to like bread already. Done with mexico bun i am now into polos. haha~) I'll post about polo bun and ___ tomorrow~ Since I don't think I will post during this working weekend.

Accidentally saw this pity car.. haha

*√√√√√ is rated full*
I know this is early for many prefer-last-minutes, but ordering is available now. =) Dying to help my mom and those aunts.. =.=

People~ if you're living at Klang/Shah Alam, and if you think you want to be a good daughter/son buying your family some fresh handmade (no machine!) cookies for coming January, or you parent is planning to buy some later, try these!! =) Baked by aunt Susan Tan. She has been teaching in cookery and baking for years around Klang area. She is the one who makes all the 9 types cookies one by one using her hands, she starts taking order/selling from now until early January, so my mom
and I are helping her. :)
*no added preservatives.. if not I will ban them from entering my house =.=*

Green bean cookies~ NOT mung bean. √√√√√
青豆,not 绿豆.
*I like this the most..hahahha!!*

Almond cookies~ 杏仁 ah~ √√√√√
*I like this too! =.=*

Cornflakes cookies~ NOT nestum. =.= √√√√
*I like this three~ swt..*
that's why I only asked my mom to take 3 types.. =p
Yea, I know the price is kind of high. But this is because of increased ingredients cost and ALL prices are set by aunt Susan herself, so find her if you're not satisfied. =p
I say it is quite expensive because some 10 types of cookies made my another aunt living alone in Banting, are priced around RM15-17. My mom (and I!!) are also helping her because her children are all working outside. (let me tell you which one is better. lol) Order is being taken now so that this Banting aunt can prepare earlier and buy things she needs to bake~ =)

Pumpkin seed - √√√√
Almond - √√√
Cashew Nut - √√√
Green Bean - ___ because the RM22 one is √√√√√
Tapioca - √√√√√
I don't know - √√ (because I don't like.. aunties like it =.=)
Nestum - √√√
You name it - √√√√
Buy buy~ I will be VERY delighted if you only buy 1. :D
To order, find me!! or my sister if you are her friends. LOL.

I shocked myself one morning when I forgot my mom put in some purple sweet potatoes into the porridge because the whole thing turned purple. lol.

Before I forget, if you have Reader’s Digest (from year 2007 onwards) AND if you think you’re not going to open to read it anymore, please don’t recycle it!! Donate them to me.. =)

These days when I am bored to nirvana certain extent I’d dig out some past year RD magazine I have to read (thoroughly). =.= I remember years ago I was choosing which article/story to read and which to skip.. hehe.. =.=

Friday.. er.. If I am not mistaken I went for short shopping. Things are cheaper lately. Thanks to the mega sale saving sale warehouse sale etc. =)

Saturday I was working at Popular, replacing a friend’s shift. I met quite some friends from secondary school. And ohh, I met mr.leong. The best thing is the boss, mr. Philip came and bought us POP soda water and Mentos SUGAR FREE gum, yap, that one with aspartame. haha~


Yap, Sunday morning I went to Pandamaran, my mom’s more exact hometown. Almost suffocated by those exhaust gases, I dislike motorcyclist. (sorry, have to =.=) And the traffic was so so so jammed before 9am, SUNDAY eh?

If feels.. great meeting thirty others form5 classmates on Sunday. Girls with longer hair (I shouldn’t have cut mine =.=) and boys with more colorful one. Still with so much laughter. :D

You know what, I am sort of.. addicted to Mexico (coffee) bun lately. *Only lately, I am sure it won’t last long.* I had one Mexico bun almost every day (this week) and I think I have tasted all Mexico bun available in Klang. Haha~ The three best one are from Lavender bakery, Pappa roti and Baker’s Cottage (when they are still hot of course). The worst one is from pasar pagi/malam, because they are bitter in taste. =.= The next mission might be buying all polo buns at Klang. I am crazy.


I looked taller than the 180cm cupboard.. =.=
I want 167/8! O.O

Today all 5 of us went out without my dad (he has to work) to Damansara~ We went to Ikea (now I dislike Ikea.. when it is really crowded.. omg.. hate!! you just wish you will get out of there but it is not that easy to because you MUST walk until the end, no U-turn =.=) Then we went to OneU. SO SO sooo crowded as well. The only thing I bought from Ikea is a photo frame-like table mirror. lol. I found my shoe in Ikano!!! After 3 stores in Klang telling me “no more size” and “last one”, I found it! =) But i paid it, not my mom. =.=

And thank god my mom found those cups she wanted and oh god I have to find bowls she wants on Wednesday. Slowly, she is trying to replace old/new unused stuffs in the house by donating and giving them out and get in new ones. Good for me, I just keep trying to get rid of many many things that she and my dad wanted to keep. I was like.. will a 20 years old refrigerator brings you sentimental value??? =.=

I told you I am going to make some black sesame spread! But then i decided to mix it with white sesame. But then i regretted. Because white sesame.. tasted weird with black sesame, causing the whole thing tastes a bit odd. =.= A very easy thing. Just powderize those sesame seeds (as fine as possible) and mix them with cooked cane/black/___ sugar concentration or honey and done~


Because of this bowl, I ate so much black sesame.. =.= Taste.. add honey.. taste.. add honey.. taste.. ew..

This morning, (somehow it happened after I decided that I'd switch between Mix Hitz and Fly FM the whole day) Fly FM Pagi Show's DJs - Phat Fabes, Ben and Nadia, were fighting ON AIR.

Yep. My morning has officially started off with their fighting, with people calling in to tell them what to do, with Phat Fabes supporting Ben, and with Nadia infuriated. WHY? They were fighting because Nadia defended that Ben should Not have used 'twenty-eight hundred' but 'two thousand eight hundred'. I was so =.='' that I am so sure guess Nadia is having PMS, let it be Pre-/Post-. Because she afterwards, refused to say sorry, and then said sorry, but still insisted that "I am NOT wrong. I said sorry not because I feel I'm wrong." (sort of..) After their show, they have to meet their boss. lol. Switching to Mix and Hitz FM, I sensed how much teamwork has to be there for everything that involves more than 1 person, if not, everything will turn out as mess..

This is one of the coolest messiest shops I've ever been to. I can imagine my mom's reaction if that is my room.
a) "OH MAI GOD WALAO-EH!!" *probably fainted*
b) "WAHHhhh~~ ... nice room."

You know. Often when you are bored, and you MUST do some things that your mother asked to, you can make fun out of the chores. But please don't overdo it of course. :)

This is what I have done when the honorable mom suddenly announced the preparation of vegetable troops and later the killing boiling of them. =.=

Such a miracle that they are being eaten now by the whole family and my cousins. (of course they are still edible!) oh and, raw carrot tastes better.. =.=

And then, the bleached. Maybe the three of them are looking at their 'separated bodies'. lol..
Japanese tofu, with lens from Eden organic cafe. =p

I promised to make my family (more to mySELF.. haha!!) black sesame spread, provided that I succeed in making it. Because the one we used to buy has its price spiked from RM13.50 >> 18.50. #$%^&*..

Talking about spread, I was 'transferring' homemade peanut butter yesterday, and when i am done, the peanut smell was all around my hand. =.=

Oh ya, Petrol is a little bit cheaper now, RM1.90. Yes, only A LITTLE BIT cheaper, I think.

You know.. reading news from sites everyday is making me a little uneasy. It is like.. the world is in a big BIG mess, and yet it is getting BIGGER. =(

Sometimes it is even like seeing adults playing children games. Must they make everything so complicated and.. immodest? Yeah.. power plays, and kills. How ugly.

Imagine and picture a look of Kolej Akasia without our baju-baju hanging..

TUESDAY, 02 DECEMBER 2008 23:26
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that starting next year, the people who stay in multilevel residences will not be allowed to dry their laundry in the open where the public can see. He said “We can see today that most people living in multilevel residences like flats, apartments and condominiums dry their clothes in the open. It is unsystematic and affects our efforts to portray a modern image for Malaysian cities. For the moment, we will have a guideline so that necessary action can be taken by parties concerned, including residents to have proper equipment and facilities so they need not expose their laundry. For the time being, it is more on making the moral switch. It it does not work, then we have to consider amending existing laws,”

-Zen, MalaysiaToday