ends on Friday afternoon, after a nice and long Thursday sleep. =_=
I keep on telling myself that one more month~~~ plus a week!~~ I'll have time~~ to sleeep~~ 10hr~~~ every day!~~~ XD

I seriously don't know if it is normal to be able to only do less than 2 pages of my term paper per day. It even feeeels funny to look at the long sentences that I was reluctant to end with a dot. lol.

I know I'm slow.. v_v and now I am super kia si already.
Coming one month is like.. another omg we should endure and be alive afterward.
2 more presentations, 3 more assignments, numerous more exams and very little sleep.
*thank you for motivating meee ♥*
So for the next few weeks, we should start preparing for finals by:
  1. Listen to lecture and put more effort to not falling asleep than understand what's on the slide.
  2. Eating
  3. Rushing term paper
  4. Sms-ing
  5. Online-ing
  6. Flipping books
  7. And asking your friends "study already?" and phew if they say No. LOL
-Last Saturday at Sunway-
had some nice inexpensive food in Sakae Sushi, they are surprisingly better than Sushi King which offers higher priced foods.
*what I ate with dd:*
♥ If you like cheesy thing you'll like this hee. ♥
*dd likes this ho*
♥♥ If you like raw salmon you'll like this super much heeee! ♥♥
*i like this super much tq dd~~*
Chawanmushi with some very fishy smell thing on top lol. ♥
and some other that we'd swallowed before we can take any photo. :P
*indirectly introducing bbdd's ring lol:*
It was a relaxing day that ended with a huge pile of guiltiness for dumping the assignment at home. -.-
Can I go back mumbling about term paper again? I don't know if what I have typed are what I thought. And alas, I lost a super important paper that I had jotted down my paper's planning scheme and I do think I might need to scan through the book for.. the 3rd time V_V

If you are good at swallowing huge tablets, teach me the skill =.=
I will never trust any "easy to swallow" label again. swt.

Bought 3 tops for no reason. One reason: Stressed. can?
But I do have to thank my mum whose cook-for-us frequency is 10/365days for cooking :)

So, what to do?
Except keep eating, sleeping and waking up facing Microsoft Word until the ideas gone dry and I'll eat and sleep and... again~ :)
*♥ ya*
JieHong is flying to Japan on Monday, all the best la~ hee.

if you want to speed on the road..
otherwise, this is what you will get:

I miss that super purple pao I don't care if it's mere coloring lol.

So.. this week is not as depressing as exam week. But I do like exam week.. because that's the only time I am tuned for study, eat, and sleep and nothing else. Geeky enough. Once the exams are over, I'm dead. Deadly lazy. -_-

This week is supposed to be fun, I think =.=

My roommate had a nightmare on her term paper. And the housemate and I were like.. "we just haven't STARTED our nightmare" at least she is on the way already lol. Mine will start soon =)

Was super exhausted yesterday, but miraculously I woke up at 830 but not 11 or 12pm. Hee.

I am hungry now -.-

Occasionally I hope a choice is given to me, not me choosing from the choices. Application is way easier than er.. choosing :P

I miss clarinet weiii.. eee..

Okay going back to finish my 2nd-time reading for the term paper novel. Oh oh. We have proposal to do?

Just feel like covering the left eye. I suang. XP

sneezing nonstop..

that I can stay alive and not appearing on the newspaper "Seorang gadis berumur 19 telah... akibat drpd konflik.. serta depression (lol) yang..."

Weird week. I feel weird myself. very weird. somehow. I saw something changed in the page. And feel super.. don't know what. eee. Take hundreds of year to understand these sentences. :)

I disappoint people, as much as I disappointed myself. As always.

Hah. Went to the bakery which makes made Chocolate mint cake, and was told that they don't make that anymore. Brother, your fault. Lol.

Take my head away. @.@

Felt weird again. With my family. the Parents. I wonder they are normal -.-. Mum side lecture as breakfast, dad side lecture as lunch. I was so full. So full I wanna throw out. but I don't wanna throw them. more. at you. So I digested. XD

Learning to appreciate life.MORE.

Learning to avoid sickness.HOW. -.-

Learning to eat more.LEARNED. XD

Learning to sleep less.UNLEARNED.Don't wanna learn. :)

Learning to see.You.

How long can you stand me? stand my ever ill mood?

of a very deep sleep after a very tiring week:

I only realized that I kicked it so terribly at night that I found it lying like that in the afternoon after I have waken up for.. 6+ hours? XD

See, I did literature assignment with heart, a lot of them, like ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, but I don't think the outcome is any great lol. I knew when I have time to err play with the mirror, it was already past 1am. Weekend eh? eee.

Anywayyyy, tata to the last midterm in Intec. I will, might miss you.
Gosh next week I shall get heart dysfunction thrice getting my papers back.
Ah, never mind, they'll never ever mind even if I fail. hee~

I keep entertaining myself by doing silly things lol. I had fun lol.
So? Lol. XD

Headache, headache.

Over the midterm papers. But I am not emo :)
Over the weather~
Over the tiredness~
Over the headache~
Over the backache~ *lol like an old lady*
Over the under-PMS brother. *wth is wrong with him? Almost accused me for the faulty light bulb and talked to me like thaaat. Anger.*
Over the undone tasks. *Gosh*
Over the never-seems-to-be-reaching score reports.
Over the stain I can't get rid of *lol*..
Over the thought of coming weeks~
Over the fear of marks =__=
Over the inherent ability to keep falling asleep and to keep have to be asleep -.-

Amy's soup :)
My pillow and bed, making me love them so much I just wanna keep sleeping -.-
Hugs I got :)
My patience to keep waiting for the score reports -.-
My past, those that made me who I am today, both happy and not ones :)
My many sandals which keep dying, I mean breaking, in weeks and not months under my feet. -.-
My dad who finally is aware that I am flying which I deduced from this question "So you are flying in which month?"
My mom who seems to be so gan jiong "When you are leaving right, put all your stuffs up there, nicely." -.-
Anyone who has helped me in studying for midterm hee.
My effort to re-read alllll short stories and found out the pleasing and meaningful literary feelings they can provide, and hardly went through the 20marks "The Glass Menagerie". =.=

See, I am not emo. Lol.