Dislike dislike d.i.s.l.i.k.e

If you see properly.. Bear has hair clip on it XD

I miss the beach I miss the sleep I miss the days.. when I have nothing but so much to think. -.-

My official unofficial time to cry for midterm is um, near. If there's some kinda injection which will make me study..

Trying super hard (not really) to save the allowance to er, subsidize my own laptop soon, an external hard disk, and some stuffs? Why don't I just stop spending yay~ -_- Don't make me spend thank you =)

Currently addicted, er, to Salonpas patches. I couldn't sit diam-diamly without it just now =.=

You must be thinking why am I so free to post this.. Because I have mood, doesn't mean I have time. -.-

Life, what do you want from me?

Time flies~ kan?
I am old d.

Glow glow~

taken by the sister:

Feel short, but cute mah short. lol

Super like my brother's expression XD
"hmph unfair I am not in hmph" XD

Sleepy eyes heee

Daddy's mummy's sister's traditional house. Likie! The feeeeel it gives is something indescribable. :)

Hee. For 3 years I am not going to see this and 'participate' by helping the parents on this. Gonna miss it. Hee. That was when we were paipai-ing to the ancestors. Hee.


March is going to hectic, feverish, sleep depriving, scary, malnourished (-.-), and sleep depriving.


Week 9 of the semester is.. horrible. Monday is a whatever die then die; Tuesday CTES assignment due, presentation; Wednesday Chemistry test =(; Thursday Cell Biology Test T.T; Friday Literature Quiz.. The week after that, Technical writing presentation and website design due, Literature term paper almost almost due.. this due, that due.. but my sleeping debt is long ago due too. @.@

My old migraine attack is back.. =((

Today is public holiday, and well.. Mummy suddenly wanna go to Dong Zen temple, to SEE THE ORCHID UNCLE SAYS VERY NICE. To tell you facts about my family members, it's gonna be funny. Today I learned something new too. My mom takes care of her cars better than she would on us. =_='' The car's 'skin' has problem then she can spend to polish it. My skin got problem? She will find a reason to blame me for getting that skin. Lol. Cute her~

Yap. I am at home, trying to stay away from making myself more tired with the trip, trying to knock my head with hand hoping that the migraine can be knocked off -.-, and trying to get used to miss the outings that they plan. Hm, sounds okay.

*Ops* thunder! *YAY!* Lol. I simply love storm, thunder.. just the sound they could make hee.

Hope I can be alive after next week tests, feel so unprepared =( Blame myself, I am not the study type.. And I can't make myself thaaat studious and that's why I can't be (and don't really wanna be thaaat smart) lol.. Sorry to MrKamal if my assignment just doesn't meet your standard. I will try to be smart -.- Super miss the clarinet d.. Miss the swimming pool that parents hate too lol. And I even miss sleeping without alarm. Lol.

All the best to those who are going to be so so so so tired next week. :)


is when you go back home each week, you don't see/talk with the family more than you doing the house chores;
is when you sit around the dining table eating with them, never more than ten times per year, feeling the completeness;
is when you get a holiday after 2 months, still exhausting, but wake up at 7-8 every morning to lend a hand while thinking about your undone assignments, mixing with a huge 'give face' responsibilities to celebrate..
is when you have helpled whole day and people went complain on you smsing like SO much.
is when you spent 3 days celebrating and worry so much the next day.
is when you spend 4nights of your holiday sleeping after 1a.m. @.@
is when you still want another day for holiday even it is because darurat, or maybe, ah just get me an MC..
is when you look at the clock ticking so fast as if it is so happy and proud with its irreversible ticksss that you want to smash it into pieces -.-
is when you miss your friends but you don't miss the situation you are going to meet up with them =(
is when your neck has gone so stiff you will wonder if you had one.
is when you now even enjoy closing your eyes since there's no time to sleep..


年初一, Sunday:

Red here red there. Happy happy~ Got some angpau. Ate some food. Lol..

I think that everyone should set a boundary on knowing about other people. If they want to let you know, they will tell. If they don't tell you, don't turn yourself to an interrogator, you don't want people to ask you like that.


年初三, Tuesday:

Just got back from Penang, super tiring trip. Er.. I enjoyed my sleeping times, somehow the eyes just wanted to keep closing.. lol.

Not a super great happy trip but, yea I'm satisfied spending time with family. =)

年初四, Wednesday:

Only started my literature assignment, which gave me a lot of headache to squeeze my thoughts out. It just doesn't feeeel like CNY anymore~ =(

年初五, Thursday:

Went somewhere? Lol.
Hah. Watched Big Small Soldier with uncle and cousin and dad and sisters, laughed. yay.

Ada orang says ini macam dalam pub =_=''
yea, so sleepy can~~ sleep..

年初六, Friday:

Forgot where I went, I just remembered my family had dinner at 大团圆 restaurant lol.. Oh ya, blackout for 2-3 hours, which was my deciding factor to go out for dinner, and window shopped for around an hour.

年初七, Saturday:
Went OldTown to eat bun lol. Talked to my uncle and aunt, nice nice. Bought a sandal wee. Bought a keychain swt. Had dinner at 龙门 with family, another reunion dinner, I just like that feeeel. Alien me, I rarely have the chance to look at 5 faces when I am eating. :) Bye bye to elder sister who is back in Kampar, remember my lollipops. -.- Ask him to get me rare ones can or not? :P *EH!! You forgot to pass me your J-card duhh.*


Want to help my parents on later Pai Ti Gong but I look sick, feel sick, and is sick. @.@ facing this screen is killing my brain, my sight, and my body and my soul.. T.T
Even funnier, each disconnection Streamyx gives is like a stroke attack for me. -.-

Let me~~ sleeep~~ one more YEAR~~ =.=

an emo kia. XD

My toefl vexation has ended. Wee~ Thank you daddy for your money, and thank you dd for everything~ hee~

Assignments are all coming to us like.. tsunami.. Gosh this will definitely last until April, for people who are lazy like me -.-

Went to MACEE for a DV Conference by Prof. Brenda Flanagan. Nice one, only problem I have was to trying to digest whatever given as fully as possible, which made me feel like a turtle. (-.-)''

Cell Biology Test1 on Thursday. "Die lah" already~ Thank You.

My house's gate is like in a separuh condition. With a gap that's to be left until the end of CNY. Blame the metalworkers they can't get our exterior gate done earlier. Lol. For the first time in my life I am going to see a new gate being set up at the house, which I had stayed for... 19.4 years! XD sampat.

Looking forward for CNY heee!! Angpao (well money has become super important when I see how they flooooow out from my wallet -.-) , food, reddish everywhere, sleep, meeting uncles who will definitely ask when I'm flying, food, meeting aunts who will guess our ages, sleep, meeting people who will say "wahh grow up d huh? lenglui lengcai d wohh", food, a lot of praying, sleep, and last but not least cry for Midterm exam at the end of all of the fun. =_=

Ah. *Neck turning stiff* *stretch* *crack* =.=

Miss daJie Kylie when you're back I hope you have the power to help cleaning the house I am dead and dried -.-

Omg I just came to a consciousness that it is 6th of February already. Cepatnya..

Cham. Am so babied lately. XD

Find hundreds of reasons to smile today and
be the reason for someone else to smile~ :)