Ops. I know this is a bit bit late...''a bit..'' ~ hee~

THE PIG TEST - Drawn your pig?
The pig serves as a useful test of the personality traits of the drawer.

If the pig is drawn:

Toward the top of the paper, you are positive and optimistic.
Toward the middle, you are a realist.
Toward the bottom, you are pessimistic, and have a tendency to behave negatively.

Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
Facing right, you are innovative and active, but don't have a strong sense of family, nor do you remember dates.
Facing front (looking at you), you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.

With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
With few details, you are emotional and naive, you care little for details and are a risk-taker.

With less than 4 legs showing, you are insecure or are living through a period of major change.
With 4 legs showing, you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.

The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are.
The bigger the better.

The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life.
And again more is better!


You're not my sunshine. Leave me further..~

Trees in inti stop dancing again. = =''' So? HOT. I think i finally knew why i have been kind of tiring.. because i did go to bed early, but..in fact fall asleep Successfully Late. Why? Hot. Even waiting for teacher to have the classes start, we are not able to stay inside the class like before already. Because..HOT. I can't even speed up my pace to walk to class. Still, HOT. We bathed many times a day. HOT. We were having sauna-style noon nap. HOT. At night I kept telling myself ''Heart quiet naturally will cold'' [= =]''', but still i can't reach that level. HOT. My conclusion, HOT HOT.

So Tuesday we were so so so so so free.. 1.30 hours class, no more. Whole day i was like.. har.. how many hours to go? okay.. countdown to sleep. Then.. read Tzu Chi magazine (chinese one leh~~) learnt so so so much for my further mind upgrade! keke.. Then tried to sleep. Then woke up. Then then.. i just want the clock to turn faster~!! Wednesday, 6 hours marathon classes. ''Great'', i felt sleepy all the way. hehe.. And followed Huei Ying's parents back to Klang. Huei Ying is now Inti-UC-ian too! Finally leh.. I am not the only one already~ But then it was actually so.. sia sui.. I showed the wrong road to her dad.. Hahahaa!! Okay.. next time don't call me out without a map. If yehling wasn't there.. i might have brought them to.. somewhere.. near Nilai pasar malam there already..Muahahaa!! =.=''' Okay.. Mr. zeven's request was fulfilled. In a lovely Wednesday morning. ** Time for a sleepy break : Do visit HERE for chess and chick news. = ='''... :P :P , (btw, what does it mean by 7833?? Toto ah?) ** Ding ding.. tomorrow's Labour's Day. So holiday.
HOT? Not anymore.. living with aircon.. in my nest. Thank God~ Feel that i am so outdated.. Yuan lai kenny sia visited Inti-UC during March.. lol~

Sicky updates - I sicked. Jia Huey sicks too. Su min sicking. Jack sicks three. Ahyeh sicks four.
In the end. Happy Sicking~ ^^V

Happy Birthday to Rachelle shuai ge~
Happie Birthday to WeiChian tuu!
I am seriously tired (for nothing), so.. goodnight~

I Did drink plenty of water... = =''But undeniable and inevitable, my voice still sand sand (sha sha).. [= =]'''Whose bed has more moo moos?~~muahahaha~ (o_-)'''
A birthday present years ago, a hehe-cup.
With... a lol-back :D Drinking~?!@$#%&~~> beetroot..

In the very 1st class of 2nd semester, which was er, Psychology, we were - in the 1st minute, asked to Draw A Pig~ Hey If you wanna do this personality test (Pig Test) too, go get a big plain paper and a pencil and eraser, draw a pig~ i'll post the test result tomorrow~ :) But then, don't draw for an hour aa, just 5 minutes is enough. So we draw.. big one small one fat one (pig never be skinny one?) cute one... Then we were asked to close our eyes, imagine things, bla bla bla.. Like Harry Potter de don't know what class. = =''' Oh ya ya, before that with Jamie and Yilee, we went to enrol.. Paid RM300 (cash too ma~ ceh.. :P :P) Our homework ''Ask your parent what type of baby you were.'' lalala~ Better than any other homeworks! Then afternoon, lying on the bed for an hour trying to sleep.. mission failed~ Next, English class with C2's students and Ms. Prema. Had fun, but then.. quite sien de, because we talked more than we listened. hahahaa~ swt.. Then back to room, clean clean and clean.. made calls, receive calls.. chatted. Then something unbelievable.. **I didn't know why I slept at 9pm.. and didn't know how i woke up at um..7a.m. lol..** I was waiting for the rain, but then.. okay didn't fall anyway. But after 2 days of observing the trees from the room's window, i can conclude that ''the weather is getting better already lu~!'' Because the trees started to 'move'!!~ by wind of course.. hee~

puzzle pieces
In our lives, we are searching for the puzzle pieces..the right one(s) ;)
Have you found yours?

May.. is.. coming!! May, +wei's Power Month? err... People are getting into colleges, form 6, matrikulasi.. So friends out there, have fun yo~ OH, tomorrow ho, finally there's ONE person i knew coming to Inti-UC~ ^^V

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Will it be raining today? u.u
I miss some scents behind me..~


The Bottom Line

Focus on your health and diet today -- little changes can really make a difference. (Ya i know.. :P)

**Ten teng~**
Sampai-ed at Inti once again~ But then.. = = the weather here is more more bit bit same to Klang's one.. i meant the hotness. Clealiness of air? Better! ^^V Cough die me for the whole day. My dad was so so so thoughtful yesterday, with bags and bags, not bag! I brought all upstairs by myself. And it was like.. going up and down for over 4-5 times. He just stood there talking to a mang ka li singh. Walao.. is he your dad or am i your daughter?! I spent X-hours cleaning the room, room mate will only back on next week. Her name is Apple.. the one i eat everyday.. = =''' So yi ge ren-ing. Now i am at Block D lu~ D2-32. Higher, nearer. All my sisterS are in the same block yo~ I actually forgot to bring quite 'a few' of things.. how did i actually pack my stuff har? -_-''' The worst was i saw the cup, wahh Cup~ without any spoon... (=.=)''' It's good to be back~ to be guai guai again. hahaha~ *em Jack, your mom is right one, It is HOT* Rain, i am waiting for you~~ Woke up in the morning ho, so 'Wah~'' 6 unread sms-es. ''Maths class cancelled.......'' Yay!! suang die me.. Teacher, i will thank you for canceling the class. :D :D (wonder if she canceled the class because she got high blood pressure owing to our 'very good' maths performance..hehe!!) Looking around at my one week-stuffs, um, can survive la hor? Yep! Lalala~ Thursday Labour's Day~ yipee~ At first i thought ho ''Friday 12pm, coming coming!!'' Now? ''Thursday coming2 too!'' kekeke.. Since ahem ahem, someone whom i have confident on wanna cook - a tough thing for me, lol - so..hehe~ *oh God god, pray this connection can last stable stable in days to come. And inti inti, don't delete my illegal broadband account. Alelujah~*


From Jan08 CLEO:

Choose how LONG you live

You'll add 1 year to your life if you...

  • Take Vitamin C - protection from heart diseases blalala..
  • Garden for 5 hours a week - er..burn calories..v.V
  • Give blood - reduces levels of irons (oxidant) in blood~ wa..
You'll add 3 years to your life if you...
  • wash you hands - for stronger immune system~ (i like this! but then, will wash till hand gone mou? = =)
  • Aim to excel - increased sense of self-confidence~
  • Drink tea - antioxidants!! reduce heart diseases.
  • Play cards - (didn't ask you to play money :P )
You'll add 5 years to your life if you...
  • Eat chocolate - high antioxidant count. Wa the oldest living woman, 122 years old eat choco every day o..
  • Practise hara hachi bu - (haha cute!) means stop eating when you're 80% full~
  • Become vegetarian - controversial. decide yourself~ hahaha~
You'll add 10years to your life if you...
  • Eat a banana/raisin/potato a day - high in potassium, lowers blood pressure~
  • Take up dancing - fitness boosting~ bla~
  • Look after you looks - taking pride in your appearance. Will meh? Later become horrow movie...lol
You'll add 15 years to your life if you...
  • Control your cholesterol - er.. good thing lo~ = =
  • Eat fewer calories - i dunu how to count this de..
  • Go vegan - lower risks of many many diseases, torture die u. Like sami sami.
  • Build muscle - aids metabolism of blood sugar.
Yo yo doing illegal stuff by advertising the new Bloggie from Mr. Zhi Wen, at SINI.


Good morning~~


Always love yourself, a bit bit more than loving friends and family, a bit bit less than loving your foes. :)

Ahem arhem. Back to a previous-style Sunday morning already! Later = cartoon + cartoon + whatever + post-pack + tata + going to band concert + tata + reaching + settle down + sleep~ So.. I was so lala happy yesterday!! Kerana ho, the new timetable, according to information providers A, B and C, Friday my class end at 12pm~ ahh~ *suang* But then.. :( 4 hours ENL per week.. hrmp!! And then, almost everyone thought i've done my research homework.. so called ''you so rajin wo, didnt do??'' -_-''' I never say i am.. :P :P Spent my almost-no-more money on CLEO, on something something, and things. +_+~ so feel like being.. don't know what to say.. Money is not everything; but without money you've nothing.. v.V? Tomorrow's class, how many people have got their hair colour changed? How many changed personal attire style? How many... left? :'( ~ Tata to Lily / LingLit / LinFa, Happy Matrikulasi~* Tata to XinYi, happy F6~* Great, biologically, my body cells are still bio. Because they have been switching themselves since Friday night, to suit the inti-me again. ^^V

Today... ~~ ~~ DAY 5 being semi-voiceless, and semi-tissue-ing. Maybe later miracle will happen? Once i inhale Nilai's air i will turn better? Hahahaha~ = =''' The problem is still.. when I buy stuff, i only can *nod nod* and *shake shake* my head.. >.<~ I was searching for ringtone and sms tone de. Then i found.. Chicken Impossible - Chicken version of James Bond theme song. lol~ if you can imagine.. ''pok, pok, pok pok, pok, pok, pok pok..'' (-_-)'''~ With my younger sis, we actually made it into Doggie Impossible, Horsy Impossible (which is kind of impossible), Duck and Goat Impossible.. muahahaa!! Xp

''There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle."- Deepak Chopra

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Happie Sem break to Zeven! (and also..many others~)
Happie no-more break to SAMclans!!

All these 华文 de use, is to show and 顺便 warn Mr. Sam that next time don't 点中 me for anything that is... 华语-ly compulsory. xie xie~

Dang dang~** Udang passed.** Sorry to Jack and Sam, 真是一试二餐.. lol..

Duh duh..~~ finally made myself take capsule x 3 x twice/thrice. If not i'm gonna use more tissues..but then, how many days needed to wait the capsule works? >.<~~~ 蒂树 (tissue),对不起~

La la la~~ err, nothing i la-ed for.. just for fun, 我爽~ :D

Out out~** today went out awhile, not a-long, because I really cant stand any air at Klang.. ''..is like living in a world with no air... I just can't breathe. Its No Air No Air. '' Lol~ But it is real, continue ha chius = tata my nose~ = =''''' oh ya, ter-out of topic, and then i at first saw a girl, leng leng, thin thin, walking pass by me. Then.. ''selepas seketika..'' Follow the 'Peraturan 12 saat' untuk memotong, which is my distance from the girl, I actually can hear every single words she was talking to her handphone.. And it was.. like Miss Malaysia suddenly talk like an Indonesian / Philippine's immigrant.. = =''' 就这样,破坏了她自己的image.. =_='''

Em em..*~ Zeven!! 你..you har, not my fault la..!! Sem break also my mistake? But then very what lo, if not tmr can see see you, Sunday I back to my 窝 already lu.. u.u

Swt swt~!** Helped mama buy something, the salesgirl ''what you wanna find?'' > shook my head = = > still need anything else? > shook my head again.. +_+'''~ In a very cham de condition, don't keep ask people la! 有病,see dao ma? = ='''

Beep beep * > my post is gonna turn 少少 already~ unless.. ~~ ~~

Cham cham..~ how many days more to Wait har? 等待.. is suffocating one~

this happy listing is made by Kathy, dedicated to 好人 Sam~ Em.. 1) i don't know which one is available.. 2) Yep, i don't know 3) i really don't know 4) and i will never know 5) :P 6) see? choc-less and meat-less de got duo duo~ 7) actually choc is good for health de, but depends on what choc lo. 8) in conclusion, up to you~ :P

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Blue Lagoon Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Californian Almond Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Duren Duren Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Hot Berry Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Go Nutz Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Cool Blue Donut Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Kiwi Blitz Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Semi Glacier Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Say Cheese Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Bananarama Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Choreo Donut

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Mango Tango DonutBig Apple Donuts & Coffee’s Spicy Flossy Donut

LAST one= X-factor / Fear factor = =''

The more i copy in the donuts, the more i paste them, the more pa toh iao i was..-_-'''


坏人 Sam, want challenge my ~~ chinese is it?!.. T.T~ sumore ''一定要是华语的'' 残忍..! =_=.. but then..since, 最多=5句, 最少=___ So.. :P


>>游戏规则<< ☆“开始”复制到“结束” ☆然后再加入你喜欢的名句(最多=5句) ☆被点名的博客在自己的部落加入名句之后,再点名别人 ☆游戏玩至2008年6月尾

>>How To Play 游戏玩法 << ☆这可以说是一个名句收集的活动: ☆被点名的博客可以发表无限有趣的名句,名人名句也可以, ☆名句一定要是华语的,如果是英语名句就麻烦把它译成华语~ ☆发表的名句后面,请括弧注明自己的名字。 例:(小泽) ☆写下自己的名句之后博客们可以向其他博客点名,并且通知他们。 (名额无限但是不能重复点名) ☆每个被点名的人都必须填上以下网址以便能一直跟随整个进展~ 小泽- 生命的边缘


1. 我可能是一个人,但是我不寂寞
2. 只要自己对自己有信心就没有什么是难题了
3. 普通人只会跟随世界的步伐前进,唯有不可理喻的人会使世界往他的方向进发

4. 你现在看到的我并不是我, 真正的我已经不知道去哪儿了. 不要找我, 就让我飞吧.
5. 世事往往不从人愿. 你想要的偏偏德不到, 你不想要的却偏偏是你的.

6. 指责带给你刺痛,正是它的忠实之处。
7. 朋友宣扬人的美德,敌人夸大人的罪过。






25. 不想错过?那就好好把握

26. 第一次真正大笑你自己的那天,你就成熟了。


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

1 + 1 = 2 (couple?)
since 2 is <>
so 2 is <3
so couple is <3-ing.

*~Let's look back at some chronicles of Kah Wei's life~**Ta Dang~* um.. Maybe some times after now i will get a bear which is same size as me. Shock

Beep beep. Don't have memory for nursery & kindergarten & primary schools. Em, based on information from some scientists (lol..is my parents and big sis), I knocked my head once when i was..ok Forgot what age, i think twice gua.. Hmm, and also according to Mrs. Mama, i was taken back from the rubbish dump (-_-)'''. I don't know how to explain, just that em.. if you really really ask me about things before i'm 12, i can tell you ''Forgot. Hee~'' If you tell me about myself before i'm 12, i will tell you ''Ya meh?? pian ren de. v.v'' So..don't ask me~ I wanted to remember, and sometimes feel so ''Wahh, you remember one ahh?'' on (almost every) person who can recall their childhood. More cham de is, i even.. ever thought that NORMALLY, NORMAL people won't remember childhood one, because HUMAN"S MEMORY CAN'T FIT IN THAT MUCH. em... em em, but since I actually learn Biology.. i almost asked myself ''WHO AM I'' ( Not Jackie chan's version..= =''') I have been asking myself ''Is it to remember, you have to Want to remember?'' lol~ I need psychotherapist.. =.=''
Oh key. Well.. i have a family (fei hua..). With parents, sis x 2 and bro x 1. And next time when take family photos, remind me to wear heels.. or at least, stand with my mama. T.T My vertical growth has retarded for 5 years. PhewFrom here i started to Want myself to remember my life, and use the brain i have. It does sound weird, but it is like that de (la).. *Jack, see? with only ''de'' , it sounds more honest. With ''la'' it becomes sui bian and fu yan already.hahaha~Weee* Kwang Hua School Band. Deng deng~ which let me understood the meaning of This Is Life. Busy, Hectic, Cry, Mad, Sad, Angry, Fun, Crazy, Pek Cek, zhen zha, Gan jiong, Kong Bu etc... i felt them all there~With many many siao siao de people, i became siao siao too~ And with people who kept saying ''You are tooooo quiet laaa'', i became .. um, half half, quiet and noisy. hehe~With whole bunch of people (who do not like to stay guai guai-ly in class..muahahha~), i also.. peer pressure right? = =''' We performed at many many many places, with government's nasi lemak(s), with kari rice(s), and sometimes.. a better meal at Genting~ We faced rain storm thunder and SUN..ya, we met Sun almost every day.. and so our skin colour also bi jiao tanned~ healthy colour!! (we always use this excuse..) = ='''And too, somehow somewhen i became more active in Rumah C, the yellow champion!! keke.. Neh, spot me below - only one with Yellow shirt..~Beside me (right), is tha tha!!** whom i met in Band. we are 3 people zhu he one. Then one left...T.T But then, :D ~ after form 5, we are still 3 !! :D :D
Sometimes too, i was invited to (illegally) join other band..lol.. but still i had have FUN!**Reason we always being the darker people in Klang.. = =''''Reaons we didn't /hardly attend any class in school.. And the reason we are the famous group of ponteng-kia and po in Kwang Hua~ *Proud*!!~ :P :P
We saling menyayangi each other, <3>is this ice cream? Hahaha!! =.=''And oh, i've new family(ies) because of those~ (the elder ''ah yeh'' down there has about..um, 4 wives.. = =)
And this is what happened during the 2-3 months i FINALLY stay in class for every periods, after retired from band band~Staying away from clarinet? Kind of impo impo~ so was still involving~And finally i finally present in a class photo.. i know i was bad.. hee..
Butterfly? Yap. Don't know why i like to see it. cccc(,'') >>>>

Sometimes, when my hands are itchy, i will ter-like to draw.. CAUTION: only TER-...won't last long one. lol.
Yo yorr..right now i am missing the clarinet eii.. but then.. i am feeling insane with monyet flu ..

my past