We finished our finals!!! Yippee~!!

Four months have just passed..!? O.O

Time travels too fast leh. I was telling eeJane in our last trip on Intec bus this sem, soon we will countdown to New Year again.

I realized in these 4 months, i took taxi more than any other moments in my life. =.= Thrice to and fro to Sunway and once from Cemara to Intec. And i took bus 10 times or more per week. Whoa! That's a lot. =.='' And i have eaten more organic flourless bread. RM28 per month on bread. swt.

Thanks to Austin for giving me a complete piece of memory. Those pieces of puzzle were solved yesterday when we work out the last piece. The whole picture is a nice one, a really great one. =)

We went to Sunway again yesterday. First time shopping with eeJane. We have few similarities on shopping. 1) We like to walk into shops, see see, talk talk, walk walk >>> Walk out. 2) We even like to scrutinize goods but always end up buying nothing. (well, every purchase should be done with no regret mah. :D) 3) We will do silly thing like seeing the 'patung' they use to style and show clothes. =.='' After all, we are frugal spenders!! :D I'm going to miss all of you~

Thank you Huisin for coming out. It was happy to see you again! =)

I was reading a TIME article on vegetarianism. Fun, cute, interesting.. 


1) It tastes good 
2) It makes you feel good
3) It's a great American tradition
4) It supports the nation's farmers
5) Your parents did it

Oh, sorry...those are five reasons to smoke cigarettes. Meat is more complicated. It's a food most Americans eat virtually every day: at the dinner table; in the cafeteria; on the barbecue patio; with mustard at a ballpark; or, a billion times a year, with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun. Beef is, the TV commercials say, "America's food"--the Stars and Stripes served up medium rare--and as entwined with the nation's notion of its robust frontier heritage as, well, the Marlboro Man.

There are as many reasons to try vegetarianism as there are soft-eyed cows and soft-hearted kids. To impressionable young minds, vegetarianism can sound sensible, ethical and--as nearly 25% of adolescents polled by Teenage Research Unlimited said--"cool." College students think so too. A study conducted by Arizona State University psychology professors Richard Stein and Carol Nemeroff reported that, sight unseen, salad eaters were rated more moral, virtuous and considerate than steak eaters.

To true believers--who refrain from meat as an A.A. member does from drink and do a spit-take if told that there's gelatin in their soup--a semivegetarian is no vegetarian at all. A phrase like pesco-pollo-vegetarian, to them, is an oxymoron, like "lapsed Catholic" or "semivirgin." Vegetarian Times, the bible of this particular congregation, lays down the dogma: "For many people who are working to become vegetarians, chicken and fish may be transitional foods, but they are not vegetarian foods ... the word 'vegetarian' means someone who eats no meat, fish or chicken."

Clear enough? Not to many Americans. In a survey of 11,000 individuals, 37% of those who responded "Yes, I am a vegetarian" also reported that in the previous 24 hours they had eaten red meat; 60% had eaten meat, poultry or seafood. Perhaps those surveyed thought a vegetarian is someone who, from time to time, eats vegetables as a side dish--say, alongside a prime rib.

Maggie Ellinger-Locke, 19, of the St. Louis, Mo., suburb of University City, has been a vegetarian for eight years and went vegan at 15. Since then she has not worn leather or wool products or slept under a down comforter. She has not used cups or utensils that have touched meat. "It felt like we were keeping kosher," says Maggie's mother Linda, who isn't Jewish. At high school Maggie was ridiculed, even shoved to the ground, by teen boys who apparently found her eating habits threatening. She found a happy ending, of sorts, enrolling at Antioch College, where she majors in ecofeminism. "Here," she says, "the people on the defensive are the ones who eat meat."

More of this article from here.

And then, i found a list of 531 famous vegetarians. And then.. let's see who else is vegetarian, shall we? 

1) Socrates - know thyself to be true
2) Isaac Newton (gravitational force. :D)
3) Mark Twain!!
4) Immanuel Kant
5) Ian McKellan (LOTR)
6) Albert Eisntein (ok, this one i remember the theory of relativity)
7) Charles Darwin - "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man."
8) Leornado Da Vinci - a vegan painter.
9) Pythagoras of Samos - a^2 + b^2 = c^2


10) SUPERMAN / Clark Kent the fictional superhero. XD

Seriously, sometimes when i am aware of my preference for desired subject/major, i can see the mind-list is getting longer. From psychology to food tech to food science (are they the same? =.=) to Bio chemistry to Bio Med to Bio tech to nutrition to dietetics to business to linguistic to... when will this end? I think i am not that greedy, i just WANT to be greedy. HAHAA~

Perhaps, 8 years from now, my life would be an eclectic one. No focus, full of choices? Who knows.

Alright, i am off to clear my room. =) CLEAR MY ROOM!! Going back home.. lalala~

Went out with KhaiMun papa, YuJian & caibao JinWei on Saturday. Huge thanks for them for the B'day lunch, card and present. That was so family-ish. =) And.. I met PeiWun and SzeWah!! And.. it seemed like 80% girls of my age are making up for any outing. Because when i was talking to them, i saw black black eyes, gold gold eyes, and colorful hair. haha. Anyway, it was reeeeaaally good to see them!! =)

Sunday. Finals are on next Tue-Thu. And.. i am getting insane again. Woke up early in the morning, checked mails.. Cleaned up the house a bit. And look out from window for few minutes, staring at nowhere, pondering something. I've just put down a heavy rock hanging inside me, that was pleasant and.. relieving. =) Then in the afternoon I helped my mama to pack pack those new year cookies! Because my brother can't help, his mighty touch can powder some fragile cookies. =.=''' Wait. Alright, i am stucked drawing rational functions.. and only i realized what we have learned for preCal in this 4 months = what SAM students will learn for their math in 3 sems!! O.O Now i know why i could sleep for 9 hours every day at Inti..

This morning, i realized that I almost suffocated few cucumbers. I left them in the study room, tightly packed with plastic film, forgot to let them breath before I went to bed last night. Hehe.. Hehe.. Hehehe... MUAHAHAAA! =.=

Feel like having a longer sem1. Austin is at first a class i thought a mistake (somehow I still feel so when i see my results. -.-) But after having many many great days with Austinians, I think being in this class is a pleasant destiny instead. Well, in these 4 months..

  • Apparently i've gone more insane.. I still remember the last baba and a few others were saying that i am a serious person. Well yes i am, somehow not that much already. =.=

  • EeJane and I can finally differenciate between Ehsan, Irsyad and Khairi. =_='' I know this is bad. But at least we did it!! Yay~ :P

  • I learned about German Shepherd.

  • I learned about many new obscene vocabs. v.v

  • My ability to make people SWT has reached advance level. :P

  • Austinians care about me. How good of them.. i realized this the most when they were playing a game. Because somehow the frequency of my name popping out with prominent figures was quite high. =.='' I am also aware of this when I found that the frequency of my head being knocked by ---, --- and --- is constant. *change the word 'care about' to 'bully', it will make more sense*

  • I knew friends with their very very own personalities. All of you are just so.. so so so.. great. =)

  • I have great moments hanging out with Austinians. Because we always end up with hours of laughters. =) =)
If they say this is when we can get our true friends, I'd say I've found them.
But.. I want MORE!! *BUAHAHAA!*

I was scrolling my Inti dad Eldwin's blog and.. ta dah~ i saw SAMclan '08 photo. Oh god, I miss them. Suddenly seeing all familiar faces, i gave myself a name-them quiz. =.= Even miss the MPH hall behind them.. even even miss the band room above them, swimming pool beside the hall, the Inti bridge nearby, the always shaded sidewalk which allow Intians to stay dry and fair no matter how the weather is, the Block Rahmanputra room R1-01, the handsome roommate, the classes, the labs, the lecturers, the lectures.. ahhh.. *PIAK!* come back to reality. u.u

Alright, should be continue figuring how to draw a rational function graph and oh.. save the cucumbers. =)

Don't think, don't think.

Because we are all in one,
things are all like chain reactions. =)
Beatrice:"I see everyone, everything.."
Arif:"Everyone loves me.. xoxo" YuChen:"I do every calculation for every possibility.."
Are u ready?
Last L.A. class with Domino's and movie!! Sydney White.
A very very funny movie.
Hi Ho~ Bye Ho~
So, on Friday. Today. We will be having our last class-day.
As Austinians, we will not hug each other and weep,
we will...
(well again everything is so not in order.hehe!)
Arif (center) is just so~~~ vain!
This is what has been happening since the 2nd week..
Mdm Beatrice (pink) has been fighting boys and girls for Shahril. Louisa & and the v*agra boy. =)
Maybe lookin' at some venues for wedding.............
Meanwhile, both of this are my cute brothers.
Penangite YuChen (precal mouse leh!)
Sarawakian Kelvin/Bamboo (malnourished)
See. Krystal once called Shahril ''sayang''.
so Beatrice has to defend.Don't learn this at home.
This is ok-er. =)
Charis - SuiYing - Louisa
Look at their colors.. haha~

ZhenHwang was directing... =.=What?
Neh~At the same time, EeJane is being attacked by fingerS.
And we are here.
Remember one thing. In photos, Arif is always ubiquitous.
Beatrice is tired of defending.
Arif is still there..
While Shahril, enjoying his peace life without B.
PikachuZZzzz!! =.=''
Oh ya. Just call him bamboo. :POnce upon a time...
Hehe-ly ever after~
He said " Attitude!! ''
:D :P
what can i say?
She is always that cute.
He is always that innocent.
WeiJie can't wait anymore.
he was staring her during....:P :P
ohh.. N/A
*can't stop laughing...*
they say Yuchen is.. a son.
*still laughing..*
*stomach aching...lol*
So the Holy Krystal finally can't tahan us anymore.
Therefore, people have to beg for pardon.
This is Austin.
I have learned so much bad things.
I have been bullied so much.
But, we have laughed so so soooo much!


Proud of my younger sister, and myself!! lol.. was using all my resting time during weekend to teach a sister who never uses water color to produce one piece of imaginary world. She used hours to think of a shape, finally she thought of sweet and drew that orange-green 'house'. =.= I remember i scolded her a lot. =.= Especially after she colored the bridge with too much dark blue. :P

Current vogue in Austin.

What a monday. We started off our revision week doing revision only for ONE subject. Lecturers are busy with their revisions and works.. so after all, this is another week, but things are all so not in order. Last few days in Austin O.O Yahh, silence is one of the best remedy in my life. =) (seriously need to find a sea now, to See!! =.=) Yeaah.. i left my calculator at home. Yaahh, i took the wrong side of the iron, if people use it to smooth clothes, i've smoothed my finger. =)

Tuesday. Still trying to solve the cute matrices. Because it is such a rare case that i can solve one correctly on the first attempt. =_= And i am typing these because i can't solve any 3x3 inverse matrices.. pathetic. You know what You know what? After the last group campaign project creating awareness of protecting endangered animals, eBay has just banned ivory products!! wooh~

Last class with Ms Deela. Thank u MsD~ ;D

See the similarity? :P

See the difference? =.=''

A growing number of Americans believe John McCain has attacked Barack Obama unfairly. Really? I think so. XD ------ =.='''

So doomed. I did a stupid mistake in Precal quiz.. And second quiz took me thrice to figure out an answer which might be wrong.. O.O I miss my calculator. =\

Sarah Palin said "I have more experience than Barack Obama" wooo..Intrepid.

Their verbal battle is getting interesting...muahahaa!! =.='' ignore me.

Para Jpa scholars in Intec.

Wednesday. A day doing matrices in Toefl lab, a date with JPA officers. ~~ Austinians are all getting cuter and cuter, Shahril said because at the end of the semester, people are only getting 'open'. Maybe. Shahril's BMI = close to starvation. What an endangered species of elephant. =.=''

Thursday. Happy 18 to ME~ Thanks for the >10 sms-es. And >10 friendster wishes. Muaxx! Let's hear my sms beeps today okay? swt. Wait. today is thursday? TODAY? NO!!! *pray pray*





What do you think?

This is what you can expect to see in my class, Austin.
Hunter. =.=
Killer training. =.=

*There will be many grammar and language errors. Pardon my mistake. I am in a so rushing mood*

So what have I done lately? Lot. Done my TWIF book review presentation finally~ I was quite numb, but glad that some of you actually gave response when i talked about Jackson & Timberlake thing.. :D And for the first time i was using cue cards, i dropped it. =.='' The best for me was that i wasn't that nervous, (is this mean that i was indifferent? NO! :D)

What we need if we keep staying inside the room with notes.

Yesterday we have CTES - theology & philosophy test. What happened when Kathy is facing an imminent exam? She feels weird. She feels super weird and she will be mentally unstable. She went back home. And she ter-scolded her sister and brother because they were so happy and keep asking for things and time. =.= Then? She felt the guilt. And she bought their favourite things for them to compensate. =.='' She slept at 12am and ter-woke up at 415am. Nervous. =.= Her alarm was set to ring on 530am one.. Then because it was early. She walked here and there, out to the garden to visit the plants and flowers. Then she ate the rice mama bought. Hot one leh!! =.= She repeat the sequence of resleep + rewake-up. Then she waved tata to her mama happily before she went back to Shah Alam. =) Siao.

After the exam we went to PakLi Kopitiam again. On the way back home i slept in car. =.='' Then reached home my mama says "Eh go and eat. I bought for you d" O.o Ok.. mama's wish = i eat (after a lunch at PakLi). So, i ate and bathed and keep trying to online but finally slept. :D =.='''

With my brother today.
With my sister, today too.

You know hor, this week is a mental torment for me and it kept bringing back the scene i was having toooo many time to sleep in Inti. =.= Everyday sleeps by 930pm and wakes up at 6am. Such a treat for my mind. v.v I was even thinking that i am torturing myself. Tired!! <>rojak. Finals are coming somemore. Omg.. Am i ready? Not really. Then i am supposed to be studying right? I am in indolence. =\ What.. Why.. How.. AHHhh~

So last Sunday was great. Yes, GREAT! We went to Flaming Steamboat, which is then manipulated and become > Steaming Flameboat for a steaming dinner + celebrate SuiYing's B'day~ with Ms Deela and her husband. Lots of jokes turn up and I laughed till my face muscle got tired too. =.= The following photos that i have uploaded (the world is flat!! =.=) using such a long time were from Arif, ZhenHwang,WeiJie (got ma?), SuiYing (got ma?) and my cameras. And they are all very not in order because I.. ok, i am indolent. :) * I don't even know if i have uploaded two same photos.. hehe.

Tall tall Krystal and me ^^V
Cutest steamboat i'd ever seen. XD
Err.. 4 leng cais. :D
Charis and Weijie love Arif~
But Arif.. (don't learn this people..=.=)
See how happy Kelvin was. And my cute YuChen didi was showing =_= i think. :)

Then they thought of the romance of Titanic.. =.=
And ZhenHwang called this 'Epiphany' ~~
This is Fauzan. lol
This is Bamboo size Kelvin. Showing an attractive pose. :P
Madam Beatrice with her madam pose.
Art? Arif has gone blurred..

KaiJun - Arif(with his typical mouth-pose) - Krystal
See. i am fair. That was just a secret from... a secret person. :P

Shahril. Looked like he is injured.. hahaha =.= Kaijun - Weijie - Arif (yerr!!)
Jek jek jek.. Beatrice said she did this because Shahril did the same. XD
Sui Ying's birthday cake!
=_='' cake says, "ouch."
It was just people and cake.. v.v

This is a chocolate art. =.=This is a real chocolate art, by Charis.
ZhenHwang - Krystal - me - Shahril - Arif (see see, the mouth)

with MsDeela and her husband~
Happy Suiying~ what a smile.. haha

The last baba (Ronnie in white shirt) looked sien while Suiying was thiiiiis :D
Austin is full with paparazzi.

Beatrice poked the star star.. ouch ouch.
Advertising for Flaming STEAMboat. Beatrice insisted to join Shahril. :D

Cough syrup flavored strawberry and chocolate fountain~
You can't see me. =.=''
Omg. murder!!
ZhenHwang - KaiJun - Shahril - Arif (again..haha) - me - cute YuChen

with last baba Ronnie and Suiying~

looks like family photo eh..

Charis wants to pour something...
Shahril, were you trying to shoot her? :P


ZhenHwang abused my cute didi.. lol

swt.. hahaha
Yuchen didi says "it is easy to hug a bamboo, once u hug, u hug the whole thing!!" XD
:D :D
Poor star star.. bad Beatrice.. juk juk juk
Kelvin - Ronnie - YuChen - ZhengHwang
:O ronnie and :D suiying
Kelvin was acting cute~ :P :P
They were all.. interpret youself.
Steaming Flameboat.
Still hugging..
bzzz.. Pikachu was there you know? :P
some of the guys~ (i am tired typing these captions..)
big eye Fauzan. cute ZhenHwang. =.= Arif.
Ehsan - Arif. swt
cake fight.
Krystal and Quraish. Shahril was busy..
"come, come, make up makes you look beautiful~"
Krystal can't tahan d..
The whole restaurant was filled with.. us and cameras.
"err.. why someone killed the cake?"
Look at Shahril's eye!! =.=
Their typical pose. =)

That day was fun. At least i know laughing can really heal thousand ailments. =) Ok, done with this post and i should be thinking more positive again. Positive, positive, positive. =) =) =)

(o.O looked sick)
Time for a hair-cut.. soon.. later.. not in the mood yet.