Another calculus quiz later =(

I said, another CALCULUS quiz is coming..!! =(

Shoo calculus! =.=

I just couldn't overcome my accumulative weariness, it comes faster than I can energize myself. =.=

I want to be like a superhuman, or have a waking pill that could make me sleepless but energetic. =.=


Tata to some friends who are flying soon. Have a great life. =)

I don't want to stay any longer than 1 year at this ____ place.

Tata, I have to go integrating myself already.

August is near. =)
Means, holiday is near too. =.=
I want to go to many states within this one year~~~~~

Slept early and woke up early. =)

Hey!! I actually know that today is Tuesday !! =.=

On the way to Akasia, walao eii, juniors are talking about the latest Harry Potter movie. Very free meh har them? I haven't even watched Ice Age le.. I need icy things now. =.=

So kek sim to hear about friend A's calculus lecturer give them EXTRA TIME to finish their quiz.. and friend B's lecturer simplify the question for them, and they easily get full mark. =(

Feel so unhealthy living in Shah Alam. I have one more year to go. Then I wanna rejoin band and swimming club! Maybe within one year I got critical disease already..=.= *choi choi!*

Just survived another migraine. I'm alive~ =.=

I miss jobless days. Holidays I meant..

Should I get a baby refrigerator for the house in Akasia? Can't tahan chasing the bread's expiry dates every week. =.= Miss fruit juice and yogurt drink every morning, needed something from the storage every evening. Eeeee....

I am getting better. A lot better. =)

C++ programming is getting fun~ But eeJane is right, "after you learned about C++, you'll think that computer is really stupid."

What I've to do later: Biology Polydactyly assignment.. Biology lab report (skip!).. calculus (disappointing case..)


The most common swine flu symptoms include:
  • Cough
  • Nasal Congestion - Tick
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches - Tick
  • Joint Pains - Tick
  • Fevers
  • Sore throat - Tick
  • Headaches - Tick
  • Fatigue - Tick
  • Decreased energy - Tick
I am near to that. =.=
Good morning people, it is 4-5am in the morning, and um.. *wordless*
I do think I need either an MC leave (impossible) or a break (crazy thought) or a 24 hours sleep (day dream)..

I do have to xie xie people who keep helping me, by letting me to scold, letting me to bully, letting me to crap, letting me to hand them my heavy books, letting me at least feel cared. Hehe.


Oh, yap. Let’s start with the day I went MidValley with Sovitha and HuiSin.

I like headless photo lately.
I can sense someone is going to tease me again, tease la tease, hmph you~

A really relaxing day~ Had brunch at Oh!Sushi (I don’t want to go there anymore :P ) and ate small durian and mango pancake. After hours of shirts hunting, we ate Gelato ice cream~~ See, such a fat day, but it was a fattish happy day! :D Promise me we’ll go out again~! :)

I was still enjoying my last day of holiday after the outing. but.. happy moments don't last long punya..
(nah tease again la~)

And then.. Fall sem ’09 starts. *Warning, LONG one..*
I forgot how it actually started.. I knew I forgot the day, as in Monday Tuesday etc.. Then I remember keep going to Intec for practices, someone told me his buddy, probably AND him himself attempted to cook rice using a slow cooker, and their rice eventually cooked after one night, semi-cooked I meant; then I attended lectures, which I do not even have the strength to listen to; many frustrations, even more pressure; chased out from a hall only because they were many guys, chased out from keyboard room for no reason; heard Lion King songs until I can dream about it, spoilt my first Calculus II quiz; hurt myself with staple (the paper fastener..); forgot all the proper meals (and hence lost 1kg HAHAHHAA =.=), forgot those eww-tasting pills, forgot at where and when I should be having class and lectures; joined INPRO table tennis, practiced it, got blur with everything, got mad with concerto; cried in the car while complaining about my dad to my mom, went back home like just for the washing machine and hypermarket and drinking water supply, went to Sunway to hunt for props, ate at Pasta Zanmai, walked alone in Aeon to get some inner peace,, jogged around my home to see whether my lung is still okay (the result is ---tut---, how I hope there’s a swimming pool in walking distance from where I am now *piak!*); went for first date with my new room mate (lol..), who has been as busy as I am, I was busy before the date and she was busy right after the date =.=''… said “I want to watch ICE AGE 3” for uncountable times; confused by my civilization lecturer, even confused and tensed by my calculus learning progress; ate many lozenges for the keep-on-almost-shut-down throat, done with inter program musical competition (we won!), done with itu INPRO punya table tennis (we won too!).. Next up, more assignments, more activities, LESSER TIME.. T.T I actually hope the lecturers can understand my slow & LOW progress on the subjects, give me time~~ I am trying to pick up! >.<
Below are um, some photos i randomly took throughout these 2 weeks. =)
and additional 2 photos from Faseeha's FB. =)

Before concerto starts..
my son was confused seeing his father. XD
Maybe he was thinking "is that my papa?" =.=

I bought this because that was what I felt..
when I was eating it I felt like that too.. =.=

Bought this during the solo walk in Aeon..
Tease la tease..

We did a lot for the champion! =)

At Pasta Zanmai.. food okay..
I want to go Sushi Zanmai next time. :)

Frustrated too.

Itu Vincci's mirror for your beautiful feet,
and our ______ faces. =.=

Thanks a lot lot to ShuYi for lending the clarinet. =)
and Thanks to YingJi for busy composing the scores.

The finale, singing "He Lives In You". =)

Well, basically, I'm so having headache now that I couldn't nap. So afraid that I will fail all my subjects, and so stress with my study progress. AH.

Miraculously I can blog a post at this hour.. from home. =)

7th June at Lavender, met Peiwen. =)
Yay~ meeting tha and sin soon! :)

Tuesday yang #$%^&*.. my dad woke me up, basically for NOTHING.
My eyes were not fully opened yet when I got up into my uncle's car..
"You're taking the report card.. why wake me up?"
"er.. eat breakfast."
"But I rather sleep.."

Forgot what day but I was cleaning up my room, and somewhere else.. =)
Can see how dirty was the mirror..

Charcoal toothbrush~ :D

When it comes to watching series (soap opera), my sister and I will react in an abnormal manner. LOL.

If we see misunderstanding, like guyA misunderstand girlA because he did not finish listening what people were saying, we will say “He is stupid!!” =.=''

If I see a secret is revealed because personA was telling personB in a café but accidentally heard by personC, I will say they are stupiak as well, why don’t they use SMS right? XD

Thanks to my younger sister, now I remembered all literature stories we read for PMR. =.= Dolah is a bad student.. Mr Jamal is an obtuse teacher. :P Then there’s a what Bunga Telor what Bally shoe’s short story, after reading it to my sister, we concluded that it is an purposeless story. =_=''

So many H1N1 cases already..

Many mosquitoes are kissing people around lately..

I want to tell you, the holiday is ending soon. :P

I also want to tell you, I want to sleep soon. :D

I don't really know what I'm typing.. Zzzz..