in my own updates. Lol. Well I guess I stopped typing before final exams? :P

Happeee~ my CTES paper was quite a mess, I wrote so little.. Cell Biology was.. erh.. well you know when you skipped some parts that you were quite sure it wouldn't come out but it happened to be on the paper.. lol.. and Chemistry oh God I wish I were a smarter girl XD

And then after some long nice nap and sleep, we went to BTN camp. Mine was in Tg. Rhu, Sepang. My conclusion: I would never want to go to BTN camp again. -.- So don't make me a kakitangan kerajaan if possible. =[

Oh and some photos..

I seriously did study for Cell Biology, read twice - thrice and so I was so excited to see many lac operon questions in the paper Lol. And I purposely set the table facing the ''sea'' so that I have better mood to read.. -.-''

Eii? Oh ya cooked this on the weekend after finals. Heee~ Have to learn more before leaving O.o

Ini nyamuk wanted to join me while I was studying for Literature last quiz. Sad quiz. =(

Xie xie Chloe~ ke ai ke ai~ :)

Xie xie ni ni ni ni heee~ ngaiti ni ah niii~~

Hi. XD
why I looked so dark one..? -.-

And then I went kai kai~ and eat as if to fill back the space in intestines that couldn't be satisfied during BTN -.-'' and watched Ip Man 2, and hee and haa~ Summer semester is just so near. :)

Oh.. I have chosen, Purdue University. :)

So ah, sleep, with no guilt. weeeeeee!!!