Aha! Toefl score.. tomorrow.. aha.. omg.. lol..

Got more tired lately. Hee. Tahan tahan. Going back home means wee soft comfortable bed, but it also means woo lots of house chores and cleaning. I am happy that I am doing them, knowing no one else is free enough to do them, and~~~ ahh just that few more months for me to help, kan? :)

5 more pages to finish "Little Children". Omg I am gonna re-read it for sure. I like the sentences so much as they tell how people are and could be thinking in their shoes. Like like like! Plus it is not boring, not chim chim... :)

This lengcai uncle has a tattoo. Wah. Came and did dunu what to the air conditioners..

The mummy. Very nag-able, but nice! :)

Ohh.. See what the new curtain in Akasia can do..
Well the first night after the curtain was put on, I got insomnia XD
Well somehow the redness was too intense for me. hee.
Maybe they thought we sleep too much.. haha

Was waiting for the wugui dad to send me to ShiYing pre-departure gathering at Centro Mall.
Ahhh~ nice dinner, nice talking, nice night. All the best in Australia hee~

Sushi sushi sushi sushi sushiiii~ wee~!!

Good night~

Nah Kylie the stair stair~
I think everything at home is brown eh..
Ni mummy bought another aircon (neh in the boxes), kinda accidentally =_=''
tata see you soon get me souvenir can or not?
From kareee also okay XD

Playing catch-up this week. I need more space, more time, and more diligent cells =.= Given the time, I turn lazy. Ahh!

Good enough with my life and mind. I am not that hot-tempered this semester XD

But I think I am lazier, and am finding ways to fill up holes in my life, but not with studying a lot. =( If any disaster did hit, what for that I study so much and burn all the time I could spend learning how to live? eee. Kena study also, for you mummy! and you daddy! and maybe a little bit of myself lol.

It is funny to look at your mummy in the weekends, giving her a smile and some sense of spoiled-child-ness, but what she can and will do is to nag nag nag naggg~ about your father to you. lol. Thank god those were only from money matters.. I am so oblivious to it, and immune. hee. I bet she can nag forever, and he can take/nag back forever too.

I am super having mood for life. Positive ones. But at the same time I am super having no mood for certain stuffs. Scold me!! =.=

Wah. Tenth Nokia phone at home. 5 Maxis, 3 Celcom, 3 Digi. Ops.. that's eleven Swt. With only 6 users. Quote my dad "that's why telecommunication company can earn so much." Ano ano, I got my first handphone in Form1, my younger siblings in Primary5? And my even younger cousins at Primary 2 or 3.. Soon baby will have handphone too.

Wah. Can they not buy all sorts new thing and fix the home here and there when a daughter is flying after months? I don't like that. I wanna stay home, absorb and witness all the newness. =.=

Wah. Can they stop asking me when I am flying after I had answered for.. 1.5 years?! Even better, stop saying "Wah. Thought you fly d woh!" Wah their heads.

Wah. CNY is near wee.

Wah! I crapped so lots. Hee.

Do I look like someone who has been pampered all along? Lol please don't judge my life by my look, I haven't been feeling what the word signifies right after my last Children's Day. XD

I have one life and one chance to make it count for something . . . I'm free to choose what that something is, and the something I've chosen is my faith. Now, my faith goes beyond theology and religion and requires considerable work and effort. My faith demands -- this is not optional -- my faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference. - Jimmy Carter

Yay!! I am done with Toefl weeee!!

FYI, I took it at KDU Penang. Midnight bus to Sg. Petani, super early traveling to Penang on the Saturday, and back to Shah Alam from Sg. Petani on a 7 hours bus *gosh*.

Somehow the Listening and Reading sections are really.. I don't know, I was just not doing very well, the answers are so alike and you have to choose in seconds. Speaking was fun, except that a fei lou was happily jotting down notes when I was speaking. Grr. Writing was kind of fun, enough time given. =)
Anyway, it's over!! :D

Ah. Now my problem is to run on the track which people have been running steadily for weeks. I am not done with any academic works. =( Toefl had just taken all my mood and evenings for the past week. Never mind, I should run faster then. Heee!

I want to stay home forever. v.v Sometimes, every little bit of the house is just as sweet as organic sugar. :)


I am... scared!!!!
People are saying "Aiya Toefl nia.."
But for me, "Harr!? TOEFL?!?!"

I hope I won't speak in Chinese in the Speaking section =.=
I hope I won't doze off in the Listening section @.@
I hope I wont have cataracts in the Reading section..
I hope I have better writing skill in the Writing section.
Wahh I hope.

Positive, postive, postitive mind. =)
Let me sail through that 4 hours please,
no tsunami, please?

A word's, just a word, till you mean what you say;
And love, isn't love, till you give it away~

New semester is so far, okay.

I have Cell Biology which I hope I will actually STUDY! And Chemistry II which I even hope that I will study even MORE, and Contemporary Legal Issues (ops forgot the exact whole name..) which I hope I will be even updated in world news, and Contemporary Literature which I hope I can think more critically on what I will be reading, I think I have to re-read every book, ha.

That's it? YES~ wee~ It does sound a little and lighter than previous semester. But I think it should be right for me to worry this early on the 2nd week: all the assignments, tasks, studies, term paper etc seem to be weighing a lot. Saya sudah ada aims tau? I will TRY to do better. Anyway, I am still aiming the same thing: a slightly higher Cgpa! Or at least to maintain it. :D

Toefl is super near I hate the days passing super fast when the time I say "ah, it is time for more practice," I am ready to sleep. My fault, I have more weeks to prepare if I had started earlier.. hee.. I am lazy.. I know hee~

After 2 days it is one month to CNY~ Nothing to be excited about =_= It was just funny to hear those aunties saying "ah, so early already selling these festive foods woh, aha if buy now, all of them will be finished before CNY!" *followed by those auntish laugh*.. Lol.

Changed the car's front tyres.*satisfied* After 22nd when the Klang's most used road is closed.. omg I will even appreciate the fact that my mom knows so well about the selok-belok of some rarely-used roads.. =)

So far liking to read "Little Children" by Tom Perrotta. The way he 'talks' in the book just expressed what I do not know how to say. Hee!


My new Spring semester in Intec has started.. um, well.

In the morning of Monday, my car hit a Wira. Hee. =.=

Later in the morning, I was happy to see that I have only 4 subjects and a lab session! Omg :D

Later in the afternoon, I am taking the 5th subject, Literature. Anyway, already had the heart prepared so, nothing much. lol.

After a briefing we rushed to Sunway for 3D Avatar and food! *was so hungry I can remember my stomach complaining..XD*

Then I slept soundly until the next morning. Drove back home and got the pity car fixed. :)

Wednesday was okay. First Cell Biology and Chemistry lectures. Hope I am hardworking in the coming 4 months =.= Make me so if you can. TQ in advance~

Thursday was fine, with Cell Biology again and Technical Writing, which syllabus does seem interesting.

My Toefl is on next Saturday. I am trying to do something lol.. you know, something.. Pohpee pohpee I am not asking for too much!

Finished "Of Mice and Men". Lol I was laughing at the book sometimes. -_- swt-ness here and there. But with huge aroma of originality and novelty. Waiting for "Little Children"~

Ah. Did a simple health test at Herbalife today. Canggihnya I only have to stand on a weighing machine for few seconds which has been inserted with my 164cm height beforehand and.. First, 47kg. Lost one kg compared to the 48kg taken in 2008; good amount of body fat; not good bone composition; very good composition of organ fat; and very good water composition I have; body age 17.. Canggih, memang canggih. But I don't know if it is that accurate thou. Lol.

I need to be more organized. Be careful if you want something from me, do remind me or else.. I will just forget about it. >.<

I am getting used to some situations and people, and I bet some people need to get used to me. :)

Hoping to have a great and interesting 4 months and less sleepless nights~ I need a better liver. Lol.

Cute book market between seniors and juniors. Yay I managed to sell what I can sell, and give away notes too. Kind me. XD *hao lian..*

To all the doggies that took shelter in my house car porch today, bless me with Toefl thank you~

I have an emotional wound to heal lately, slight trauma I would say. Eeeee!

did many things but I don't seem to remember much. XD

This guy bought a RM200 bear!! Huge one eeeee~

Went to a warehouse sale in Shah Alam because my sister and I accompanied my mom to a saloon in Seksyen 28 and somehow waiting was boring and.. so we went. In conclusion, I hate warehouse sale. Haha! lol..

Went to many malls almost every day and er.. Don't ask me what I bought thank you~

Ate New Zealand Natural on 30th, and Baskin Robbin's with Sovitha and HuiSin and sister on 31st in OneU. Still love BR's! NZ Natural is er.. somehow too natural lol. Sovitha, good luck hehe~

First day of 2010: had an unplanned trip to Genting, was happy seeing and buying with sister =.= We love Genting's Bumcity, maybe only on that day. lol.

Working for Dole's. *gosh I hate this job =.=* Yay I won't appear in Akasia till Monday. -.-

Hee..*shy* -.-

The sis and the dad.

Ahh see~ TMD appeared on the bin also~ :D

Like that coldness! LIKE!! -.-

Bought this shirt. Cute hee..

I sat properly in the car le..
fake one.

Dad and sis :)

Too free in the car, lol..

30th~ Ah. The current me is tired like having final exams =.=
Will sleep a lot on Monday and Tuesday. :)
Wanting more holiday >.<
Need more time!!

Attended the dad's cousin's daughter's wedding.. nice place, nice food, I was just sleepy =.=

Hoping things to go great in 2010. At least, better?

Li Sia & Chloe, hehehe! (lol...)

*Typing all these semi-consciously*