Geez. We are at the end of the er.. so called semester break which only last for one week. But, ya I know we should have a feeling of thankfulness, because:

a) We HAD break and nice sleep 
b) We don't have BTN YET. =.= 
c) We enjoyed :D 
d) What else?

I used part of this break to mull over certain happenings in my life. Good one. Now I realized it has been long since I last thought deeply. Tomorrow I'm going to continue that at Kanching waterfall. =) I need nature~

So.. Selamat kembali all those seniors and friends who are done with BTN~ Go and sleep before Summer sem~~ And I shall try to forget about bee tee ann first until it is time. =_=

Someone in Malacca actually googled my full name. @.@ Who are you?? =.=

ADFP 15. Revive yourself for Summer semester!! :D
I want more activities!! (siao..)

Owh. Spring results shall be out tomorrow or on Saturday/Sunday. *deeeeeeeep breath*

Accidentally ate too much honey star today. =.=''

Good night! :)

I went to fly and watch kite on last Saturday and Sunday..
I told someone that was my first time to fly kite, then the someone said because I am a city girl. Well, I played guli when I was small okay. Not barbie dolls.
Lesson of the day: Neck turned sore after that. =.=''

With cousins' family.

The sky on Sunday


Interaction with nature. swt.

A lot of kites.

That snake kite over there, tak dapat fly eventually. lol.

Children are excited.

My cousin and sister.

I used few hours to iron and lipat all of these.
Then I realized I have more shirts in Akasia. haha! =.=


Holiday has been good. I sleep more from day to day. This is good! I want to pay back all sleep debts. These days, i bought breakfast for sister and brother and cook their lunch. The bitterguard + egg was VERY edible. HAHA!!

Selain itu, I did my sister homework helped my sister with her PMR maths.

And I am patiently waiting for Spring semester result - a.k.a my sure has dropped CGPA - (o.o) and Summer semester's timetable.
I worried more on the latter. LOL. Because, I want to go for vacation with my sister!!!
Well, it would be great if we don't have class on Monday and Friday (hahahhaa... as if this is possible.. duh)

Researching for universities has been meng-headache-kan. I need help. Hm.

To my dearest sister, don't complain banyak-banyak. Later you have THREE weeks holiday le!!

Finding the answer. Do we exist as we?
Bye bye butterflies~ I am happy with what had happened. :P

Do you know what is UMF?
UMF = Unique Manuka Factor
Something found only in Manuka Honey
That's why when you buy honey and you see MANUKA, you will notice UMF ___ (a number). the bigger the number, the better.
UMF = ability to kill bad bacteria, "assisting the natural healing of skin ulcers, wounds, burns, boils, cracked skin" (thehoneyfarm.com.au)
In short, good for you digestive system and integumentary system (skin).

Green Barley!
You order a cup of barley, what color it is? White/clear.
Green barley is different.
"Unlike most plants, barley grass provides all nine essential amino acids (those which your body can't produce)." (healingcancernaturally.com)
It provides almost everything you body needs.
It helps killing cancer cells - a very powerful antioxidant.
Some scientists exposed cancer cells to green barley extract, the cells was killed, and in some cases, the growth was inhibited.
Available in pills and powder.

One week to detoxify.
Wanna join? :P

I am proud with myself. I vacuumed the house today, I did laundry (helped by the washing machine.lol) almost all of my shirts was thrown into the machine, well need to kill the germ and bacteria.. I cleaned up the room..
And later or tomorrow I will help washing the cars. =)

Flew the kite~ Watched kitessss. =)

One of the photos of KoPLN night performance of Group 7 + 15
Yeah, nah, see our back is enough.

Some photos of Hornylulu outing with Mr K , at Sunway Pyramid.

I miss this. =.=

Me & Mel~

Mel - Nana - Zetty - Me - Akmar

FYI, I am extremely mentally physically physiologically psychologically seriously tired.

Friday, after Speech Comm paper aka last paper, and after going out with a bunch of kononnya 'daughters', I shall sleep like that.
"Wake me up when the break ends..~~"
Don't continue reading if you can't stand seeing meaningless photos. :)

So this is the look if I have dark black hair.
*was "happily" studying Biology.. *

If I tie up the hair..
I just wanted to spend some times releasing stress, since I can't attempt to sleep (because I will not wake up until few days have passed), I played with the camera. =.=''

If you make me 不爽.
walao.. I own panda's eyes d..

If i cut my hair short?
Then the sun will be green tomorrow.

I was so needing Salonpas while studying for finals. Asked my brother to massage my sore neck and shoulder. SO? I want a water-pillow. If not, an OSIM/OGAWA will do. Who knows, just to prepare for next exam period. Important to reduce pimples production, panda-like eyes, dizziness, cold, depression etc.

Alright, next week I shall do a lot of things.
Wash the cars..
Vacuum the house..
Get presents for.. some people..
Go to Bukit Takun..
Fly kites..
and so on.
I need to regain my strength.

By the way, I got a call from Olympia College.
"Hello, may I speak to Miss Lim Kah Wei please?"
"Yea, speaking."
"Oh hi! Are you currently studying?"
"So where are you studying?"
"er.. Intec."
"Sorry, where?"
"Intec, UiTM"
"I see. Well done! Wish you the very best then!"

So? that call actually made me laugh alone in the room. It was a stupid one..
And then while I browsed through Facebook and.. I laughed on someone giving me another new name. "Kathistry Lim" what the.. =.=''

Then I drank a cup of fruit tea, then RICH Nescafe.
Oh great, I lost some senses afterward. lol.

All in all, finals almost took my sanity away.
And yeah~ I survived.

Good night. =)


I forgot to post about something that I wanted to remember: I almost bang a car on Saturday.

Thanks to my sleepiness and semi-consciousness, I almost bang a car. Now when I recalled, I think my neurons must be swimming slow that time. Worse, when the Indian uncle actually glanced at me furiously after stopping in front, I did not even have the strength to feel afraid. I was not nervous, almost at all. Wow.

Never mind, I just want to announce that I am still real new on road even though I got my P 5 months ago. Blame them, blame this hectic life, I don't have a car to practice when I have time and I don't have time when there's a car waiting outside.

Back to the fact that we are having finals, I am not happy. Because... I can't make myself study! Sigh. I slept with the book just now and when I woke up, yipee, I felt sick. Then the number/amount of tissues in the rubbish bin exceeds the amount of rubbish in it. =.=

I had more motivation to study for tests than for finals. AH.

I dream,
dream that I could have things work in my way.
Ha! Stupid, as if I could.

I hope,
hope that.. thing will turn colorful. =)

When you are stressed, spending helps. Before calculus exam.. hehe..
AT the same time, 3 sisters went to Lavender for a lunch after 2 months I guess, we have not been going out together.

Whatever.. cheese rice. Over cheesy.

Fish n' Chips

Us~ with the nice warm milk~

I like this!! because it was warm.. =.=

Forgot its name, something mochi.

Custard and red-bean inside.. :)

____ macho. Forgot the name also. :)

I am so good in procrastinating.
Oh no, I am sleepy, again.
Accumulating moments of tiredness, and sleep debts...
And, well I hope I do pass Calculus. >.<

Introducing, my twin cousins~

DO NOT look at Siva..
Hornylulu Guys~ with Ms Hanin

Hornylulu Girls~ with Ms Hanin too!

There was a star which was still twinkling in the early morning on Thursday. =)

The last living survivor of the Titanic, 97-year-old Millvina Dean, is auctioning off her remaining mementos of the doomed ship to pay nursing home bills. - CNN

Alright people. Long time no see~ =_=

ADFP 15 has graduated from Ko-PLN!! :D
Ko-PLN night tells us that, ADFP students can do ANYthing, almost EVERYthing. A group with various talents. :)

I did not take any photo on Ko-PLN night. So.. kindly use your imagination. =_=

Our BTN camp thing is postponed~~ :D

No more presentation and no more assignments for this semester~ :D
(I will count how many presentations an assignments we have done soon after finals. =p)

I basically had forgotten what I wanted to update, err.. ok we had our last class yesterday and this Saturday marks the commencement of the Spring '09 final exam. Instead of feeling ='( and =( and so on, I wanna keep datin and crystal's quotes in my mind: Positive, positive and positive; it's fated~ So i should be =) and =) even if I have to fail any paper, especially Ethics, Calculus, Biology and Speech Comm (which equals to failing EVERYTHING. LOL), I shall remain alive.

I saw Jie Hong (finally there is another homo sapien sapien from Kwang Hua in Intec :D) on Thursday after printing my stuff at 5pm. Ter-together walking to the same bus and as usual, my first word is not Hello, is Eh?? =.= And only I learned that Japanese students, before coming here, they were placed somewhere else for one year. Then another year in Intec, then... FIVE years in Japan! omg. Good to see you~ :)

--No Study = Fail
+ Study = No Fail
> No Study + Study = Fail + Not Fail
--Study (No + 1) = Fail (No + 1)
--Eliminate (No + 1)
> Study = Fail

I have so many things that I wanted to do during Summer semester!! :D

IE club will organize more activities; gonna help Cats with the musical thing, if I can; more outings; more going-back-homes (hehe..); more shoppings; more talking; more fun!

But first, I want to go for a trip during the coming holiday. MUST!! Muahahaaa~

I should have said "...social contact" in my persuasive speech "rehearsal" in my room. Instead of saying that, I said "...physical contact" Oh My God.

Every time after I practice the first point of my Introduction, I will be half-asleep. Oh My God.

I forgot when I slept, and i did not switch off the lights. I woke up at 3am, finished one paragraph of my research paper, and I slept again at 4.30a.m. This is sickish.

I wore jacket day and night at home. It was damn cold and I don't know why. Global cooling for me.

Now Biology scares me just like Calculus does. Hell the what.

"I want to die" sounds nicer and nicer from day to day.

One of the day of this week, i might be found sleeping, and no one would be able to wake me up. My eyes are sore.

Now i hate seeing people sleeping, because they make me sleepy. =.=''

If i were given a wish now, i would choose sleeping rather than getting 4.0. =.= Desperate.

I like the way Honoluluians are ranting in Facebook. Because i need to de-stress before my stress level hops to the sky.

I can feel a whirling sensation when i try to stand still; I can't stand that still right now. Real dizziness from morning to night. Congratulations.

I don't even dare to join my family and uncle's family to go for breakfast. I am guilty enough when i type these. =.=

I will be pleased if you tell me tomorrow is Sunday; I will love you if you tell me tomorrow is Saturday. =_=

I am desserts.

I miss Patchi chocolates!! =.=

Wednesday: Speech Night 2009
Congrats to all speakers.
Ate J.Co donuts,
reached hostel at 12plus..a.m.! (from 8am)
Slept at around 3 a.m..
Done my last ACS sleepy festival presentation. Hehe~

Last round for Speakers' Corner Spring '09.
Charis was speaking impromptu.

Last Biology lecture
Thank you Mr IsHak~ :)

Last Biology tutorial class :)

This is tall tall Ameerul and cute cute Mr Ishak.. lol

Ini orangs sudah done presentation wanted to zilian zilian..
Yorr.. Pari, your eyes are moving to the side..


two leng luis~
Mel and Pari

Friday, at about.. 7 pm.
Secret recipe seksyen 18.
Celebrate elephant's birthday!

ANd... =_____=

This is weijie the squidephant.

This is my kononnya family.

This is the birthday elephant~
He was happy~

See? I told you!
More photos in FB.

Nice week. Although I felt like a zombie for not having enough sleep. Two more weeks like that.. ahhh!!! Then? HOLIDAY! Oh please.. postpone ADFP's BTN.. ~~

Calculus test 3? I forgot. (in fact i remember that I have lost quite many marks already. =.=)

Bio Test on Monday. Amitabha!

Ethic test on Saturday. Amen!

Calculus final exam.. AHH!

2 days weekend is too short. =(