Curi-curi listened to this during Toefl on a Monday. :) :P

Sickly morning. I feel so hot and yet i was sneezing in a place with no air current. =_= Crowded and bazaar-like house. First was the uncle along with his Indonesian worker to continue painting and fixing the ceramic floor. Knock here knock there, running here and there transferring the movie Freedom Writers, i was filled with rapture! =) Because i can finally finish watching it. NICE movie!!! =) =) =) Feel like watching Remember the Titans again.

Then, two uncles came with the cooking hood. I feel like a supervisor at my home now. Sitting behind the office desk, watching everyone walking here and there. @.@ Then people passing by my the desk and passed me warranty cards. For what? I filled in, and signed for my mom. =.='''

And then, Mr and Mrs Curtain. =.= Sorry, i think i forgot the uncle's name.. Ok they came to put up curtains. So, the din increase in amplitude. ( i feel like shouting: PEOPLE, do you know what SAT is? So Agonizing Test. Hush please? =.=) Hence, i am desperating for silence. Can i borrow your house, please?

Great. Two sisters were out to KLCC and i am left here. (More to i leave myself here.) If they go somewhere else i might join. :D By the way, i have just done a very embarrass.. thing. Haha. I was lying on my mom's bed, facing the wall flipping the Simon's vocabulary. Then..the Indonesian worker suddenly open the door and entered, i thought (s)he is my mom, so i just turned and asked ''Yes??'' o.O'', then "oh shit.." i said. ----- HAHAHHAAA!! =_='' shy shy.... XD

Okay, can someone lend me his/her time for book review reading?!!? AH.


The uncle who came to polish the marble floor came and saw me using the computer..

Uncle: Nowadays, people use computer to study to work, to do everything.
Me: Hee.. Ya lo.
Uncle: But you all should use brain you know. Computer is dead one, brain is not...
Me: =.v
Uncle: ...I tell you ah, last time i went to a shop and bought things that cost RM13.50, so I paid the lady RM50. She couldn't find her calculator and i kept waiting. Then i told her that she should pay me back RM36.50 she doesn't want to trust me. So right, study with your brain, not computer.
Me: :) (inside my heart: uncle, i don't have a dictionary and Word Processor in my brain!! =.=)

But then, the uncle told my dad "she looks small, but she has big strength" *proud*.. hehe~ They were moving furnitures here and there, I helped!! =) see, i am strong. =.=

Today is powdery. Whole house is covered with the white powder they used on the wall. Everywhere, i think somewhere inside my laptop, there is powder. So, few hours for cleaning. Then before that, 2 hours to find a ceramic & marble factory. Then after that, few hours meeting Peiwen (sorry for the sudden rush. x.x) and waiting my sisters. Omg. Where is my Monday!? Please oh please, tell me i will be okay on saturday. =/

Feel blue now. Weird. Is it because i am not fully prepared for SAT? Maybe. Or it is because.. what?? I need to concentrate. I need a catalyst, my rate of reaction for study is low. =_=

IS there a pill for study enhancement?
Anyone, knock my head and wake me up. =.=''
I hope time stops now. AH~


"Why you don't want to try to apply (into ivies)?"
Because I could never imagine the house to collapse if i were to be absent. Because I need to help. Because I hope someone would replace me to help. Because I scare something bad will happen. Who doesn't want a faster, better, brighter learning?

"She looks like a lucky girl with great, happy life!"
Who knows the story behind the big smile? Who knows how hard it is to show up when she sees a live shouting dispute? Who knows how much she wishes someday, someone will stand by her when she stands by her mother? Who knows she is actually not strong enough yet to really help? Who knows to what extent she can be feared by her own family? Who knows she is trying so damn hard to make sure everything is okay?
She wonders.

Sometimes I am surprised by the fact that I can always show =) to people when in fact the reality shows =( =( =(. I was even surprised to recall what I had talked that day during OC class (impromptu speaking). But now, i know why i said so. Free of being partial, those words just came out that time. All is because it is a fact. For innumerable times i told myself, just forgive and forget. Anyone, just anyone on earth, who ever did something bad directly or indirectly to me, always is forgiven. Ya, the over forgiving me. I still can't change this innate trait. Try me, hours passed and i will forgive him.

I have just watched a scene of live shouting, by the two souls that brought me to earth. 3 meters away, i saw a bowl shattered to pieces and my heart followed, crashed. I just stood there with my eyes opened. That scene was my dinner.
Dramatic, real.

Picture and feel the scene, now you ask me again then. "Why you don't want to fly next year??" and i will show you a pair of sanguine eyes.

Day 2. Thank god there's something called blog, a what to sing sorrow, not a who.


Day 1 of holiday, which doesn't feel like a holiday. Because there is a feeling of this is a study week. =( Anyhow, i haven't studied. Omg, i need a momentum to move me from this inertia.

Morning was good. I did not set alarm yesterday but my biological alarm, enthusiastically but inopportunely, woke me up at 7 something. =_='' Then my mom gave me a rather bad news "they (the workers) will come at 10 to polish the marble floor." (and the machine they use is very not ear-friendly) W.H.Y =\ This is the first day of the short break, but..!!

Ok, so as promised before, I accompanied my younger sister to Popular to buy the indefinable book she wants. Then i saw Swiss muesli and i bought one box again! =) Let me stay with cereal products and you will sense my delight~~

Came back at 4p.m.. I feel like sleeping. Then i slept, for few minutes. =.='' The house seriously needs cleaning, so i just have to help. Oh, the house's color changed. Not white anymore~ is peach! =) oh, i just found out that 'peachy' means very good. Haha~ swt.

1 more week and adios to SAT. *a bit 怕怕*

My younger sister is cajoling me to attend her friend's birthday celebration. It is all HER friends. So I insist to reject! =.='' And, i talked so lot to my mommy today, because i keep needing water for the constantly sore throat. XD

Sovitha, i miss u! Pei wun, Pei wen, Hui sin mama, too! Yiwen jie, Eldwin papa, other jie(s), too too! U.U

The World is flattening. Yap.There are 7 flat laptops there. With few others nearby.. Austinians are so flattened! =.= By the way, the book is getting fun again~ =) =) =) I like business! But not the numbers. =.=
So, remember that day we went to Sunway, and we watched movie? In the cinema, we saw this. Oh yes, 23rd + 1 October! But then, i was thinking "where are Troy and Gabriella??"
Oh. Because Troy lost his head, they decided to hide them up then. How sad. =\
But, somehow we found a replacement! Just of perfect height - Austin's vainpot, Arif. Haha! See, he still can fling his hair with Gabriella. You made us proud~~ =.=
Took this from the white board in our little house at Akasia. They are right, if i say i am obtuse, i am not. Because, how an obtuse people can use the word 'obtuse'?! =.=
Austinians are really not obtuse, they are acute. Yeah. See? They can read an inverted newspaper. Acute right? =) *ops. Arif caught me*
The world is flat. Was alone at home last weekend. A flat laptop for entertaiment. A flat cordless phone for safety. And a flat fax phone for nothing. =)

Countdown. I counted down to SPM last day. I counted down to SAM 1st sem. I counted down to tests, quizzes and exams. I counted down to JPA interview. I counted down to SPM result to be released. I counted down to JPA's inform. I counted down to 1st sem in Intec. I counted down to more tests, quizzes and exams. I counted down to the week to over to that i can go back home. I counted down to holiday. I counted down to tomorrow. Now I count down to SAT. Then i count down to finals. Then I countdown to 2nd sem. Then... Maybe i should live the present more. I do not want to count down to my death. =)

We watched 'Crash' in class, and half of 'Freedom Writers'. Really nice movie. Now i know i missed lots of meaningful and insightful movies.

Ter-officially become IE - Intellectual Emotional club's Vice Secretary. Thanges, I will help you with all i have~ muax! haha. =.='' Congratulations to all others committee. All the best to us. =)

Thanks Mr Sifu for being sleepless to edit our radio drama. Eejane is touched. :D :D :D
HAPPY HOLIDAY to all who gets holiday. And Selamat Hari Raya to Muslims~

Accompanied Eejane to buy her McD lunch. Then i saw this child is molesting the... =.='''

Do what you think; think what you want.
Those who dare get what they desire,
If you want it, strive for it. =)
Time won't wait..

Ohh K. And so I went out with SuiYing, Beatrice, KJ, Kelvin, Ronnie, Arif, WeiJie, and Kuresh to Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday. We went to MPH - this is the first time I feel good going into book store! =.= Nothing funny. Because ( in American English sentence can start with ‘because’ LOL) if I go with my dad it will be ‘Make it fast lorr’, with my elder sister it will either be she left me there =( or she shows me her ‘are you done?’ face. =.= Whereas with my younger sister, geng-est: she will sing the phrase ‘you don’t see anything, you don’t see anything’ while we were passing by MPH. =_= So, for the first time, I was so not in rush, they are all searching for books/mag too! Heeee~ And then somehow, the 2 skinny/bullies Kelvin and Ronnie have themselves blown to Popular. :P

Then we went for brunch at Mr. Tepanyaki. Also, my first time of being so frustrated looking at menu. Only tofu, tofu, and tofu. Ate rice with… Let’s skip this part, shall I? Yes! =) =) I bought.. The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman. Thanks to Mr. chicken I got some rebate from MPH. See. I am thankful. =D Then we went for movie - The Death of Accuracy (er.. Or Accuracy of Death!? =.=) a.k.a Sweet Rain. I was glad it is neither a HORROR movie, or a MEANINGLESS movie. =) At least it made us laughed!! And laughed~~ haha. =.= I still couldn’t forget the black dog talking; the ‘I like music’; those funny-looking Grim Reaper.. RM10 wasn’t wasted~ =) =) Takeshi IS cute~

We went back by taxi, and.. For the first time, I ACTUALLY DIRECTED the taxi DRIVER uncle TO THE RIGHT PLACE!! HAHAHAA~ =.= well, I will never forget I directed people to wrong direction, always, and once my uncle..on the HIGHWAY. Hehehhee. Feel so sorry for the time and petrol..hehehhe. This time I succeed!! Buahahahaa~ Omg. Holiday is a danger for me, I will procrastinate. Have I done any studying!? =/ Today, I spent a lot. @_@ Worth it!! = =''

Headache in the morning; forced myself to stay awake for hours before I can sense some clearness. Well, at least it was not stomach ache. See. I am grateful. =.= Almost exactly enamored with Austin super-duper silly talking. I guess I survived because of those jokes and bullying. =.= But please, I am so looking forward for a day when those bad people will treat me good. Even though being bullied is my lifetime experience. =.= It is fun, but NOT by making my hair messy!! *warning sign* #.#

You know what, all of a sudden, I feel so excited with politics!! And.. Globalization! =.= I started my journey into the book of The World Is Flat today. As what The New York Times reviewed, this book is really exciting (!!). Lol.. As in how the journalist writes it. As in what he can think out of the world. I bet if he does SAT, critical reading = 800/800. Haha~ For the very first time I am reading a Business/ Economic/ Politics (as stated) book. How scare I was if the book is haunted by the ennui of words and vapidity!

Classes ended at 6pm and.. Oh god I am deprived of time.

Friday? Yap. Stay until 530pm to record my group's radio drama. Thanks lot to Zhen Hwang sifu again. He is geng!! =) And we laughed so much, so so much. =) nice day. Debate!!! on coming Tuesday. All the best to another 11. =) by the way, The World is Flat is flattening me.. all the business terms are quite killing.. =.=

Ms KahYee, nahh.
The TV.. somehow dialih-ed again.
Dining place. Floor done~
Here right, Taiping uncle came and.. actually there was a sink, he said cannot, then $$$ used, gone. O.O

Today is holiday. *Happy* :D :D

Today is Wednesday - half way finishing the week. *Happy* *Scare!!* =.=''' SAT is getting near mah.. =|
(My one week always includes only weekdays.. :P)

My horoscope reading : There's no sense in hurrying to get things done, now. You'll only waste your energy. Really? v.V

I slept for more than 6 or 7 hours, feel great~ =) =) Sleeping is such a happy hobby/activity. =)

Promised to buy my siblings things again. See. I am a good jiejie. (Ignore me~ :D) Well, just want to leave them a happy 2-year memory so that afterward they will remember their jiejie is a kind one. They won't curse me then. =.='''

Going out with few Austinians. See. I am a good classmate. (lol lol lol..) Relax a bit, hang out with people i never went out with, find the @#$%^&* non-fiction. u.u

I hope Happy moments last long. =)
Going out. Tata~

  1. Mom is still using the monkey hp-holder we gave!! =) =)
My nanny's daughter's son - if i am not mistaken. Hahaha!! =) He looks like a good boy, but then for the whole 20 minutes, he was throwing the air-filled bear on his hand so that people will take it back to him. =.= Kids like attention. And, he was speaking with 'their' language which sounded like "ahhH. ErhhH. Eeee!!. errrR~! etc" and i was guessing hard to understand those codes. =.=''
Joined mama to...
and to...
and and to...
and and and to...
and.. until i was tired to.. =.= (these are the cutest lamps!=) ) From Hello Kitty to dolphin, there are so many kinds. How good if i can change a new one every week. =)
But i still can =) !!! Latest view of 'siao za bo'.

Lamps here, lamps there. A seller actually told us, in fact yellowish/orangish light is better for eyes. But because Malaysian especially, had a belief that the lamp must be Bright enough, bright!!, so most shops sell what is demanded. And, my mom actually bought more ceiling fans than lamps at those shops. =.=

Today the weather is super hot. My younger sister asked me why Fall/Autumn could be so hot. =.= Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~ =) =)

Tired to type more. Feeeel the post~ lol.. :P
Thanks SAMclan and yiwen sister for the Tshirt! =)

Try not to look at the video when you listen to the song; listen to the words. nice nice~ (I can't find the one with audio only mah. hehe) =)

Okay. Sunday - Thanks to Ms Deela with all her hard work. A great evening with lots of laughter~ We had BBQ at night, and we helped at her house in Cemara. It was fun though, just to help. =)5-6 girls around the kitchen working with popiah, cabbage, etc. while the guy 'bathing' the chicken.=.= Suddenly talked for an hour with coursemates from other classes! while standing outside our blocks... =)

Monday - DAYmare! What an Austin. Choked me with the votes that drag me to Speakers' corner. =| It was supposed to be only any of KJ/Arif/Saiful!! *#.#* And, what else actually happened? =)

Tuesday - _____. Many was sick and absent. I lost N amount of folder (in fact is all folder) in my pendrive only because i used it to print ONE paper at Akasia photocopy shop. =.=

Wednesday - See! Do not vote someone who will talk only on mundane thing to the stage mah. Anyway, thanks a million to my sifu ZhenHwang who gave me some practice and guidance. =) Ohh! We played Taboo game in L.A. class. Syok! haha. =) Well, it is a really fun and cikek game. :D We were happy by the news that we can wear short sleeves in Intec and Akasia. I started to imagine buying some normal clothes, as in short sleeves, in our beloved Hot country.

Thursday - 911. Another BBQ. Yep, can easily get cancer. =.= It was at open field, but thanks to those thirsty mosquitoes, i only got bitten and sucked by one. :P We were bemused by the news that again we can not wear short sleeves. What was that one-day announcement for!? =.=

Friday - Oh yes it is Friday!! Buahahahaa~ =.= Spent my first two empty class hour with nothing and another two watching 'The Death of President'. Not bad~ =) =) Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday!! Mooncake Mooncake... lala.. ~

*Feel much happier this week. Bad score? Anything! =) Living my life in the way it should be lived. *
Peculiarly peaceful =O

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and... =)

Tagged by the quarrelsome bully class rep, KJ. :P

I was rather shocked to see the length of the tagging...O.O

Starting time : 9.03 a.m.

Name : 林嘉薇

Sisters : Two, one 19 year olds, one er.. wait, let me count.. 14.5. :D

Brothers : One, 11.5 this year.

Shoe size : Depends on the shoemaker, 5 or 6 (they say tall people have larger number.. u.u)

Height : 161/162/maybe taller already. Ok. contented. v.v

Where do you live : Domicile. XD

Favourite drinks : Drinking water, mineral water, Oat/organic beverage, (some) tea, Bio Green's, fruits' enzymes/vinegar drinks..

Favourite breakfast : Mixed beverage~

Have you ever been on a plane : Yap. -------------> Shanghai.

Swam in the ocean : PLAYED in the ocean. Swam in the pool. Scare shark eii. =.=

Fallen asleep at school : Of course ah, tell me you never? This is a everyday common hobby of many mah. Well, depends on whose class i was in.

Broken someone's heart : I couldn't penetrate people's heart yet. And they didn't tell me if i have. =)

Fell off you chair : Last time was.. forgot. :D Don't you feel that falling off from chair = a time for everyone to have their lips widened awhile? =.=

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Did that. To train my patience. =.=

Saved e-mails : I didn't see this question. Skip~ =.=

What is your room like : Like a room. Neh, a room ah. I said, a room.

What's right beside you : A cupboard.. A pile of books.. Empty honey star's box. Yor..

What is the last thing you ate : 7 grains bread and one cookies. :D

Ever had

Chicken pox : On the day i was born. Sorry to my honored mama~ She got twice because of me. u.u

Sore throat : =_='' Who never!?!?

Stitches : Once. Don't ask me how, i forgot.. hehe!

Broken nose : No no no.. *ouch*

Do you

believe in love at first sight : My sister's quote "Love at first sight will only happen to pretty girl and handsome guy" My quote "ya meh? Why i don't know one?" *skeptical*

Like picnics : Ya~ like it like it.

Who were the last person

You danced with : the dumbo-bimbo corporation's members. =)

Last made you smile : Last night.. forgot ah. Changed to 'What were the last Thing that made me Laugh". KJ's tag. =.=

You last yelled at : Pillow+blanket.

Today did you

Talk to someone else : Until now, no. They are still sleeping. Dad & Mom are out.

Kissed anyone : Nope.

Get sick : I still have more than half day for today. So.. how do i know!?

Talk to an ex : ex-classmate, yesterday. ex-bandmate, yesterday.

Miss someone : Yap!! The question did not ask me to state. We must not assume the question did. :D

Eat : Yes la.

Best feeling in the world

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Once upon a time a bigger-than-me bear. Then it was Mr bean's teddy. Then now a piggie, which i often ignore, no time to hug. =.=

What's under your bed : At home-floor. At akasia-boxes.

Who do you really hate : You want to know? Ok. Why should i tell? :P :P :P

What time is it now : 9.36 am this tag is really long la!!!


Is there a person who is on your mind now : Yes. *getting mad*

Do you have any siblings : tuuuut. *KJ u tag me again u will suffer*

Do you want children : Ya gua.

Do you like your handwriting : It transmogrified N times already and still changing. How to judge?

Are you toe nails painted : Yes. But look like not painted.

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My mom's. hehe.

What colour shirt are you wearing now : White Muller T.

What were you doing at 7.00pm : Yesterday a? Forgot.

Are you a friendly person : You answer this. I do not argue with people one, unless they want to argue with me. :P

Do you have any pets : No. Not allowed at my home. Animals have right of freedom.

Where is the person you have feelings for right now : ____.

Do you hold hands with the person who mean anything to you now : Nay

Do you sleep with TV on : Nooo. But ter- with laptop on few times in Inti. X

What are you doing now : Blaming the tagger. :P

Have you ever crawled through a window : Never.

Can you handle the truth : Yap. My blood pressure and heart condition allow.

Are you too forgiving : Har ?

Are you closer to your mother or father : You know if you know.

Who was the last person you cried in front of : Forgot too~

How many people can you say you've really loved : *where can i find the infinity sign?*

Do you eat healthy : Was doing that. Trying hard to do that now. Come to Seksyen 17,18 and practice a healthy lifestyle? You do it and let me see.

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you : Yap.

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : wall, ceiling, dream. Ok, supposedly is find someone to scold. :D

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Both.

Are you confident : Ya, sometimes.

5 things i was doing 10 years ago
Sitting, Standing, Seeing, Hearing.. = Living. Writing my name in boxes and chinese word until i cried. Watching SailorMoon. =.= Running in the garden with my elder sister. Hugging the bigger-than-me bear.

5 things on my to-do list today

I am mad. *can't see this question*

5 snacks i enjoy

HoneyStar, muesli, kuih-muih, granola/energy bar, cakes, apples, chocolates, *i know i am listing more than enough*, cookies!!

5 of my bad habits

Counterattack someone's argue, hasty, thinking uncritically, procrastination, _____.

5 places i have lived in

Klang, selangor; Inti-UC, nilai; Shah Alam, selangor; Relatives' house at penang and Klang. =.=

i've had (including part time)

*can't wait to reach the last question*
Kindergarten helper, mom's secretary, listener, adviser (not expert), sister, friend, daughter.....

5 people I tag
To suffer. =.=

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry =( x 100 , show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. =) x 1000

FINALLY i slept before 11pm. Planned to sleep before 9pm one.. but was quite syok watching the current news of Malaysia yang somehow menggemparkan. Recommend you to view KennySia latest post. =)

Next morning, i meant this morning, FINALLY i walked out from my home for deeep fresh breath. =) FINALLY i saw my home's garden plants. =.= Well for the past dizzy giddy days, i walked out to.. get on bus and ~

Everyone is not special, maybe; everyone is unique, Yes.
Again, we have done another SAT practice test. My score is still, er.. like that. Maybe i am not critical enough. =| Maybe 2 years will be enough for me to become more and MORE critical. =) This slower pace does give me the taste of life. No-no to rushing. =) I don't want my mama to say I look like half-dead person. =)

Saw my friends in Klang leading a =D life with long-known friends. Saw them sitting in a car going to band practice for coming MIB ICB concert. If i am still in inti.. i will join them! =/ People, i miss band. I miss clarinet. I miss combine. I miss tuning. I miss all.

Any plan on Mooncake Festival? No. Not yet. Might not have any. =.= Went out to EngAnn morning bazaar. Nice feeling. Haaa~ Heeee~ Thanks to the rain that keeps falling on me. I am partially sick. =) --- =.=''

I know the feeling of being regretful when we lose something we can own. Chance comes once and normally would not come to us as it was again.
So.. hm.. i want to take the chance i have now to.. sleep more! ^^Y And to.. later when i know i tell you.

PEOPLE~ recommend me a non-fiction PLEASE? O.O


This year National Day is still happening as years before. But now, things are different for me. For the past years’ National Days, I’d be wearing the school band bright red uniform, black pants and a marching band cap with inches long feather, holding a clarinet and standing on the field or track for weeks of training before the day came. With others, we knew most of the issues about the formal parade. Having chance to join as one of a million is expressly a remarkable and worth-remembering memory. We marched along the row of ministers, it was something so exciting! With million pairs of eyes’ recognition, all the sunburn and perspiration were never mean to be wasted.

Why? This paragraph has a emo tone. Not extreme. =.= Austianians are treating this style of writing well, so am I. =.=

Definition of emo: Like a Goth, only much less dark and much more Harry Potter. (From urban dictionary)
E.g: My life sucks, I want to cry. =.=

They say 'I am stupid'; should I say 'I am SO stupid'?
But, lately the eagerness to compare and compete for the rank in smaller number and marks in bigger number has receded, partially. Maybe this sounds, again, stupid. But I still remember being asked "If you are dying tomorrow, what you want to do today?" during addmath at Prasad's. Now if i answer "I want to high scores in everything!! I want to get into UPenn/Cornell/whatever!!" Again, stupiak. =.= For person like me who needs greater efforts to succeed, who most of the time needs fortuitous happenings for desired goals to come true, leading a normal body's life is good, maybe. I won't say i'm a nobody, neither am i a somebody. So.. normal body! =.=

Well, how could I expect my younger siblings to turn into critical thinkers so that I would worry lesser? How could I hope my parents will soon rely on me so that they can sit down for a cup of tea? How could many other happen?

I do not know. Some will say, live your life today before you think of tomorrow. Ya, true, maybe. I just want to appreciate the present. The world had carved a niche for me as a girl who has been flowing with the worldly stream, so i should keep follow. =)

Yo.. i miss seaside!! Penang's, Morib's (breeze :P), _____'s (forgot its name =.=)
Can't wait for the end of this semester, i want to sit beside the sea again to listen to the wind's whisper. But then, Austin'08 would have become A --- u --- s --- t --- i --- n already. Sorted, divided. =|

If you have the song Ilumbarada by Ortiga, send it to ME!! ~

i TELL YOU...!!
  • I was so so so so, yes, is SO elated when i found that New Age Playlist. Neh, right there below the ShoutBox~ You might fall asleep if you listen to them. But then.. I am :D :D :D !! *Best effect with a hearphone* lala... lalala~~ (okay a Few in the list is not really ok.. only a Few) =)
  • Leaving my dusty home again. Hopefully next week i can see the kitchen =.=
  • Steady staters~ It was good that we reached a consensus after an hour of discussion/typing. Hehe~ Honestly.. i expect more time for this. Omg.. Gambate!*
  • This week will be Okay. Yes it will be. Please.. can it be? =.= Since it is only 4 days left.. (FYI, for college student like me, a week is not 7 days. A week = 5 days. It makes sense to me. =.=)
  • I've just drunk a cup of... dragon fruit thing. Don't know what is that. As long as it holds me to feel un-sleepy until 12 a.m. later, i am contented. v.V
  • I feel scared scared.. pre-Cal.. T_T Why do you keep scaring me?!! I am trying to love you eh numbers.. =.=
  • If you are motivated, motivate me; If you are not, tell your mother. =.=
  • Don't ask me to be your 'SMS partner'. Yesterday was the first time i heard of this new thing. From a person i do not know. O_O
  • Remind me to be careful. Those scary forward mails about girls........ are filling my mail box. Why couldn't ALL guys be kind.
  • Tell me whether I should take SAT II / go working end of this year. In a confusing quandary..
  • Tell me not to be lazy. I still like sleeping. I still like thinking. I still like recalling. Worst is I like slow pace. =.=
  • =)