Your red blood cell..
My breakfast.. i mean, 10% of my breakfast..

Your... i told you in the title already.


Surprisingly, people start guessing the truth behind Lim Kah Wei, who never known for something good. Mr Kamal wants to know how many boyfriend she has; while her younger brother said she must be lying, he said “because you must have a boyfriend already!” LOVL (Laugh out VERY loud). Up to all of you to find out, guess, assume or even predict and suspect. The truth is with me. lalala~

I decided to make BTN camp a ‘vacation’ if we really are going this April. Duhh.. Got choice meh? Unless suddenly I got some kind of allergic reaction, hahaahaaa!! Feed me prawn on that week!! Those big ones!! =.=

I am getting ideas for my Advanced Comp. essay 2. It is always hard to get ‘personal experience’ from myself even I have experienced something. Remember, my memory only features those which happened few years ago, always. So I actually have to sort of interview my siblings to get some history of myself. Betul-betul pathetic. =.=

It is 930pm, again I hope I can stay alive and awake until I finish ONE assignment. I should have started doing them after my half day weekly holiday from 1pm to now. =.=

I like to end my paragraph with “=.=”. =.=

Suddenly I feel like eating cake and Guylian chocolate. O.O

Oh yeah it is Saturday again. But oh no there are too many assignments and reading to do!

Let's countdown~~ I have just done the summary for The Misery of Silence~~ that's all. =.=


I slept at nine yesterday and predicted i will wake up at 730am. Mana tahu.. i woke up at 530!!! =.=

This is stupid. Despite the fact that i am taiyerd, my biological clock has become psychologically used to the few hour sleeping. ~.~   Anyway, at least it was not 3 hours.

I came to realize that I have found my own line of thought and 'style'(not fashion la), in some ways that I wanted to think and talk a lot, and i see myself being different and more distinct that before. A good sign i guess, at least i think so. =p

Doing some further research on kidney diseases. Well, we have to tailor our messages to the audience. So now i have to organize my thoughts logically so that i can tell my story to the maximum impact. Hahahaha!! =_=

I am also using the wonder of world wide web to get some information about Hepatitis B Carrier.. Those articles sound serious and life-threatening. O.O  Er, let me help you to recall, i was one of the "i want to donate blood" missy last week. But then blame thank to my honesty i asked the doctor if i can and he shook his head and said sorry. Because, i am a hepatitis B carrier~~~~ *thunder and storm*

Ceh. I got vaccine shots before. Well, YEARS ago. Haha.. and i remember something now, mymom,  siblings and I have a forgotten that we have a vaccine appointment with don't know which doctor on 27th Jan 2001/02/03/04. =.='' We actually missed that last one until now. Alright, i should avoid alcohol for the rest of my life. I have to follow the what hygienic guidelines (sounds like speech comm.). And whoops! I have to take back my organ donation pledge... Yeerrr!!

The symptoms of hepatitis B usually include yellow coloring of the skin and eyes (jaundice) and fever. Many people lose their appetites, feel tired or feel like they have flu. Many people are severely ill for months. However, some people who are carriers of the infection never feel sick. Fortunately, hepatitis B virus is not spread by sneezing or coughing, or from such casual contact such as holding

*I am thinking what i will be doing in the weekend.. sleep, daydreaming, sleep, rush assignments > regret* lol.

And finally I can return my dad's RM100~ I hate owing people money.

Week 8
~……~ Tuesday night.

Busy busy busy. Should have always see busy as a form of motivation to sleep do more. =)

After the CNY celcom job offer, the working agent called again and asked if I can work for Celcom (again...) (haha..) for 18 days in March. This is tempting okay, for me. Imagine you can get around RM2000 in 18 days? (it’s like getting an old kancil in 18 days/ getting a new laptop in 18 days/ getting something for everyone in my family in 18days..) Ok, to protect my sleeping moments and time that I have planned to give those who were in Smjk KwangHua who are waiting for their SPM results, I shall wisely reject the job, even only for the one week break. =) tell me this choice is right.

I hate misunderstanding. Who likes it anyway? I would prefer people hating me directly than misunderstanding me and spread the virus.

And I do not understand why I can stay awake and energized even if I slept after 1am at my Klang home, but I will definitely feel really sleepy in Akasia after 10pm.

Glad that we have done many many presentations.
I like my informative speech’s topic.

I need to do something other than studying and sleeping.
Give me some out-of-the-class things to do if you have, but I have the right to reject. =_=

If I can sleep while sitting, it means it is time to sleep already. =P

I am still rindu-ing marching band and concert band. =( Why isn’t there any public band in Shah Alam wor! By the time I see a band again, I probably had forgotten how to play.

>.< Wednesday night

Very tired. Thank you. lol. My group failed to get our ethic presentation done because we wanted to watch a video about God and terrorism. =___= I don’t know if I can survive tomorrow Speech Comm. and Calculus or not. O.O For the first time I went to cemara café with siasia. HAHAHAHA~

Thursday evening

I survive!! =.= Done with mid term. =)

My advice, never take calculus test if you are having migraine, you might fail it like i did. =.=

Honolulu is a funny class. =)

What we expect will always be an illusion, what we never expect will become a fact. AH!

Next week will be another horrible week.
I need a holiday. v.V

The most beautiful potato wedge we have ever gotten~ =p
Crowd waiting to donate their blood~~

Darah-darah warga intec.

Another weekend it is right now. Sitting on a woody chair with my no-patience younger sister and brother, i am trying to type very fast and think very fast as well.
This week was hectic. For the first time, I went back from Intec to Akasia at 7 plus pm. For the first time, I slept at 3 plus am. For the first time, I slept later than Charis. For the first time, I woke up (luckily i did) because i heard Charis' phone alarm. For the first time, we spent RM160 for tourism convention, with RM40 mistake buying. lol. For the first time, I really did not finish studying ACS for Quiz 2 and i think i have screwed it up. For the first time, siasia yinyin paripari and I went out for dinner together and we gossiped a lot. :D For the first time, we were laughing because normally when we speak in chinese, paripari will be left out; but on that day paripari was talking in an amazing speed with the Bistro's tauke and we were left out. lol. For the first time, I think i am so energetic because i can still stay fine with only 3 hours sleep. =) For the first time, Friday also we need to take taxi..
Alright, i spent my Saturday morning buying lots of chocolate, apples, and cookies. At the end, i owe my dad RM100 (after discount) and IE owes me RM250. In conclusion, I am broke. haha~ Worse, i have to find the CIMB ATM later to get some cash for my demo speech. >.<
I hope holiday is near.

Global warming in Klang and Shah Alam.. O.O
I bet the cactus living in 5203 in akasia is happy.
But i am not. We can even sweat as if we are running even by just sitting.
I am dead. Demo speech is brought forward and my planning has gone $%^&*(#.. =|
Community service or speech preparation?
If i choose both i'll probably end up dying for the Nth time. =.=

THANKS to all 140++ blood donors, whoever you are! ;)
Was surprised with the crowd.. 0_0

And then.. i'm still indecisive on my weekend's plan!!!!! sigh.


I damn like the feeling of waking up after Friday this week - it is ONLY Saturday and not Sunday!! =) My heart beat thumped in a more peaceful manner all day long, this is rare. But I guess next week I will get coronary failure, because my weekend will only start on Saturday after we come back from the orphanage, while all the mid-term papers are staring at me like my mom, waiting my very kind revision to not fail them. Well, we can’t really choose, one lab report, two assignments, and two presentations all due in the same week. Why must there a peak week? Can’t everything be distributed evenly?

I am already 18.3 year old, but I don’t think I can really differentiate between good and bad people. Good people can do ‘good’ things which is inwardly bad (with evil motive); while bad people can do ‘bad’ things which is inwardly good (with kind motive). Who to trust? ~_____~

By the way, did I tell you that I actually gone addicted to Book Valley café’s Wifi? Because with the standard speed of many cafes, I can enjoy steady full speed of connection for many many hours, because because, they don’t have many on9 customer! =P I had a cup of hot chocolate there, not as nice as Starbucks’, but I can spend less~ :D


Oh ya, Valentine’s Day? I felt nothing, except for while listening to MyFm MixFm FlyFm HitzFm, they are all discussing about gifts for your significant ones. A girl said she would not want to receive any flower because she will have to see the flower wilts and dieee~ (get fake flower la..=.=)

I am starting to hate afternoon. The sun will be so hot raging at Earth and I feel like we will be half-cooked someday.

Can die can die. I was watching cartoons and sitcoms with my siblings as if I am having holiday. Who ask our dearest parents hilangkan diri and left us at home??! Omg. Anyone, buy me a car for my birthday if you can. >.<


I am happy, happier at least. It was fun seeing everyone turned sleepy together, forcing their eyes to open while looking at the others, with only few guys answering the questions from lecturer. When it comes to “ok, take 5~” woo hoo, whole line of Honoluluians have their heads down and slept. I was definitely one of them, despite the fact that I slept at 11 and 10pm for two continuous days. =_=

Another CARING advertisement
Para warga Intec sekalian, Blood Donation Drive is on MONDAY~ Dedication for donation (100% profit is going to be donated to an orphanage) is on the WHOLE WEEK, so Honolulu, I am going to use paksaan.. muahahahaaa!! Organ donation is limited to 100 people only, the hospital was…. And sadly(I am happy with it btw), there is NO MORE place for community service. All 30 slots are taken! :D

Evil is good?
Being evil is good?
Being evil is something good?


Ahhh~ how Gooood if our classes always end after Thursday~~ *hint* *hint*. LOL~
Listening to My FM, temporarily change the frequency to learn some Cantonese. Audiences are calling in to tell about their desired Valentine’s gift. Hehe~ Ya, today is the eve of Valentine’s Day. As my previous 18 years, it is just another day. But then this morning only I found out that my birth time is 7.59pm~!! =.=

Alright, this is the last time i'm exploting free electricity from Aeon. lol. I am not evil, but i am bad. =.= I found a place in EngAnn that will do better, yay~ Book Valley cafe, here I come!

Just gotten our stuffs for tourism convention and contents for orphans' goodie bags. Can die, spent more than RM180 already! yeee... i like spending, but not on things like these.. =__=

I loves Friday without class..*HINT* HAHAHA~ well, i can sleep for 3 nights at home, i can finish my assignments in a peaceful way, i can listen more to my sister and brother's complains, i can tell them "i won't do your homework" and end up helping... =)


This is a week before Caring Week, and I desperately hope that everything is going to be okay.

I was super happy that today is Tuesday but not Monday; I was happy that my head has stopped torturing me; I was also happy with quite some other stuffs. I was angry when I can’t print my group’s Moral assignment because the some #$%^& finished the ink; I was angry with the staff giving us only headshake after we told her about that; I was even angry when there’s printer available and usable in other lab but we were asked to go back to the original ink-less lab. Luckily, Thangesh and I printed in the 2nd lab before we actually dihalau keluar. *PROUD* =) Well you know, 30sen per page in the library is HUGE when you want to print more than 20 pages. Saving hard for my demo speech’s ingredients and birthday presents for many. $________$

Now I know I can’t be a good girl more than few hours, but I can be a lazy girl for days and weeks. =_______= And that’s why I am soon failing, alright, degrading my calculus.

I recalled seeing a very cute sticker on one car last week.. it says “You very KIASU, I very KIASI, so….” I must get that sticker!! Maybe I can stick everywhere, showing people who always study. LOL.

In the end I haven’t stop worrying about the might-come-again migraine. I hate you migrainese, you shoo!!

And now I couldn’t stand more door knocking! =( They knock urgently, yet when you drag yourself out to open the door, it is the other way round. This is my bad mood; a source of pimples.

Next week is going to be terrible. I hope it will be disastrous, and Happy.


Listening to Katharine McPhee’s Over It. I once listened to this song for hours and days. It just suits all my moods. =)

I enjoyed some moments of recalling time in Inti-UC when I use Vichy’s face products. =.= Well, it just got the small that brings out my life over there. Morning walk to class with Yiwen, Eldwin.. Psychology class that I surprisingly understood.. Biology class with a funny cute lecturer.. Chemistry until 7-8pm.. In the swimming pool that I can actually lemas, at there too I met real people from China.. My handsome roommate who was a great basketball player.. The ICB band room with us playing and having fun inside.. the hall above the cafeteria where we had our concert.. the MPHall where the aircon can freeze us.. the Bio laboratory where we can see worms, snakes, fishes, lizards and so on.. my room and the bed always with me on it. I miss those. =|

My temper is running like mad person. Worry perhaps.

I see myself ready for a shattered family. What to do, they adults regret, they fight, and we are not the lawyer to decide.

Got a little bit of headache, agree that I have too much to fill my brain.

Tell you something funny, it is about my matrimony. Well you know many Chinese will ask their love, career, education etc from some respected ones in the temple, my parents did every year. So.. since I am over 18 and my mom did ask for me. And.. I am not going to tell you anything. =P

I am waiting for tomorrow's 6pm. Don't ruin my tomorrow. =)

Yay~ I sort of endured my Thursday and Friday with large amount of patience. Not knowing why, I was attacked by migraine, the torturous migraine.

But this is Saturday (when I am typing), I am okay with sitting and sleeping but I am not okay with walking around and running. =.= I even forgot about the ache and jumped from the chair towards the kitchen and SHOOT, that was Ouch-ful.

What else? I am left alone with me and myself only. =.= Sister at Genting, Mom and brother and younger sister went to Ipoh/Taiping, Dad has to work today. Sigh. Maybe that was why I could easily gave my ‘reaction’ and responded to the essay “The Rewards of Living a Solitary Life” by May Sarton. =.=

There is one more benefit of getting sick, which only applied to me. That is, my parents will get along better with each other, and the house will be much quieter for this patient to sleep from 8xxpm to 8xxam the next morning. With merely few blaming sentences, I supposed they were aware of their mistake of ignoring their daughter that often. I hope they Are still in the process of “insaf”, because I am quite.. having a feeling that I am staying at a rented home, which I have been one of the room tenant. =.= A solid proof: I am alone now. =_=

All right, my dad said, we should appreciate. Yes we should. I appreciated that I fell sick, this shows that my biological system is working well, I got pain from how I treated myself : less sleeping, more doing.

I am so ambivalent about to rest or to continue with all assignments. Ya you will say rest is right, assignment is die. But with my inefficiency, I have to get them siap! =.= Biology project paper & slides, ACS tourism & story review & slide, Moral assignment ( tooot ), ____ essay for KoPLN “idola saya” =_______=, speech outline, Adv Comp Reaction paper, Biology lab report, many revisions (this is never possible after getting all previous stuffs done), bath, eat, watch cartoons, watch movie from pirated DVD, tidying up the house, go to the mall to get stuffs for family and speech and presentation.. this is crazy.

I forgot one thing, surprisingly - the Friday Calculus test. That was a test which always let me think that I am stupid. With each line of answer written, continued with 30 seconds of rest with my face adhered to the answer sheet, I knew my marks will be disastrous, or I bet it already will be even if I was super healthy. And that question paper actually made me got sick of ‘2009’ with so many questions with that number. =.=

(You know what, I’d apply the cool, refreshing Chinese medicinal oil thingy all over my head and neck to keep myself ‘alive’, I guess the thing is tainted on many pages of the books and the keyboard’s keys already.. =.=)

I am applying 3-4 types of cooling oil; I just hope that I can feel normal ASAP. This is not good; if I were to sleep until Monday I’d never ever finish anything!! *deaden scream, with exploding capillaries and veins and whatever*

I am going @.@ with repeating times of reading “I-Love-You” by Robert Solomon. Anyone, if you ever want to say I am “deep”,consider him first. =___=

My dad is taking his new glasses and i am exploiting Aeon BBT's electricity to use my celcom broadband. cheers. i am evil too. =)

My holiday, ending part of week 4 especially, ended in a regretful but wonderful way. Regretful because I did not study for at least half of the holiday (a sure); wonderful for I was rushing few assignments in the last 3-4 days. Duhh.. I conclude my CNY break as a busy, tiring, rich(er, but not those in my wallet) and full (of eating). Alright, now I have to wait for another 6 weeks before I can sleep for few days without setting the alarm. =.=

Week 5 started with a heavy taint of holiday/Monday/whatever BLUE! So much so much, all in a few days until I was thinking to get a second brain for my next birthday on October, if you ask me. Until Monday’s night when I was at home praying (Pai Ti Gong - Hokkien tradition), and I saw firework, I added seeing firework as another birthday wish. =.= Thanks to Mel for sending me back, it is really =.= as we only knew that both of our homes are actually SO near after half year in Intec. Pai Ti Gong is fun, which I believe the Ti Gong (whichever god) must be sooo happy having so many foods and goods. Of course, after the pray WE are the one who'll eat those foods. =.= After a few pages of calculus that Monday evening, I helped to dye, or color, or redden the eggs. I don’t really know the meaning behind using the red eggs. And yay~ I ter-colored my own fingers too! And Muru thought it was my nail polish..=__= Slept late in the midnight, I was happy. Waking up after FEW hours at 515am, I was depressed. FYI, lack of sleep can cause many troubles inside your own body, especially for those (me..) who just love to sleep until I can wake up because I can’t sleep anymore. So, there goes a dizzy Tuesday, with many many more to do in the evening. *faint* At least we had fun during AC class. Half of the class has to say “I love You” to another half to get their reaction and replies. LOL. It was really fun, but I think, I drained myself during the laughing process..=.=

NONcommercial BREAK!

Caring week, an event organized by IE (intellectual & emotional (I know it sounds like “HAR?!” to some)) club, from the 16th to 22nd of February. Valentine’s Day is over by that time, so there is no excuse besides exams. On 16th the Monday, BLOOD DONATION campaign will be held in the Great Hall from 1130-3pm, please support this event~ People need your blood! And your blood cells need to be renewed~~

On the weekdays, Organ Donation campaign will also be on, for more information, do visit . We are not asking you to give us your kidney/eyes/lung/___ NOW, it is a kind of donation you can make if something (reaaally reeeeally bad) happened to you. You fill a form, you get a card, we will send your form to the hospital in charge and that’s it! =)

Then, spend your money to care for your friends, lecturers/anyone else in Intec, Akasia, Cemara and Cendana. We have gifts for you to dedicate to them; pay us an amount of money and we will do the rest for you. The best part is: ALL $ we get from the selling, will go to an orphanage/old folks home we are going to visit on the same Saturday. ;) Do you CARE about the community? YES, IE cares, and IE wants you to care. =)

Next week is great when I knew we only have 3 days with classes, but it turned even ‘great’ when I know we have to attend 3 continuous 8-6pm classes, minus lunch hours. @.@

Biology is supposed to be something fun to learn, without quizzes and tests. Quiz 2 was not easy, I simply filled in the blank part and left some for my lecturer. =.= Loooong Wednesday it was, our ‘extra curricular class’ is something I wish I can skip. =__=

Oh ya, I actually SAW someone playing clarinet in Blok P today! Lucky music student, it must be fun to have that as homework. O.O

So often, these weeks, I could not even remember what assignments we have because the list seemed too long, and it stays long all the time. My imagination? =.=

I wonder whether it is because of the stomach is missing the holiday foods or it is because the hormone imbalance due to too much perusing, the stomach just couldn’t stop alarming me with cramp.

Friday oh Friday, comes faster even if I’ll have to send my calculus to grave, all these are so tiredly loathsome! (what kind of adverb-adjective is that?) =.= Don’t care.

Thursday is good. Because the next day will be Friday. Didn’t feel good at all the whole day, pain inside, ok outside. Headache, dizzy, stomach cramp, sleepy, backache… What else? Took an hour nap in the afternoon, too short to replenish my strength anyway. Horrible weeks are approaching with countless assignments, now I wish I can finish them in 2 days, and then faint for 24 hours on Monday. How great.

Alright, nothing much. Having calculus test tomorrow, it is such a horror. Calculus.. Maybe when x is approaching tomorrow’s 445pm, the limit will = +infinity relieved.

I'm done.