the weekend,
at all. O.O
Hari itu black out =( I wasted some hours and went to the uncle house and did almost nothing but took 2 photos*lol* and went back home and that's it.

For every semester, long semester I mean, study leave/study week/revision week is never present. Why? Don't know. =(

CTES final on Sunday. Why? Don't know. @.@

Our papers last till Thursday. Why? Don't know. T.T

BTN.. WHY? Don't know. O.o

Stressed? Don't know. XD
Somehow I am like *ok whatever* already. Thinking all I have been doing are only shortening my life..? Don't know. =)

But holiday is near. I KNOW!! :D
11 days to go. wee! Okay maybe I should wee for BTN too, getting over with it is better than having it on mind. eeee.

Wah. Holiday. Wee. Sleeping. Smiling. Shopping. Slacking. Slowing down. heee. Maybe a job? Yaaa..

Come back to reality..
I haven't studied for final. wee. -.-

look like a dead person lately..
The mother says my eyes have lost their focus,
the sister says "wah.. you look like..",
the brother says I look sickly pale..
I say, "uh.. I am just.. tired."

I would say sleeping is more important than studying, because my eyes get sore, even sore if I think back on the money spent on them, my neck gets stiff, my shoulder turns pain, and I am all day giddy, and my eyes sore. =(

Coffee sickens me.
Chicken essence sickens me.
Vitamin B complex supplement gives me no effect.
Sleep heals, but it has to be continuous to heal me fully.

My room mate and I has been napping for every few hours or at least lying down for every few minutes of works; these help. =) But not much =(

We officially finished out term paper yesterday.
Tried my best. Don't have their omg morethan25pages, but I am satisfied. :)

Snacks are good when it comes to assignment, and slumberous eyes after more than N hours looking at the screen. :)

I hope BTN is set after summer, somehow. Not that I don't want it to end soon, is that I think right after finals, I will be totally in a system-down condition.

I miss holiday.
A proper holiday.

So, which university are you going? Haaaa~ will get that updated soon.. I think.