Wednesday : Thanks to Miss Frances' Think Out Of The Box seminar, owing to Mr.Raymond Lee alias malaysian study lecturer who asked us to attend, owing owing to us who want to get full Pop Quiz mark but couldn't/don't want donate our pure blood, the seminar got great response! Full attendance~ lol.. My internal mood got much alleviated~ And I have my new quote : What else I can do? V^^V This is a quote only for winner~!! We make everything possible, even the worse can be the best. Let's get out of the box and use our Right brain~ lol.. Ay i know many new friends these days, but hor, but but..i can't really remember their names..- -''' During the seminar a China guy was beside me, i found that he wrongly pronounced my name, and i don't even know how to read his name then i nodded. XD cincai larr~ Thanks you all for keep being with me, lifted my spirit and courage. <3 u all~ Kuek harr.. stop laughing for a) my sounds like spoilt-cassette-chinese-speaking, b) you-know-what!! v.v

Thursday : I woke up very late, consider as Most late of the week this morning. What time? 6.44 a.m. the first morning i wake up After the alarm rings leh..Proven tired. Thanks Eldwin & yiwen for the morning walk~ protected my secure feels...:D And ho!! Block R guard smiled to me in the morning eh!! Then i smiled back~ haha.. = =''' Today is such a cute day (cute-ly stupiak). 8 - 12 pm, classes lo, then went back hostel slept for 20 mins. class again at 2 something. 4pm went back and slept another 20mins. class again until 7pm. Then whoosh~ tension-releasing exercise. Kuek jie bought me Pao~~ but but.. Still want to mention, I said buy 1 enough de larr, see see! 2 Paos also kaya one. People morning kaya bread d now still kaya..(but if can become kaya-Rich, eat more also okay~ haha..) But then..the Pao got yi dian dian keras keras..Xp Thanks aah~ I actually asked Miss Bianca one question today..''Why have you chosen psychology?'' then yuan laii, she at first, wanted to take up something related to marriage/marital status subject one! woo..then she said ''then i realised i like children as well, so...yada yada'' - without Informed Consent, i can't tell! I'm applying what she taught~ :P All the best to those who take Physics - they're having class until 9pm..kolian.. So Ol' Sleepii~

Friday : Tmr is March d~ today i heard something..''starbuck kopitiam'' haha~ then because i went to LianBee to wait papa. I thought of..''Lianbee roti tiam''? lol... Thanks to zeven + karseng and ks's father for sending me back~ That man was buying a cake for a person called Lily - overheard..Xp
Then i put a book on the table, self-consoled, then i slept..Zzz..
After that, from EngAnn to Home - whole journey took 1 hour and plus, which is enough for me to go Nilai again. Oh my god..~ Then ho, for the first time in my life, my younger sis says i am a bit fatter d~ haha.. not bad not bad. Then i slept soundly and securely on my bed..Zzz..

Oups, another week is going to end~
~tata Miss Sukhveer, good trip to Perth!
Be brave +wei, I'll hold you~

Hoping that i will be going into a realm of nothingness,
i prefer no one, all the langsyne are bruising..

These day I feel that handphone is something valuable -
after mama gave me a call and we chatted~ :)
mami u gave me temporary healing, call me more often pls~

Monday - Tiredly happily swum then ended up with one-night headcold. (so paise to my roommate that i kept on sneezing..Xp) Owing to my great immunity, i am perfectly okay the next morning~ Something still confusing me is hor, they said i look like foreigner and (almost) didn't choi me. lol.. when we were in the water, my sensitivity caught their ''another wai guo ren o na ke..'' then i went to ''har who?'' ''you are local?'' ''er Yaa. = ='' ''ops, u look like wai guo ren leh'' ''har? this skin tone? (showing my hand..haha)'' ''but you still look like wai guo ren'' (-.-)''' I am proudly a pure Malaysian (chinese)~~ And ho, started to enjoy Bio class, coz got classical music being played~~ :P (zhi lin harr..don't don't ever fall asleep larr) Kuek jie sicked and went back home. Get well soon~

Tuesday - My mood started to be tighten. I hope i can stay at home forever, I feel like needing an escort, I wish that I'm brave enough, I desire tranquility, I need a shade. I thought i've stayed well enough as a student, now that... T.T with on-hand 7 subjects' 7 assignments and 14 homeworks, please please bless me with peace..~ At least i enjoy something this day - playing with my block's first floor lamps' switch! then hor..only i realised, yuan lai the whole floor switch is just right beside my room's door!! such an amazing thing to happen when i press, the whole floor being lighten up~!! lol...

*We always expect thing that cannot be expected, and thing always happen unexpectedly.
I am unaccessible to you!

Through the Arbor - If follows what it's called, it brings a meaning of coming out from a dark shrub, towards a shinier outside, just like walking out from a thick forest. It's slightly, softly cheerful~!

*As you achieve an increased awareness of the world around you, you will also be privy to an increased awareness of the problems that exist. You have the feeling, more and more, that you have an important responsibility to be a solution to the problem. Get involved in helping the community, and you will find you have a stronger sense of hope than ever before. The world is a beautiful place, even if the beauty takes some effort to see.*

The only thing i regretted today is - I ter-typed a ', yes is a ' in my report, then i was trying to scratch it away from my laptop's screen.. = ='''

Never do that anymore, would you?

The piano is telling a story, a story that represents them..
They were yesterday, but ain't today.
Destiny - will show if they're tomorrow.
Thursday : I don't know if we're the only one who have to accept homeworks until siao siao, teachers are getting odd odd too~!! Miss Betty asked us to ''you've to explore it, Explore the beauty of Maths~~'' omg.. Feel maths = =''' Then hor. for my Bio de 1 mark, which is equivalent to 0.1%, i sent an email to Miss Chong for re-allocation..sounds cixin when i think of it now..haha >.<''' namun and tapi, inilah SAM~ Strive + Aim for Marks.
My Identification 'paper' for Bio class..haha~
Then, we have our lovely chemistry class until 710p.m.~ Then hor, when back to hostel hor, I slept...

Friday : Happy Birthday to Zi Hoe bro~ and Puvannaa~ ^^V Lately...okay.. admitting, i'm sort of getting a bit bit, or more more, emotional, temperamental and maybe something else with my varying moods. God~ Forgive me, v.v Girls used to be marr..let me meditate with myself, our schedules are killing~ Besides those Pop (die ppl de) quizzes, and maths english psychology chemistry biology moral and malaysian study assignments..
  • 27th - MS Test, CHM 4-6pm
  • 28th - CHM 6-7++pm
  • 3rd - BIO CHM MATHS Tests
  • 6th or 7th - PSY Test
  • 10th - BIO Quiz 3
  • 11st or 14th - BIO Test
  • 25th or 1st - BIO Quiz 4
  • dot dot dot..and ++
  • April semester Tests~
It's so unfair~ Unfairr~~ They got marks by donating fresh blood, it's said that we can attend seminar for marks too. But!! CLasH~ seminar time = class time! Unfair~ Ya we are marks-addict. We Have to be!! Hehe~ Today we watched Remember The Titans for homework purpose. Not bad~ meaningful movie~ It's all about Black & White. :D We discussed about Miss Salomy's baby's name~ Asha Zuriel, nice~ (we already waiting for teacher to deliver the baby, then we can have few more free slots in And then i was tired (all the time lately..duh= =), but then i tidy up my things..guai-nya~haha.. And then I wasted some times - well, wasting time is something that heals~ Ya allah..Result is coming to us friends..let's take leave that day! lol..i didn't say that i didn't say that..but please do update me the real date~~ ( i still can't make myself go and open any Seremban's paper...unfamiliar-nya..swt)A mass and a mess of books..(shh..We saved about few hundreds ringgit for using binded books.. ^^''')
Because of everything, i missed another chance to DongZen temple.. T.T And then i forgot what i actually did, i slept around 9pm..XP

YES!! Sovitha will be back after 2 weeks!**
**Yi Wen, stop bully me with the name or i won't friend you anymore :P
Strength - Sure - Strain**
**Pray for u Miss Kylie~ harap ''Moon-Old-apek'' bless u

Monday : *AHhh!!* I don't like upper day of this day. All double period classes.. During Biology, teacher played music so that a) we won't fall asleep b) we'll feel more exciting. But then if we really count how many times we've yawned..hahaha~~ And the music played only let us focus more on the music itself.. :P Vanessa Mae's, Maksim's.. Teacher is just so, so sooo cute? She always expect us to ''wahh'' and got excited when we change topic of learning, such as DNA ''Isn't it great?'' ''Very exciting right?'' ''See how clever is our cell'' lol.. During chemistry pula, teacher asked us ''you must feel it (we were doing stoichiometric calculations leh!)...'' Eng Hong - who was ( i think..haha) largely influenced by physics teacher Mr. Yap's ''feel the vector'', suddenly blurted out ''Feel..ha ha'' - which then made whole class really Ha..Ha.. XD At night after playing with buoyant force, went band practice. Played Classical Canon~ and what Eagle in concert song...forgot - due to extremely tired brain. When penguin conductor said 3 flutists were having 3 different sounds, one of them said ''this is what so-called 各有千秋~'' then penguin said ''有性格~!'' = ='''

Tuesday : Blood donation thingy started since a day before~ But i seemed to look more paler than those who's donated mil mil or litres of fresh warm blood. Bio quiz 2 ended~ Then proceeded to Bio lab, here,I've to praise praise and thanks Kwek jie..
Not cooking lesson or preparing food for lunch - itu Liver of unknown animal, to be used in experiment with H2O2 (Yerr!! i actually..ter-touched.. ewww~ geli geli..)She did all the cutting..hehe.. Look at that 7 'cute' liver! Of similar size, clap clap clap~~

And then, when everything is about to gao dim..small part of left hand felt itchy itchy, normal spontaneous reaction? Scratch~! Then, yue scratch yue white, just like a small region on the globe map stained white (-.-)'''. Since secondary school we were taught right, if dot dot bla bla, then find teacher..haha. Now only i realised i asked Miss Cordelia in a such, err..weird way.
''Teacher can I ask you something?'' (stupiak question...)
''What is this? (pointing on the white white itchy spot)''
''Oh. How did you get this? Is it itchy?''
''Little little.''
''How can you get this much?''
''I don't know. I was washing then i felt itchy then i saw this'' swt..
''This is H2O2 and it's corrosive. I wonder how you get this much (ya me''
Then washing washing with detergent, tidak effective. Then teacher used the what eye-cleanser to wash, quite suang de~ icy icy~~
''They use this to wash eye actually. Maybe you've sensitive skin. (yue lai yue think she's so clever~*)''
''Little little. Coz I've that don't know what that call..When i feel uncomfortable the skin will don't know what that call..'' = =
''I wonder how you do chemistry experiments with those chemicals?'
(then i remembered Miss Sukhveer always say ''these chemicals are of very low concentration, so they are safe.....'' That Bio H2O2 thing, pH 1-13..danger? I DON'T KNOW still..XD)

Then evening went to the opening ceremony of the 120 hours swimming thing, they wanna step into Malaysia Book Of Record wo..beat another 70++ hours record. Add oil~ Then at night, about 9 or 10 pm, i ter-slept~ until 12 a.m. i woke up..and kemas kemas, and, sleep again~* Zzz...
Breakfast with YiWen every Tuesday*
*In fact, this semester is ending!! (imagination...? lol)
Sovitha, don't ter-cekik/fall down from chair anymore!*
*Coming weekend, DongZen temple, volunteer or student? @.@

One of my younger sis' favourite Korean song, made me so xin ku for downloading all of them.. Jek jek jek...

I spent my whole day being guai lui at home le.. Did this and that~ pai pai la, iron lazy bro's shirts la.. and then i ate mee suah soup and red ji dan~ haha (although what i got was sisa-sisa, because that was supper time already).. and then ang ku kuihss (should've broken my record by eating so many..)

Morning papa brought sis and bro go AEON tgv watch Jay Chou's kungfu dunk. I was thinking to get some academic references from the leng leng Popular bookstore, then i followed lo...early early 11a.m. ho, suang~ not crowded..full of walking-smoothly freedom~! But then, but but then..don't know what happened to me eii.. I reached to use the escalator for quite many times, but then, when I want to go up, i was walking towards the downward escalator, and vice versa..O.o I was somehow like ''phew..few few people.. if not i will either a) caused tragic accident!! b)people will think that i was sort one and laugh die at me.'' So after all, I still selamat~ hehe

Stepped in Popular then i felt very, very suang~ the other side of there was playing new age songs!~ Got Enya de leh~~ Then bravely (i normally will turn brave for something like this..= =''') I went to ask that gor gor what CD was being played. Then 'excitedly' he told terus ''oh we are doing promotion, this one is new CD....'' I was asking WHAT CD larr ''... you can try if you want, it's at there (point point)'' So i walked to where he pointed uncle was listening.. I waited, patiently... until i spent all my patience... grr, and then suan liao. I took one of the CD and look with jumping 2 CDs, one of them is 'Arias' and another is 'Essential Music'... If i have RM150.. i will get them all! Then beside these, another 2 collections CDs, Richard clayderman and forgot what the name is de..hahHh~ I want!! @.@ But bu suang-ly, i hate going into Malaysian bookstores for books d, for weeks ahh..I was trying to find foreign reference books one, after all i can't find even one. Sigh~

From sunny rainy Klang, i reached cloudy windy Nilai once more~*
Ushh! Add Oil~

One hand swings,
one pair clashes;

Two hand sing,

two pair crash.
Valentine? a friendship dayz~

Happie (late) Valentines~~. above is an image of my cereals...the one that i ate 2 weeks ago.. haha..see what's that at the center? V^^V I didn't kopek it out!! A normal lovely day~ have had assignments meeting after whole day classes, then we proceeded to have fun in the swimming pool...which is actually, chit chatting inside the and then at night, Sleep~ something is really going wrong, it's like sleepy-all-the-time after CNY holiday!! Yorr~~ Then this lovely day, is also my Omg day. For few pages of photocopies needed, and i ran back to my hostel and back again to class DURING classes for one tiny little magazine. Really ''challenging'' my semi-dead stamina...T.T

SAM is getting more and more ''motivating''. So how our MPW malaysian study lecturer motivate us more to score for our coursework mark? For us who have reached 18 and are of suitable weight, if we go and donate our fresh warm blood during the campaign held at Inti next week, we can have one Pop Quiz full marks!! T.T... I have huge wish to donate mine to save ppl, namun, tapi, sigh..saya masih underage, and ( underweight.. making sure that Kuek jie can't see that word so that she won't laugh at it.. = =''' So ways to describe us lately :-
  • When you feel like tired till dying, no one will let you die, so that you can feel the seksa seksa and sisa sisa homeworks that you left.
  • When you feel like ohYes i can do it, ohYes i done this homework! they'll give you ohNo-news.
  • When you can't answer teacher's question, ''ok, next class Quiz'' ( Miss Bianca you... you... T.T)
Today is such a cute day~ because I shown my personality well - mentally & geographically retarded. During chemistry lab session hor, I was so so sha gua, xi gua, mu gua, any gua.. that kept on let teacher spot my mistake..sigh~~@.@ Went back to kampung tercinta with YehLing, who knows when I was on the way reaching Klang only i realised ''ya ho, why i didn't go and buy another ticket at KL central just now one har?'' think think so ben dan, but damn so calm and didn't care or bother.. and luckily Malaysians aren't that diligent (some la..SOME..), the worker who takes tickets at the Klang station ho, asked me ''jadi mana kamu mau pergi?'' ''sana (pointing at the cars'' ''pergi lah~'' ''har?(i thought i was supposed to pay for another one way ticket de money..)'' ''lain kali ingat ya'' ''thank you (opps! < monologue ) terima kasih~'' :P

Friends -- Kuek Jamie Lily Chicco KaiXin YiWen and etc, i'm truly glad that i got to know all of you!!

Thank u YehLing jiejie~

~I must recharge b4 another continue!

...half of the day i don't know what i've actually done. haha.. Another half..i was spending time on our very first chemistry summative lab report. Then at night, i monopolise the house (after kiakia-ly closed and locked all windows and doors. Then i understand why i won't feel kong bu to stay alone at Inti but i will at home. Because in Inti, i own only a Room =.='''..

Chu Si - Okay, the day begins with Mr.Bean, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doraemon, Ah Gui, High School Musical II, Crayon Sin Chan & Totally Spies on TV. So shocked to see many cartoons were available Xp. Can't blame me, after one month, TV and car-travelling are rather unfamiliar to me! Shows how fast i get used..muahaha~ WIthin 5 minutes later in the morning, i received 5 calls from 2 uncles and 2 aunts. Great.. they were telling me how big uncle will send me to small uncle's house then 4 of them will send me to Inti, while my big aunt was asking me ''want eat ma? i tapao'' which i appreciated so load! Starving la weii.. wanted to walk out to ta pao but scare this scare that..duh~ Also because i wasn't told that papa mama wouldn't be back from Taiping to send me back. Also also because they said we will be going Dong Zen temple on the way sending me back. hrmp.. On my small uncle's car, things were so cute! two uncles sitting in front, two aunts besides me, i was somehow somewhat like a VIP that need to be protected, all the while, i was protecting an on-mission Black Forest cake~ haha.. Then my mood was alleviated little by little.. coz the weather is getting better and better! Big uncle asked me about study, then his remark = ''aiyoh, study is like that lo, either bring a Certificate, or a toilet roll (to sob)'' lol.. And so finally..Still that attractive-to-me look! ^^V
Semalam : Little tiny weird feeling to be needed to walk to class again. First time the morning breeze was so so so so long-lasting - cold~ After 2 hours calculating in Chemistry, we continued to the very meaningless Moral lecture. Mana taufu, teacher said ''Ok you can leave now'' after one of the two hours class finished. Still, the lecture hall - cold~ Oh then we walked back, took a very short nap, watched a short series, did a few homeworks (Very, then we...* I wish i will be with my valentine on Thursday...* XP*Lynn Jie is legally 18!!* ^^ again lo..SORRY! (coz i can't fly to celebrate for you during holiday..v.v)

...then slowly went swimming - freeezing cold~.. again that time, zhong guo hua is used with zhong guo ren. = ='' Then ho..on the way back to Block R.. I witnessed an african said ''Hey yo, Gong xi fa chai!'' to a Malay guy.. (O.O)''' then i tahan tahan not to laugh on road..Haha!! At night don't know what happened suddenly papa mama didi and mui came to Inti.. okay then we have a warm warm mee hun soup dinner on a cold cold day~ suanghh~ and so my day Ends.. Zzz... Gulped~*

take 2~ (b4 i taught him how to adjust his head so that he won't look so..huge Xp)
Chu san - so so apparent that the holiday is no more-ing~ At least, i've had it! ^^ Whole family went to Kampar besides me.. Ha~ within 24 hours i will be at Nilai again. I miss there~ Actually, it's kind of odd.. that i like there more than my home. Because of the better air, because of new social network, because of able to be away from certain foregone happenings, because i can pause distracting myself, because..? It too sounded like hiding and escaping, I'll say ''nay, I don't want to learn how to hide or escape either.'' SO the conclusion is, it is a contemplation~! :D

记得流过泪, 而记得不再寻找.
一个人徘徊, 跟等待比赛.
数不清的苦与甜, 已成为混合体,
依然坚信, 生活还是有翅膀.
高高举起, 然后让心学习堕落,
坚强的眼泪, 总会凝固.

Date : 02/9/2008 12:52 pm
Message: im former TARC student
staying at setapak..
feel so lonely recently
i wan to know more gal
cos u r so cute n pretty
i realy wan to know u more..
cos i'm hungry for sex...
do u meet any net fren b4
if u wan money. i can pay u as well
reply me ok...
i will make u enjoy n enjoy
im seriously waiting yr reply

I seriously................... wanna flee! x.x

~Red enough~

CJ7 is.. OK lo movie.. kind of meaningless and out of topic. (one thing that made the movie acceptable is..CJ7 the doggie is cute!! lol..) I was good though, didn't fall asleep while watching.. :P Then on a secret mission, i was choosing between - yam cake, cheese cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake, cappuccino cake, chocolate with mocha cake, fair lady cake, chocolate mint cake, black forest, blueberry cake.. after all, i chose~~ SECRETZ cake!~muahaha~** ^^

And then afternoon, i don't know how time passes.. Just Ouch..! Dad's friend visited. I were preparing chinese tea in the kitchen. Sambil i pour into cup, sambil i scald my hands with the tea, and i didn't understand why i continue pouring the tea.. Sort of like enjoying boiling the hands o.O

Kind sister took this with her brother so that he can see the photo in his phone everyday. LOL.. (cham.. after one sem, he will be taller than me already..hui yohh)

And then open house visiting, waiting and waiting..for LION DANCE. Good service~ because there was vegetarian food corner~ and then i heard a maid tells an uncle 'terima kasih', then the uncle answers back 'ya ya terima KASUT' (=.=)'''''' The HinHwa LionDance group performance - fairly good~
''Four leg chao sky'' XPThere're drinking beer! siao didi siao meimei, don't learn this..jek jek jekWhat i saw is, the 'lion' is using a cutting tip! ( 刀片 ) then.. ppl were laughing.. >.< Sovitha is heading back..T.T haven't met her yet!
Holiday is ending, Inti i miss you d~ (sei Zeven, see!! it's true i miss Nilai!)

~Happy CHINESE NEW Year~
Chu Xi Yeah - I slept till Neptune early in the night..XD ( i like to keep good hours, so that i wont jetlag later when reached Inti ) But but, still as usual, i did what i've been doing annually : play red sticker on paipai stuffs~ clean the house ( ppl, do believe i am not a da siao jie!! ), this and that..

Chu Yi - Papa said we'll pay continuous visits to relatives and close friends. And so, house 1 house 2 3 4 5 6 7 8...until i found that, bai nian is also a tiring task. = =''' Even at papa's mama's sis's = aunt's house, we were visiting with the other 20++ ppl.. = 30++, Crowded~ and then, don't know why, EVERY house sure has one thing - Pineapple cookies! ''Ong lai piah'' And of course, those auntie auntie phrases never changed ''aiyohh~ all ( 4 of us ) grow up d wo~'' expected us to de-grow meh.. jk jk.. haha.. And we found that, once the house we visit has Astro, ok we won't mind if those adults talk more laugh more and siao more. Can't blame our realism thinking, because when we were at my nanny's (who take care of me when i am
smaller/equal to one year old) house, we waited for one and half an hour, and~~ ok we surrender..9.15pm!! sleepy.. hehe~ But then after that we still headed to my mama's mama's sister = ah yi there.. Then ppl there who gave angpao will tell us ''wish you kuai gao zhang da Etc and add a sentence behind ''don't know what you ought to address me'', means.. the relationship is so deep and chim and like a labyrinth dot until Ya every year I will prefer to say only Halo than Aunty Uncle because they are relatives, but but!! really don't know what to address them..
And another inevitable event - siblings of our dear Lim's family always have babble and will babble even for a petty word. Spt bak kata pepatah Air dicencang will not patah, so we still good to each other. Haha.. Then at our family Insurans uncle's house, my mama..yerr! so what de.. aunt was doing some cutting and paste on a scrap from newspaper, then mama gave me a electrical eyes shooting.. Bzz.. and then I volunteer myself to help aunt..

Illegal gambling.. er, tradition gua. And so 11pm++ my house is full with ppl still.. and again i slept till Venus b4 12.00am.. hehe~

Chu Er - Going to watch CJ7 later~ to be continued... ^^

Break yourself out of your shell.

When a butterfly flies away, will it come back?

Days preparing for CNY have been a buzzing one~ Pooh.. now is rest time! Went to so many places until i can't really remember where i'd gone to. Markets, pharmacies, malls, Jusco(s) + KP ( and so met many kwang hua ex-students working there, and met someone i Don't want to meet.. ) and streets and so on. Whole Klang is re-travelled~ Living alone in Inti is much There, 24-hour is self-managed and controlled. Here, I'd have to make sure none of my plan clashes others'. I miss my own personal time in Inti~ the laughing moments during ICband practices, China Chinese's slang talking when swimming, laugh till semi-siao times during Psychology!! Sovitha i hope we can meet you on Friday~ that day i suppose i'll spend half day at Jusco der~ ^^ Buying apparels is something 'cute' when you see something cute. = =''' Imagine Adibas (should be Adidas) and etc stuffs that're totally bizzare~ Inilah Malaysia~

Finally, Happii Holiday to mama~ Even tho your holiday is still, getting up early and need to get all things bought. Rest more~!! Many things are in Red lately. Ba gua.. cookies.. clothes.. decorations.. and McFlurry Red Bean~ wanna eat!~ My new sandals is Red, new short jacket is red red~!! + Short post for this holiday owing to packed events and limited time and strength +

uhh la lah~

Not being pessimistic, but the mind is totally, seriously, in a mess.
I hope i can be more than i could.

Klang oh Klang~ couldn't the weather here be slightly more cooler and the pollution level be alleviated? A half day journey at Klang was quite killing, in the way of those smokes and exhaust kept letting me to be in a state of.. Omg~ for sure every every time i came back, my skin will never stop building up rashes. I will buy Dettol Anti-Bac soon~!!

2nd day of holiday - tired. Once a while i'd thought of stuffs again, fully. Determined decision? I suppose. It should be, should be. Yesterday went back KHua, woo.. My 1st time visit to there as an ex-member. erm.. Ya nothing that scary, but everything is like.. remains. ^^ This morning we went to Engann and Pandamaran morning market. i'd never ever seen EngAnn to be packed and jammed like that at 7a.m. It was so so so crowded that..well, that it is! lol.. But the CNY atmosphere is fairly great! But..after one whole day of going here and there and there, i can't even manage to get myself something..!! Yo.. means there'll be another going-out.. indolent~

Friends, sorry~~ i know i forgot some of yours life, i forgot you went NS, i forgot you were at somewhere doing something, i forgot what work you've been doing , i forgot which college you've been in.. SORRY!! I.. i will try to remember all..really!

Should i go to Ipoh this weekend, or should i stay home? Decide is a mean task.
Sovitha is coming back from Sarawak~ yipee~

This song indeed, rox~! It was being played at the bkb court yesterday night when i was 'floating' in the pool. SO i just.. post it = =''' Nice song~

Hmm hm, and so here i am. Sitting on a chair, facing a laptop, in the early morning~ How early? 5.45 a.m.~ Yehh!! Going back home back home home~ aYeh, see ya tomorrow!! What to eat for dinner later..? Miss kylie will be coming here from Kampar at evening, then..maybe we'll just hibernate. I think..animals won't feel hungry when hibernate one ho?

CNY holiday - one week!!~ 'Wa so long?' 'ya~'
Not at all.. T.T we only agree that - Ya we go back home use 30 minutes to visit all relatives and guo xin nian. Then have to start doing homeworks already. = = But it is almost real!! Yerr.. and i should say Omg, for i can't really do any HOMEwork, at Home. (-.-)''' Klang, i am coming back for ice cream and cakes~ kekeke..

Jamie Lily, *** plan ON! ^^V