like seriously.. =(
week 3 sudah dying dying~
An apple from the nearest and probably smallest farmer's market.
And a fresh baked scone, photo unavailable, scone already digested and discharged -.-

Continue with the Lake Michigan photos :)
The sand was sooo hot but the water was sooooooooo cold

At the nearby town, we saw many doggies!

This one looks like alien jiu ada..

Fat doggie, he must be feeling warm all the time..

I was like a blind lady with a guiding dog -.-

Then there was a carousel :)
but we didn't have a token to ride XD


Weird face -_-''

Looking at my jumping bean which is probably dead now, I don't have time to take care of it -.-

Boom! ;)

Today was so cold at 7 in the morning that my limbs harden on the way walking to class =.=''
Indoors are...aksdnxnasljepw awesome~ Lol.

All photos credit to Jasonstyle :P



If you are angry, I am mad.

And I am tired. Because it feels like mid-sem exam already. =.= Things go worse as my English is like.. regressed liao -.-''

Menstruation On. Makes me look somber, walk slower, talk lesser.. but a bit smarter lol. *somehow it feels so* But the stomach feels so bad I kept thinking to skip the classes and lectures >.<''

September already O.O

Next semester, I will not arrange 730am classes anymore, I want to skype with family :) Now I have 4 days of 730am classes I feels my mind withered every morning =.= but I am happy with my timetable, I don't have any classes after 2.30pm :) Happiest on Thursday no class after 1015 am!! :D

I miss sushi =[

Provolone cheese is nice :)
I want to try Spinach wrap.
I want to eat Pappy's and Silver Dipper's ice cream.
Hee. Fat die me.
And you know what? I start to love those bunny graham, goldfish graham.. maybe soon I will try more shape ones :D

Went to Lake Michigan last Sunday. Tiring but fun with a chance to see all the unfamiliarities.
That lake is more like an ocean, true.
Ang mos really love the sun, true.
I don't love sun that much, true.

these photos are from psl.
A park somewhere near the lake.

Looks more like Beach Michigan..
Super hot sun and sand,
with SUPER cold water.

Peace ^^