HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest MAMA~
A very busy birthday. With a busy-bought cake. And busily we ate the cake. We were too busy and no one has the time to take photos like a *lightning-ful* celebration. Mama was having 3 phone call before cutting the cake - we waited until.. we put back the cake into the refrigerator, and cut it some hours afterward.I was helping people and people from morning until noon. Couldn't pack because the car is out i can't bring the things into the car, because I was thinking to move all my things to somewhere near the porch but everywhere is like... the photo.. because everywhere is dusted. So from 4-5 p.m. I started my work.. one by one two by two from my room into the car. Tired. =...=

My uncle came to help on some painting thing. We were talking about the pepper sprayer girls use to spray hamsap pak cik. =.= Then my sister said if the sprayer is used at the corner of a room, everyone is the room will cough siao-ly. Then i asked ''If we spray we ourself also kena lo?'' My uncle Lee answered, cutely, ''Ah yoh, say 'PakCik, TUNGGU!' then cover your face, and then, SPRAY'' omg.. we laughed until stomach ached.

Yaa.. diligently i will take more photos of my coming hostel and college/centre. =) I am so very in tiptop half-slept condition. Bless me to have a =) day tomorrow. Pray for my wound to heal faster, it turned so very red and pain with every drop of water. =)



Try to buy a BOX of power/energy bar!! Muuahahhaaa~ =) =) I like power bars! But not that kind.. which its content like.. er.. MUD - 泥.
Ok.. my dad bought it.. and.. i actually blamed him.. kerana.. only ONE flavor.. =( Sorry lo..
And i am reeeeally a good girl. I ironed all of these!! In how many hours i don't know.. *proud*! =)Art of wound. Even has a Y-shape painful region. =_=

People!! I am excited~ lol. Hopefully things will be siao-siao at Intec! Buahahaa~
TAHNIAH to my sister Kylie who has just been elected as the student representative of UTAR, Kampar campus. Hoi! I want Haagen Dazs~ =) Ok la.. B.Robbin also can. If not.. sushi can? I miss sushi.. Although only egg and cucumber sushi.. =|

The 10 people out of 260 = only 1/26 of then scholars are flying to the States for their 4 years Degree, others would have to do transfer programe : 1+3, with a total of 24 months locally.
8 of that can be found at anywhere in the web - Ivy League. Harvard Princeton Columbia etc. Err.. government can save by having us to spend one more year at here. =p Anyway i'll still give anything a try. If there's reeeally no biotech, i could take Life sciences / those which do with Bio. =)

The Moment - watched this morning, brief but provoked thoughts. =) AH!! To anyone who has this video in cd/pc, i NEED a copy. Seriously. =)

Impressive sand animation!! Watched this too.. because there's no cartoon available on TV. =.=

Packing packing, i am packing. I am so used to packing.. =)

Yes i'm a good girl, i help those big people ( da ren ) with those hard works and No i wound up needing a sticking plaster on my left leg. =)

To the one who's going to battle in Chess tourney: Do well. If not, go and cook yourself up with the orang asli there. Very encouraging, isn't it? =)

to put
=) =) =)

After seeing the academic calendar.. i think.. i see.. i'll have many many many holidays!! =.= Even the coming orientation will only last until thursday. So.. Happy 3-days holiday to me next friday~ =_=

Listening to : Empty - D' Click 5; Exceptional - Jojo

Ah, bad news for 08 US-bound Jpa scholars. To be studying in the States after 12 months, the only and very-ouch condition is 'get admission to one of the 8 ivy league uni' =( For biotechy us, it will be worse as i don't think any of the 8 offers Biotech, and to get admission? Hoo~ possible and.. possibly imposible. =_= And yah, unless i got a personal essay that can becharm most readers. So, most probably it will be nasi lemak life for 24 months~ Among 260 of last year US-bound scholars, those who are leaving this year = 10 people. O_O

News - Lembah klang catat kes Cerai tertinggi. lol

I hate petrol station. Today went to Bukit Tinggi Petronas with mama. Pump-er /worker : ''Itu anak kamu ke?'' smart Mama: ''Bukan lah, anak orang lain.'' =.= At least thing ends up faster than the Shah Alam Petronas case with my dad. #_# Funny thinking : 妈妈她不要我了! T.T swt..

Hmm, regardless of how tough it might be later/soon. I.. planned to request a change in my degree Major!! lalala~ and still apply to Ivy League! Well at least i am daring to try. I won't regret then. =) =)

Mama is tired today. I am exhausted. My younger sis is sleepy - she drank coffee yesterday evening and couldn't sleep until late night. (repeated my funny mistake.. =.= After once Nescafe 3 in 1 during PMR trial or something else and i can't sleep even the sleepiness hit me like venom, now i normally only SIP coffee, not Drink. =.=) And lastly my brother is Still lazy. =.=

'Well done'. I got to know some pre-college friends already. Pre- because i haven't enrolled yet. lol. And i didn't take any initiative to know any of them. All friendster and msn-ly added. The risible trivia was : 3 of them are of XY gene. One from Sg Petani Kedah, another one from Malacca and last one from JB. What a wiiiide pre-social circle. Not proud. I am hunting for girls!! Oh please find me~ =.=

Just received a cute sms from AhMeng : 小妹妹!!!你的怎样了!!要几时考车!!快点给我知道勒!!不然我都不懂怎样安排了!! =_= Then i replied with : 大哥哥, ... ... ... lol

Today's listening : ByeBye by Mariah Carey; Breathless by Shayne Ward

Help...!!! This is only 2 required short essay questions from ONE university i might be applying for.. there will be lots more.. x.x How should i start T.T ?

1. There is a Quaker saying: “Let your life speak.” Describe the environment in which you were raised—your family, home, neighborhood or community—and how it influenced the person you are today.

2. Self-identity and personal expression take many forms. Use the richness of your life to give us insight: Who are you?


Pessimist : Dust dust and dust!! =(
Optimist : Flour. =.= Started to feel funny seeing those uncles came in the morning in black hair, and will normally had their hair all turned grey/white after midday. hahaa!! Well.. they 'deserved' it.. they create flour.. a lot of them. =.=

Pessimist : Bread-phobic... ~...~
Optimist : At least there is food. Many people are dying of hunger. I am soooo blessed... that there are breads.... to eat swallow... =.=

Pessimist : Those workings produce lots of Noise!
Optimist : Well i can still fall asleep despite that. =.=

Pessimist : Memorizing new lexicons are.. Tedious! I ain't a bibliophile! =(
Optimist : That's the only panacea for the coming gargantuan exams. It'd be fun!! Peruse peruse! =.= Seee? I'm learning.. hahhhh..

Pessimist : I can't even go out, how to get a digital organizer?
Optimist : Luckily last week with my younger sister we bought a very-haha-and-cute monkey (my mom's zodiac animal) hand phone holder. We are going to put it in the car!! More safety driving~

I actually ter-dug out my parents' wedding days photograph album today! :P Enjoyed for half an hour when my room is under a little construction. Yeee~ I like my mama's smiling face~* =) =)

Mix FM - Photosynthesis is.. You take the photo and you send it to a thesis. =_=

Count from 3 days to 1, I will be off to college! =)

one more try
greenYou kept a dream in your heart for a reason. Honor it by trying one more time. green

Often, I wonder how people meet. Like this? By chance and unintentionally?
They must be having fun when they first met. Hee..
Its… weird how time changes everything..
yes, strange moments do happen..
we used to know every-single-thing that's happening in each other’s lives..
now, we know nothing.. yes, nothing..
this is how things changed over the years.
*Have you ever felt like this?*


She doesn't want roses again - every rose has its thorns; they hurt.
She saw something in the morning - a jolt cursed and brisken her heartbeat.
She wanted more colors - but the water colors she had, are dried.
People are sophisticated.
I faked a smile so he won't see.

Yesterday hearing : Again by Janet Jackson

I found this sentence somewhere... ''I’m a vegetarian—yes to eggs and dairy but no to anything with a shell or a face.'' Hahaa!! true true..

Nothing special to update. Only... D.U.S.T~ =.=

Oh desperately i ate the 3rd/4th cup of instant noodles for this year. =.= If I'm going to stay like this at my home for long, I'll be found psychiatric due to starvation. :| Now i understand the term ''饿死家中'' my ex-room mate used. (=_=) I miss Haagen Dazs. =.=

Sorrie to Samz. Hehe!! Compensation for you : Hey people, there'll be a promenade on 19th of July at KEC Club. Do be interested (lol) and join this marvelous function! :) :) For more info, find Sam. =)

Feel like choking an uncle here.. he has been smoking while putting on the tiles. Then i've to close myself in the room. Grr... AH~ bring me out of this home!!~ No one can lock me up once I moved to hostel~!! Buahaahaaa~

Fairy Day
Today is FAIRY DAY!! Dear fairy god mother, I want a bowl of happiness, a cup of honesty, a spoonful of cares, and a breath of faith for and from all I know. :)

I thought what my dad bought back... Bread AGAIN. The biggest problem was: SAME bread for dayS. eew!!

Ah i actually found out UiTM has their own symphony orchestra! But then.. to be their member, 1- own an intrument. O_O 2- attend interview O_O 3- 1 & 2 are enough. =.=

Today's : You Took My Heart Away by MLTR; Always be My Baby - David Cook

Again.. some illegal advertising.. who cares~
haafen-dazs malade
Häagen-Dazs pleased my sense of taste, mended my sense of :( -- Nicest ice cream!* :)

Oreo is Indonesian made. swt. I like oreo cookies~ :) :)

With my younger sister we both bellylaughed for minutes before we sleep yesterday night. Our muscles were uncontrollably tighten. The deep, hearty laughter brought us to the sleeping fairy, and in the morning, we laughed once we see each other. We have gone crazee!

The cleaning at home will soon dry me up. :| Tiring thing.
I started my packing process~ this time I packed efficiently. lol.. Already becomes an experienced packer. Five bags done! Only left.. some hanging clothes and everyday stuffs. "D

The color of the thing above is not edited.. Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich BREAD~ bought it at Lavender, just because it is black. =.= First time in my life i met a bread which has a blacker color than my hair does.. =.=

Bought only TWO books.. and ended up paying so much. I know they are made of woods, but.. And it is not Harry Potter / LOTR kind, they are some more books that would turn us sullen with lotsss to learn. Yerr!!

Everything seemed to be so in black and white today. V.v --- Singular feelings felt.

Today likee : On My Way Here - Clay Aiken/Ryan Tedder

Woke up early today. 6.33 a.m. Turned off the previously set alarm. Sleepy. Slogged towards a cup of water. Got freshen up and changed. Had breakfast. Waiting with newspaper. Didn't actually read anything in. =.= Those uncles came to make noise. Sleepy. AhMeng came. He drove! :D I slept. :D :D Picked another girl. Both of us will be having trial. Er, QIT - only knew what it calls. We practiced by turns. Sleepy. Then signed on here and there on forms. Got our numbers. I got 23!! :D

We passed by somewhere.. near Convent..
AhMeng:" 今天早上,有车从上面(bridge)掉下来。"
AhMeng: Ha Ha Ha
Me: ..... :)

On the way, we saw a very very yeng car..
AhMeng: Ah Yo!做莫我的车会在这边的??
Me: ...... :)

He is kind as usual. Hilarious as ever. XD

The another cute Kancil I drove today, veeery silent. No vibration. GOOD. lol. But.. I have to use both hands to release the hand brake. =.= Luckily not seen. :) :P Then out for a last-time on road practice. Sleepy.. Sun was tireless. Hot morning. HOT! Met YJ. Talked. Sleepy.. Last thing I've to do, is to find a Monday from 30th June for the driving test~

One more week the holiday ends. Sleepy.. Weather is being so malapert - sunny until you can feel like baked; rainy until you can feel like wet indoor. At home, dust is winging 24/7. Freedom-less. Hickeys attack credited to all reasons. =.= Sleepy. Mama says soon 3 meals a day = Tapao. Kitchen is going to be gone. =.= Hate construction. :|

My younger sister (of siao-ness) said she want to treat me Häagen-Dazs!! I'm loved. Haha~ :) I asked her why. She said soon no one is going to play with her. I know it feels lone.. Wait for little while, your jie will always be siao with you! :) Sleepy. Had dinner with her at DeliRich. Since she wants to eat western food.. her sister can only accompany, by eating mashed potato.. =.=

Sleepy. Tata~

Yesterday night i was trying HARD to sleep. Who knows, the fix-pipe uncle came and with papa mama, 3 of them talked sooo happily until I felt like screaming under the blanket... grr..

The uncle who is in charge on breaking the wall and build new wall - Mr. Lim ___
The uncle who is in charge on all the piping.. - Mr. _______ Lim
The uncle who is in charge on all electrical thing - Mr. Lim ____ ____
A piece of peace, please?

Thanks (again?) Dellynn!!** You've just gave me sooo Much info. :D
And you have got yourself a record of the most long & informative comment in here! XD

在一个风和日丽的早晨,我跟随妈妈到市场 somewhere 去。=.= Hey I finally step out of the dusty home! Once stepped out, I breathed frantically. Mama ''Li Ki Siao AH??'' XD 8 more days to her Birthday! omg.. have to go out on the QT to find a digital organizer.. 008-mission - ON. Obediently went up to OCBC bank by myself to do something which i didn't know what it was. =.= Up? OCBC's klang branch is under construction too~ And ho, gotten durian fall..:P :P I was holding mama's friend Aunty Lee's bracelets and necklace. Then mama called her to tell her all can be taken already. Then I complimented one of the bracelet.. Satu Pujian Satu Surprise. lol.. Aunty Lee gave me that one~~ :D :D

Can i say this is the okay-est thing i ate today...? u.u Every night tapaos is wiping off my taste buds.. =.=

I am a good student. Went to cut hair again, after 1 month and 4 days since the last cut~ This time, cut by a my mom-called Tiong Kok Kia. A China kia trained from Sg. Wang. After cutting and cutting.. he explained why he cut like this like that.. then.. ''你的头发很轻,不够重量,所以我...'' (=.=) After he cut the fringe ''因为你把它(fringe)弄去旁边了
回来,它很幼'' [=.=] I withheld my laughter.. inside, i was laughing siao-ly. Chinese is a cute language~* =.='''

The hp... has been inverted~ :P


Nilai de, above is the almost-happened reaction when i clicked on the Imeem URL you gave. Tell you a secret, I bu xi huan F4 Fahrenheit de.. O.O But then wo hen hao, I listened to SOME already. See? :) =.=

I almost forgot tomorrow morning i have to.. drive... Let's pray AhMeng is going to wake up late. Kesannya, he will drive us there. =.= --- If not.. v.v

Correction* -
What kind of car do I drive: Until now.. cute Kancil, and cute Kelisa!! :P

Thinking on going into Intec, it is like...
Blending in...
Haha.. I miss those moments with many many foreigners in Inti!!

New Kids On The Block
Today likee - Summertime by New Kids On The Block :)

Enjoy the organic farm trip tomorrow Inti SAMclan! ;)

Have to be awake alert and alive tomorrow. I'm out~


Dellynn Lim,
Thanks again! :D Well then, what about Biological Engineering & Biotech? Oh god, some of them just have so many different names in different universities! @.@ Your explanation got me some pictures, and I'd say i prefer Biotech more. Just that I don't understand Biotech isn't that 'hot' in the States.. hm..

I need sunlight.
I need rain.. =.=
What to do ~.~

Alone at home.. helpless~~ Another day of Luan Qiao concert - 乱敲. Subgroup of LuanDa.. =.= Just now ho, suddenly black out! Huuyo.. soon, no water supply. and then soon, something worse. dahh..

Read newspaper Again.. And found something cutee!! Olympic Beijing 08 is near, they have to translate lot of things into English, and so including the menu. If they use direct/old translation, 麻婆豆腐 = Bean curd made by a pock-marked woman. 童子鸡 = Chicken without sexual life. =.=''' And lastly the 夫妻肺片 = Husband and wife's lung slice. LOL~

First of all, I was boring. Then I tried to sleep. So I slept! Imagine to fall into sleep with those drilling noise. Miraculously, I slept~ Then when i woke up, I was boring again. =.= Dust appeared at every single corner, on top of everything, within every breath I took - I hate dust, felt uneasy. Hope they'll end up the work SOON. Ya i know i'll be leaving sooner. :) 10 days to 29th :) :) Mama's b'day is coming~ She looks tired lately - I have thousands of thoughts every time being with her. I have another thousands of hopes too. Just plead that time allows. :)

The creators of Firefox 3.0 say the software was downloaded more than 8 million times on release day. _I'm one fo them~ :P_

Another human foot (Sixth one!!) encased in a running shoe washes ashore in Canada, deepening a mystery that has baffled police. _This is not good at all. :( Someone is being so cruel and.. Yerr!_
blue blue blue... ~

Things about Me - a good starting preparation for my Admission essay. V.v

  • Hi, my name is: If you don't know I don't know you. :P
  • But you can call me: Kah, JiaWei, Kathy/Katee/KT =.=
  • My fav. color is: Every color
  • My high school was: KH, Klang
  • My hair is: Long, brownish black..
  • My birthday is: 23.10.1990 (can I sun bian list down b'day wishes?? Xp)
  • My middle name is: Kah Wei [Hahh! Regarding this, come come and learn!! When you fill up some international forms, let's say my name is Kathy Lim Kah Wei - Lim = last name; KahWei = middle; & Kathy = firstname. If your name is Tan Ah Kau - Tan - lastname; AhKau = firstname; & you can leave the middle one blank. :) ]
  • When I look down I see: my legs through my specs' lens =.=
  • By this time next year: I'll be sitting in front of my laptop/ sleep in case i'm sicking/ having class
  • I have a hard time understanding: Myself!!
  • If you spent the night at my house: You'll have to sleep earlier. :P
  • The one person who can drive me nuts is: a highly cerebral intellect/ a siaopo/kia like my younger sister
  • Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: Wakame, organic sweets & Impact sweets!! (stony-broke..)
  • Most recent thing someone else bought me: High 5 cream roll... yerr..
  • In the morning I: woke up & trudged to get a cup of water.. with honey~ =.=
  • If I was an animal I’d be a: polar bear is what i think now =.= Hibernate-able.. If i'm back to normal i'll choose caterpillar!! geli geli people.. buahahaa!! Then metamorphose~ hopefully not to a moth.. lol
  • What’s your top friends name: Every friend is my top friend! No bias~ :P
  • Do you get along with this person all the time: *them. Yep, always succeed in making them speechless. :) :)
  • How old is the person: *them. Range from 14 - 20
  • Has this person ever cooked for you: *them. Ya ho, who else ever did this besides my mom and sis?
  • Have you ever kissed this person: *them. Noo~
  • Could you live with this person: *them. Yea, i doubt if they can live with me. =.=
  • If you ever moved away would you miss this person: Yes!!
  • Ever been in love: You answer for me.
  • Believe in love at first sight: Not really..
  • What is your bed size: one-human size. :P
  • Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil: Depends~ Like typing can ah? =.=
  • What’s your favorite season: Fall/Winter. Should have an exact answer after 2 years. :)
  • Favorite radio station: Mix - Fly - My - Hitz FMs
  • Coke or Pepsi: Neither
  • Favorite subject in school: Biology!!
  • Last book you read: Yorr.. why this question again!?
  • Do you prefer cats or dogs: Depends. If i say cats doesn't mean i like fierce cat. =.=
  • What’s your dream job: Retiree? Hahaa!!~jk.. Volunteer!!!!!
  • What kind of car do you drive: Until now.. cute Kancil. swt..
  • Are you a better talker or better listener: Talker if it's not to argue, Listener if it's not ceramah.
  • What do you miss most about childhood: Memory-less. And i doubt i wanna miss my daidai-ness.. =.=
  • How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test: hey hey Hey!! I want it to be ONE!
  • How many kids do you want: O_O
  • Can you cook: Ahem ahem, cook what? :P
  • Have you been to Disney World: No.. :(
  • Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth: Smile over lies and truths. :)
  • Who’s the last person you got into a argument with: My dad. hmph.
  • If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move: My room.. =_o
  • How much do looks matter to you in a guy: Thiiiiiiis much?
  • Whats the best feeling in the world: A smiling curve from people whom you've helped, and a warming hand that lends help.
  • Are you close with your mom and dad: Abo..
  • Do you tell your parents everything: Mom - yes. Dad - cannot!!
  • What’s your favorite color to wear: White tops. Dark pants.
  • Who was the last person in your bedroom: Me me me!
  • What’s something that someone can do that really bothers you: If i tell you i'm dead. :P
  • What are you freakishly obsessed with: Nap. T.T
  • Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now: Hm.. are you then?
  • Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in: After get in, save water~
  • Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower: Em.. Yea.
  • Your favorite sport to watch: Just don't ever ask me to watch football. :P :P
  • Ever had stitches: I think yea, head.
  • Have you ever given money to a homeless person: Yes. I'd hoped that he's not faker.
  • Ever run over an animal: Ant - terstepped and i couldn't wake it up after that. =.=
  • Would you kiss someone of same sex for $100: Cheek? lol..
  • More of a coffee or alcohol drinker: Neither. but i do sip sip my mama's coffee sometimes. hehe.
  • Ever thrown shoes on a telephone wire: What will happen next? o.O
  • Do you snore: Nooo
  • What are you afraid of: Parents' brawling - Pervert
  • Whats your stand on gay marriage: Neutral.
  • What about abortions: Don't throw babies!!

Yo Yorr!! I wanna watch Get Smart, the Nanny Diaries & Made Of Honor!!! Ahh~ And Kungfu Panda @.@... So grounded at home!! Pity, pity~~

Had a talk with mama last night. And.. she said when i was a small little girl, i look like a DOLL. O.o Big eyes, brownish hair ( I am trying to believe something wrong with my hair-color gene. =.= ), dai dai (呆呆) and sentimental - those which can turn to @.@ easily. =.='''

Dare not to have meal at home for the moment - will be eating and drinking dust.. what a 'fabulous' life.. =.= Cordless phone, homeworks-doing etc., all marched to the currently-critical dining table. lol.. And kitchen is now a good place for short talk... What a home~ AH~
Things just look sweet and fine when those uncles and gorgors bring their 'ka chang' here..
And things are still okay and good when they started.. With hours of drilling music concert - of ___ decibel.. i saw nothing from a desk..The truth is.. (I got bored and found this word in my room! =.=) :P
Until.. late afternoon. Is this a home? My home??


I was napping. Until Ming Feng my cousin walked into my room ''Er jie, ni de letter'' XD And after seeing ''Air Mail'' Yay i was fully awaken then :P Forgotten that I requested handbook from Princeton University, New Jersey week ago. And what excited me was the booklet's front page - The Princeton Uni Orchestra! But then.. okay this uni is one of the 8 Ivy League Uni in US, every year they offered admission to (only!!) About 10% of those who apply. Omg.. the words Hard + Impo embedded in me.Boringness develops lots of peculiar stuffs, often. So this is a cute mouse and a cute.. er, speaker's controller. =.=And when boringness drowned us, we can even take cute photo of cute-not things~ ahhh..
Sitting ''in'' the mirror, I know i have the patience for 11 more days. :) - impelled grin..
And i know, although the room is getting pek-er and cek-er as many things are forced in =.=, I can still be alive in it. (=.0) At least at this very ~~ time, I thanked my mama who changed my.. omigod, what's my previous hp's model?! =.= anything.. to the Nokia XXXX.. all the photos taken = 1024 x 768 = wallpaper~ ^^
Look at this evil + diabolic - nefarious smile.. Yes, just to let you know I am still fine - with loads and loads of Nap - current hobby. :D :D

Ad Ad Ad!! -> If you are / anyone around you is/are to buy a car - brruum brrumm, find me~ I'll link you to my papa... =.=

Remember gotta help brother to buy few fish fish for his project thingy..


Well.. sometimes it is kind of Fun to fill up these survey.. :P :P If you're bored reading this I'm Bored survey.. who cares~ :P

I’m Bored Survey - XD - 1.22 p.m.

1. The first question is obvious - Are you bored? - Kinda. Can't do anything. grr..
2. How long have you been bored? - Since those uncles came and break the wall =.=
3. Do you think this survey will be boring? - Not sure.
4. Do you have wallpaper in your room? - Noo..
5. Did you ever eat a crayon when you were little? - ew.. Nope.
6. How tall is your uncle? - Which uncle? XD Just a tad bit taller than me. (i think) :P
7. What kind of detergent do you use? - Vanish O2!! :D
8. Do you have a favorite sports team? - No.
9. How are they doing this year? - I said No. =.=
10. What’s the most boring movie you’ve ever sat through? - Mr. Bean... lol
11. What subject in school is the most boring? - P. Kesihatan.
12. Did you ever have a cat that got stuck in a tree? - I can never have pet.
13. Who are you voting for in 2008? - I am not eligible yet. :P
14. Sandals or flip-flops? - Flip-flops!! ^^Y
15. Ever accidentally broken a window while playing baseball? - Nope.
16. What’s your dream car? - Will tell you when i need one. =.=
17. Most boring show on TV? - Ultraman. Years ago.. hahhaa!!
18. Does yard work bore you? - YES!
19. What size shirt do you wear? - Medium, usually.
20. Who was your 6th grade English teacher? - O_O
21. How much money is in your wallet/purse right now? - RM62.85.. Rob me not. =.=
22. Do you use your cell phone’s alarm clock to wake up in the morning? - Yes~
23. Describe the ugliest house on your block - The house is ugly.. [=.=]'''
24. Do you like candy corn? - Quite. :) sweeet~
25. How many posters do you have in your room? - ONE. Buahahaa~ swt..
26. Golf on TV. Boring? - Very.
27. Is your room clean or dirty right now? - In between?
28. What was your longest relationship? - Human-human relationship. (well, the Q asks 'what') :P
29. Do you still talk to that person? - Oh yea~ v.V
30. Was this survey boring? - Moderate.


Look far, look further, towards a colorful hereafter~
Tata, let's call it quits~*

Million thanks to Dellynn Lim. :)

The matter is i am now bonded with Biotech as a must-graduate subject, later in the States. And i found that it's rather hard to find schools that have Biotech major program over there. So, i might have/want to change my attached major, provided it wouldn't be much difference compared to Biotech. Considered Biochem as well, but have just crossed it off since it touches more chemistry.

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Study In The USA :)
SAM Bio textbook
SAM Psychology textbook
SAM Maths.. yerr..
SAM Chem =.=
SAM ______ [No book available at home eii]

5. Six Songs I can Listen to Again and Again
Sundial Dreams - Kevin Kern
Leavin' - Jesse McCartney
Etre Sans Age/ You Belong - Enya
Someday - Celtic Women
Take A Bow - Rihanna
Baby's songS =.=

6. Six Things I Learnt in the Past Year
See through things
Cry alone - patheticnya..
Care and Cared
We get what we pay for.
A smile covers 1000 meanings.
Siao de, don't call me until evening. Locking myself in room - away from wrangle. :(

under construction
At this moment, only to walk from the big gate to my room, there are many halangan and rintangan.. =.= With the hot weather, we cannot switch on some fans/lamps... Also indicates that before long, I will not be able to on9 already lu~

And like what Josh he is eager for - hope we will be at Intec soon! kekkee.. Josh Loo - another JPA scholar from Sg Petani, Kedah - my coming course mate - he is the one who recognized me at the Edu fair~ well he viewed my friendster ma.. =.= I'm geng too! I greeted him with his name~ :D :D And ho.. I was kind of Phew-ed after chatting with him yesterday - cute reason : he's siao siao too. Hahahaa!! =.= But then he's really smart, 12 A1 2 A2 1 B3, no tuition for additional subjects. o.O And then, his Hua Yu very good. juk juk juk..

Some1 hiam his hp money too much and called me for a 29.50 minutes call. Remind me to use earphone next time. Ear cooked. =.= You know hor... I am going to buy a cooling pad for my laptop~$, $, all about $.. Today.. ahh.. spent over 1 C at Eden Organic shop..~

Wanna try on Free sauna service? Come to my house!! (-.0) omg.. today onwards things have to be done earlier before nightfall. Limited brightness at home~ yerr...


Good news
  • I can wear shoe to anywhere in the house :P
  • Soon living in a house-like home. =.=
  • No TV for my brother and cousins. Muahahaa~ peace!! ^^Y
  • Can throw + donate away many stuff. I hate pek-ing place. =.=
Bad news
  • Dust - Hacheew season is approaching
  • Noise - How to listen to songs eh?
  • Planned to bring all my personal possessions to Intec, save them from dust. But.. how to start? =.=
  • Limited operating fan and light and moving space...
Went to KH to get some certifications. Met Mr. Ng KC the physics chemistry brainiac~ My dad was with me, and it happened that my dad was Mr. Ng's student too, 28 years ago! And then at the moment teacher heard that, he just keep smiling and laughing like a child. =.= Guys, teacher's hair is still super black!! lol.. recalled the way he laughed in 5s2~ :D :D

Same-sex couples in California exchange vows following a court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the state. _If there's chance you're going to California, you'll see many same-sex couples. From now, same-sex weddings begin at there~ v.V_

In fact, i've a person to find. But i just thought that, it wouldn't matter, anyway.

Pray pray for my Saturday driving trial test. :D

Is Biomedical Science a subject much related to Biology? hm..

Sketched for nothing on a big paper. At least i found a door.. muahahaa~ =.=

High levels of the "hunger hormone" ghrelin have an antidepressant effect, US researchers claim. _so, next time when we feel depressed, should we (how?) make ourselves hungry or next time when we're full we try to depress ourselves so that we can eat more?_ v.V

Today is the 14th day after the Mantoux test.. the brownish spot is still there.. 'Spot, when will you be leaving? hm?' =.=

If you know where i can get a digital organizer , something that can save up phone numbers, dates, notes, with time & calculator etc. Do let me know~ I don't need it. My mama does. :D

I was terribly sleepy headed yesterday and I told myself that i'll wake up a bit late today. Who knows.. 5 a.m. I was already witting enough to my surrounding. FIVE in the morning!! gahh.. =.=

Something wrong with Klang's weather.. baking HOT. It's like a bottle of heat and I can't find a corkscrew while being steamed in it. Zua~ Like what I told Yiwen sis, after spending some times figuring out myself, I hope I can apply with the admission/application essay like this ''Dear Sir/Madam, in fact, I don't really know how to describe myself, anyway can I still apply to the university?'' lol...

I was surfing the net to find a desire college/university/school. Actually, is a list of those. We've to consider the climate - if wrongly chosen, it could turn out to be unbearably Hot/Cold - size and much more. After all.. I found 2-3 Only. =.= And yo~ might consider to change my Major.. Biotechnology is not that 'hot' in US.. and bla.. vexed x much..!

Uncombed :P :P .. I hope that En. Hassan won't tell me ''Cik, anda seharusnya tahu bahawa anda tidak dibenarkan untuk mewarnakan hair anda dalam kampus ini. Shouldn't you? See me in my office later, kamu akan menerima a warning letter.'' =.= Encik.. anda also seharusnya understand that i didn't dye it up.. [=.=]

Current liking :
kinder bueno

Official declaration : Wednesday the lovely-not Lim's house will hold the break wall ceremony. The ground will be retained so no break ground function. :P But the bad thing is, I am the only one who being ordered to ''keep an eye on the house har'' yerr.. Imagine staying at home with all the noises and drilling sounds.. T.T not a great thing at All.

Sometimes, simply having a simple mind would make things easy and fun! Why care so much? :)
Waiting hard for my ADFP seasonal calendar!! Wanna plan a private vacation with people~

Shh. zeven won 2 rounds in the table tennis tournament because 1- he threaten his opponent 2- he was lucky as his opponent _____. what d har? :P :P :P


It was kind of great that i met 2 Intec Biotech seniors yesterday at the fair. Elizabeth and Kathryn (omg, if 当天 i chose to use that, then we will have double Kathryn. And i heard they were counting ''Hey, now we have kathy, kathryn and kath...'' we'll see later :P ) Provided me with lots of answers to my question marks. Should update with their info after our orientation! ^^Y But now i do know that, after the secondary school Cik Pushpamala the disciplinary teacher, now at Intec we'll have someone called Encik Hassan.. who is said to be VERY strict on attires. yor~

Girl's Dorm

My now-only-HUGE-problem : There are 2500 Universities in States, i feel like dying to choose. For biotech, to choose lagi hard.

about me

The very-HUGE-help i need : Anyone of you, if you know anything about me, my personalities, my attitude, my anything, could you please.. well you can make it in point form/ just anything and send it to me? Tell me!! I need to know myself before i apply for any US uni. Please? :) :) I think i will soon forward mails to ask around. I need it, seriously. :) Oh yes you may send me critiques. :D

Then after the Petronas xxxxx case. We went around Seksyen 18 (gua..) at Shah Alam to look around my future hostel - Cemara/Akasia. Looked at them from outside, quite much like Cameron's apartment. lol.. ~Pray that i'll get the newer block.. :P ~ Life at there would be easier, just like a cute circle, inside a small walking-distance-possible area, there are small Giant, medium Mydin, Ole Ole supermarket =.=, CIMB Bank (how smart, just right for the scholars to withdraw their $) etc. Also saw Baker's Cottage, Lian Bee, Secret Recipe dll.. Guess I would have good choices of bread over there. =.='''

This EARLY morning AhMeng came again. 8 a.m. sharp after yesterday, mama 'suan siao' him in the phone. =.= Drove from home to Kg Jawa. He asked ''Live at Klang don't know how to go to Kg Jawa meh?'' shook my head. :P :P Lagipun this time he wanted to go there thru other path. His fault. :P Miraculously/maybe something wrong, I repeated the up down hill, parking and in out the dead end (i like this one the most!! =.=) more than 7 times.. smoothly!! Without anyone telling me anything. I was alone in the cute Kancil.. almost ter-slept somemore. @.@~

Then went to pay my debt for my younger sister - treat her at Pizza Hut. The mushroom soup.. since when become so diluted? Don't know. In the end, full.

They were having a charity thing running in Bkt Tinggi Jusco. That artist = Danny ____ =.=

This is the one who sings 'Wolf Come already' =.= Zeng guo hui. Yes him..
Thx again to Jhen! :P

With my sister, we both agree that they are not that popular yet. Because : no havoc. no guards. no cheers. I know we were bad. :P So we end up =.= and donated some $ to them. We donated sincerely! :)

The weather is super hot. I am super-more sleepy.
Happy Papa's Day!

Muahahaa~ =.=
Stay happy and do have more sweet moments with your beloved~ ~ ~