I am supposed to be doing some revision now.. after the first week of classes =.= It feels pathetic to me actually, in some way. Intec's first week is always a holiday. Lol.

So on the 16th I departed.
My meimei was there, dad and 2 uncles were there. Mom wasn't thou =(
From the moment I went on the car (omg I miss driving lol), the only thought I have was "did I forget anything??" =.='' and I was super tired with the 3-4 hour sleep I could get on the previous night.

photo credits to junjun's camera
Then things started to go so fast @.@

Photo credit to junjun's camera
Fast as in.. after 6 hours? We reached Taipei.. stepped on the land for 15 minutes and went back to board the plane -.-'' Then another 12.30 hour journey to LA, 1 hour of waiting for custom clearance, running to board the next flight, on Delta domestic 4-5 hour flight to Indianapolis, reached, 1.30 hour car journey to Purdue, West Lafayette, settled registration and check-ins, open bank savings account.., put stuffs, went Walmart, came back... deadly exhausted.

Outside of our apartments. :)

Somewhat called our main location, we walked here almost every day, for classes and etc.

Inside Purdue Memorial Union. I like the whole building. lol.

Marsh. I like. I don't like Walmart. :P

photo credits to junjun
My items too! lol.

Jason ambil punya, he has custom made copyright signature, so that's the credit. XD

2 weeks passed. 3 years should be fast too. :)
Taking Spanish language.. and History in Love and Marriage -.-''
They sounded fun, but learning them could be tiring. Really.

My blog is so dead -.- heee who cares~
I forgot how long I have been having holiday. But throughout the weeks, I seldom had time to even feel bored. Keeping myself busy at home, helping mum to fetch students and siblings, buying stuffs blabla..
Then I got myself a work, to get more cash -_-'' which in the end, I got many new friends too :)

During every working break for that omg 8 freaking long days..*imagine you stay in the mall for at LEAST 12 hours per day @.@* I will sit at this particular place in the mall, right in front of many watches, and eat~ and read (a bit bit..), and listen to songs, and just stare into the air, AND enjoy the time wearing sandals instead of the shoe which tortures. Well we just couldn't tahan more standing after 10 compulsory standing hours.. which we promoters of course, did curi tulang when they are seriously no passerby AT ALL, not even a mosquito. -.-''

stayinthemallwholedaydelook -.-
Oh I worked for Johnson&Johnson company.. promoting their bodywash lotion & Listerine (not really, I was just promoting the discount price. Who doesn't know JnJ?)
Good standing experience -.- Miss one sampat aunty who gossiped about everything on earth XD

After the job, I started bringing alllll things I own in the house out, sort them, dispose some, kept some, and pack some.. hee.. for 3 weeks the room feels so small.. heee

Then I had some sweet times meeting people and eating here and there :)

Me Sovitha PeiWun HuiSin
Peiwun, I remember you are the first person I talked to in high school :D
Sovitha, I remember you as my best band partner, and SUJU's fans. XD
HuiSin, I remember you are always like our mother in 4/5S2 :)))

Now the hair is neaterrr~

Just in case if you are still wondering.. I am leaving to Purdue University in Indiana on coming Monday. aaaaaah.