And I am tired. Because it feels like mid-sem exam already. =.= Things go worse as my English is like.. regressed liao -.-''

Menstruation On. Makes me look somber, walk slower, talk lesser.. but a bit smarter lol. *somehow it feels so* But the stomach feels so bad I kept thinking to skip the classes and lectures >.<''

September already O.O

Next semester, I will not arrange 730am classes anymore, I want to skype with family :) Now I have 4 days of 730am classes I feels my mind withered every morning =.= but I am happy with my timetable, I don't have any classes after 2.30pm :) Happiest on Thursday no class after 1015 am!! :D

I miss sushi =[

Provolone cheese is nice :)
I want to try Spinach wrap.
I want to eat Pappy's and Silver Dipper's ice cream.
Hee. Fat die me.
And you know what? I start to love those bunny graham, goldfish graham.. maybe soon I will try more shape ones :D

Went to Lake Michigan last Sunday. Tiring but fun with a chance to see all the unfamiliarities.
That lake is more like an ocean, true.
Ang mos really love the sun, true.
I don't love sun that much, true.

these photos are from psl.
A park somewhere near the lake.

Looks more like Beach Michigan..
Super hot sun and sand,
with SUPER cold water.

Peace ^^