Do you, want to be a millionaire?? Oh sure you do. Answer this then:
You got nothing.


Friday's Night
On the Tuesday we went for a National Library trip with Landoverians. We were happy we got to get out from Shah Alam, but we (maybe is "I") were not THAT happy seeing the library. Now I love Intec library more than the national library. The books in the national library.. are smelly.. telling us how old they already are and how long they have been abandoned. =.= But there is a Harvard reference section, with many Biology books.. :D

Mr Kamal and Fauzan
Er... we saw a blind gorgor. LOL.

Lisia, Amy, Melanie, Kerlee and Pari, and Kathy went to Chili's in KLCC for dinner (should be, and supper and the next day's breakfast). Due to the little variety (no variety AT ALL for even this very tolerant vegetarian), i ordered a side dish - mashed potato. But~ I got overloaded by the potato that costs RM4.8X including taxes). So, you can actually imagine the other 5 girls, ordering a plate of food each, forcing their way to finish. So, in the end 5 of them spent RM157. Lol. Oh and of course, we took a lot of..

Li Sia and I
KerLee - I - Melanie
Siasia and I again
Kerlee and I~
Me and Mel~
Amy - Kerlee - Kathy - Melanie - Li sia - Pari
Amy - Kerlee - Me~

I forgot the time when I turned from mindless and maybe cute (=.=) to someone Chinese people see as old and not cute. To rationalize, or maybe the truth is that, I never stop wanting to grow up mentally. It has been like wanting my mind to grasp all the human’s psychological answers, yet wanting myself to celebrate sweet ages birthday every year. (er, no one is using “sweet 30..” right?) I am just thinking for nothing. =P

It was good to say that we have done with another Calculus test, although I am quite sure that I will fail again, I just hope I will not be asked to repeat this subject. =.= This Friday I watched Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, and Whisper of the Heart (1995). I like both, especially the latter one. The producer of these movies is the one who did Spirited Away. I was talking about the whole series with Amy in the bus today. She likes these animations also!! =) I do not know anything about Twilight, but I bet these movies are better than that. HAHA~ =.=

Oh ya, back to Calculus. Well, in conclusion, I abhor, loathe, dislike, abominate, (what else?) calculus. Thank you. Because no matter how much I try to love it, it won’t love me.

Something went wrong with my skin when I was watching Whisper of the Heart, I just err.. scratched my hand because I felt to, and when I actually turned my head to see the hand, alamak! The area that I scratched turn out to look like a specimen stained with Aceto-orcein, heated on the laboratory hot plate. Dots of rashes, blame myself. =)

Listening to The Curious Case of BB’s soundtracks. Thank you Amy! They are all really seriously very nice!! Nicer than the movie. =P

Saturday's morning
I forgot we were having holiday. Well, with many many things to do, i guess we just have to wait until November for a real break. ALM students are going to BTN on Monday, ohh April, our turn then.

Bought few slices of cake - tiramisu, chocolate, oreo cheese, blueberry cheese, cappuccino. Like tiramisu the most =D (no photo for them, only boxes and wrappers left.. haha)

I stepped into my room and saw my dad was ironing his T-shirts, scared me. Because i simply understand the feeling of being ironed. =___= Well, i did ask him to learn to iron, my younger sister and brother and, should be everyone is busy at home most of the time, and i could not iron for him every week. But now i think i better do that, the way he handles the iron is scary. =.=

Teman-ed my mom to pasar pagi and Bkt raja Jusco. Then i think i really have to keep fit already, if not i might end up becoming a ball-shaped human after weeks. lol.

Marigold Golden Mango Jelly~
Like jelly!

I took Louisa's way of putting the marshmallow as the cookies filling. I use Jacob's, normal marshmallow and Milo chocolate bar, seeing them melt in the oven is fun. lol. :)

This, is not made by me. =P

Somehow feeling tired even it is holiday now. Really have to strive for my final grades. I didn't know my critical thinking is that bad, because i think i got the worst grade for that subject in the class. =( Calculus, well, i will definitely be optimistic for this subject. =)

I am strong. My mom said "see, you look small but you have such big strength. Siao.."

I told you i am strong! :D
FYI, i broke my Akasia's house key and.. er.. I somehow (I didnt know how!? =.=) bent my Klang's house key. The 'survived' key above is one that my mother changed for me actually.... hehe.. people, I AM STRONG!! muahahhaa~

*SLEEEEEPY* blogging can be tired too. =.=


onetwenty said...



nice to see my photo there...

and your sleepy photo does not show that you are sleepy. Kathy is always kathy...smiling..(",)

Cedric ZH said...

..... Kathy.... perempuan ganas.. haha!!

Melanie said...

I know you are strong. =P

Kathy said...

Thank u thank u~

but... am i ganas? hahahaha

yingji said...

I love the animations too^^hahaha....

Kathy said...

*high 5*!