It's time
you let yourself
let go of past grudges,
suspicions or hard feelings,
and realize that
life is too short
to get caught up in petty games.

Sei ler~~ Malaysian Studies is really really slowly torturing killing me. T.T~ The lecturer isn't like talking or telling what he wants to test us on tests. = =''' Today we reached the Dutch, the Bangkahulu and..zzup~! I l.o.s.t. Haha!! Heiyorr..I just wanna get P license for this subject! Bless me~

Almost couldn't convey what I can say on the word ''tired'' already. But still, i am still appraising these moments. New friends new families new stuffs and new thinking~ Renewing and refreshing and reviving myself. Even though everything is so so so packed and full, i made no objection and grumble. Started to feel the swing, taste and way of Life. Truly appreciating these.. Letting me to know, that I've done mistakes, and shouldn't have continue any anymore. But, mama, can I have more Honey Star? (=.=)''' Omg..i am demented~

Goodnite everyone* ;)