Friday is a day when Muslims pray pray around 12-2pm.. I was walking to class for the 2nd time of the day, then, a lot lot Fei Zhou ren (in case...ethical issue..XP), who i wondered if they're Muslims too? also wearing the white white jubah (or whatsoever it is called) and like 'scattered' around here and there. Passing by them in groups and gangs, i almost pengsan.. Is this what they called perfume or..?? One group one kind of scent, then i passed by more than 6/7 gangs, i guess at that time my smell receptors were all

And then, psychology class, we laughed a lot! (or..too much..haha!!!) Miss Bianca, i will never forget today's class.

Then we proceed to English. So much gossips and laughters bursting out in the class, with Kuek kuek, Lian hua, and JAMie, and chokki, we talked from animal abuse, to contact lenses, then to eyes, then making noise asking the class rep to find the teacher, then laughed like hell and gossiped allots~! And then, thanks to our class tall tall maths master Jack who saw teacher's notice on the door telling us class postponed..@#$%^&*!... Whatever~ it is so so damn fun to talk a lot!! :p So us, who looked more like 5 siao pos, went to the bakery. Then we 有Food同享~!! Lol...chokki, your proverb is so yeng~ I bought nestum cookies, Jam Kuek Li bought err, don't know what it called, Ice+milk with fruits topping, & Chokki bought 虾饼 - then we eat lu~ a lot and a lot and a lot.

Selepas itu, I joined LimQian dai gar jeh, Jolin, Jia Huey and Reena pasar malam group~ but due to tiredness, seeing them tapao-ing stuffs like wa.. I bought only a cup of corn.. lol... Coz it was like whole row of John's Roti (hamburger), fried chicken and char kuey tiao and Nasi lemak.. Help weii.. I'm feeling tired Now, while i am typing THESE WORDSs...

Anyone..2nd Feb KH Band got practice ma?
7 days to go! gayao~ ushh!
Oh god.. Good nite~