I was trying to tune in the radio frequency to Seremban's MyFM, MixFM, FlyFM and HitzFM during class de. Then besides FlyFM (Which station is located near here - Sepang~) other stations' frequencies jing ran are Selangor's one.. Because, when i reached my hostel, all frequencies are ''pure'' Seremban's.. = =''' Didn't know who so immoral and amoral, went to hack my Inti Extreme Broadband account!! for half day somemore..hrmp!
And then went for 2 hours swim. And then ran back to hostel. And then ran to band room. And then i slept and then...


I woke up at 731 a.m.~ wao.. again i break my own 7.04 a.m. record! XD And then i got change, and then I went to class at 930a.m. And then lunch time we have Bio test - the very 1st one after SPM BC paper - And then we went for lab. And then again Maths test, which made me..totally, seriously, ouch-ly, T.T-ly, #$%&-ly sigh~ We paid RM330 for a calculator, and then it seems like i pay to let myself score lower marks..sob sob~ And then I rushed back room, and then I ran to band room. And then after tuning, we went to play El Binbo, Colours of the wind, dan ''Bulan itu adalah Hati saya'' (月亮代表我的心) haha..this is what penguin said. Then we went up to SAO rooftop to test sound, suang-nya!! I like high high places~~ (omg..those who participated in Miss Inti was practising cat-walk with heels at the roof top eh..extreme practice? V.v
Yo.. after the test, I found that.. I miss Baskin Robbin's ice cream~~~

Yeah tomorrow last test of the week~ yipee!! and then Friday lu~ Succeed on preventing sicking cells' attack!! I was really really dizzy after Malaysian Study..Japanese Occupation, pop quiz somemore, pop die ppl.. Then for the very very $%^&@% class rep meeting, had to tahan for 2 more hours. 78 questions we need to answer regarding Inti-UC. And so it ended and so again walk with full forced out de strength i reached my room!! thank god~ Tomorrow will be a better day~ ^^V

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