Sunday the Sunny day ~ went to the barber with mama, she was going for that night's dinner, so need to be leng-er than usual, i went because she asked me to..then pity me, so tedious while waiting~~''i dun wanna be like that person in the poster...''
hm hm hm~ hair is now shorter..i told my hair to grow back faster by CNY~ haha = ='''
Drowning..drowning..*Gulp* i sank.

Inti is currently fitting in more and more residents~ So by now, my block err, should be 95% inhabited already. 5% for storerooms and toilets..XP
Good to be like this~ people mountain people sea every during intervals between classes, just like a small city, and the Inti bridge never been empty since 730am till 6pm! Hmm, found that something wrong with the road these 2 days, i walked faster, but time taken seemed to be longer..?! 10 minutes and more i need to reach my class each time. omg~ So it's now like walking from Klang Parade to Eng Ann d. Nothing bad, nothing bad.. :D
my first day of copying and getting so much notes and handouts at here, my notes are already booked and lent..haha.. bhb, hehe
Moral education by
Txxx Cxxllxxx, a malay lecturer (bertudung in the photo). 1stly, her class was kind of..cursed >.<, 2ndly it's not weird that it's... 3rd, i somewhat agreed...;p The so-called Worst Class among all. haha.. One thing she said, and that thing spoilt her reputation.. jek jek jek.. ''For an example, the God created a stone, and we will find value in that STONE'', pity her..this Stony example made everyone mad. lol.. Dickson (ipoh-ian) sent me ''she xxxx'' sms during lecture, then we kept on laughing at the hp = =''' Then suddenly the whole hall was listening to ringtone sounded ''ha! ha! ha.. Ha! Ha! HA..'' SO? Everyone ha ha ha too.. XD First question we were asked to do = ''Why should I be a moral person?'' duh.. She read from the slides for 1 and half hour, then?? I didn't know what happened..hahaha

IOlogy - by
Miss Cxxdxlxx Chong. Kind teacher, totally a challenging lecturer! ''Lets play a game when you all make a brief introduction so that it'll be more Challenging, start from the 1st one, and the 2nd one will have to name the 2st person and him/herself'' ( so ''lucky'' that i've to memorise 10 names because i sat at side..T.T) then again, ''hmm, to make things more Challenging, next time i shall shift all your places so that you can know everyone'' x.x''''Cute thing of Miss CHong is, SHhhh..!! ( her 'what' is to be spoken as ''Wha'' / ''Waa'' ) so Wha are they? WHa they want you to do... Waa you said just now? And hor, she eats Fisherman Fresh sweet when lecturing one~ swt'''

*We are in the progression of a, a+d, a+2d.. With new things happen and happen, leakage of memory will occur when someone is in negative AP. So, are you now a+d, or a-d?