Rather a stupiak day~~ 5, including me, we were suppose to attend Malaysian Studies.. then, the lecture theater, having two doors at 1st floor and another 2 at 2nd floor, SO!! we WAITED at the 1st floor, which it was locked..until.. we sensed that's, not right. Then 5 of us, (why i am one of them~~ T.T) went to the SAO for ''help''. haha. Then..we were brought to the 2nd floor, by that time, the class is 5 minutes to Finish. So after all.... =.='''

Then~ pakat-ed with my room mate. REAL pesticide fogging was being conducted, we decided to lock the door and everything so that our room won't be fogged.. kakaka.. Yea we succeed!!

1st and the 1st rainy day at Inti. Heavy downpour. Suang~ I will honestly tell you that, INti's air is really fresher..hehehe, well.. inti is known to be somewhat Isolated. But i just so enjoy to wake up early and inhale as much fresh air as i could. Haha~ So ok compared to the one on morning market at Pandamaran you know..suffocated VS fresh! ^^V

Ok..i am at home now. But, i kept on Wah here waH there because things are placed at different places and positions, and being like orang asli to look around. lol... Not that used..and i've so lots to tell that i haven't actually stop talking since i met papa & mama. AM i ok ah?

Mt 1st Pstchology homework - Ask daddy mommy at what age i started to talk. Answer - ONE year old! wah~