For some reason, any reason, i'm heading to.. Inferno - darkness~~ :(
can..CAN HIM JUST GET AWAY FROM ME AHH?? I suppose this to be an inexplicable vent at here, since this kind of issue might be tracked and seen.. T.T Couldn't tahan then..then, i'll build a volcano somewhere. sigh.. Can't make any, the so-called College, people like us whose maturity and adult-ness are in a lesser extent, will face problems de..

---------------bzzzzakk! topic ventilated!!-----------------
**Mm hm! Laugh more, ticked! Gripe Less, ticked! Ignore critics, N/A at the moment, Say yes, depends. Order dessert, yea yea ticked! Love life, essential~ ticked!
Yesterday night i don't even know i was sicking.. (=.=)''' abnormally tired and i slept at 8/9pm. And it's good to know that today's not Monday when i woke up. Monday's the day which seksa me - morning+afternoon full day classes. phew~ Conclusion? I fought the bacteri/virus whatever inside me! Yay** haha
Sorry to Mr. Swee..haha.. not that i don't want to accompany you for lunch Ok? Who knows why are you being so free.. lol lol.. I've 7 subjects in 14 weeks leh, forgive me~ can't stop laughing at this.. Sorry larr~ :P

Attended my very first Malaysia Studies today, by lecturer Mr. Lee. When i found from the note that MS = Sejarah, someone told me that ''ya, this is to make it sounds Nicer'' lol~ And what omg me was that the lecturer is superb amusing, Bow + Claps!! I can't explain in words how his lecture (or rather, Joke?) goes, but they're really really brilliant, and he is the only smile-never-fades lecturer..haha.. We've got explanation on assignments and presentation today.
Well well, the FORMAL ways for ladies is ''You are to be considered as Formal without jeans, you can wear slipper sandal and anything you like. Jeans 0 mark, No Jeans 5 marks (which is full mark), and sorry to tell that guys, no T-shirt no slipper no shorts'' good-nya~ What's more, ''If you guys don't have leather shoe, Ok you've 2 choices, 1st- go and buy a leather shoe. (lol..) 2nd, since you all are going to present by groups, so when the other group is sitting, just go and sneak you legs into other group's guys shoe. Even the size is not right, Nevermind~ just sneak in because i'll be only seeing the front''

He does have few rules, which is also Omg-ly cruelly strict but haha-ly funny. Lol..
  • 1st, No slipper. ''If i see any i'll make him/her be the hero of this class and even the whole INTI-UC hero. If u wear, you've 2 choices also. 1st you can leave the class, 2nd walk out, introduce yourself to everyone so that they know you, then leave you slipper with me and i'll never return it to you.''
  • 2nd, No ringtone. ''students are normally desperate waiting for this moment. you know, Entertaiment~ If your phone rings, you'll have only one choice--Sing a song for everyone. Whatever language it's in, even Tamil, Just don't choose 'NegaraKu' because everyone will have to stand straight for it'' = ='''
In our presentation ho, Intonation & Confidence costs 5 marks. We were told that if we really can't make ourself Looking at the audience, and we want to get 1 mark, we can have our head looking on the paper or table or wall or ceiling throughout the presentation, and when we finish to say Thank You, just life our head and ''Thank you'' and we'll get 1 mark. lol lol~

Haaa~ so so looking forward for next week clubs and societies exhibition eii~ fast fast exhibit~~

Em.. em.. sorry too to the Accommodation department of Inti.. xp
with my room mate, we're in the mission of running away from the Dengue Talk, hm should be happening Now at the MPH hall.. keke.. so I abused the time for this post. Wei da~ Grandeur~ haha..

Thanks to Awal Muharam, tomorrow class is gone. Don't know if that is good or bad. Good - less works this weekend. Bad - more and more works after this weekend. (@.@)'''

+ Just like how the biology reproduction ( of bacteria..? ) works, things are now multiplying so fast that blinking seems to be taking too much time~ +