I was trying to tune in the radio frequency to Seremban's MyFM, MixFM, FlyFM and HitzFM during class de. Then besides FlyFM (Which station is located near here - Sepang~) other stations' frequencies jing ran are Selangor's one.. Because, when i reached my hostel, all frequencies are ''pure'' Seremban's.. = =''' Didn't know who so immoral and amoral, went to hack my Inti Extreme Broadband account!! for half day somemore..hrmp!
And then went for 2 hours swim. And then ran back to hostel. And then ran to band room. And then i slept and then...


I woke up at 731 a.m.~ wao.. again i break my own 7.04 a.m. record! XD And then i got change, and then I went to class at 930a.m. And then lunch time we have Bio test - the very 1st one after SPM BC paper - And then we went for lab. And then again Maths test, which made me..totally, seriously, ouch-ly, T.T-ly, #$%&-ly sigh~ We paid RM330 for a calculator, and then it seems like i pay to let myself score lower marks..sob sob~ And then I rushed back room, and then I ran to band room. And then after tuning, we went to play El Binbo, Colours of the wind, dan ''Bulan itu adalah Hati saya'' (月亮代表我的心) haha..this is what penguin said. Then we went up to SAO rooftop to test sound, suang-nya!! I like high high places~~ (omg..those who participated in Miss Inti was practising cat-walk with heels at the roof top eh..extreme practice? V.v
Yo.. after the test, I found that.. I miss Baskin Robbin's ice cream~~~

Yeah tomorrow last test of the week~ yipee!! and then Friday lu~ Succeed on preventing sicking cells' attack!! I was really really dizzy after Malaysian Study..Japanese Occupation, pop quiz somemore, pop die ppl.. Then for the very very $%^&@% class rep meeting, had to tahan for 2 more hours. 78 questions we need to answer regarding Inti-UC. And so it ended and so again walk with full forced out de strength i reached my room!! thank god~ Tomorrow will be a better day~ ^^V

When you want anything, do something or you'll get nothing.

I'll never fancy my life to be better than this day;
Today, I hope today will last longer.

Unduly excited, highly exciting. Today I got the meaning of these words. Not other than our very very essential possessions - Friends - that caused me to feel them.

Pei Wun - the very first very close friend I met on the first day of secondary school. Being in the same class, we sat together during the very first assembly, and then went along as very intimate friends. Time causes varieties in everyone's life. So as our pathways, gone different. But with every occasionally greetings and chats, we're still us!

Sovitha - the very first close friend Pei Wun and me encountered with once we joined band. Learning together playing together and many else things together, we sticked for years. And today, is the first time we haven't been met over a month. Odd. And today too, your call still left me a durable smile~!! Excitedly, we shall meet soon~ Me n pw are both waiting your call next next week! :D

I was playing with the water dispenser again, and then taking the cute cup Shi Wei gave me on my previous B'day, I almost decided not to go back to my room until tomorrow! xp Because.. the wind is windy~ Standing high high, facing nothing but the keep-coming wind, I knew who I am, I knew what I need, I knew what I want. But too! The air current brought my mind back to the beach!! ( I should realised that i am now near to beaches..haha)

People agree things are equilibrised. Bad thing of mine today? Well, would be the Malaysian Study's contents. God~ I am totally very lost! How am i suppose to... Hahh.. HElp~ Sometimes, slowing down is what we need. I got it. ;-)

You can't care of everything and stay sane;
You can't care of nothing and stay human.

Never betray yourself and do things against..

Still unalterable, I like to talk with words rather than with mouth. Kuek, if today you didn't call me, I should have my record of no-talking-day already~ Even when i was buying lunch, i only pointed to the foods = =''' Still unpredictable, I always hope what'll happen next, tomorrow and later. Why this urge of silly hope? Because knowing sheds fears~ Still unavailable, sorry for can't attend some gatherings, I am un-separate-able @.@ Still unseeable, January d' 08 is ending~~ and i didn't catch how fast it passed. but u.u , ends busily fully hyper-much things-ly. Still uncomfortable, 4th week d i know, but..but but, I still don't like fei zou ren arr. They are lai ren at Ampang. And for sure! I dislike their ''hey wassup?'' and their ''sight greeting'' by seeing you from left/right to right/left when you pass by.. Hahh, uncontrollable life~

Will those tests' marks come out to be unacceptable?! V.V I will add whatever oil on it, Miss Betty, don't give too challenging question, you know next week is so total, and i know you're kind~~ Unbelievable, I woke up this 'late' today~ 7.04 a.m.!! em.. is the most late one of the week. So i assume i've rested enough. ^^V Today i was like suddenly stomach ache then ok then suddenly ache and ok and again, unbearable..hopefully the water and food are not contaminated. Rather waiting for Friday, i'm now expecting Thursday to come faster~ Quite sure that i'll be more high-spirited that day :D Not my stereotype, but, life in Inti is getting better and better (don't count in homeworks..Don't.. haha), and so i hope i wish it will be more more better~

1st Feb - Klang i am back again~
KH i am back! - 2nd Feb
3rd Feb - Kylie Kassie, mana?

All the very good luck Yv. All the very best Inti SAM-ers. All the very fun ICB~ All the very great tha pwen qhong etc

Friday is a day when Muslims pray pray around 12-2pm.. I was walking to class for the 2nd time of the day, then, a lot lot Fei Zhou ren (in case...ethical issue..XP), who i wondered if they're Muslims too? also wearing the white white jubah (or whatsoever it is called) and like 'scattered' around here and there. Passing by them in groups and gangs, i almost pengsan.. Is this what they called perfume or..?? One group one kind of scent, then i passed by more than 6/7 gangs, i guess at that time my smell receptors were all

And then, psychology class, we laughed a lot! (or..too much..haha!!!) Miss Bianca, i will never forget today's class.

Then we proceed to English. So much gossips and laughters bursting out in the class, with Kuek kuek, Lian hua, and JAMie, and chokki, we talked from animal abuse, to contact lenses, then to eyes, then making noise asking the class rep to find the teacher, then laughed like hell and gossiped allots~! And then, thanks to our class tall tall maths master Jack who saw teacher's notice on the door telling us class postponed..@#$%^&*!... Whatever~ it is so so damn fun to talk a lot!! :p So us, who looked more like 5 siao pos, went to the bakery. Then we 有Food同享~!! Lol...chokki, your proverb is so yeng~ I bought nestum cookies, Jam Kuek Li bought err, don't know what it called, Ice+milk with fruits topping, & Chokki bought 虾饼 - then we eat lu~ a lot and a lot and a lot.

Selepas itu, I joined LimQian dai gar jeh, Jolin, Jia Huey and Reena pasar malam group~ but due to tiredness, seeing them tapao-ing stuffs like wa.. I bought only a cup of corn.. lol... Coz it was like whole row of John's Roti (hamburger), fried chicken and char kuey tiao and Nasi lemak.. Help weii.. I'm feeling tired Now, while i am typing THESE WORDSs...

Anyone..2nd Feb KH Band got practice ma?
7 days to go! gayao~ ushh!
Oh god.. Good nite~

WEIRD feelings! Today, when I stepped out of the classroom, walking back to hostel, everything was so so dark~ This is the first time i saw the academic block turned so black, but the sky, beautiful as it always has been, light sea blue with moon at somewhere..

Believe in what your heart is saying,
hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
there's so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need,
If you just believe.

And so the 9 hours marathon classes ended. Hahhh~ Everyone is so so tired. Despite staying awake for the whole hectic day, we ordered McD = =''' I didn't know who proposed this, and didn't know when they started asking for orders, but when the order list reached us during Maths, already ''Can i have another paper please??'' Um..maybe, McD is a stress-releasing fast And then, everyone's dinner is late after 830p.m.
Partly kept thinking of next week, hope things go Okay~! Tests, performance, discussion, assignments, homeworks, labs, lessons.. **can you hear me? I need your blessing.. ; )

To live in a college, is, and should be a life lesson. We'll suit ourselves to a way that is different from the past. Decisions, plans and actions -- all lies upon us. When you have a feel that 'i am living my life', then you're living your life..cheers~ I AM LIVING MY LIFE! Friend - to have one is to focus sharing and caring, to have two is to spread sharing and caring, to have more, is to treat, share and care of every of them equally. Time flies~ January is ending and February is approaching. Have you done what you should have? Yes - No - Maybe? XD
I miss McFlurryOreo I miss butterfly I miss all the iciness, not the warmth.
Nothing will be too late to be.

Breathless, but breath-full to listen.

Today, i feel both sweet, and bitter...

6.45 a.m.
Accidentally waken up so so early (after, even though i (tried to slept on 11p.m.) somehow slept on about 12 a.m. Then..went to the balcony for cool cool air. Nothing interesting besides the serenity, but something.. One of the block opposite mine, a male block, about 7.15 a.m. , a guy's alarm rang. (=.=)''' Can't really 'accept' the fact that, residents of few blocks around the alarm clock can actually be waken up using that clock. And it somehow, sounds like fire alarm..swt swt..

This is what we were called Science students ke? Experiment & experiments, classes and classes. Tomorrow must stay awake until 8pm Chemistry ends~!! Concentrate, think of CNY one week holiday, concentrate..focus.. should be able to stay awake by doing this, haha..
Kuek, Remind you again - I want jie fu! muahaha~ But erm, honestly, that 'TER-taken' our slide case, really made me.. omg, i want brain wash!! You go Yoga class don't stretch yourself until i can't recognize you ahh.. XP Sorry for not accompanying you there, kind of packed packed already.. I know you will forgive me de~ right? Ya!! XD

Next Tuesday 730pm do go to Inti Swimming pool~ LSSC-LIfe Saving & Swimming Club's gathering night. First O8' band performance ^^V (though i know we will be there for FUN ONLY..= =''')

As a matter of fact, i am Very very glad that i don't celebrate Thaipusam..hehe.. Seeing the keep coming-must-accept homeworks, i am truthfully glad. But somehow..i wish next week will have Thaipusam II, then i can get more homeworks done.. lol..

Honey Star officially out of stock. So, to continue bite and bite, i bought Kraft's Post Select Banana Nut Crunch~ but i guess after few days this will end up gone again..haha.. NIlai borned mosquitoes are mostly 'aggressive', because their 'kiss' left me a rash for 3 weeks, and it's still itchy, and still reddish!! jek jek jekk..

Countdown 9 days then i will again return to my original 'nest'~
4th Feb~ go Kwang Hua day!! Yee Yun, see how good I am..although i haven't confirmed..hahaha!! XP
Happie Thaipusam~

Have had plenties and piles of drippy sentimental thinkings lately. But i am still unable to answer myself, or to decide and act by myself.

Such a haste. It's only more or less 24 hours at home, then now i am at Nilai the fresh(er than Klang's..:p) air town once again~ This return, i saw mama is tiring and filled with works, i saw papa has to work until 1130pm, i saw my home is a lil bigger d-many things disposed, and i saw dust in my room, which proven that my sis and bro..sighh, really really have been staying with sloth..Grr..

This is a joke Yiwen told me :
There's a billionaire telling his stories of how he became a billionaire. He said ''when i am still young, i've very little money. I bought an apple cost 2cents in the market, and i wiped it until it shines, then i sold it at 4cents. So i decided to buy more apples, I bought 2 apples with the 4cents, wiped them until they shine, and sold them out again and i got 8cents. And again, i went to get more apples, wipe them till shiny, and sold them. After some times, i finally have a total of 24.60 Dollar. And then my neighbour died, and he gave me his property and so i became a billionaire.''
i was really really concentrating on the apples..then..= ='''

Here comes another 2 weeks. Lim's family will reunite after 12 days! [ of which, including 2/3 tests, 2-3 assignments, few MS group discussions, one public hol-Thaipusam, one NIlai pasar malam walk (hopefully rain-free that day), few ICB practices, few CNY activities of clubs, and a few secret missions! ] :D Once again, add oil, myself!! miss kylie, is this the 1st time in our lives we haven't met for more than 15 days? Weird feeling leh..

If i ever hold chances to make mistakes, i hope i'll be given chances to mend my ways.

It's time
you let yourself
let go of past grudges,
suspicions or hard feelings,
and realize that
life is too short
to get caught up in petty games.

Sei ler~~ Malaysian Studies is really really slowly torturing killing me. T.T~ The lecturer isn't like talking or telling what he wants to test us on tests. = =''' Today we reached the Dutch, the Bangkahulu and..zzup~! I l.o.s.t. Haha!! Heiyorr..I just wanna get P license for this subject! Bless me~

Almost couldn't convey what I can say on the word ''tired'' already. But still, i am still appraising these moments. New friends new families new stuffs and new thinking~ Renewing and refreshing and reviving myself. Even though everything is so so so packed and full, i made no objection and grumble. Started to feel the swing, taste and way of Life. Truly appreciating these.. Letting me to know, that I've done mistakes, and shouldn't have continue any anymore. But, mama, can I have more Honey Star? (=.=)''' Omg..i am demented~

Goodnite everyone* ;)

  1. Click any button on the machine.
  2. ''Make sure that there's no people around you. Make sure....'' [ahh~ i almost laughed at the screen]
  3. Key in your Account number & password. |01234567890| |******|
  4. Is this your Account number? |YES|
  5. Choose from below: Quick deposit - Cash Withdrawal (any difference ahh?? I thought ATM machine originally will work Fast d? lol..) - Check account balance - change password etc.. |Quick deposit|
  6. Select the amount of money you wish to withdraw. This part skip skip~ XP
  7. Oh and finally - deng deng~ - the money came out from a hole~
Just the things i saw during my very first time of withdrawing money from the ATM machine at Inti. XD Keep my story for papa mama tomorrow~ haha.. Eh, not an easy thing to be done you know. To avoid long queue of Africans right in front of the machine, I woke up at 645 a.m. and walk to the machine - and so reached by 720 a.m. = ='''

ICB - Inti Concert Band. A funny musical band, with the President - Lee Chou, Asst - Penguin (this is what they call, and asked us to call ah) and etc etc. And so yesterday we played ''See You'' and ''Colours of the Wind'', a Disney Pocahontas' song! Then ho, a Chinese, err.. k, China-ian (lol..) joined the old member too yesterday, an Alto Saxophonist, but..but!! err, due to his english speaking with heavy China aroma, we almost needed to shout every single english to him....>.<''' Not a big band, but holding big hopes~ Tuan2 & Puan2 at Inti, do support the coming ICB's Mini Concerts, Concert, CNY & Valentine's (and...i can't rmb all..;p) performances~ ^^ January d' 08
  • At first very free with uncountable spare time~
  • And then slowly, with excitement, everything commenced~
  • And the suddenly, omg-ly and walaoeh-ly, replacement classes, Tests, Quizzes, assignments, homeworks, and projects festinate towards us - the so called Stress Abuse Matriculation, & many many else SAM's version of aliases.
  • For example: 8a.m. - 8p.m. de classes. With intervals but still, activate our active class hours to become 12hours per day already.
  • And maybe Australian like this..i suppose so, Gua anyway, we'll learn for 2-3 weeks, and then? TESTs. So there'll be zillions of tests. (better saying > to keep us motivate. yameh? obviously a lie.. = =)
  • For assignments - Within one day, you will be told one, and you will pass it up on the spot. Next class, you'll be told the 2nd one, and before you done that, 3rd one reached you~ pheuhhh~
  • Oh and..POP quizzes - which really pop out and could pop till you mad. haha. Coz it's popping, so you're like going to fight without taking any weapon. lol...
  • And the conclusion is, Inilah SAM~ XP
What's worse is, I can't make myself a nerdy wonk yet. haih~ While my friends, almost all of them, already planning to go Aus, Uk and other countries after SAM. They're just, simply highly aspirational~ Good students leh.. Should learn from them d. :P

We're briefed on SAM at Inti. Nothing interesting as most was telling us ''score.. tests.. marks..'' Only the attendance, hmm, if we absent without letter or MC or taking leave, we'll receive ''Love Letter'', one for us and another for papa mama. haha..the more 'love letter' they send to us, the more ''love'' we'll get from parents. lol..

Whatever that has happened, is happening, is going to happen - take them~ kachaa! mami i miss you~
Inti Science SAM students~ Let's go to the water battle le weii!! Play water~! oh yeh~

What we'll see in a Biology lab~?
salamander.. and lizards too o~ yiAks, don't know why they feed it that..
then.. this one.. still moving @.@
and this one too, poor hamster..suppose to be a cute one!! pity pity, as you can see - 'heart', 'stomach', 'liver', 'bladder'..bla bla.. and rats, snakes and etc in the lab~

I'm now officially Inti Concert Band-ICB's member~ wee** tomorrow 1st practice.. akss, made me wonder lots of things again. What'd it be? How'd it be? hmm..bless me~ And from this day, my secret mission is On! keke..

Pretty happy today, for some reasons~ thanks to ***!! ^^
Promised bro and sis to bring them to shopping on weekend~ how long it has been since my last visit to mall? Forgot. Probably wanna buy Honey Star

Gosh.. stomach cramped few times of a sudden today. But i've had my breakfast lunch & dinner on time le. And another mosquito landed on me. = ='''
Went to IntiMart, saw loads of goods, but don't know why the gardenia's bread only available in chocolate flavour, is ALL of them somemore, then don't know why they don't have bread supply from High 5, then the cadbury chocs there are quite expensive, then reloaded my almost 'dehydated' hp credit, then saw some PowerBar ads, then saw HL milk and missed it - can i ever drink milk again?? Or Yakult..?? And Vitagen?? sigh.. do appreciate when milk and soy are not your allergens.. and etc etc in the mart, good place though~

Uh.. some of my friends asked me to join their.. Study Group?! During my lifetime, until now i meant, i don't even know a study group will work..or even exists.. lol.. Or i might just go and dozed off, or chat until night. Yea maybe i will join them, right before exams. xp

Again and again, with my room mate, we've both forgotten our Block meeting~ so, we just er, missed it. XD

Do not get to know why, the temperature seems hasn't rised since dayspring, until now, 11.20 p.m. And i couldn't answer myself at all - because i've been staying in a fanned room, only fan that's winding. Why eh?

Inward emotions of mine are stirring so rough today. Do not know why either. Just a complex mixture to describe, but that did a lot to show myself to myself. haha - if you understand. lalalar..

After months, a mosquito break my free-from-mozzie-attack record today. How dare it..already have my blood anyway..u.u'''

Time is still swallowing everything. I 'advised' someone today, kinda like warned I will not wish and definitely do not wish you to get to that far Mr, that I will barely budge. So withdraw before it's too bad to.
What else i did today? HoneyStar gusto~ Oh yeh!** Slightly addicted to honey star already..haha. Slightly!~ A good anytime-snack that lifts mood~ oi zven, if you see this i recommend you to buy this and eat it, should can heal your ''disaster'' wei = ='''

* * *
Another day comes~ too busy of the 7 hours classes to go and look up at Intima Exhibition. Homeworks are piling up so fast that all 7 subjects are awaiting to be done. Whoop! Stay firm to get them done by CNY! ^^

Funny thing happened during and between classes. With sheenmei and kaixin, 3 of us just non-stop saying ''so cold..!'' ''yalo'', after some while, ''so hot..!!'' ''ya eh'' - since 8a.m. until 4p.m. when all the classes finish. So after all, were we cold or hot? Well, Inti does have desert's climate, that's very hot when the sun is on the top, and very cold when it's not. aah~

Today's maths lesson is about How to use our graphing calculator, If you want to learn it by reading the manual, it'd take much longer than reading the 5th harry potter, haha.. And what? Bigger 'challenge' now that i need to collect more than RM600 from the whole class, once. Anyway my security is still high. xp
Tiredly by, Me*

Nothing is everything
Nothing in the world, is our Everything.
when we've Nothing, we're Eveything.
Err, i dunno who went and hung this up, innocent monkey..haha
D seven 'dwarfs' XD
Hm.. 7 a.m. ( my daily walking journey = what you're seeing x 3.5 )~
walk walk and walk..走路,是一种哲学~
Time takes time, half an hour of morning walk at Inti, peacefully done~ The sky is beautifull~
ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti....
BOOM!! Your friendster account has been intruded. Beware. What the..

Date: 01/11/2008 3:32 pm
Subject: :P
Message: boo..! huhu..single? busan..juz drop by to say hie.. activity?
whut kind or activity with partners do u want to have?
ehehe blekk :P

Well, single means i'm with my family of course..!! #$%^&*(#%\=..
Today's dinner = Maggi Hot Cup~ raining, so better guai guai stay at room, also because room mate balik kampung d..pathetic. This instant noodle, should be my 1st one half year? Then for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, the water dispenser's hot water scald me. Should be, dunno how i use, and made myself being scalded. haha. and the very 1st thing after the ouch will be - checking whether my fingers cooked d onot, and Ok, haven't = ='''

Certain things are going better,
Certain are going worse,
while certain remain.
Intellectuals solve problem;
Geniuses prevent them.
I feel glad for part of the stories,
and I feel mad for the other part..
10th :
Mama and papa came to Nilai~ not to escort me back, just to bring me things i need ( i asked for actually..XP) which hem..** Honey Star ** haha..lalala.. and maybe scan scan if i am still their daughter.. haha (but left with me a feeling of..they were visiting someone at Hospital Bahagia, then went away = ='''). And so i thought 3 of us were suppose to have lunch. Mana tahu.. after all, maybe i misunderstood, i'm the one who was eating Mee Sua soup, with two of them talking and talking.. = =''' Then because I finished the Mee Sua soup( so so of good upbringing :p ) then i filled my dinner with Zzzz.. :D

Thanks to JiaChyi for giving me such a good software. Muahaha~ and so I joined the whole Inti sharing folder. blimey~** what're the things inside? well well, P & C !!

At night, I looked at my hand phone for few minutes - 1st call by Antagonist, I gazed and Put the phone on bed, 2nd call, from Protagonist I, due to suspense that Anta might be near to Prota I, I gave another gaze and Put down the phone again. haha. 3rd call from Protagonist II, lesser suspense, I Picked~ ( And so bla bla bla, after the call i was sort of Siao ady. Confidential info.. omg.. which made me swore ''I will not go out from Inti without a gang of big size or tall tall friend'' Friends outside, if you are Female, please never go to try to know African.
Afterwards, 4th call from Antagonist, nightmare ok? I put the hp on my table like i was holding radioactive substance, and my room mate laughed (>.<)'''..

11st :
Today's Malaysian Studies was a volcanic one for me. Bummer! Anyway I guess..I think..I suppose, I won~ ( gua.. hor?.. err.. ) Have not had myself to be so on rage for long time already..hahhhh...~ You!!!!
And the lecturer explained the topic with his many grandmother sister-in-law wife children relatives friends neighbours etc's stories. Lol..

Ok.. cool off, whiff~ Inti SAM students are getting more 'adorable' d. lol. In the view of family-rity larr. Everyone is putting effort to build up a family sense. Really!! And then all lecturers pula, are getting more and more caring - ''Did you face any difficulties?'' hehehe~ (but i think they will be more and more 'excited' in giving homeworks.. x.x)
Inti-UC having water battle this month! Hmm.. Hmm, Hmm!! I wonder..this and that.. then.. ??

Today Psychology's homework - Observe a person for half an hour, and complete a Behaviour Count for him/her of every 2 minutes. Interesting thing, but ho!! Yorr..I'll have to do it at Inti T.T, so envy others that they can do it at their kampung. How good if I can have it done at Klang, sounds more 'familiar' and easy.. So tomorrow!! dang dang~ who'll be my 'object' ? kekeke.. To be revealed.. :P
*the point of this homework is the counting technique, don't misinterpret har.. Not that kind of, you-know-what. haha. We study legal and ethical and practical things only. =)

(oh Mi gosh! A second before i heard dunno which hostel the dunno what glass made thing crashed.. PLianG! careful ehh..)
By, the confused full-of-thoughts +wei.
Will you choose to be an Intellectual, Or a Genius?

For some reason, any reason, i'm heading to.. Inferno - darkness~~ :(
can..CAN HIM JUST GET AWAY FROM ME AHH?? I suppose this to be an inexplicable vent at here, since this kind of issue might be tracked and seen.. T.T Couldn't tahan then..then, i'll build a volcano somewhere. sigh.. Can't make any, the so-called College, people like us whose maturity and adult-ness are in a lesser extent, will face problems de..

---------------bzzzzakk! topic ventilated!!-----------------
**Mm hm! Laugh more, ticked! Gripe Less, ticked! Ignore critics, N/A at the moment, Say yes, depends. Order dessert, yea yea ticked! Love life, essential~ ticked!
Yesterday night i don't even know i was sicking.. (=.=)''' abnormally tired and i slept at 8/9pm. And it's good to know that today's not Monday when i woke up. Monday's the day which seksa me - morning+afternoon full day classes. phew~ Conclusion? I fought the bacteri/virus whatever inside me! Yay** haha
Sorry to Mr. Swee..haha.. not that i don't want to accompany you for lunch Ok? Who knows why are you being so free.. lol lol.. I've 7 subjects in 14 weeks leh, forgive me~ can't stop laughing at this.. Sorry larr~ :P

Attended my very first Malaysia Studies today, by lecturer Mr. Lee. When i found from the note that MS = Sejarah, someone told me that ''ya, this is to make it sounds Nicer'' lol~ And what omg me was that the lecturer is superb amusing, Bow + Claps!! I can't explain in words how his lecture (or rather, Joke?) goes, but they're really really brilliant, and he is the only smile-never-fades lecturer..haha.. We've got explanation on assignments and presentation today.
Well well, the FORMAL ways for ladies is ''You are to be considered as Formal without jeans, you can wear slipper sandal and anything you like. Jeans 0 mark, No Jeans 5 marks (which is full mark), and sorry to tell that guys, no T-shirt no slipper no shorts'' good-nya~ What's more, ''If you guys don't have leather shoe, Ok you've 2 choices, 1st- go and buy a leather shoe. (lol..) 2nd, since you all are going to present by groups, so when the other group is sitting, just go and sneak you legs into other group's guys shoe. Even the size is not right, Nevermind~ just sneak in because i'll be only seeing the front''

He does have few rules, which is also Omg-ly cruelly strict but haha-ly funny. Lol..
  • 1st, No slipper. ''If i see any i'll make him/her be the hero of this class and even the whole INTI-UC hero. If u wear, you've 2 choices also. 1st you can leave the class, 2nd walk out, introduce yourself to everyone so that they know you, then leave you slipper with me and i'll never return it to you.''
  • 2nd, No ringtone. ''students are normally desperate waiting for this moment. you know, Entertaiment~ If your phone rings, you'll have only one choice--Sing a song for everyone. Whatever language it's in, even Tamil, Just don't choose 'NegaraKu' because everyone will have to stand straight for it'' = ='''
In our presentation ho, Intonation & Confidence costs 5 marks. We were told that if we really can't make ourself Looking at the audience, and we want to get 1 mark, we can have our head looking on the paper or table or wall or ceiling throughout the presentation, and when we finish to say Thank You, just life our head and ''Thank you'' and we'll get 1 mark. lol lol~

Haaa~ so so looking forward for next week clubs and societies exhibition eii~ fast fast exhibit~~

Em.. em.. sorry too to the Accommodation department of Inti.. xp
with my room mate, we're in the mission of running away from the Dengue Talk, hm should be happening Now at the MPH hall.. keke.. so I abused the time for this post. Wei da~ Grandeur~ haha..

Thanks to Awal Muharam, tomorrow class is gone. Don't know if that is good or bad. Good - less works this weekend. Bad - more and more works after this weekend. (@.@)'''

+ Just like how the biology reproduction ( of bacteria..? ) works, things are now multiplying so fast that blinking seems to be taking too much time~ +

Sunday the Sunny day ~ went to the barber with mama, she was going for that night's dinner, so need to be leng-er than usual, i went because she asked me to..then pity me, so tedious while waiting~~''i dun wanna be like that person in the poster...''
hm hm hm~ hair is now shorter..i told my hair to grow back faster by CNY~ haha = ='''
Drowning..drowning..*Gulp* i sank.

Inti is currently fitting in more and more residents~ So by now, my block err, should be 95% inhabited already. 5% for storerooms and toilets..XP
Good to be like this~ people mountain people sea every during intervals between classes, just like a small city, and the Inti bridge never been empty since 730am till 6pm! Hmm, found that something wrong with the road these 2 days, i walked faster, but time taken seemed to be longer..?! 10 minutes and more i need to reach my class each time. omg~ So it's now like walking from Klang Parade to Eng Ann d. Nothing bad, nothing bad.. :D
my first day of copying and getting so much notes and handouts at here, my notes are already booked and lent..haha.. bhb, hehe
Moral education by
Txxx Cxxllxxx, a malay lecturer (bertudung in the photo). 1stly, her class was kind of..cursed >.<, 2ndly it's not weird that it's... 3rd, i somewhat agreed...;p The so-called Worst Class among all. haha.. One thing she said, and that thing spoilt her reputation.. jek jek jek.. ''For an example, the God created a stone, and we will find value in that STONE'', pity her..this Stony example made everyone mad. lol.. Dickson (ipoh-ian) sent me ''she xxxx'' sms during lecture, then we kept on laughing at the hp = =''' Then suddenly the whole hall was listening to ringtone sounded ''ha! ha! ha.. Ha! Ha! HA..'' SO? Everyone ha ha ha too.. XD First question we were asked to do = ''Why should I be a moral person?'' duh.. She read from the slides for 1 and half hour, then?? I didn't know what happened..hahaha

IOlogy - by
Miss Cxxdxlxx Chong. Kind teacher, totally a challenging lecturer! ''Lets play a game when you all make a brief introduction so that it'll be more Challenging, start from the 1st one, and the 2nd one will have to name the 2st person and him/herself'' ( so ''lucky'' that i've to memorise 10 names because i sat at side..T.T) then again, ''hmm, to make things more Challenging, next time i shall shift all your places so that you can know everyone'' x.x''''Cute thing of Miss CHong is, SHhhh..!! ( her 'what' is to be spoken as ''Wha'' / ''Waa'' ) so Wha are they? WHa they want you to do... Waa you said just now? And hor, she eats Fisherman Fresh sweet when lecturing one~ swt'''

*We are in the progression of a, a+d, a+2d.. With new things happen and happen, leakage of memory will occur when someone is in negative AP. So, are you now a+d, or a-d?

Rather a stupiak day~~ 5, including me, we were suppose to attend Malaysian Studies.. then, the lecture theater, having two doors at 1st floor and another 2 at 2nd floor, SO!! we WAITED at the 1st floor, which it was locked..until.. we sensed that's, not right. Then 5 of us, (why i am one of them~~ T.T) went to the SAO for ''help''. haha. Then..we were brought to the 2nd floor, by that time, the class is 5 minutes to Finish. So after all.... =.='''

Then~ pakat-ed with my room mate. REAL pesticide fogging was being conducted, we decided to lock the door and everything so that our room won't be fogged.. kakaka.. Yea we succeed!!

1st and the 1st rainy day at Inti. Heavy downpour. Suang~ I will honestly tell you that, INti's air is really fresher..hehehe, well.. inti is known to be somewhat Isolated. But i just so enjoy to wake up early and inhale as much fresh air as i could. Haha~ So ok compared to the one on morning market at Pandamaran you know..suffocated VS fresh! ^^V

Ok..i am at home now. But, i kept on Wah here waH there because things are placed at different places and positions, and being like orang asli to look around. lol... Not that used..and i've so lots to tell that i haven't actually stop talking since i met papa & mama. AM i ok ah?

Mt 1st Pstchology homework - Ask daddy mommy at what age i started to talk. Answer - ONE year old! wah~


Classes commence~

Mathematical Miss Betty Voon ( i will say that she's about the same as the 'Betty' in the drama..**not offending~), i do hope i can follow up everything. haha.. I miss past maths and addmaths classes at school and tuition!! Weirdly d' 1st class*

Chem123.. by Miss Sukhveer Kaur, 3.5 stars teacher. Hehe~ at least i saw some images of Miss Linda on her..^^V Is 17 a number for me? I wondered on that. Because of that number.. I was somehow, anyhow, but i don't know how, chosen as Chem class treasurer, when i was at the same time telling my friend ''this is a dangerous investment'' then she ''no volunteer?? ok, give me a number...bla.. let's see, 17, Kathy?'' then i even looked around to see WHO IS THAT?, then the one beside me said ''ha ha..the more you don't want..the more..'' Chem class rep, eng hong..? haha.. i hope he will not 'vanish' every time i saw him. If not it won't be my fault if he is not paid! :P

Psychology.. by Bianca Colond, such a Wahh name. lol.. 4 stars teacher~ She was surprised, that she told us our class is the biggest she's taught. Humorous~i like this part the most. But also, she briefed us on this subject, which..walaoeh us. This subject is the only negatively marked subject, which is, if Question 1a you got it right, but question 1b you're wrong, then overall, you've got NO mark at all. T.T and for psychology, 70% will be from courseworkS.

Knew lots peng ew~ haha.. Shen Mei ( Chicco ) - so what we called 选美, Jolin ( i just thought of Chai Yi Lin ), Shalini ( chindian just like Sovitha~ ), Neo ( the one i heard he introduced himself thrice ''is N-E-O not N-I-Y-O'' lol ), and so so much names i can't yet remember..haha! But but.. i was rather to be called as their so-called KT than..''hi treasurer!'' or ''Miss money'' (>.<) AND at the same time, i am not that Happy as Mr.Zven anything-ly introduce a Nigerian friend to're really dead ahh you, made me nearly got attacked by Spyware twice, then introduce someone whose General Interests are ''cute gals and some ladies'' ( from his blog )........!! F0r these, Mr.Z has been given penalty of Jemput Makan, Akta 2008-3rd Jan.


Once upon the time, 5 people was 'targeted' to send the Miss Siao to her college. ( For sure i didn't ask for that.. )

Then the troop was heading for breakfast~ starving and the general-mama said ''later put her and we go eat'' ( O.O!! ) then luckily, i joined

Then i saw this scene, blue sky white cloud, haha.. and cleaners are doing their job, yeah~ cleanliness - Tick!

Then we kept walking and walking, the breeze was pleasantly cool~ ( afterwards my room mate's friend told me ho, ''there arr, if we eat there, the time we reach the hostel, we'll no longer be full anymore. Coz, our rooms, far far'' lol.. )

Then 5 of them left and when i was tidying up stuffs.. Ini orang suddenly made announcement outside..haha ''bla bla...pesticide fogging, please leave your room..bla bla..valuables locked inside your cupboard..blabla..''

*I threw everything in..
*and then one by one..

*The first 5 minutes when i reached..

*Then after don't know how many hours..hehe~

With the POoh poOh bed appearance, every thing's done!

Em.. Inti has toilet education.. xp

INti bridge, which we'll cross almost everyday to class from hostel.
I counted, one-time-journey from room to class will take me about 9:35.27 minutes. Rounded off = 10 minutes. err, like kwang hua to eng ann i think.

Then ho, 4 big jiejie and me went to Giant at Nilai~ one of them, johorian, asked me my age, then said i am young = =''', then i guessed their ages, i said 19, she was so happy, because they're all 21 (+.+)'''

something for sure, she is really really..humorous! good student [ standing ] -- room mate [ on bended knees, law student, and~ from Klang the crow town too! ^^''' ]
Then we headed back with Inti taxi~ driver - Mr.RAO

And then, we were informed today will have pesticide fogging, we waited 2-3 hours lo. Then ho, the inform was said to be WRONG!! only few blocks will be fogged... omg.. SO, while struggling waiting, my key became an artefact. haha..
At the end of the day, my conclusion is.. TIRED + SLEEPY